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Preview: Spider-Man #238

Spider-Man #238

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Oscar Bazaldua (CA) Patrick Brown
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 07, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• The Hobgoblin doesn’t like following orders, but Iron Spider made a compelling case to join the Sinister Six.
• One of the perks? Killing Spider-Man!

DC Announces New Bendis Jinxworld Plus Free Issues

It wasn’t too long ago that it was announced that writer Brian Michael Bendis was joining DC Entertainment and bringing his Jinxworld titles with him. Now it was been revealed some of his brand new projects that we’ll be able to enjoy this year.

For the first time since creating Jessica Jones, Bendis teams up with artist and co-creator Michael Gaydos on Pearl. Scheduled to debut this August, Pearlis a story about finding out and embracing who you are, not what you were born to be. This sweeping, epic romance is set against the violent backdrop of warring Yakuza factions in modern-day San Francisco.

Pearl is a very special tattoo artist and accidental assassin whose life is turned upside down when she falls for her counterpart from a rival faction. Realizing that they’re both products of a hellish environment with few prospects for real happiness, Pearl and her new lover are determined to escape this life and chart their own fates together.

As complicated and topical as Jessica Jones but with a completely different flavor and voice, Pearl will debut this summer.

Next, the award-winning creative team of Bendis and artist David Mack reunite for another all-new Jinxworld series, Cover.  Debuting this fall and based on a true story, the intelligence community figures out that the traveling band of social misfits who make comic books are an exact match to the profiles of candidates recruited for intelligence and counterintelligence gathering. A very well-known comics creator is recruited by the agency to live a double life as a spy. And convention season is upon us. With a nod to films like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and The In-Laws, this comic celebrates comics, comic creators, readers and of course, spies.

On top of the two brand new Jinxworld titles, it was also announced that more than 150 Jinxworld periodicals and collected editions, covering Jinxworld favorites like Brilliant, Fire, Fortune & Glory, Goldfish, Jinx and Torso, plus the full run of Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming’s landmark series Powers (spanning 100 individual issues and 17 collected editions), are available now for digital purchase and download through platforms such as readdc.com, the Vertigo app for iOSComixology and Amazon Kindle, with more platforms to follow.

In celebration of the DC/Jinxworld partnership, several titles from the Jinxworld catalog will have their #1 issues downloadable for free until March 7:Powers, Scarlet, United States of Murder Inc., Brilliant and Takio. Many of these series will be relaunched with all new stories.

Preview: Invincible Iron Man #597

Invincible Iron Man #597

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev Cover: R. B. Silva, Ian Herring
Color: Marte Gracia, Alex Maleev Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Editor: Tom Brevoort Assistant Editor: Alanna Smith
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Ironheart rises, Doom falls and Tony Stark emerges from the shadows!

Review: The Defenders #10


*Minor spoilers ahead*

10 issues of The Defenders? I didn’t think the run would be that short but there you go. Okay yeah, it’s obvious why this was book was greenlit given the then upcoming Netflix show of the same name at the time (both the comic and show were published/uploaded roughly around the same time last year) and both lineups were the same with the team consisting of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Amusingly, it’s Iron Fist’s recent books that are better than the Netflix show but I digress.

This is the first of the final issues of each comic written by Brian Michael Bendis. Others like Spider-Man and Jessica Jones will follow. And it appears that Bendis wanted the book to be self-congratulatory of sorts because it does feel like he wants to showcase much of what he’s accomplished in over 20 years or so. But it doesn’t feel arrogant, don’t get me wrong. It’s a decent issue that I really, really like. Bendis as a writer, when given the right task than event comics, he can do solid down to earth superheroic plots. And the chemistry between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist is well done such as the first panel with Jessica, Luke and Rand (Iron Fist) looking over proudly at the newly installed sign for Heroes for Hire so yeah, that’s still going. It’s a nice scene and ended on an amusing note once people walk by.

