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Underrated: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

All images will be taken from the first issue preview pages to help alleviate the spoiler hammer.

At some point  in the last two years you’ve probably heard somebody talking about the comic 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. The first of the five issues in the series was released April 2016, but due to a series of delays the fifth issue only hit the physical and digital shelves in September 2017, which unfortunately left some readers less than enthused about the story – not because the quality was lacking, but because the inconsistent release schedule caused momentum and interest in the series to wane.


Personally, after the second delay I had almost forgotten to keep checking for the next issue, so it came as quite a welcome surprise to notice the trade. Finally, I could read the entire story in one sitting (or several but at least I had the full story in hand).

But first, before we talk about 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, what’s the story about?

Well the book’s synopsis reads: “A fun(ish) crime caper about children! Eleven-year-old Paige and her weirdo friends have a problem: a gang of ex-cons need her dad’s help on a heist… the problem is those ex-cons are morons. If Paige wants to keep her dad out of trouble, she’s going to have to pull off the heist herself. Like Wes Anderson remaking Reservoir Dogs, 4KWIABis a very dark & moderately humorous story about friendship, growing up, D & D, puking, skinheads, grand larceny, and family.

Before we get to talking a little about the story, when you open the trade and see the comic’s credits you’ll notice that they’re done in alphabetical order; art and design by Tyler Boss, Flatting by Clare Dezutti, Lettering by Thomas Mauer, Wallpaper by Courtney Menard and written by Matthew Rosenberg. Rosenberg was a guest on Graphic Policy Radio last year where he said that he felt it important that each artist who contributes to a comic is recognized (I could  be wrong in the exact wording, but I believe the essence of the quote is there), and it was on that episode of the radio show that I first heard the term “flatter.” I hadn’t really come across it before, and consequently had no knowledge of what a flatter did. Thankfully, the ever reliable Wikipedia was there to help;

flatter is a colouring specialist within the comic book industry that prepares the inked or sketched comic book page for the colorist with digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop. The specialist does so by selecting the objects on the page and filling them in with a solid color called a “flat”, so that the “flats” can be used by the colorist by way of the “magic wand” tool. In this way, the colorist may select each object during the rendering process-to the exclusion of the other objects on the page-so that the object’s base color may be changed, or to render the colors.”

They sound like a pretty important part of the comic industry, eh?


That’s a subject for another day, however, as today we’re looking at 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank in it’s totality.

Perhaps best likened to somebody throwing the Goonies, a supernatural-less Stranger Things and Reservoir Dogs into a blender and then poured it out over a nice crust of fantastic and baked for several minutes. Served with a side of wry humour and a glass of childhood innocence that may have started to sour a little, if you had started 4 Kids when it first came out but, like me, you’d let the series fall off your radar then you’ll be pleased to know that with the release of the trade you won’t need to put the story down.

I didn’t (well, not intentionally – I did fall asleep while reading but that’s because it was 3 am and I’d been awake more than twenty hours and thus should not be taken as an indication of quality).

4 Kids is one of those stories that really couldn’t work as well in any other medium; this is a story that exemplifies what it means to be a comic book. In an age of endless crossovers and reboots it is beyond refreshing to read a complete story that will take you along by the scruff of the neck as the characters end up going further and further down a rabbit hole – not only do the elements of humour in the comic play off the visuals, but they allow the deeper messages of the story to permeate your brain. Before you know it you’ve noticed that this story is so much more than just four kids walking into a bank (keep an eye out for some great narration bubbles there, too) – this is a story about family, societal debt and the folly of youth.

Rosenberg’s script is witty, the pacing of the story beats are utterly perfect; his writing so sharp I nearly lost a finger. When it comes to Boss’, his art may not be your cup of tea at first, but his command of the page and the characters upon that page couldn’t be better suited to this script. If this was a review rather than an entreaty to pick the trade up (I have despite having  a review copy) then I would be giving this top marks across the board. 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is a comic you must read.

That’s all for this week folks. Join us next week when we talk about something else that falls under the Underrated banner in the comic book world.

Indigo Children launches a plot-twisting mystery in March 2023

From the critically-acclaimed creative team behind the smash-hit series YouthCurt Pires, Alex Diotto, and Dee Cunniffe—and up-and-comer Rockwell White comes an all-new, action-packed mystery/science-fiction series in the upcoming, Indigo Children. This ongoing series will launch in March from Image Comics.

