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Scout Comics’ Final Order Cut Off includes Two Debuts, a 1 of 1 Printer Plate Pack, and The Recount… with coffee!?

Category Zero Conflict #2

(W) Adem Kiamil (A/CA) Ton Lima

Phillip Patterson gets even closer to unravelling the truth about STRIX. Twenty years later, his son Jake has set in motion a series of events that can’t be undone as he helps One Percenters escape from Omega. Meanwhile, Neve has disturbing visions of the future!

Category Zero Conflict #2

Red Winter Fallout #2

(W) Michael Gordon (A/CA) Alberto Massaggia

Joseph Winter has been saved from the jaws of death by a mysterious Russian woman named Darya Petukhof. Here’s the thing, though – he has no idea who she is, nor why she cares if his head is still attached to his shoulders. Either way, he’s now on the run with her, trying to stay one step ahead of Vasily Andropov’s Chistyye Krovi gang, who are out for blood. Meanwhile, Detective Max Voronin continues to investigate the Oil Refinery massacre, and finds himself in contact with another mysterious woman-this one claiming to be an American podcaster researching Kapotnya’s gangs for her show.

Red Winter Fallout #2

The Recount #1 – Comics & Coffee Combo

(W) Jonathan Hedrick (A) Gabriel Ibarra Nunez (CA) Joe Bocardo

A limited edition #1 with a new cover and a 6 cup coffee sampler pack included! After the assassination of the U.S. President, the conspirators turn their sights on all who helped him get into power. By this, they mean to kill everyone who helped him ascend to the presidency – including the ordinary citizens who elected him – essentially plunging the entire country into civil war. Meanwhile, the vice president, one of the few survivors of the executive branch, struggles to prevent the nation from descending into chaos.

The Recount #1 - Comics & Coffee Combo

Stabbity Bunny – Presswork Printer Plate Pack

(W) Richard Rivera (A/CA) Dwayne Biddix

Own a piece of comic history, these are the tools that helped make one of your favorite Scout Comics! Presswork printer plates are 12 mm aluminum pages that are used to print comics and trade paperbacks via offset printing. There are 4 color variations per printer plate; Black, Yellow, Magenta (Pink) and Cyan (Blue). These printer plates are from the Stabbity Bunny Vol 2 TPB. A COA is included with a hologram sticker giving the title, print run and date printed. Random plates may be signed by a creator or two! Allocations may apply.

Stabbity Bunny - Presswork Printer Plate Pack

Review: The Recount: Preamble #1

Set years before the shocking events of The Recount, Preamble details the life of Phil Pontus, the tragic death of his mother, his military service and subsequent decision to enter politics, his assent to the office of Vice President, and the terrible events that culminated in his assumption of leadership of a terrorist group known only as “The Masses.”

Story: Jonathan Hedrick
Art: Rubén Gil
Color: Lorenzo Palombo
Letterer: Joel Rodriguez

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Scout Comics
Zeus Comics

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The Best Comics of 2021

2021 was another strange year for the comic industry which saw a lot of changes in almost too many ways to count.

But, despite all of those changes, there were some amazing comics released.

Here’s 10 that stood out to me from the year.

The full list of everything that stood out from the year!

Graphic Policy’s team’s “best of” lists!

The 10 from the video:

Blue, Barry & Pancakes (First Second)
Story/Art: Daniel Rajai Abdo, Jason Linwood Patterson

Glamorella’s Daughter (Literati Press)
Concept: Jerry Bennett Story: Charles J. Martin
Art: Jerry Bennett Letterer: Charles J. Martin Sensitivity Editor: Brandy Williams

BRZRKR (BOOM! Studios)
Story: Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt Art: Ron Garney
Color: Bill Crabtree Letterer: Clem Robins

Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? (Albatross Funnybooks)
Story: Harold Schechter, Eric Powell Art: Eric Powell

The Other History of the DC Universe (DC Comics)
Story: John Ridley Layouts: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Finishes: Andrea Cucchi Color: José Villarrubia Letterer: Steve Wands

Robin & Batman (DC Comics)
Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Dustin Nguyen
Color: Dustin Nguyen Letterer: Steve Wands

The Recount (Scout Comics)
Story: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Joe Bocardo
Color: Sunil Ghagre Letterer: Christian Docolomansky

