Review: The Recount #2

The Recount #2

The first issue of The Recount blew me away. The concept was the right amount of “ripped from the headlines” and fantastical. Now, after January 6th, it’s not as fantastical and feels all too real. Somehow, it makes it even better. After The Recount #2, this is a comic that needs to be adapted to television or film. It’s one of the best new comics in recent years and I’m jonesing to read the next issue.

In the debut issue, President Christensen was assassinated during his resignation speech. An organization called “The Masses” has declared open season on anyone that has supported Christensen, from the Vice President down to his voters. It’s revenge for the corruption and crimes of Christensen. The Recount #2 gives us a tease of what Christensen has done and how deep the corruption goes and some of what was unleashed during his Presidency. We also get a tease as to who is behind “The Masses”.

Writer Jonathan Hedrick delivers an action-packed second issue whose pacing is spot on. The issue revolves around Meredith McDearmon, the former Vice President and now President who barely escaped an assassination attempt in the first issue. It’s a race to get her to safety and maybe find out more as to what’s going on.

Hedrick continues to show how thought out the series is with who is being targeted by members of “The Masses”. A voter is targeted and we’re given justifications as to why in a cold opening. Members of the Electoral College are targeted as well. Both show there’s been an attention to detail not just on the reasoning for this uprising and attacks but also who would be targeted. The first issue showed this as well. The series has turned into a close-to-home take on The Purge. After January 6th this over-the-top concept feels a bit more realistic. It’s no longer as much of an exaggeration as it could be a reality.

The art by Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez is fantastic with such great action sequences. You get a cinematic feel to it all as the various characters interact playing their roles and delivering their lines. It’s not hard to imagine this series on the big or small screen. Sunil Gharge‘s colors and Christian Docolomansky‘s lettering all add to the quality of the comic. Everything is crisp capturing the concept and world in a way that adds to the gritty realism. A page shows various assassinations delivering an exclamation point on what’s happening. Arguments between characters are mixed with action sequences worthy of a blockbuster film. It all works and works really well.

The Recount #2 somehow outdoes the first issue. It ups the action while taking us a bit into the corruption that has gotten the country to this point. The first issue was a bit of a shock to the system with the second issue leading us to jaw-dropping action and excitement. It’s a hell of a series that’ll be a bit too close-to-home for some but if you can get past that, it’s a hell of a ride so far.

Story: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez
Color: Sunil Ghagre Letterer: Christian Docolomansky
Story: 10 Art: 8.75 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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