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Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 Gets a Second Printing

Within 24 hours of hitting comic shops, the first issue of IDW Publishing’s G.I. JOE comic book spinoff, Snake Eyes: Deadgame — written and illustrated by Rob Liefeld, has sold out at the distributor level, prompting an immediate Second Printing to meet consumer and retailer demand!

For retailers eager to stock the Second Printing, Diamond Comic Distributors is creating a new item code and will begin taking orders shortly. Stay tuned to IDW Publishing on social media for the latest updates.

SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME #1 2nd printing

Review: Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

Rob Liefeld shows that he can still draw one hell of an action sequence in Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1, which is non-stop guns, blades, and ninjas with guest appearances from other G.I. Joe characters like Scarlett and Roadblock. I’m not super familiar with the G.I. Joe franchise except for catching the first Channing Tatum movie on cable a while ago. However, that isn’t a problem as Liefeld and scripter Chad Bowers set up all the life vs death, immortal vs mortal, good vs. evil, and best of all, ninja vs ninja context and fixings you need throughout the story. Throw in Adelso Corona’s enhancements to Liefeld’s disciplined linework and bulky, yet restrained figures, and Federico Blee’s spot-on colors, and Snake Eyes is a popcorn action flick in a summer sadly bereft of them because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But back to the comic! People shit on Rob Liefeld’s art style (Especially his anatomy) everywhere from Tumblr to fly-by-night YouTube channels, but they forgot that comics aren’t about photorealism or perfectly rendering the human form: they’re about storytelling. And Liefeld is one hell of a storyteller, especially when it comes to dynamic, boisterous action layouts. (See his collaboration with Mike Mignola on X-Force #8.) This is evident from the first page of Snake Eyes where two immortal beings face each other with Blee using a scarlet background to hint at the mayhem to come. Utilizing a single page, Liefeld and Chad Bowers establish the main thrust of the plot and the MacGuffin before getting to the good stuff: Snake Eyes wordlessly infiltrating a secret base. Liefeld uses a variety of types of shots to show him breaking in before unleashing his inner martial arts filmmaker and using tight close-ups as Snake Eyes takes down the baddies using a full page pin-up shot to let the story breathe and give some the old Wizard reading fans something to smile at.

Rob Liefeld doesn’t use double page spreads until later in the story when Snake Eyes fights against the series’ Big Bad. Everything has been a walk in the park up to this point, and the wide screen layouts coupled with Federico Blee’s red and black and Bowers’ taunting dialogue raise the stakes for Snake Eyes. Also, Snake Eyes whips out his dual pistols for the first time giving his enemy a little taste of the 21st century. The variety of combat techniques keeps the fights interesting as Snake Eyes’ opponent shows a little bit of a horror side to go with the bloody katanas, guns a-fucking-kimbo action of the majority of the comic. He’s connected to Snake Eyes’ past, but not in an annoying way, and mostly his purpose is to show that this badass ninja might need a little help from his bros, er, the Joes moving forward.

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

In a reversal from a lot of comic book reviews, I feel like I’ve focused a lot on the Snake Eyes’ visuals and want to discuss Chad Bowers’ skill at capturing the voice of a character, who doesn’t have vocal cords. Bowers’ captions never overwhelm Liefeld, Corona, and Blee’s art adding just the right amount of flavor and context to Snake Eyes’ actions. In fact, they remind of a less verbose Chris Claremont in the first Wolverine miniseries that with Frank Miller and Joe Rubinstein’s art truly established him as both a force of nature and a noble warrior. Snake Eyes has a mission to fulfill (That might be connected to destiny and all that fun stuff.), and he only commits acts of violence in service of that mission, which is actually a rescue to start out with. The full balaclava and visor get-up that he wears reinforces this efficient, non-sadistic approach as Snake Eyes is a smooth killer and not raging out all over the place. In contrast, Bowers writes quippier dialogue for the other Joe’s more in line with a traditional action movie.

In the final analysis, Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 is a damn good ninja comic, a showcase for Rob Liefeld’s action storytelling, and in my case, a strong introduction to the G.I. Joe universe. This first issue shows Snake Eyes’ strength as a solo act, and I’m interested to see what Liefeld, Chad Bowers, Adelso Corona, and Federico Blee do with an ensemble cast in subsequent issues.