Shadow Doctor (AfterShock)
Story: Peter Calloway Art: George Jeanty
Color: Juancho! Letterer/Backmatter: Charles Pritchett

Solo Leveling (Yen Press)
Original Story: Chugong Translation: Hye Young Im
Rewrite: J. Torres Letterer: Abigail Blackman

Stray Dogs (Image Comics)
Story: Tony Fleecs Art: Trish Forstner
Color: Brad Simpson Layouts: Tone Rodrigeuz, Chris Burnham Flatter: Lauren Perry

Brett’s Favorite Comics of 2021 and a Reflection on the Past Year

The Recount #1

Much like 2021, It feels weird writing a “best of” list for the past year since it’s been so difficult for so many. Comics, and entertainment as a whole, continued to be an escape from the rough reality of the year that was. Things struggled to get back to normal, whether you think it was too soon or not.

Comics have been an escape for me as I myself remained holed up at home, forgoing movie theaters and generally the public as a whole.

To pick one that stood out above all the rest doesn’t quite feel right as there was so much that was fun and entertaining.

The comic industry continued to shift in massive ways as creators figured out new ways to become independent or were lured by the promise of big paydays by venture capital. Publishers got bought out and some struggled to stay open. Stores opened. Stores closed. Distribution continues to shift. The industry continues to be disrupted in many ways. Some ways for the better. Some for the worse.

Things shifted for everyone.

Publishers canceled projects, shifted schedules, and continued to look to go directly to the consumer. Publishers faced distribution issues as ports backedd up and printing issues as paper became scarce. Creators looked for new ways to earn money and also go directly to the consumer. Consumers had more choices than ever before that made it easier to escape the world burning around them and find enjoyment in make-believe worlds where justice prevails in the end.

In the end, though 2021 continued to look bleak, it left the comic industry as a whole stronger than ever before with many challenges ahead and many answers yet to come.

It feels weird doing this “best of” but at the same time I feel like I want to “honor” and spotlight the comics that got me through the year and had me excited to read the next issues. This is what I’ve read so if you don’t see something mentioned it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I just might not have read it. Sorry, I can’t read everything (there was a massive glut in webcomics but more manga for me).

All of these are listed in no particular order (hell it’ll probably just be in alphabetical). Enough with the rambling… lets get on with some comics!

The comics that had me excited in 2021 and have me excited for 2022. It turns out maybe I enjoy horror more than I know?

