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Panini’s Justice League Trading Card Game Overview

At San Diego Comic-Con we were excited to come across the Justice League Trading Card Game, one of our most anticipated games to be coming out.

Panini hooked us up with four starter decks and 12 booster packs which we opened up and show off. Now, our sister site Board Game Today is giving an overview of the game and the cards before some game play.

Starter Decks retail for $14.99 and Booster Packs are $3.99.

You can order yours now!

Panini America provided Board Game Today with free product for review and promotion

Blank White Dice is Out Now for WizKids

Blank White Dice, the latest dice game from WizKids, is now available in stores! Designed by Jonathan Leistiko, Blank White Dice is an all-new take on dice games. While normal dice are limited to only six sides, in Blank White Dice the possibilities are endless!

Blank White Dice is a dynamic dice game designed for 2 to 4 players, with multiple game play variants.

Compete with friends to be the first to reach thirteen points by drawing, erasing, and changing die faces. Strategically place icons on your dice while thwarting your competition by drawing icons on theirs. With over 50 icons to tag on the dice, no two games will be the same!

Pick up Blank White Dice ($19.99 USD) today!





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WizKids Shows off Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool, New TMNT, and Iron Man and War Machine

This past weekend was the Alliance Open House and WizKids took advantage to tease what fans of Dice Masters will be seeing over the next months.

In November, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool will be released. The set will feature such favorites as Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, and Evil Deadpool. It’ll also include some Weapon X related characters such as Wolverine, X-23, the Stepford Cuckoos, and Mr. Sinister.

The set’s super rares will continue the “What If?” theme for Marvel sets featuring the cards below.


Also in the pipeline is new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Heroes in a Half Shell Box Set. Like the first box set, this one is geared towards two and four players and I’m sure will deliver like the first set. Hopefully we’ll now be able to field a full team of Turtle characters (as of now you can only do seven of the eight needed).


Finally, Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set will be released in 2017 and is the first annual starter set and will not be a part of a larger release. It is unknown if the content of the Starter Set will change at all as you needed the larger set to complete all of the dice needed to max out the cards from starters.

The set will feature Iron Man, War Machine, Howard Stark, and Rescue and versions of Iron Man’s armor not yet seen in Dice Masters. You can see below, we’ll be getting a Hulbuster version!


Demo-Graphics: The State of “Gamers” 2016

It’s been a little over a year since I did a report about “gamers” and with Gen Con kicking off today, it felt appropriate to visit this data. So, welcome to the third annual State of Gamers.

This data is gained through mining Facebook and includes over 175 different terms from a variety of games, publishers, and more. The terms I used are varied, and many, from the name of games to the name of publishers and terms like collectible card game. For this I did my best to stay away from generic terms for genres (like Fantasy) and terms that specifically mentioned video games. I also avoided games like Monopoly or Scategories, I wanted to focus on the games you’d find at Gen Con.

We’ll compare this report to last year’s data set.

Facebook Population: Over 33,000,000 in the United States

That’s some steady growth from last year with 2 million more individuals in the United States falling into this demographic.

Spanish speakers account for now 7.3 million fans. That’s 22.12% a vast increase from last year’s 12.58% in the United States.

Gender and Age

In 2015 Men accounted for 51.61% compared to women at 48.39%. That percentage shifted a bit from last year with men now accounting for 54.55% and women accounting for 45.45%

gamers facebook 8.3.16

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age. It’s similar but shifted. Women now become the majority around age 46 as opposed to around age 38 last year.

gamers facebook age gender 8.3.16

And the raw data below.

gamers facebook age gender raw 8.3.16

Relationship Status

The stats this year are very similar to last though those “Married” took a drop and those “Unspecified” increased.

gamers facebook relationship status 8.3.16


The education stats haven’t shifted much since last year.

gamers facebook education 8.3.16

Gender Interest

Women interested in women increased from last year while Men interested in Men and Men and Women interested in Men and Women all saw decreases.

gamers facebook gender interest 8.3.16


This is the second year for this data. African Americans saw big gains as well as Hispanics. Asian Americans saw a raw increase, but their percentage decrease.

gamers facebook ethnicity 8.3.16


Baby Boomers saw a sharp decrease over the last year dropping over 50%. Generation X also saw a bit of a dip, while Millennials saw an increase.

gamers facebook generation 8.3.16

And that wraps up our look at who the gamers are in the United States! Happy gaming!

Gen Con 2016: Valiant and Catalyst Debut Valiant Universe: The Deck Building Game

VALIANT UNIVERSE THE DECK BUILDING GAMEThe Valiant Universe enters its first-ever deck building game with an interactive story line, collectible figurines, and more!

Debuting this week at Gen Con 2016, Valiant Entertainment has announced the release of Valiant Universe: The Deck Building Game – the latest tabletop game created in collaboration with Catalyst Game Labs! Following the success of the critically lauded Valiant Universe RPG, Catalyst Game Labs and Valiant are taking their partnership to new heights with the next astonishing game featuring your favorite superheroes! Command the Valiant Universe like never before with the first series of highly detailed figurines from the Valiant Universe, including X-O Manowar, Faith, Livewire, Bloodshot, and Ninjak, and immerse yourself in strategic deck building gameplay that includes over 200 unique playing cards!