Story/Art: Rob Liefeld Script/Dialogue: Chad Bowers
Additional Inks: Adelso Corona Colors: Federico Blee
Letters: Andworld Design
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

IDW provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Preview: Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

(W) Rob Liefeld, Chad Bowers (A/CA) Rob Liefeld
In Shops: Jul 15, 2020
SRP: $4.99

Snake Eyes has long been the most mysterious member of the Joes, but how long can he keep his past classified when he’s forced to play his hand? Will he get a lucky roll? Or will the deadgame finally catch up to him?

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

Rob Liefeld’s Snake Eyes: Deadgame Launches with 36 Exclusive Covers

The highly anticipated Snake Eyes: Deadgame comic book series written and illustrated by superstar creator Rob Liefeld is almost here! Hitting stores next Wednesday, the first issue of IDW Publishing’s G.I. JOE comic book spin-off is being supported by a combined 36 Retailer and Convention Exclusive covers, including 9 covers illustrated by Liefeld himself!

Snake Eyes has long been the most mysterious member of the G.I. JOE team, but within the pages of DEADGAME, he’ll finally be forced to play his hand! How long can he keep his past classified… and what deadly secrets will come back to haunt him?

The first issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame will arrive in stores on July 15.

Snake Eyes: Deadgame Covers
Snake Eyes: Deadgame covers

Dynamite Does Homage Covers to Rob Liefeld in September

This September Dynamite and artist Brent Peeples show respect to one of the industry’s most influential figures with a 5-piece set of variant covers homaging Rob Liefeld‘s famous covers!

Artist Brent Peeples brings maximum effort to these covers that mirror some of the most recognizable covers of all time. Brent and Rob have worked together on the smash-hit Major X and other projects together, so there is respect and admiration in these pieces.

All six of these covers grace Dynamite’s top titles. The Princess of Mars has green martians in her sights, as Dejah Thoris #8 calls back to New Mutants #87Rob’s second issue on the title. Arguably even more iconic is the 98th issue of that series, which Killing Red Sonja #5‘s cast stepping in for a merc with a mouth. Bettie Page #3 reenacts the pivotal next issue that moved toward a huge shift in Liefeld’s career and the industry as a whole. Vampirella/Red Sonja #11 places those two Women of Dynamite into the iconic image of X-Force #1. The blockbuster second and third issues of that record-breaking series are spotlighted with Red Sonja #19 and Vampirella #14.

Image Reveals Walt Simonson, Frank Cho, Erik Larsen, and Ryan Ottley’s Savage Dragon #250 Covers

Legendary artists Walt Simonson, Frank Cho, and Ryan Ottley join Rob Liefeld and Skottie Young in contributing to the eye-popping covers of the milestone Savage Dragon #250 issue by Image Comics partner and CFO Erik Larsen. This record-breaking issue is set to release from Image Comics in July.

For 28 years, Erik Larsen has chronicled the lives and times of the Dragon and his extended family in one of comics’ only series set in real time. This monumental oversized milestone issue is a sweeping culmination that sets the stage for the next phase of comics’ most uncompromising series with its most shocking story yet! 

Forces have conspired against Malcolm Dragon and his family—but is this a turning point or…THE END?! Find out as Savage Dragon becomes the second original Image title to reach its 250th issue and begins the countdown to #300.

Savage Dragon #250 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 15. 

  • Savage Dragon #250 cover A by Erik Larsen (Diamond Code DEC190056)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover B by Frank Cho (Diamond Code DEC190057)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover C by Rob Liefeld (Diamond Code DEC190058)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover D by Walt Simonson (Diamond Code DEC190059)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover E by Skottie Young (Diamond Code DEC190060)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover F Blank Sketch variant (Diamond Code DEC190061)
  • Savage Dragon #250 cover G drawn by Erik Larsen, inked by Ryan Ottley (Diamond Code FEB209190)

Marc Guggenheim to Script Rob Liefeld’s Prophet

Prophet #28

Marc Guggenheim has been tapped by Jeff Robinov‘s Studio 8 to adapt Prophet, the comic book character created by Rob Liefeld.

The story is about a super-soldier put into deep freeze for a future mission only to awaken prematurely and search for a mission that doesn’t exist. The goal is to turn it into a franchise.

Adrian Askarieh, Brooklyn Weaver, Rob Liefeld. John Hyde and Terissa Kelton will also be involved in producing capacities.

Prophet debuted in Liefeld’s Youngblood #2 in July 1992 and has since gone on to star in multiple comic series with the latest starting in 2017.

Review: Major X

Rob Liefeld returns to the X-Universe with his new creation, Major X!

Major X collects issues #1-6 and Major X #0.