Despite solid characterization and decent set up for The Hood as the main villain, there is a major flaw with this book; it just ends. That’s it. There’s this whole setup of The Hood being the new Kingpin as well as he plan with the other villains of the Marvel universe and the two final pages or should I say, a two splash page that promises something of a final confrontation and it just ends. Maybe the point is to set up a Heroes for Hire book full time given the amount of heroes but even then, it features characters either created by or who Bendis has written for. It just feels so annoying because it feels like the book got started.

And it’s a huge shame because as I said, Bendis can be a good writer under the correct material and he had something here!

But in any case, Bendis is Bendis with his ups and downs and this is a solid book he’s written despite my main issue. David Marquez‘s art is also solid, good dynamics in regards to the action and facial and physical expressions, they compliment Bendis’s writing well. And colors by Justin Ponsor give it a nice shaded look but not too much. All very well done.

It’s a decent end to The Defenders and whether you like the book or not, you can’t deny he no doubt had fun writing these characters. And if you’ve been enjoying the series so far, maybe you’ll like it fine and hope based on the final splash page, it’ll go somewhere.


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 Ironheart

It’s Wednesday which means it’s new comic book day with new releases hitting shelves, both physical and digital, all across the world. This week we’ve got the Riri Williams!

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 Ironheart collects issues #1-5 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli.

Get your copy in comic shops and book stores today. To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon/Kindle/comiXology or TFAW


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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Preview: The Defenders #10

The Defenders #10

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) David Marquez
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 21, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Daredevil takes on the underworld single-handed as KINGPINS OF NEW YORK reaches a dramatic crescendo!

Preview: Spider-Man #237

Spider-Man #237

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Oscar Bazaldua (CA) Patrick Brown
Rated T
In Shops: Feb 07, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• SANDMAN doesn’t trust the leader of the new Sinister Six, and he’s ready to take matters into his own sands!
• Can SPIDER-MAN contain him AND fend off IRON SPIDER, who won’t ignore his vendetta against Miles and his family any longer?

Spider-Man #237

DC Nation #0 Gives a Sneak Peek at Some of DC’s Hottest Events for 2018

Boasting three of the most popular writers in comics, DC is getting a jump on Free Comic Book Day (May 5) to let fans in on all the excitement in store for the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. On Wednesday, May 2, DC Nation #0, a 32-page comic book, will be available at comic book retailers at a cover price of $0.25 and free via digital download. DC Nation #0 spotlights events from three of DC’s top storytellers – Scott Snyder, Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis, all best-selling, celebrated authors.

With the unbelievable conclusion to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Metal paving the way for the Justice League: No Justice four-issue weekly series (with co-writers James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and artist Francis Manapul), fans will be clamoring for more information on what kind of wild, over the top roller-coaster ride Snyder and crew have planned next; artist Jorge Jiménez joins Snyder, Tynion IV and Williamson for a preview of just how big the Justice League’s next challenge will be when Justice League: No Justice begins May 9.

In a Batman story by Tom King and artist Clay Mann, The Joker gets word about the wedding between the Bat and the Cat, and he’s not happy. With the wedding story arc reaching its climax in Batman #50 on sale July 4, The Joker will be that one wedding guest most likely to speak now and not hold his peace at all.

From the return of the trademark red trunks to the debut of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis in the Action Comics #1000 comic book in April, the future for Superman couldn’t shine any brighter, but for fans, that’s just the tip of the super-iceberg. Bendis, along with legendary artist José Luis García-López, is also contributing an all-new story to DC Nation #0, a prelude to his highly anticipated Man of Steel weekly miniseries debuting May 30.

Fans will also get a sneak preview of DC’s new promotional magazine DC Nation. The debut issue of this free, full-sized fan magazine will be the perfect place for fans to get the latest news on what’s happening at DC, arriving at comic book retailers on June 6 and available for digital download.