Deep beneath Alcatraz prison lies a top secret base operated by the paramilitary contractor known as Project Rising Spirit. Known only as “the Facility,” P.R.S.’s secret bunker is armed with enough power to change the world—or destroy it. When word of the subterranean facility leaks, the Valiant Universe’s most powerful groups, including The Harbinger Foundation, G.A.T.E., and the Harbinger Renegades, race to acquire the deadly possessions and put the fate of the world in their hands! With a cataclysmic confrontation imminent, take control with your warring team and claim P.R.S.’s base for yourself! As the Valiant Universe’s greatest heroes fight at your command, move your superhero miniatures through an interactive facility grid to acquire cards for an unbeatable deck and attack your opponents in a world-shaking battle for supremacy!

As your favorite heroes and villains assemble for an unprecedented battle royale, determine the very fate of the Valiant Universe with a jam-packed gaming experience exploding with the following items:

  • Five highly detailed superhero miniatures, including X-O Manowar, Faith, Bloodshot, Livewire, and Ninjak!
  • 5 Zone of Influence cards
  • 5 Organization cards
  • 25 Basic cards
  • 25 Shutdown cards
  • 15 Power cards
  • 175 Sector cards
  • 1 Facility Durability Tracker
  • 1 six-sided die
  • 1 sheet of cardboard counters

X-O Manowar! Bloodshot! Faith! The entire Valiant Universe is yours to direct in a table-shattering game that will leave you reeling for hours! Available online and in hobby shops everywhere this September for $59.95, assemble your deck, control your heroes, and enter the fight of your life!

Plus: Preorder your copy now, and receive a limited edition figurine of RAI, Valiant’s critically acclaimed hero of the 41st century, and the star of 2016’s best-selling summer event, 4001 A.D.!

Unboxing: DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash

The next release for WizkidsDice Masters is a set based on DC ComicsGreen Arrow and The Flash.

DC Dice Masters Green Arrow and The Flash features characters you’ll find in those comics and teleivsion shows as well as other popular characters. New teams include Team Arrow, Suicide Squad, and White Lanterns and there’s new characters to help flesh out your Legion of Doom and Titans teams.

Also included in this set is foil cards!

We crack open 10 booster packs to show off what’s inside and you can expect.

Wizkids provided Graphic Policy with FREE product for review.

Big Trouble in Little China the Game!

On the Road to San Diego, BOOM! Studios‘ latest announcement will get you rolling (dice). BOOM! along with Everything Epic, Flipside Design Studio, and 20th Century Fox Consumer Products will design and produce Big Trouble in Little China the Game, coming in 2017!

The game is a cooperative, cinematic game with miniatures. You play as Jack Burton or one of his brave friends on the mysterious quest to rescue the green-eyed beauty, defeat Lo Pan’s ancient magic, and save Chinatown from his evil minions.Up to six players will venture through the iconic locations in Chinatown saving the helpless and thwarting evil plans, all the while discovering weapons and rare magics to use to their benefit.

The game will be for up to six players and will seen them venture through the iconic locations in Chinatown saving the helpless and thwarting evil plans, all the while discovering weapons and rare magics to use to their benefit.

More details are to come at Gen Con Indy in August (just a few short weeks), so stay tuned!

Big Trouble in Little China the Game

Evil Dead 2 the Board Game Kickstarter!

Board games are about to get a lot more groovy–and gory–with The Official Evil Dead 2 Board Game. The game is a tile- and miniature-based survival-horror game that has launched on Kickstarter, produced by Space Goat Play (a division of Space Goat Productions) in conjunction with Studiocanal. And it’s Certified Groovy.

The game is designed with both casual and veteran board game fans in mind. Depicting the terrifying and iconic characters, monsters, and locales from Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi cult classic, the official Evil Dead 2 Board Game is the definitive tabletop experience for Evil Dead 2 fans. 2-6 players will work together in 90-120 minute sessions to gather pages of the Ex-Mortis while trying to survive demon attacks, supernatural events, and avoid turning into evil deadites themselves.

The game contains 8 figures which includes Ash, Annie, Jake, Ed, Bobby Jo, and Linda as well as Deadites and, naturally, Ash’s severed hand. The board game also includes custom Evil Dead 2 dice, a fully illustrated tile based board featuring the iconic cabin and the prequel mini-comic.

Space Goat has partnered with Kickstarter veterans Backerkit in order to process and execute the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign also offers a standard and deluxe edition for donors to select from. The deluxe edition features exclusive figures of Ash Williams, Deadite Henrietta, and a box based on the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the Book of the Dead. More figures and features will be added as the campaign goes on, as well as retailer pledge levels. Six lucky fans will also get a chance to get their likenesses drawn into either the game or a future Evil Dead 2 comic book. The Kickstarter campaign will run 30 days.