The new series will also feature a lineup of exciting variant covers featuring artwork by Tyler Boss, Tula Lotay, and Jenny Frisson and the series has already been optioned for a feature film, currently in development from Alan Wake producer, Jeff Ludwig.

Radiant Black meets The Department of Truth in this epic new story that follows journalist Donovan Price as he hunts down the extraordinarily gifted Indigo Children after their mysterious disappearances fifteen years prior. 

Indigo Children #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 29.

Indigo Children #1

The Last Comic Book on the Left Rises for Volume Two

Following the launch of The Last Comic Book on the Left this summer, curators of the grotesque Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel will return this Fall with a new volume stuffed with  tales disgusting, disturbing, and perversely delightful. Alongside the clandestine organization known as Z2 Comics, the minds behind Last Podcast on the Left have recruited a new batch of victims creators devoted to ushering terror and hilarity onto panel and page for The Last Comic Book on the Left Volume 2. These conjurors of the profane will unleash new tales featuring Bigfoot, Philip K. Dick android, Gef the Talking Mongoose, the return of the Well Actually Killer, Alcatraz island, the Manson Family, and more sad, buttery goodness from Detective Popcorn.

What deviants are responsible for this debauchery? 

  • James Tynion IV (The Department of TruthSomething Is Killing the Children)
  • Rick Veitch (Swamp ThingMiracleman)
  • Bob Fingerman (Minimum WageBeg the Question)
  • Ian McGinty (Adventure TimeInvader Zim)
  • Tom Neely (Henry & Glen Forever)
  • Lonnie Nadler (Black Stars Above, X-Men)
  • Brandon Montclare (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur)
  • Butch Mapa (Avengers)
  • Masa Minoura (Genesis One: A Poppy Graphic Novel
  • Jensine Eckwall (Almost A Full Moon)
  • Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a BankWhat’s the Furthest Place From Here?)
  • Eliot Rahal (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo, the upcoming Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: The Graphic Novel)
  • Logan Faerber
  • Bayard Morse

Like the first volume of The Last Comic Book on the Left, a series of prints will come bundled with deluxe editions of the book. Artists and subjects include: 

  • Koren Shadmi, Alien…um…accessories
  • Ashley Ross, Hail Yourself 
  • Butch Mapa, The Birdman of Alcatraz
  • Jenna Cha, Sexy Mothman
  • Zack Pape, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment 
  • Joefur, Last Podcast on the Left Medley

The Last Podcast on the Left Comes to Comics with THe Last Comic Book on the Left

After producing nearly 500 full episodes exploring the darkest corners of humanity and supernatural dread, horror-comedy connoisseurs Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel are ushering their Last Podcast on the Left into the strangest realm of all: comic books. The trio has partnered with Z2 Comics to release a new series of graphic novels, beginning with The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 1, debuting Spring 2022

The project will pay homage to the storied history of horror comics with a curated, interlocking anthology in the vein of CreepyEerieTales From the Crypt, and The Vault of Horror. Participating creators include the most innovative voices in the genre, including:

  • James Tynion IV (The Department of TruthSomething Is Killing the Children)
  • Rick Veitch (Swamp ThingMiracleman)
  • Bob Fingerman (Minimum WageBeg the Question)
  • Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a BankWhat’s the Furthest Place From Here?)
  • Ryan Cady (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel DiabloSublime: $5 at the Door)
  • Eliot Rahal (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo, the upcoming Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: The Graphic Novel)
  • Morgan Beem (Swamp Thing: Twin BranchesThe Family Trade)
  • Noah Van Sciver (Grateful Dead Originsthe upcoming Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: The Graphic Novel)
  • Logan Faerber

Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski will also contribute a story to the project, illustrated by legendary artist John McCrea (HitmanThe Boys: Herogasm). Eric Powell (The Goon, Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?), Martin Morazzo (Ice Cream ManHAHA), and Bob Fingerman provide cover art. 

Further embracing the podcast’s marriage of the sinister and silly, deluxe editions of The Last Comic Book on the Left will also come bundled with a series of prints, revolving around suspiciously erotic cryptids and other spooky surrealism. Artists and subjects include: 

  • Ian McGinty, Detective Popcorn
  • Sean Von Gorman, The Jersey Devil
  • Noah Van Sciver, Bigfoot
  • Jenna Cha, Mothman
  • Norzine, Aum Shinrikyo
  • Martin Morazzo, John Wayne Gacy
  • Logan Faerber, Black Death
  • Courtney Menard, The Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 1 will be available this Spring.

