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WonderCon is well underway and I’ll be at synDCon today (and maybe tomorrow if it’s good).  Expect some coverage of the show and my thoughts.  It looks like I finally found my band of geeks here in DC, so it looks like some non-video game gaming will now be sucking up some of my time.  That’s super as I need another hobby.  We have some special sections including an April Fools round up as well as WonderCon news!

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – McG Launches Comic Book Imprint With AspenNot to sound bitter, but Aspen is one company who’s never responded to my reaching out to be added to a press list.  Oh well.

Union College – Jewish graphic novel exhibit open in Schaffer LibraryIf you’re in the Schenectady area, stop by and check this out.  It runs until April 15.

Arts Beat – Graphic Books Best Sellers: Super-Hero CentralThe New York Times continues it’s weekly list of best sellers.

Denver Post – Signs of intelligent life: Comic books? No, this is real lit in panels and picsLooks like mainstream media is finally noticing comic books aren’t just tights and super powers anymore.

Borneo Post – PKR deplores comic books on AnwarComic books have entered the political discussion in Malaysia.

April Fools Pranks:

Bleeding Cool – FOOL: Arianna Huffington Buys Avatar Press – Comics Alliance And Bleeding Cool To Merge

Comics Alliance – Grant Morrison Denies Comic Delays a Result of Being a Reality-Protecting Wizard [WonderCon]

Comics Alliance – Time Warner to Release Superhero Character Copyrights to Original Creators

Comics Alliance – IDW Announces ‘The Room 2: Roomier,’ the Comic Book Sequel to Tommy Wiseau’s Film

Comics Alliance – DC Announces Their Next Major Crossover: ‘DCU DISARMED’ [Exclusive]

Comics Alliance – Marvel and DC Go Pre-Day & Date with Digital Comics, Single Issues Priced at 10 Cents

Comics Alliance – Ask Chris: Terrifying Gypsy Curse Edition

Comics Alliance – ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ Gains Sentience, Hungers For The Flesh Of the Living

Comics Alliance – Variant Covers to 8 ‘Flashpoint’ Tie-In Comics Revealed [Exclusive]

iFanboy – BREAKING: Sentry Returns! Announcement at WonderCon!

WonderCon Coverage:

Comics Alliance – DC Comics Announces ‘Retro-Active’ One-Shots [WonderCon]

The Beat – WonderCon 11: Marvel — #801

The Beat – WonderCon 11: IDW – #701

The Beat – WonderCon 11: DC Comics — #140

The Beat – WonderCon 11: D&Q debuts at show — #416

The Beat – WonderCon 11: Boom! Studios – #415

The Beat – WonderCon 11: Image Comics – #401

The Beat – WonderCon 11: Top Shelf – #414

The Beat – WonderCon 11: Game of Thrones

The Beat – WonderCon: Flesk #709

Bleeding Cool – Nate Cosby Punches Humberto Ramos At WonderCon

Bleeding Cool – Green Lantern Movie Banner Thing At WonderCon

Bleeding Cool – WonderCon Waiting To Get In…

Assignment X – WonderCon 2011: ANGEL comic books will become ANGEL AND FAITH (Exclusive)

Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Comics Journal – Xombi #1

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