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Who Are the Marvel Fans On Facebook?

Marvel is celebrating they’ve crossed 3 million fans on Facebook.  So, that motivated me to find out exactly who their fans are.  Using some magic I looked at their statistics for over a dozen countries from all over the world (though a third of their fans are from the United States) comprising a data set of 2,315,300 individuals out of their fanbase of 3,200,000 (covering 72.35% of the total).


Comics are thought of as being the entertainment for men and 98% of the data set let us know their gender.  As expected men dominated with almost 77% of them being male.


As far as percentages of those who answered, men were a higher percent of college graduates but the women were better represented in college and high school.  The overall majority with a little of 70% are college graduates.


The largest chunk of fans are between the age of 18 and 30 and interestingly there’s an uptick in men 18-21 before a drop off while women drop off right from the beginning.  In the end we can say, comics aren’t just for kids.

Relationship Status

The stereotype is that comic book fans are single dorks who have issues with the opposite sex.  The majority of those in this data set are single, but men skew more so than women and women tended to be in relationships more.

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