Story: Rob Liefeld
Art: Rob Liefeld, Brent Peeples, Whilce Portacio
Color: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Ink: Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona, Dan Fraga, Scott Hanna, Whilce Portacio, Cory Hamscher
Letterer: Joe Sabino

Get your copy in comic shops now and in bookstores October 15! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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Berserker Unbound #2

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Newsarama – Image United Shelved Due to Todd McFarlane, According to Rob Liefeld – People expected it to return? It was clearly never going to be completed when it was first announced (we still bought it).

Newsarama – IDW Alum Returns as Direct Market Sales Manager – Congrats!

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Fake Gamer Girl Comics is very real fun – Free comics!


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Something is Killing the Children #1

Where’s Youngblood? Rob Liefeld Takes to Facebook to Explain

Youngblood #1

Comic properties are being snagged left and right and with the success of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld is a hot “property.” So where’s his Image launching series Youngblood? Liefeld took to Facebook to explain why the characters are missing from action in comics and elsewhere.


This is the question I get asked repeatedly, at every store signing or comic convention I attend. Inquiries about Youngblood as a film, a comic book, all of it. The truth is they are in the midst of an ugly custody battle and I currently don’t have any interaction with them for the first time in over 22 years.

In 1997, at 29 years of age, I took on an investor named Scott Rosenberg, he of Malibu Comics. I had a previous relation with him but this was different, Jeph Loeb brought him to the table as a potential partner and after a few discussions, the time felt right to make this move. We made a fancy press announcement and we birthed Awesome Comics. It was meant as a temporary adjustment, If I did not find another partner, Scott would foreclose and own everything, I eventually found another partner, a gentleman named John Hyde and he stepped in to finance Awesome Comics until he and Scott had an issue and Awesome went into freefall and I shuttered the label permanently in 2000.

Scott, John and I agreed to a split of my Extreme catalogue in 1999, we each received 8 titles and could exploit them in media. The environment at the time was not kind to comic book material and I wasn’t selling any of my catalogue picks and neither were John and Scott. Through it all, I maintained publishing rights, bringing you the comic adventures of my creations with different and various creatives under my oversight and until now there were no hiccups whatsoever.

Long story short, after failing to come to terms on 2 movie deals in recent years, including a movie deal in 2017 that I was so certain was moving forward, I contacted Hank Kanalz and informed him that he should expect some participation, Scott informed me last summer, during 2018 comic con, that in order to raise capital he had sold or partnered with someone for Youngblood comics and toys. I was stunned but not surprised, these are the most important assets that Scott possesses and he needed to raise funds. The man he partnered with is named Andrew Rev, someone unknown to
me and he informed me a number of times over the past year that he could make me a big success in comics, the next Todd McFarlane even, and told me I could audition for producing Youngblood comics. You can imagine how well that went over.

So, I currently have questionable access to Youngblood characters, characters I created and shepherded for nearly 3 decades As a result I shut down the storyline that would take Youngblood to issue #100 and beyond. A decidedly new approach in necessary, which I believe is paramount in this post Avengers:Endgame world we find ourselves in. Youngblood will no longer be published by Image Comics or with my involvement at this time, a first in the 27 years since it launched. It’s all really weird but I’ve settled into the realization that this is the way it is going to be. I held it together for 23 years since doing the deal, until now. A film company rang me up last week seeking the rights to Youngblood but it required my involvement and I cannot at this juncture go forward.

Thankfully, my other partner, John Hyde has chosen to go a different path as he realizes the value that I bring to my creations and we have partnered on his selections with Prophet going forward having just set up the feature film and we are currently pursuing Glory in all media. 2/3 of my catalogue receive my involvement and participation.

I have BLOODSTRIKE, BRIGADE, BERZERKERS, BLOODWULF, Re:GEX, KABOOM, AVENGELYNE and others in my portfolio, completely under my domain. As I informed everyone last year, I walked away from Netflix because I felt it was not the best opportunity at this time in our ever changing world. I’m a finicky cat.

I share this with you now following an unexpected conversation with the Andrew Rev guy about publishing. In short it was very disrespectful and I had to put distance between me, these people and my creations which were now in a foreign domain. I had to convincingly wash my hands of this corner of my imagination. I have a pretty fertile mind and many new projects yet to advance, many making the media rounds that will be known soon enough. This was a much needed update and hopefully explains the current situation.

Youngblood represented some of my finest work, I’m proud of all the work that was produced. Sadly, film companies will be reluctant to invest the time and money in a venture without the support and blessing of its creator.

Upwards, onwards! To the Extreme!

Rob Liefeld

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