Brian Michael Bendis to Take on Superman with a New #1, Jinxworld Comes to DC Comics, and a New Custom Imprint

Brian Michael Bendis‘ role for DC Comics has been revealed as he’ll be taking over writing duties for both Superman and Action Comics. The transition will include a new six-issue weekly miniseries, Man of Steel which launches in May.

Things begin for Bendis at DC with Action Comics #1000 which will be released in April 18. His contribution will tie directly into his run on Superman. Man of Steel will begin May 30. Man of Steel will include art by Ivan Reis, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, and Jason Fabok.

The prospect of writing Superman is what prompted Bendis to make the switch from Marvel to DC. It began after a trip to Cleveland, the birthplace of the classic character and also where Bendis grew up.

Bendis promises “big bombs” for his contribution to Action Comics #1000. His Man of Steel miniseries will bring an “upheaval” for the character. It brings in a new status quo for the character and debut a new villain who connects to Superman’s origin story and his birthright.

In July, Superman will relaunch with a new #1 while Action Comics will continue with #1001. Superman will be focused on the main character with “action stories” while Action Comics will be focused on Clark, Metropolis, and the Daily Planet.

Bendis run isn’t a reboot and will continue the work of current writer Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi, and Pat Gleason. There will be a focus on where the character has come from and the world we live in now.

There wwill also be a contribution to DC Nation #0 by Bendis. That comic releases on May 2 and Bendis is teaming with José Luis García-López, who came out of semi-retirement to do the story with him. That story will set up what’s coming in Action Comics. It’ll “dig deep into what’s going on at the Daily Planet.” The story will also introduce new cast members and new villains.

Expanding the scope of Superman’s city is a focus for Bendis. And it’s clear today’s world is having an impact in Bendis’ writing.

Writing Superman in today’s day and age is a such powerful experience. We live in a world where we’ve heard, ‘Truth, justice, and the American way’ our whole lives, right? But this is the first time those things are really not to be taken for granted.” Continuing, he noted with regret, “Truth has been revealed to not be as black and white as we thought it was; justice is sadly not always for everybody; and the American Dream, the American way of everybody coming here to pursue the idea that they can live a safe and healthy life — these are ideas we always took for granted, but now we don’t. No matter where you are politically, we just don’t take these things for granted anymore.

Even bigger news is that Bendis’ Jinxworld is coming to DC Comics. He describes it as a “genuine partnership” different than previous creator-owned deals the publisher has done before. Does this signal a shift at DC comics as a whole? The answer seems, yes.

The comic book publisher will release the Jinxworld library, which includes Powers, Jinx, Scarlet, A.K.A. Goldfish, Brilliant, Fire, Fortune & Glory, Total Sellout, The United State of Murder Inc. and release it digitally and in print through Jinxworld, through DC Comics. There’ll also be new material and new series. Powers, Scarlet, and The United State of Murder Inc. will get new stories.

Bendis has revealed an imprint for DC, similar to what Gerard Way is doing with DC’s Young Animal. Bendis will overse original content with a variety of characters and creators. The line will be a “select series of special comics” which will debut later this year. Bendis will be writing some and curating others. Some of the comics will feature DC characters in “unique situations.” The deal is described as more robust than Marvel’s printing Jinxworld comics under Marvel’s Icon imprint.

This deal is a “much larger plan by DC to reshape the company’s approach to publishing and relationships with creators and their content, adopting a more “cradle-to-grave” mindset toward the use of their products for existing and new audiences.”

Man of Steel #1-4 connecting covers by Ivan Reis.

Man of Steel #1-2 connecting covers by Ivan Reis.

Man of Steel #3-4 connecting covers by Ivan Reis.

(via Forbes)

Preview: Jessica Jones #16

Jessica Jones #16

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Michael Gaydos (CA) David Mack
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Jan 31, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Never in the history of Marvel Comics has a horror so true and all-encompassing found its way to the door of one of our heroes.
• How can Jessica Jones and family survive the return of the Purple Man?

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