  • Barbaric (Vault Comics) – The series caught me off guard with a classic fantasy barbarian story with a twist. I don’t want to go into it too much but if you haven’t read this one, definitely check it out. I can’t wait for more to come.
  • Black Panther (Marvel) – John Ridley taking over Black Panther, nuff said. The series has grounded the character in political paranoia and assassination attempts on undercover agents.
  • Blue, Barry & Pancakes (First Second) – I’ve been loving the releases focused on kids and this series about a trio of friends is one I enjoy reading each release over and over with my daughter. They’re goofy fun.
  • BRZRKR (BOOM! Studios) – I’ll admit I went into this series rolling my eyes as it felt like a pitch for a movie/television series for Keanu Reeves. But, while the series has a lot of action its focus on its main character of B and what makes him tick has been a welcome surprise. It’s surprisingly deep and more about the character than the action.
  • Dark Ages (Marvel) – In a year with so many “alternate takes” on classic characters this one of a world where technology is nerfed and the heroes and villains must bring it together is an interesting one. Here’s hoping we get more of these stand-alone miniseries from Marvel as this works so well.
  • DC vs. Vampires (DC Comics) – The premise of vampires rising up and attacking the DC Universe sounds simple enough. But, the series so far has eschewed simple fights instead going for paranoia where you don’t know who is a vampire and who will get killed.
  • Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? (Albatross Funnybooks) – The true story about Eddie Gein is haunting with art that walks the line of crossing over to gross out levels.
  • Fear State (DC Comics) – I wasn’t the biggest fan of the start of James Tynion IV’s run on Batman but when “Fear State” got rolling things quickly shifted. The story was intense and did an amazing job of folding in “Future State” as well. Speaking of which…
  • Fist of the North Star (VIZ Media) – The classic manga is back and being reprinted in beautiful hardback versions as part of VIZ Signature. Yeah, it’s martial arts Mad Max but it’s so good.
  • Future State (DC Comics) – A two-month event that took us to a possible future DC, the comics were mostly great with the glimpses of the future being used when the series returned. It was a great use of an event to breathe new life into a line and drive the narrative for months to come.
  • Glamorella’s Daughter (Literati Press) – A fun series about the daughter of the world’s superhero that has such a great sense of itself with great humor and fun characters.
  • Impossible Jones (Scout Comics) – A blast in every way introducing us to a new world of superheroes and villains and leaves us wanting more.
  • Karate Survivor in Another World (Seven Seas) – In a year that felt like every other manga was about someone getting killed and reincarnated in another world with some hook, this one stood out. With a grounded premise, the story is about Nozaki Hitoshi who is sent to another world where his only skill is karate. But, there’s a twist that’s teased out and works so well.
  • Kraken Me Up (Holiday House Publishing) – In a year where I read lots of comics geared towards kids I loved the art in this one and it had such a cute story about a pet Kraken and the girl who loved it.
  • Maniac of New York (AfterShock) – I’m not a fan of horror films but this take on the slasher genre had me hooked as it felt like an homage to the genre and something all its own.
  • The Other History of the DC Universe (DC Comics) – John Ridley delivers a blunt history lesson about DC from the perspective of characters who rarely get the spotlight. Amazing art added to the enjoyment in what felt like a college course in comics.
  • Robin & Batman (DC Comics) – Dick Grayson’s early years as Robin is explored with beautiful artwork.
  • The Recount (Scout Comics) – Talk about a series that was too close to home. The series focused on a nation split due to a corrupt government and an uprising after the assassination of the President. Coming out around January 6 made the first issue hit even more.
  • Serial (Abstract Studio) – The series has gotten better and better with every issue with a serial killer at the center of it all. It’s really done an amazing job of serialized storytelling and has my on the edge of my seat more and more to see what happens next.
  • Shadow Doctor (AfterShock) – The true story about a African American Doctor who can’t get money to open a practice and has to turn to Al Capone for funding. The story is just a great mob story but the fact it’s true makes it all the more amazing.
  • Solo Leveling (Yen Press) – 2021 saw me getting more into manga and manhwa and this series saw three volumes released. It’s about a world where dungeon crawling is an actual profession and the world’s worst, who actually has something a bit special about him. It’s just a great mix of comics and video game nostalgia with solid art.
  • Stray Dogs (Image Comics) – The miniseries was a murder mystery from the perspective of dogs. Did their master kill their former owners? Will the dogs make it to safety? Mix in amazing art and this was a miniseries that had everyone talking.
  • Task Force Z (DC Comics) – Red Hood has to lead zombie versions of Batman villains in a Suicide Squad like team. The concept is silly but works so well with a focus on the ethical aspect of it all and an amazing team dynamic. Mr. Bloom? Really!?
  • Timeless #1 (Marvel) – When it comes to end of year one-shots, Timeless is the best Marvel has put out. Its focus on a character and a real focus on him as a person. There’s some solid teases of what’s to come but it’s the story of Kang front and center that’s the real draw. It might be a tease of what’s to come but beside that, it’s a good one-shot anyway.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar (Marvel) – The series shook up the character’s history in major ways and as a fan of Warhammer 40K I was all into it. It definitely pissed off “fans”, so bonus?
  • We Live (AfterShock) – The series has been an amazing apocalyptic adventure as kids attempt to make it to get to a ship to get off the planet. The series was a gut punch over and over and had me in tears.
  • Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 (DC Comics) – We just got one issue from Kelly Sue Deconnick and Phil Jimenez but this look at the history of the Amazons is amazing. The art was jaw dropping with the only flaw being the pages having a middle seam.
  • Yasmeen (Scout Comics) – The comic series about horrible events in Iraq and a young girl’s experience was an emotional punch with every issue. It shows the power of comics.

Peter Landesman will write and direct The Recount

The Recount

Peter Landesman has come on board to adapt and direct Scout Comics‘ best-selling comic series The Recount into a feature film for Don Handfield’s Motor Content and Jonathan Kadin’s KadinCreative. Nick Jones Jr. will co-write with Landesman.