The Last Podcast on the Left

Review: What’s the Furthest Place From Here? #1

What's the Furthest Place From Here #1?

Tyler Boss and Matthew Rosenberg has proven they can put together magic when it comes to comics and it looks like they’re going to pull that off again. What’s the Furthest Place From Here? #1 is a post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story that blends music and mystery. The world has ended and all that remains are gangs of children living among the ruins. Is there more out there?

Boss and Rosenberg have nailed the debut issue with an intriguing premise that brings home the theme of family and friends. The creative duo has brought the world of music and comics together for an in interesting debut that feels a bit The Warriors at times.

What Boss and Rosenberg has done an amazing job of building this world. We get a good sense of the characters and what they’re up against. But, they also tease things in a way that will hook you to want to find out more as far as what’s going on.

Joining Boss and Rosenberg are Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on lettering and Clare DeZutti on the color assist. The comic delivers a look and style that Boss and Rosenberg have become known for. Readers of 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank will feel right at home with the look of the comic. Take that series, age up the characters, and throw them into a rundown world. You have the feel of What’s the Furthest Place From Here #1.

Where What’s the Furthest Place From Here #1 is really fun is the small details peppered through the comic. Fans of music and comics will love the issue that features so many teases. The story takes place in a record store so the duo have filled the pages with records, each of which brings a story by themselves. For those that know that, it’s an issue that’s full of depth that music neophytes may not know. Backmatter of the comic goes further into all of that with a further dive into the musical influences of the series.

What’s the Furthest Place From Here #1 is a hell of a start that delivers an interesting world. The concept isn’t anything super new but the comic as a whole has a an aspect about it where it feels really fleshed out. It feels like there’s thought put into every small detail. This is an interesting start that should have comic and music fans buzzing. For everyone else, this is absolutely going to be a hit to keep an eye on.

Story: Tyler Boss, Matthew Rosenberg
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Color Assistant: Clare DeZutti
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.35 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyKindleZeus ComicsTFAW

What’s the Furthest Place From Here? Deluxe Edition #1 Gets an Encore Pressing

The much lauded 4 Kids Walk into a Bank creative team of Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss have exceeded all sales projections by a windfall with orders topping 95,000 for the upcoming What’s the Furthest Place From Here? Image will send the sought-after What’s the Furthest Place From Here? Deluxe Edition #1 with vinyl release back to print for an encore pressing in response to unprecedented order activity and vinyl allocations. Fans should contact their local comic shop and pre-order one of these coveted editions—repressing of which will land in stores on Wednesday, February 2, 2022—post haste.

Each issue of the What’s the Furthest Place From Here series will have a Deluxe Edition which will come with an exclusive vinyl single featuring all-new music. These singles will be pressed in limited quantities, with comic shops as the exclusive source for securing a copy. The deluxe editions will feature songs from Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil, and Joyce Manor among others.

In What’s the Furthest Place From Here? the world has ended. Now all that remains are gangs of children living among the ruins. But Sid believes there must be something more out there. When she disappears into the wastelands her gang will risk everything to bring her home. A story about the things that matter most: Your survival, your loved ones, and your record collection.

On sale in early 2022: 

  • What’s the Furthest Place From Here? Deluxe Edition #1 with vinyl second printing – Diamond Code AUG218745

On sale Wednesday, November 10, 2021: 

  • Cover A Boss – Diamond Code SEP210037
  • Cover B Martin – Diamond Code SEP210038
  • Cover C Young – Diamond Code SEP210039
  • Cover D Bendis – Diamond Code SEP210040
  • Cover E 1:25 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210041
  • Cover F 1:50 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210042
  • Cover G 1:75 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210043
  • Cover H 1:100 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210044

Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss Reunite for What’s the Furthest Place From Here?

The team behind the breakout hit series 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, reunite with a brand new series destined to be every bit the critical darling as its predecessor: What’s the Furthest Place From Here? This all new series sees this creative duo move to Image Comics and follows up the tease of something new from the team at the publisher’s Image Expo.

