Review: The Recount #1

The Recount #1

The idea of a comic about a divided nation teetering on a new civil war due to political divisions might not seem like the thing of entertainment right now. We can see it in our own reality through the news or on social media. Physical revenge against supporters of candidates is actually happening and it feels like shots could be fired at any moment. The Recount #1 takes our reality and amps it up into a story that feels like it could be frighteningly true. It’s also very entertaining.

The Recount #1 opens with an assassination of the current President who has been impeached and resigning due to admission of his crimes. Murdered by a Secret Service agent, who is then killed, the comic spins into a “who’s can be trusted” tale of paranoia. We learn a purge is coming with an unknown group of revolutionaries rising up to seek justice on everyone who has supported the corrupt former President. And everyone means the Vice President, Cabinet members, down to supporters. The Recount #1 takes our vocal, data-driven reality to the extreme. It’s a possibly populist uprising aimed at all who have supported the leeching status-quo. Those who profit from it and those who don’t put still prop it up.

Writer Jonathan Hedrick delivers a comic that at times is all too real. It’s entertainment that we as a nation could easily slip in to if our worst nature takes over. Hedrick delivers a slow political thriller that by the end will have you scared at how possible it all is. There’s an attention to detail about it all that’s impressive. It takes aspects on the election we might not think about and uses them to drive the narrative. It dips into the technical political nerd aspects without going into such detail the reader could be lost. There’s enough there to make it real in other words but it doesn’t go over the top.

But, Hedrick nails it at the paranoia. As The Recount #1 progresses you’re left wondering with every page whose loyalties might be where. Anyone could be part of this movement. Anyone could be a target. There’s the reality that everyone is a target and everyone is part of the conspiracy. Weirdly that generates the fun of it all. The comic keeps you guessing as to who is on what side with each panel shown.

The art has a gritty aspect of it all. Gabriel Ibarra Nunez‘s pencils with color by Sunil Ghargre, and lettering by Cristian Docolomansky deliver a style that fits perfectly to the story and tone of the series. It delivers just enough shock as individuals are killed without going over the top. The art delivers a “realism” to the story, though I have no idea how realistic it is. A person is shot and blood splatters for instance. But, it’s not over the top and the detail of where it goes emphasizes the shock of it all. It’s a choice and very smart one at that.

The Recount #1 is a hell of a debut. The subject might be a bit “too real” but the execution is done so well it’s difficult to not be entertained. The comic is a must-get for those that enjoy political thrillers and I’m excited to see where the series goes from here. It’s a shocking start of a gutsy series that’s out at both the right and wrong time.

Story: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Gabriel Ibarra Nunez
Color: Sunil Ghagre Letterer: Cristian Docolomansky
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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