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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Fans and Politics

With 2014 being an election year for the Senate, House and more, I thought it might be fun to track how comic fans break down in the political spectrum. Again, I dove into Facebook to figure out how it all shakes out.

For these stats, I used the terms I’d normally use to determine other demographic breakdowns of comic fans. Facebook also provides the ability to break down those stats into convenient groups as far as politics which I have used.

According to Facebook 35.55% or 7.8 million comic fans are “active” politically in the United States. This breaks down further into 4.2 million men (53.85%), 3.4 million women (43.59%) and 200,000 who don’t give their gender. What “active” exactly is, isn’t to clear though.

political active gender 1.1.14Party affiliation is pretty clear as folks can indicate a part or none (which I assume is the non-partisan stat). The non-partisans make up the majority of comic fans with 48.67%, liberals are 27.43% of comic fans and 23.89% of comic fans or conservative.

party affiliation 1.1.14Further breakdown of gender when it comes to party affiliation:

  • Conservative: 55.56% men, 44.44% women
  • Liberal: 51.61% men, 45.16% women
  • Non-Partisan: 56.36% men, 43.64% women

It’ll be interesting over the next year to see how these statistics shift.

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  • Hi Brett – I just learned about these Facebook reports you’ve been posting and they look super interesting. As far as the counts from the different terms, are these unique individuals or a sum of all the people who ‘like’ each term? Hope the question makes sense. Thanks!

    • I think I know what you’re asking. These totals are all sums of the various terms. An example: Term 1 might have 100,000 people, term 2 has 50,000 people. But together they have 130,000 people because there’s overlap between the two. Some reports do do the terms separately, but that’s mentioned.