Crowdfunding Corner: Black Mask announces an anthology to benefit the WGA

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A new comics anthology curated by the creators of Calexit aims to celebrate the Hollywood Labor Movement’s massive success and also support workers impacted by the dual Strikes as the WGA closes its historic new deal with the studios. General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight is a collection of new stories dedicated to the struggle for economic equality is written by WGA members, and publisher Black Mask Studios is matching the writers fees with donations to the Entertainment Community Fund. 

With official pre-orders opening today, General Strike is hosted by a brand new comic book heroine (labor organizing badass Gen. Strike) and features stories by a roster of WGA-writers including writer/producer/WGA NBCU Lot Coordinator Judalina Neira, Rodney Barnes, Tamara Becher, Daniel Dominguez, Charley Feldman, Grant Morrison, and Brian Michael Bendis. The project is being run by WGA-member writer and publisher Matteo Pizzolo.

General Strike is an anthology comic of genre stories about characters fighting the good fight against injustice, linked by the theme of confronting economic inequality. All of the stories are written by striking guild members. In addition to paying Marvel/DC-level writers’ rates, Black Mask is also matching the writers’ rates with donations to the Entertainment Community Fund, and the creators retain ownership of the IP to their stories and characters.

Comics’ newest superhero Gen. Strike, a bubblegum-chewing labor organizer, comes to life in a set of covers by comic book artists Tyler Boss, Iolanda Zanfardino, Ben Templesmith, Ramon Villalobos, Creees Lee, Elisa Romboli, Amancay Nahuelpan, and Darick Robertson.

Artists illustrating the General Strike stories include Antonio Fuso, Jamal Igle, Butch Mapa, Tyler Jenkins, and Josh Hood.

General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter.