Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook

It’s the first of the month, we’re looking at the demographics of people who “like” comics on Facebook. This data is compiled using demographic data from Facebook, and is limited to the United States. This is not individuals who purchase comics, this is the potential audience and possibly the general breakdown of comic fans.

This data is compiled using key terms, “likes,” users have as part of their profiles. Primarily terms are focused on generic ones such as “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. Over 100 terms are used for this report.

Facebook Population: Over 36,000,000 in the United States

The second month of 2016 continues the slide we saw begin last month. Compared to January 2016, the overall population has dipped by 2 million, and a total of 5 million since December.

The Spanish-speaking population last time was 18.42%, and this month is 18.33%, remaining fairly stable as a part of the population.

Gender and Age

Last month women accounted for 44.74% and men were 55.62%. Women were the dip compared to last month with their dropping 2 million individuals. Women now account for 41.67% of the population with men at 58.33%.

facebook comics 2.1.16

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

facebook comics gender and age 2.1.16

And here’s the raw data of all of the above. We generally see a dip in the population overall, though there are some exceptions.

facebook comics gender and age raw 2.1.16

Relationship Status

Things remained pretty much the same compared to last month, though Married saw an uptick. Mazel tov!

facebook comics relationship 2.1.16


This was all changed compared to last month. I’m unsure why there was such a difference when it comes to education, but there was some massive swings I can only associate as a glitch, but we’ll see next month.

facebook comics education 2.1.16

Gender Interest

Generally this was the same though the men interested in women increased to reflect the greater population.

facebook comics gender interest 2.1.16


Again, this remains relatively the same. African Americans dipped compared to last month while Asian Americans increased slightly.

facebook comics ethnicity 2.1.16


And with some shifts in the ages, we see shifts here too. Baby Boomers and Generation X have decreased compared to Millennials who hold steady.

facebook comics generation 2.1.16

And that wraps up this month’s report.

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