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Preview: Fables #151

Fables #151

(W) Bill Willingham (A) Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha (CA) Qistina Khalidah
In Shops: May 17, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its launch, the acclaimed blockbuster that defined an era of Vertigo returns with an all-new 12-issue story, The Black Forest-a tale that picks up right where Fables #150 left off, providing a new entry point into the world of Fabletown! The dust has barely settled from the climactic battle between Totenkinder and Cinderella-and everything is far from happily ever after. A legendary new adversary has arrived, and he plans to get even with Geppetto for the mess that has been made of Manhattan. But it’s a new day…and with it, a new Jack in the Green has arrived in the Black Forest. And within the emergency room of a New York hospital…a Fable long thought dead returns! Don’t miss the 20th-anniversary box set to get caught up on one of comics’ longest-running fantasy hits!

Fables #151

Fables Returns with Fables #151 and Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham

Once upon a time, fans met the characters of Fabletown, the hidden city populated by legendary heroes and villains of fairy tales and folklore. Now, in celebration of its upcoming 20th anniversary, the bestselling series Fables is picking up where it left off—and expanding into the DC Universe. To celebrate 20 years, two new releases featuring the Fables world has been announced.

First, on sale in September, Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham sees Fables’s infamous sleuth Bigby Wolf go head-to-head with the world’s greatest detective, Batman, in this six-issue spinoff miniseries from DC Black Label. Written by Bill Willingham with pencils by Brian Level, inks by Jay Leisten, and colors by Lee Loughridge, this crossover detective story will delight fans of both Batman and Fables—or fans who just love a good noir mystery.

Then, on sale the first week of May 2022, the main story line continues with Fables #151—just in time for the 20th anniversary of Fables #1. Fables #151 is the first installment of “The Black Forest,” a 12-issue arc that picks up where the story left off in Fables #150, and is also a perfect jumping-on point for new readers. The series also reunites the core creative team, with pencils by Mark Buckingham, inks by Steve Leialoha, colors by Lee Loughridge, and letters by Todd Klein.

Bill Willingham’s return to DC will also include Cursemas, a 48-page standalone holiday special featuring the Justice League. 

Fables Returns to Vertigo with Everafter: From the Pages of Fables

Beginning this September, a new chapter of the Fables legacy will begin with Everafter: From the Pages of Fables. A new monthly Vertigo comic book —from the creative team behind the acclaimed digital-first series Fables: The Wolf Among Us, writers Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, with artwork by Travis Moore and covers by Tula LotayEverafter takes place after Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham’s beloved Eisner Award-winning series.

The series is described as a spy thriller featuring a covert-ops team whose mission is to save this newly magical world from itself.

In a post-Fables world where magic abounds, it can be wielded for the greater good or used to sow the ideas of anarchy and terrorism. Enter The Shadow Players, a global network of agents—both Fable and mundane—tasked with policing a newly enchanted world and protecting humanity from itself. The series will feature fan-favorite characters, including Bo Peep, Peter Piper, Hansel, and Connor Wolf, as well as exciting new characters and a terrifying new villain.

Everafter 1


DC Entertainment is Offering Digital Bundles

DCE-Bundles_CX_500x277_webLGExclusively on Readdcentertainment.com and Comixology.com, DC Entertainment has launched their FIRST EVER digital comic bundles. DC Entertainment is bundling together its dynamic digital titles, allowing subscribers to buy in bulk for up to 27% off of the original cost!

Launching with 10 discounted bundles, newcomers and veterans alike can catch up on old favorites or new adventures, from the very beginning of their stories! If you missed out on an essential  arc or wanted to test the waters with a new title, NOW is the time to do it:

You can get these titles for just a fraction of the cost!

Hungry for more? These are just the first of many bundles offering plenty of opportunities to catch up on all the titles you love.

No. TITLE % off bundle price
1 The Complete Fables 15% $237.99
2 DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt. 1 24% $75.99
3 DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt. 2 24% $88.99
4 DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt. 3 24% $85.99
5 Essential Batman Pt. 1 14% $75.99
6 Essential Superman Pt. 1 18% $59.99
7 Essential Wonder Woman Pt. 1 16% $45.99
8 Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One 27% $28.99
9 Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two 17% $22.99
10 Injustice: Gods Among Us Year three 17% $22.99

Exclusive Preview: Fables: The Wolf Among Us Chapter 33

This Wednesday sees the release of Fables: The Wolf Among Us Chapter 33. The spin-off title is inspired by the hit-selling, Bill Willingham created, comic book, Fables. Chapter 33, written by Dave Justus and Matthew Sturges with art by Travis Moore, follows up from last week’s chapter involving our lead protagonist, Bigby, being shot with a silver bullet!

