Review: The Recount #3

The Recount #3

The Recount has been an amazing series so far. The first and second issues were punches to the gut. The series delivers a story that feels so fantastical but at the same time so possible. The Recount focuses on “The Masses”, a group of individuals enacting revenge against the supporters of the former President. That includes individuals like the Vice President (now President) down to voters. It’s a purge of those considered traitors and those who enabled them. The Recount #3 packs a lot in bouncing around various plotlines with each delivering a punch and one defying expectations.

Writer Jonathan Hedrick has delivered a world and a premise that feels far too real after the events of January 6. He deftly juggles a lot of threads and directions delivering both a broad look as to what’s going on and keeping the story focused on the new President who must deal with a national uprising and a threat that can be anyone.

Hedrick could easily focus the entire comic on President McDearmon and Special Agent Barto and the threat to the nation and themselves. But Hedrick pulls things back also giving us glimpses of the betrayals/uprisings in various segments, the actions of individuals, and also those behind the attacks. And Hedrick keeps readers on their toes.

The attack on a couple by a man who lost his son in a war is revisited in this issue and its direction is one that’s truly unexpected. Hedrick has more going on than the stories of revenge and cathartic murderous glee. There’s some depth that’s a bit welcome making the series not quite as grim. Through the death and destruction there’s also a glimmer of hope as well.

The art by Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez continues to impress. There’s a grit to it that matches the chaos and nature of the story. Sunil Ghagre‘s colors and Christian Docolomansky‘s lettering help bring it all together for a story that’s full of action but feel grounded in some ways too. There’s one particular scene and its depiction that’ll leave readers speechless in the delivery. It’s a spread that had me stop reading and reflect on what was happening. The team is able to deliver the shocking moments. They also are able to deliver real emotion as well as we witness towards the end of the issue.

The Recount #3 continues a series that deserves far more buzz than it has. This is a series that feels like it could be ripped from the headlines and perfect for television. It has such an amazing quality about it that I immediately want to know what happens next as a good action-thriller should. It’s a hell of a next issue that pulls off covering a lot and packing it into a single issue.

Story: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Gabriel Ibarra-Nuñez
Color: Sunil Ghagre Letterer: Christian Docolomansky
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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