The fictional political thriller penned by Jonathan Hedrick was published by Scout Comics in November of 2020 on the eve of the most contested election in modern history. Blending the political intrigue of House of Cards and the horror of The Purge, The Recount is a realistic action-thriller set in an unsettlingly recognizable American political climate. The Recount features art by Gabriel Elias Ibarra Nunez, colors by Sunil Ghagre, and letters by Cristian Docolomansky

When the US President is assassinated by one of his own security detail, a female Secret Service agent must protect the Vice President at all costs from a conspiracy group calling themselves ‘The Masses’. With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, these two women with completely opposing political views and beliefs must work together to preserve what’s left of American democracy.

One of Scout Comics best-selling titles, The Recount was written by army veteran Jonathan Hedrick and received critical acclaim for both the jaw-dropping action and how it explored timely political themes in the vein of V for Vendetta or The Purge. The book was released in November of 2020, on the eve of the most contested election in modern history – and despite its fictional and apolitical stance — seemed oddly clairvoyant in its dark portrayal of a nation on the brink. 

Handfield, Kadin, Landesman and Scout Comics will produce through their respective banners, with Motor Content’s Jordan Moore serving as an Executive Producer.  

Handfield is also a partner and board member of Scout Comics, and was instrumental in bringing the series to Scout for publication and got involved early in its development.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Venom #1

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Marvel) – “Beyond” has been a fantastic new storyline that has put Ben Reilly front and center and taken the series in an interesting direction.

Eternals #7 (Marvel) – Thanos is now in charge of the Eternals in this jumping-on point.

Ginseng Roots #9 (Uncivilized Comics) – Craig Thompson returns after a break to further dive into his childhood and growing up in the world of ginseng.

Mazebook #3 (Dark Horse) – This series follows a father who lost his daughter but is convinced she’s still out there, at the end of the maze in front of him.

My Date With Monsters #1 (AfterShock) – Dreams are now stalking the real world and Risa Harumi finds herself fighting monsters and finding true love.

Phenomx #1 (Image Comics) – A new comic series from John Leguizamo, we’re intrigued where this former prisoner who undergoes an experiment story goes.

The Recount (Scout Comics) – A controversial election. A nation split. An armed uprising. The series is collected and hits a bit too close to home.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body #1 (BOOM! Studios) – We’re always up for a solid conspiracy.

Robin & Batman #1 (DC Comics) – The early years of Batman and Robin from the perspective of Dick Grayson. It’s amazing.

The Thing #1 (Marvel) – We’re a sucker for stories staring The Thing.

Undiscovered Country #17 (Image Comics) – This series has kept us on our toes with every issue and we seriously have no idea where it’s going with each issue.

Venom #1 (Marvel) – Coming off an epic run, a new creative team is no onboard the series and we want to see what else can be done with this character who has become a pretty big player in the Marvel Universe.

What’s the Furthest Place From Here #1 (Image Comics) – This one is fantastic and the less we say, the better. Go out and get it, but hurry as we’re expecting it to sell out quickly.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

The Recount #4

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Future State: Gotham #1 (DC Comics) – We loved Future State, especially the Batman tie-ins. We return to that world with this series focused on Red Hood who has shunned his friends to go undercover to take down the Magistrate.

Heroes Reborn #2, Heroes Reborn: Hyperion and the Imperial Guard #1, Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker, the Amazing Shutterbug #1 (Marvel) – The debut issue was a bit mixed in quality but we’re intrigued to see where this story goes.

The Joker #3 (DC Comics) – This series has surprised us and surpassed our expectations. With its focus on Jim Gordon and his mission and failures, this is more like a detective story with its flawed main character than the typical Batman action-focused comic.

Magic #2 (BOOM! Studios) – The first issue did a solid job of capturing the Magic: The Gathering world. With a focus on an assassination attempt, the comic keeps things familiar as far as the story. It’s a solid combination and smart direction for the series.

Maniac of New York #4 (AfterShock) – This series has been great with a nice twist on the slasher genre.

The Princess Who Saved Herself (BOOM! Studios) – We backed this when it was a Kickstarter and loved it then. A great all-ages graphic novel about a Princess who rocks and the classical guitarist down the road she annoys.

Proctor Valley Road #3 (BOOM! Studios) – The series has been a solid horror adventure full of mystery and questions. Add in the details of the time period added and you have a great story.