With Bigby down for the count, Bloody Mary is free to wreak the havoc her mysterious boss so desires…

The chapter will be available for download on Wednesday via the DC Comics App, Readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comiXology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus.


Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

star lord and kitty pryde 1 coverWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Cyborg #1 (DC Comics) – Some things are changing for Cyborg, his armor is evolving some how. The series puts the spotlight on this founding member of the Justice League. The creators have also said they plan on examining real world issues, and how an African-American superhero (who’s literally a weapon) would have to deal with them.

The Blacklist #1 (Titan Comics) – The television show gets a comic tie-in that actually is in continuity. The writers have nailed Red’s quirkiness in what feels like an unaired episode.

Fight Club 2 #3 (Dark Horse) – With each issue it feels like we go down the rabbit hole more and more. That’s a good thing. The third issue makes everything a bit more interesting as we continue our journey through Tyler’s world.

Prez #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue had me regularly laughing as it skewered modern politics and gave us a new celebrity in Corn Dog Girl.

Transformers #43 (IDW Publishing) – Soundwave is building something around Jupiter. Is it a peaceful commune, or is there some other plan? Cosmos is on a mission to find out what’s going on, and the results are intriguing. The series stands out when it gets philosophical and political, and boy does it here.



Top Pick: C.O.W.L. #11 (Image Comics) – One of the best series out there, Kyle Higgins’ C.O.W.L. takes place in the 1960’s in a world where superheroes are unionized. A fascinating take on the superhero genre, Higgins also touches on the corruption that was rife during that period in America’s history. This issue was delayed by a few weeks, and the wait to get it in my hands has been a long one.

Old Man Logan #3 (Marvel) – Old Man Logan is one of the best Wolverine stories this century, and while I was originally nervous about Marvel revisiting it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how good the series has been so far.



Top Pick: Power Up #1 (BOOM! Box/BOOM! Studios) – Kate Leth’s Post Modern queer feminist take on the Magical Girl genre. And it’s cuuuute!

Grayson #10 (DC Comics) – The last issue was my first and this is a new arc. It’s Grayson as a double agent Bond and the return of Huntress in a new role as head of a secret agency Grayson has infiltrated at Bruce’s request. And now Bruce is dead and Dick is on his own. Manifesting my dream casting of Rosario Dawson as Huntress this new 52 incarnation is bi-racial!

The book is suspenseful yet charming. But I’m a bit concerned that it may be engaging in queer baiting with its lead breaking the 4th wall last issue to ask if he was straight (or if that was just his tie). In 2015 its long past time comics stopped queer baiting and started having actual queer representation especially among A List characters.

I’ll delve into these issues in my review of the new issue.

Infinite Loop #4 (IDW Publishing) – Teddy confronts her archenemy: her former boss, Tina, and launches a series of unprecedented temporal attacks to force Tina from her hideout, putting the safety of the world at risk!

Spider Woman #9 (Marvel) – Last issue Jessica made a socially enlightened decision in spite of being brutally attacked by the formerly abused wife of a costumed villain.

Jess is going to let this new Utopia for the escaped families of super villains continue as a safe haven.

Now we are only a few months from Jess being pregnant as her All New All Different cover shows. Let’s see how she gets there. I’m reserving judgement since writer Hopeless’s run has been strong and feminist.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (Marvel) – This better be mostly Kitty…


Mr. H

Top Pick: Grayson #10 (DC Comics) – Agent Dick Grayson. Super Hero Lex Luthor Nuff round two. Nuff said. This should be fantastic!

Cyborg #1 (DC Comics) – New team, New tech, New Start and art by superstar Ivan Reis. This one is worth at least a beta test.

Deathstroke #8 (DC Comics) – Slade contracted to kill some gods and Diana interferes. Just some good ol’ beat em up, slash em up action! Grab the popcorn and let your brains go for this one.

Old Man Logan #3 (Marvel Comics) – Basically Clint Eastwood with claws roaming the desert kicking ass. 1-2-3 Snikt!

We are Robin #2 (DC Comics) – Social Media Super Saviors? We shall see. It takes more than a color scheme and pinning a letter on yourself. Time to see if the kids got what it takes.



