Demo-Graphics: Marvel’s Netflix

It’s Monday and that means another dive into Facebook‘s data. This week I thought I’d look into the future a bit, and see what the demographics are for people who like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, the characters who will headline the first two series of Marvel‘s slate of shows that’ll begin to stream on Netflix in 2015.

First up though is the look as to who “likes” Netflix in the United States. Netflix has a little over 40 million people who like their page of which 17.2 million are in the United States. Of that the majority are women, who account for 52.33% of the likes.

netflix gender 12.29.14The first show that’ll premiere in 2015 is based on the character Daredevil. The page dedicated to the show has 37,477 while the character himself has 1,578,910 individuals who like him. Of that, a little over 79% are men while just under 19% are women.

I also decided to look at the various actors who are playing some of the characters. Lead actor Charlie Cox doesn’t have a Facebook presence, but Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio both do. Dawson especially has a very large presence and fandom. 68.75% of Dawson’s 3.2 million likes are female, while Do’Onofrio is 65.45% male for his 220,000 likes.

When you add in the main actors with Facebook pages into the Daredevil character stats, you get 63.16% female, primarily due to Dawson’s following.

Dardevil Netflix 12.29.14The second series that’ll launch is based on the character Jessica Jones who will be played by actress Krysten Ritter, and will feature Luke Cage who will be played by Mike Colter. Colter doesn’t have a Facebook presence, but the rest do.

Ritter has the most female friendly Facebook stats with 44.44% women, and Jessica Jones the character has 35.38%. Cage has just a little over 19% of his fans as such.

All together, when you combine Jones, Ritter, and Cage, 30.67% are female, under Netflix’s 52.33%.

Jessica Jones Luke Cage Netflix 12.29.14We’ll stay on top of this and revisit the stats as we get closer to the show’s premieres.