Gen Con 2016 to Feature Record-Breaking Number of Exhibitors, On-Pace to Set Attendance Records

Gen Con 2016Gen Con 2016 returns to the Indiana Convention Center August 4-7 for THE BEST FOUR DAYS IN GAMING, and current badge sales indicate the show is on pace for record attendance as well. Gen Con is the original, longest running, and best-attended gaming convention in the world. Gen Con 2016 will feature more than 15,000 events taking place over the four-day weekend. For the first time ever, Gen Con will offer events in the Lucas Oil Stadium exhibition space to keep up with demand and growth for the show.

Last year, Gen Con set an attendance record with more than 61,000 unique attendees coming from all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than 54 countries. The show had a four-day turnstile attendance of more than 197,695. This year, badges are moving at an even faster rate.

According to tourism group Visit Indy, Gen Con drives more than $67 million in annual activity to the city of Indianapolis. At Gen Con 2016, attendees will have a chance to meet the experts in the gaming industry, play newly released games, and get a sneak peek at the latest developments.

The show runs Thursday, August 4, through Sunday, August 7, 2016. Thursday through Saturday, the Exhibit Hall is open 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. 24-hour gaming takes place at the Indiana Convention Center and at area hotels during the four-day event. Pre-registration ends on June 19 and after that, you’ll need to get your badge on site.

Below are some of the announced events and highlights for the convention:

  • Sun King Brewing’s 20-Sided Rye Tapping Party – Wednesday, August 3 – Indy’s own Sun King Brewing is releasing their 5th official Gen Con beer, 20-Sided Rye. An open-to-the-public tapping party will serve as the official kick-off to Gen Con 2016, beginning on Wednesday, August 3 at 5 pm on Georgia St. This party will feature live music and entertainment.
  • Mayfair Games Charity Event: Saboteur Tournament – Saturday, August 6 – Gen Con Co-Sponsor Mayfair Games will host a gaming event supporting the Official 2016 Charity, The PourHouse, on Saturday, August 6. Participants will play the popular card game Saboteur in a multi-round tournament where the winner will receive a seat in the Saboteur World Championship in Budapest, Hungary in November, 2016.
  • Paizo Inc. Reveals Upcoming Games at Gen Con – Gen Con Co-Sponsor Paizo Inc. will have hundreds of events at this year’s convention including Pathfinder RPG events in the Sagamore Ballroom located inside the Indiana Convention Center as well as a full Exhibits Hall presence. They also will reveal new products from the world of Pathfinder to brand new RPG initiatives and product lines to come.
  • Rio Grande Games Continues Tradition – Gen Con Co-Sponsor Rio Grande Games continues its tradition of offering players the chance to learn and play are their new games including Dominion: Empires, the latest expansion, along with all other Dominion games.
  • Gen Con 2016 Charity Partner The PourHouse – Gen Con has partnered with The PourHouse, a local charity to Indianapolis. The PourHouse, which opened in 2004, provides street outreach and peer advocacy for individuals experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. In 2015, Gen Con’s programming generated more than $40,000 for the 2015 Charity Partner, The Julian Center.
  • Georgia Street Experience – Georgia St. will be filled with food and activities with more than 40 food trucks, the Sun King Brewery Beer Garden, Hot Box Pizza food area, games, and more.
  • 31st Annual Costume Contest – The best and most creative costumes will be on display for all to see. Numerous awards will be bestowed across a wide swath of categories during the 31st Annual Costume Contest beginning Saturday, August 6 at 3:30 pm with the pre-show.
  • Author’s Avenue, Art Show, and Artist’s Avenue – Earlier this year, Gen Con announced the Author Guest of Honor, Robin Hobb¸ who will be signing books in the book signing area of the Exhibit Hall. Artist Tyler Jacobson has been selected as the Gen Con 2016 Artist Guest of Honor. Jacobson’s credits include illustration for games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. More than 80 artists will take part in the annual Gen Con Art Show, and prints and original artwork will be available for purchase from many participating artists in the Exhibit Hall
  • Film Festival – Filmmakers from around the world gather to compete in the Gen Con Film Festival. Some travel from as far away as New Zealand and every other corner of the country for screenings, film panels, and a chance to win many coveted awards.
  • Puppet Program – In its second year, the puppet program has a variety of events for novice to professional puppeteers, including workshops on creating puppets, as well as beginning to advance puppeteering. The main event for this program is the Late Night Puppet Slam, an adult puppet comedy skit show.
  • Record Number of Sponsors and Media Partners – More companies are bringing dedicated events and event space to Gen Con 2016. This year features the following sponsors: Mayfair Games, Paizo Inc. Rio Grande Games, CoolStuffInc., Upper Deck Company, LLC., ACD Distribution, Breaking Games/Ad Magic, Spin Master Games, Czech Games Edition, The Pokémon Company International, Asmodée Éditions, Cards Against Humanity, CoolMiniOrNot, End Transmission Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Brotherwise Games, Dimension, Interactive Intelligence, Lone Shark Games, MegaCon Games, ODAM Publishing, Sun King Brewery, White Wizard, Games, Games & Gears, HotBox Pizza, Kickstarter, Offworld Designs Inc., Saltire Games, Scotty’s Brewhouse, The PourHouse, Yo-kai Watch, American Mensa Ltd., Do317, GeekDad, and Nuvo Inc.
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