Around the Tubes

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Convention season has kicked off with the end of the Emerald City Comicon.  Now the focus is on C2E2 and already hints of announcements coming from there.  As always, we can’t get to every story, but here’s what other sites thought would be good to cover.

Around the Blogs:

Comics Beat – DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: January 2011 – It’s DC’s January sales breakdown.

Bleeding Cool – DC Gold And Silver Jewelery From Down Under – I’m tempted to grab one of those Green Lantern rings.

USA Today – First Look: Super-creators pair up for ‘The Infinite’ – Liefeld and Kirkman together on a comic.  Should be pretty interesting.

Dread Central – Exclusive: Andrew Lincoln Talks The Walking Dead – Is the second season here yet?

Bleeding Cool – Marvel Sold Separate Film Licenses  For Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man Because Licensing Department Thought They Were Two Separate Characters? – The headline pretty much sums that one up.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Cartoon World – Batman: The Cult

SciFiChick – Cowboys & Aliens

Blogomatic 3000 – Fables Vol. 14 – Witches

Blog Critics – Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Blogomatic 3000 – Sweet Tooth Vol. 2 – In Captivity

Comics Alliance – Wildcats 3.0