Top Pick: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (Marvel) – I have been following this couple in Guardians of the Galaxy and All New X-Men, so naturally I’m excited to see this title.  But what really has me interested is the cover showing Shadowcat from Age of Apocalypse…is Kitty with Peter, or against him?

Magneto #20 (Marvel) – This title is showing how Magneto is trying to deal with the incursions, wanting to be the saviour of the planet so mutants can carry on.  Polaris is also along for the ride, helping her father but also looking after the humans her father is stepping over while he tries to save the day.  This title will more than likely be ending when the Marvel Universe gets its reboot, and I am looking forward to see how Magneto goes out.

Marvel Zombies #2 (Marvel) – Issue 1 was fun, and I really enjoyed Elsa Bloodstone as the main character we follow.  I only know her from the stories she’s guest starred in, and I’m glad to be seeing more of her and what kind of character she is.  Plus, who doesn’t like zombies?



Top Pick: Fables #150 (DC Comics/Vertigo) – I heard that this world shattering story was coming to an end in a big way during last year’s SDCC, this is one of those stories that every comic book reader needs to read yesterday and am interested to see if this ends in typical Fables fashion….

Archie vs Sharknado #1 (Archie) It has been quite a few months for Archie. He has fought zombies, died, fought Predator and now he fights Sharknado !!!! Nothing else to be said

JLA: Gods and Monsters : Batman #1 (DC Comics)- I loved the prequel series on Machinima, and can’t wait for the movie, but will settle for prequel comic book set in this alternate world, where Kirk Langstrom ( known to Batman devotees as Man-Bat) is Batman, should be interesting!!

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (Marvel )- longtime readers know them as , *insert pun* “star crossed lovers”, but this takes place within Battle World, so one is curious to see if their love is the same or are they mortal enemies?

Wolf #1 (Image) I love hardboiled detectives, but hardboiled detectives who deal with the supernatural, (i.e., John Constantine, Harry Dresden) is a special breed, enter Antoine Wolfe.

We Talk Fables and more with Chrissie Zullo

Chrissie Zullo was discovered at the San Diego Comic Con in 2008, and since then she has made her mark in comics, especially with covers for the Fables universe.  Recently she turned some heads with a series of sketches with some unconventional pairings of heroes.  We got a chance to talk with her about how to design a cover, the new Batgirl and why Boba Fett is so popular.

Graphic Policy:  Can you describe how you go about putting a cover together?  And what elements you have to choose from the inside to capture the story or to capture the interest of a potential buyer?

cz03Chrissie Zullo:  It’s really a collaborative process between the artist and the editor. I usually read a script and if certain elements really stand out or a scene really captures the tone of the story, then my head starts thinking of what a good image would be based on these things. I usually send in three to five thumbnails to my editor, and it’s process of elimination and back and forth on ideas from there.

GP:  You recently turned some heads with a series of drawings on DeviantArt.  Do you think that modern comic artists need websites like that in order to be able to be seen and get work?

CZ:  I don’t know if it’s necessary but it certainly helps. I heard that editors are looking online at sites like Tumblr and seeing who stands out and had a large following. I guess any exposure to your art can’t hurt, so I try to put my art on a lot of online sites in hopes that more people will see it.

GP:  The last year has seen an influx in comics geared towards younger women, such as Gotham Academy and a refurbished Batgirl.  Is the time right for a shift in outlook when it comes to female characters?

CZ:  I think it’s a smart move, because a young female audience gravitates toward young female characters, and if you are trying to pickup new subscribers, a fresh start to a story is a lot less daunting then one 300 issues in. I personally really like seeing the new take on characters, especially the redesigns.

cz01GP:  One of your recent drawings was of the new design Batgirl and Spider-Gwen.  What is it about the two of them makes them fit together?

CZ:  They both came out around the same time, and I think a lot of people would love to see them be friends, or in a same story arc. It’s fun to mash up two things that don’t necessarily belong together but for some reason would make a lot of sense together. I just love the new wave of young, strong females in comics and the fact that they are becoming so popular is also really reassuring.

GP:  Another one of the drawings which you posted was of Quorra from Tron.  She is a bit of an anomaly, as she was only on screen for about 30 minutes, but the character has a dedicated following.  What do you make of that?