Project Patron #2 (AfterShock) – A twist on the superhero genre, a team of individuals work together to keep up the illusion that the world’s greatest hero is still alive.

The Recount #4 (Scout Comics) – We’re in love with this series which sees an uprising against those that supported a corrupt President. The level of detail is amazing and each issue delivers shocks. We have no idea what’s next and where this is going.

Scout’s Honor #5 (AfterShock) – The series wraps up and we couldn’t guess how. This has been a fantastic mix of apocalyptic world and exploration of societal ill.

Silver Coin #2 (Image Comics) – Anthologies are getting popular again and this one features a new creator with each issue but they’re all tied together by a cursed coin. The first one was fantastic, like a horror Twilight Zone.

Stake #3 (Scout Comics) – The series has been a nice update to the classic vampire slayer concept. The art is top-notch delivering a cool style that blends in social media. The second issue expanded the world and concept and we want to see where it goes from there.

Time Before Time #1 (Image Comics) – To escape the future, people turn to a criminal organization that will smuggle them back in time. Such a great idea.

X-Corp #1 (Marvel) – Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington head up the business ventures of Krakoa.

Weekly Preview! AfterShock, Recount, and a Glam Prix!

There’s a lot of comics coming out this week to be covered right here. Check out some of what we’ll be covering and this is only the beginning!

This week’s reviews include:

  • Glam Prix Racers (Imprint)
  • Maniac of New York #4 (AfterShock)
  • Project Patron #2 (AfterShock)
  • The Recount #4 (Scout Comics)
  • Scout’s Honor #5 (AfterShock)
  • Silver City #1 (AfterShock)

AfterShock and Imprint provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review

Review: The Recount #3

The Recount gets better and better with each issue. This one has so many moments that catch readers off guard and makes it one of the best comics out right now.

Story: Jonathan Hedrick
Art: Gabriel Ibarra Nuñez
Color: Sunil Ghagre
Letterer: Christian Docolomansky

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Scout Comics
Zeus Comics

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site

Review: The Recount #3

The Recount #3

The Recount has been an amazing series so far. The first and second issues were punches to the gut. The series delivers a story that feels so fantastical but at the same time so possible. The Recount focuses on “The Masses”, a group of individuals enacting revenge against the supporters of the former President. That includes individuals like the Vice President (now President) down to voters. It’s a purge of those considered traitors and those who enabled them. The Recount #3 packs a lot in bouncing around various plotlines with each delivering a punch and one defying expectations.

Writer Jonathan Hedrick has delivered a world and a premise that feels far too real after the events of January 6. He deftly juggles a lot of threads and directions delivering both a broad look as to what’s going on and keeping the story focused on the new President who must deal with a national uprising and a threat that can be anyone.

Hedrick could easily focus the entire comic on President McDearmon and Special Agent Barto and the threat to the nation and themselves. But Hedrick pulls things back also giving us glimpses of the betrayals/uprisings in various segments, the actions of individuals, and also those behind the attacks. And Hedrick keeps readers on their toes.

The attack on a couple by a man who lost his son in a war is revisited in this issue and its direction is one that’s truly unexpected. Hedrick has more going on than the stories of revenge and cathartic murderous glee. There’s some depth that’s a bit welcome making the series not quite as grim. Through the death and destruction there’s also a glimmer of hope as well.

The art by Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez continues to impress. There’s a grit to it that matches the chaos and nature of the story. Sunil Ghagre‘s colors and Christian Docolomansky‘s lettering help bring it all together for a story that’s full of action but feel grounded in some ways too. There’s one particular scene and its depiction that’ll leave readers speechless in the delivery. It’s a spread that had me stop reading and reflect on what was happening. The team is able to deliver the shocking moments. They also are able to deliver real emotion as well as we witness towards the end of the issue.

The Recount #3 continues a series that deserves far more buzz than it has. This is a series that feels like it could be ripped from the headlines and perfect for television. It has such an amazing quality about it that I immediately want to know what happens next as a good action-thriller should. It’s a hell of a next issue that pulls off covering a lot and packing it into a single issue.

Story: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez
Color: Sunil Ghagre Letterer: Christian Docolomansky
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: Scout Comics

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