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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #9

It’s Wednesday and it’s new comic book day! There’s new comics on the shelves at comic shops but there’s also new comics on the digital shelves as well. There’s over 100 comics for you to choose from. There’s something for every from Marvel, AfterShock, Ahoy, Albatross Funnybooks, IDW, Image, manga and more! You can get the full list here or check out what you can get by publisher below!




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Preview: Star Trek: Year Five #12

Star Trek: Year Five #12

(W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A/CA) Stephen Thompson
In Shops: Jul 01, 2020
SRP: $3.99

At last-the moment you’ve been waiting for since the first page of issue #1! With a villain revealed, a stranded crew, and a ship on a collision course with total destruction, Captain James T. Kirk will have to face the biggest challenge of his life on his own!

Written by showrunners Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (Green Arrow, Nightwing, Gotham City Garage) this is a perfect jumping-on point before the second year of the series begins.

Star Trek: Year Five #12

Preview: I Can Sell You a Body #4 (of 4)

I Can Sell You a Body #4 (of 4)

(W) Ryan Ferrier (A/CA) George Kambadais
In Shops: Jul 01, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Denny Little’s 48 hours to scrape up a hundred grand and relocate a dead mobster are up, and things are looking mighty unfavorable for our hapless psychic and his bank robbing girlfriend. Denny’s probably getting shot in his big, dumb face…unless a soul-sucking demon gets to him first!

I Can Sell You a Body #4 (of 4)

Preview: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #24

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #24

(W) Gary Carlson (A/CA) Frank Fosco
In Shops: Jul 01, 2020
SRP: $3.99

The end is nigh… twenty-one years in the making, the final three issues of Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco’s legendary TMNT run are here!

Who is the Lady Shredder? The Turtles believe they’ve found the answer in Karai, but it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it seems. With Master Splinter on his deathbed and Warlord Komodo knocking at their door, what are they supposed to do now?!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #24

Airplanes Soar and Dinosaurs Roar in The Smithsonian Institution and IDW Publishing’s Enlightening New Line of Coloring Books

Time spent coloring can also be time spent learning, thanks to two beautiful and informative coloring books presented by IDW Publishing and the Smithsonian Institution. This October, aviation and paleontology fans of all ages can look forward to a creative exploration of their favorite topics, as they color their way through Airplanes: A Smithsonian Coloring Book and Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book.

These books are designed to provide fascinating coloring experiences for readers. The pages stand alone as works of art and the books also contain insights from the National Air and Space Museum’s aeronautics experts and the paleontology experts from the National Museum of Natural History.  

Airplanes: A Smithsonian Coloring Book allows readers to soar through the skies with some of the most recognized and revered airplanes from the collection at the National Air and Space Museum. The thrilling artistry of John Pirtel vivifies the very first powered aircrafts of the 1900s, revolutionary bombers and jet fighters of the 20th century, supersonic passenger airliner, and many more.

Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book invites readers to explore millions of years of animal wonders, guided by experts from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The artistic wizardry of Rachel Curtis (The Princess Bride: A Storybook to Color) captures scenes featuring the herbivorous Stegosaurus, the sea-dwelling Hesperornis, the giant sauropod Camarasaurus, the mighty Tyrannosaurus, and many more.

Preview: They Called Us Enemy Spanish Edition/Nos Llamaron Enemigo

They Called Us Enemy Spanish Edition/Nos Llamaron Enemigo

(W) George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steve Scott (A/CA) Harmony Becker
In Shops: Jun 24, 2020
SRP: $19.99

The New York Times Bestseller, now in Spanish!

En estas impactantes memorias en formato de novela gráfica, el actor/autor/activista George Takei rememora sucesos imborrables de su infancia en los campos de concentraci n en América.

En 1942, bajo rdenes del presidente Franklin D. Roosevelt, cada persona de ascendencia japonesa en la costa oeste fue capturada y enviada a uno de diez “centros de reubicaci n”, a cientos o miles de millas de sus hogares, donde permanecer an durante años bajo vigilancia armada.

Nos llamaron Enemigo es la historia en primera persona de Takei sobre esos años detrás de una alambrada de p as.

Qué significa ser americano? Quién puede determinarlo? Cuando el mundo está en tu contra, qué puede hacer un solo individuo? Para contestar a estas preguntas, George Takei se une a los escritores Justin Eisinger y Steven Scott y a la artista Harmony Becker en el recorrido de toda una vida.

They Called Us Enemy Spanish Edition/Nos Llamaron Enemigo

Preview: A Radical Shift of Gravity

A Radical Shift of Gravity

(W) Nick Tapalansky (A/CA) Kate Glasheen
In Shops: Jun 24, 2020
SRP: $24.99

The world is changing. Gravity, a force everyone takes for granted, has begun to disappear. As a young journalist, Noah spends his days documenting the wondrous and terrifying shifts in the world around him. But Noah’s life is changing, too. Falling in love and raising a rebellious daughter adds new meaning to lie in this mysterious floating world. As he covers the invention of new sports, interviews experts, and even journeys into space, each experience shapes how Noah views the world and, in turn, his relationship with his family. And as his daughter grows older, Noah faces the challenge every parent dreads and dreams of: letting go.

A Radical Shift of Gravity is a science-fiction fable: a graphic novel that explores the ties that bind a family together, the forces that threaten to pull them apart, and the quiet beauty of a world where everyone is floating away. Against the wondrous backdrop of massive planetary transformation, this stunning watercolor graphic novel explores one family’s struggle to stay grounded.

A Radical Shift of Gravity

Preview: H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau

H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau

(W) Ted Adams, Gabriel Rodriguez (A/CA) Gabriel Rodriguez
In Shops: Jul 15, 2020
SRP: $24.99

Ted Adams (Diablo House) and Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key) collaborate on a chilling tale of a man’s tremendous intellect coupled with great hubris-with catastrophic results!

The first half of this collection features the complete story. In the second half of the book, we reproduce all of Gabe’s stunningly beautiful blue-pencil renderings, Artist’s Edition style-a true joy to behold!

H.G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau

Preview: My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship Vol. 1

My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship Vol. 1

(W) Ian Flynn (A/CA) Tony Fleecs
In Shops: Jun 24, 2020
SRP: $9.99

Come one, come all and join the Young Six at the School of Friendship’s very first sporting event – the Feats of Friendship! As Sandbar, Smolder, Gallus, Ocellus, Yona, and Silverstream prepare for the new competition, they realize they’re going to need one more pony to round out their team. Enter Swift Foot, a mysterious new exchange student! But will she help strengthen the Young Six’s bonds of friendship-or just drive them apart?

My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship Vol. 1
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