CZ:  Yeah true! She needed more screen time. I just loved her look. I guess it’s like Boba Fett- there are these really great designed characters in films that don’t get a lot of screen time, but get a huge following. For whatever reason, people gravitate toward them. Maybe it’s their mystery that makes them more popular.

cz02GP:  Speaking of new developments in comics, ever since about the past ten years, fairy tales have been more noticeable, and as a Fables veteran, do you think that fairy tales are here to stay or that they will become less popular?

CZ:  I think fairy tales are forever, because they are timeless stories that are usually told to teach a lesson or a moral. No matter what generation or time, fairy tales can be applied or relatable; I think that’s why they have lasted so long.

GP:  A large portion of your published work has been either super heroes or fairy tales.  Are there any other genres that you would like to draw?

CZ:  I’m a huge sci-fi junkie, and I’d love to draw more with futuristic designs or post-apocalyptic settings. I love the idea of the far distant future, so maybe anything like that would be a lot of fun.

Art courtesy of Chrissie Zullo

Bill Willingham Joins Amtrak’s Residency Program

Bill WillinghamAmtrak has announced the 24 members of the literary community that will make up the first group for their Amtrak Residency program. The group will be working on their writing projects while enjoing a trip on Amtrak trains. Not shockingly the group is high profile enough to give the struggling Amtrak a boost in their profile.

Part of the group is a member of the comic community Bill Willingham, the writer and illustrator. You might know Willingham from his long running comic series from Vertigo, Fables, the novels Peter & Max, Down the Mysterly River and the forthcoming Lady of the Lake.

Very cool on his selection, and it’ll be interesting to see what he does during his trip!

Can you Read Fables to same way after seeing this The Wolf Among Us Bug?

Kotaku has found what they think is one of the best video game bugs of the year in The Wolf Among Us, the video game based on the Vertigo comic series Fables. I know I’ll never be able to see Bigby Wolf the same way after witnessing this. What the eyes can not un-see…. If the whole being a Fable/detective thing doesn’t work for Bigby, he’ll make a great addition to Magic Mike 2.



Review: Fairest: In All the Land

FAIRATL_HC_DJ_FRONTFairest: In All the Land is the latest original graphic novel set in the Fables/Fairest universe. Featuring short stories by Bill Willingham, the graphic novel is told through the perspective of the Magic Mirror! The murder mystery contains two illustrated prose chapters that bookend thirty comic chapters, that all combine to tell the story of the worst week of Cinderella’s life. The art is provided by a murderers row of artists, showing off their unique talent with the help of Willingham’s story telling ability.

I’ve been a long time fan of the Fables world and it’s spin-offs, even going so far as to buy original art from Mark Buckingham who contributes here. One of the highlights has been the spy-like mini-series featuring Cinderella, that have mixed the fantasy setting, mashing it up with Bond like spy dramas. Here, instead of having to wait months for a new mini-series, we’re treated to a full story in one go, one that has actual impact in the continuity.

While Cinderella is usually thrown into spy-action thrillers, instead we’re given a murder mystery, as she attempts to figure out who is killing some of the fairest in the land. It’s fun watching this character who usually solves her problems with kicking, punching and weapons, attempt to fill the role of Bigby Wolf, the usual detective/sheriff. Her stumbling throughout is charming and a nice change from what we usually see with her.

Overall the story is really solid, and it’s great to read a graphic novel with these characters. Hopefully we’ll get one or two more before Willingham wraps up his series (or more after he does!). There’s also some nice commentary on the women we’ve come to expect and accept in classic fairy tales. Read the graphic novel and you’ll understand.

The mix of art is an interesting mix as well. I can’t say it added anything for me, but all of these artists are top notch, so seeing all their styles and takes on the same characters is interesting. It being one narrative throughout is interesting as well, as opposed to an anthology of related by standalone stories. Overall, the art is solid and much beautiful to look at.

The graphic novel is a great addition for long-time fans and the fact it has impact on continuity makes it even better. This is how you do a solid graphic novel tie-in.

As I said, I want to see more of this, here’s hoping we do. If not, at least we’ve got a few great graphic novels of this fabulous comic world.

Story: Bill Willingham Art: Chrissie Zullo, Karl Kerschl, Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon, Fiona Meng, Mark Buckingham, Phil Noto, Meghan Hetrick, Russ Braun, Tony Akins, Gene Ha, Tula Lotay, Marley Zarcone, Ming Doyle, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Nimit Malavia, Dean Ormston, Kurt Huggins, Adam Hughes, Al Davison, Shawn McManus, Inaki Maranda, Kevin Maguire
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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