The world has ended. Now all that remains are gangs of children living among the ruins. But Sid believes there must be something more out there. When she disappears into the wastelands her gang will risk everything to bring her home. A story about the things that matter most- Your survival, your loved ones, and your record collection.

What’s the Furthest Place From Here? is an all-new series kicking off with a triple-sized first issue this November. There will also be a ‘deluxe’ version that comes with an exclusive vinyl single featuring all-new music from Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil, and Joyce Manor. These singles will be pressed in limited quantities, with comic shops to be the exclusive source for securing a copy, and each subsequent issue will also have a deluxe option with a new and exclusive accompanying single, with the lineup to be announced alongside the preorder window.

The first issue is solicited in the September dated Diamond PREVIEWS catalog and will be priced at $4.99 for one four special variant covers, and $14.99 with an exclusive cover and the accompanying vinyl single.

  • Cover A Boss – Diamond Code SEP210037  
  • Cover B Martin – Diamond Code SEP210038
  • Cover C Young – Diamond Code SEP210039
  • Cover D Bendis – Diamond Code SEP210040
  • Cover E 1:25 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210041
  • Cover F 1:50 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210042
  • Cover G 1:75 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210043
  • Cover H 1:100 copy incentive – Diamond Code SEP210044
  • WHATS THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE #1 Deluxe Edition 7 inch record – Diamond Code SEP210045
What’s the Furthest Place From Here?

Ablaze Reveals their August Releases

Maria Llovet’s Porcelain

by Maria Llovet
MSRP: $3.99 ·
Release Date: August 4th

Beryl’s life in the desert is relatively simple, living with her aunt and her cat, …until the day she finds and enters the Dollhouse.

Stuck inside an ever-changing mystery house that hunts children and turns them into dolls, Beryl goes on a psychedelic journey where she must face the notion of her own limitations and move past them…before she becomes the building’s newest prey. Porcelain is a psychological thriller, depicted in a way that only acclaimed creator Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat, Loud, Eros/Psyche) can tell it. Catch the series debut with 5 special variant covers by acclaimed artists such as Sabine Rich, Caspar Wijngaard, Yishan Li, and Tyler Boss.

Maria Llovet’s Porcelain

Maria Llovet’s Eros/Psyche HC

MSRP: $24.99 ·
Release Date: September 29th

Acclaimed creator Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat, Loud) brings you a surreal, bewitching tale of love, magic, and tragedy in Eros/Psyche.

The Rose female boarding school is paradise for young girls…but only if you follow the rules. Because, if you disobey them, you can end up expelled, or even worse, dead. Sara and Silje are two students learning the rules of the school, which includes classes by day…and the casting of curses and spells by night. A love develops between the two, which is tender, but threatens to break under the weight of the dark secret society within The Rose.

A Man’s Skin

MSRP: $24.99
Release Date: October 29th

An award-winning fairy tale about love set in Renaissance Italy. Bianca is a young lady from a good family and is of marriage age. Her parents find her a fiancé́ to their liking: Giovanni, a rich merchant, young and pleasant. The wedding looks set to go smoothly even though Bianca cannot hide her disappointment at having to marry a man she knows nothing about.

But before the marriage, she learns the secret held and bequeathed by the women of her family for generations: a “man’s skin.” By donning it, Bianca becomes “Lorenzo” and enjoys all the attributes of a young man of stunning beauty. She can now visit the world of men incognito and get to know her fiancé́ in his natural environment. In her male skin, Bianca frees herself from the limits imposed on women. The morals of the Renaissance then act as a mirror to our present time and poses several questions: why should women be treated differently from men? Why should their freedom be the object of contempt and coercion?

Tackling universal themes through a captivating and subtle fairy tale, French writer Hubert and artist Zanzim brilliantly question our relationship to gender and sexuality…but not only that. By mixing morality and humor, A Man’s Skin invites us to the mad and noble quest for love.

This international bestselling title has been highly awarded:

  • iPRIX Ti ZEF DE LA BD 2020 (Festival Brest en Bulle)
  • Grand Prix RTL de la Bande Dessinée 2020
  • Prix Landerneau BD 2020
  • Prix Wolinski de la BD du « Point » 2020
  • Grand Prix de la critique ACBD (Association des Critiques et journalistes de Bande Dessinée) 2021
  • Prix des Libraires Canal BD 2021
  • Fauve de Lycéens (Angoulême 2021)
A Man’s Skin

Preview: Riverdale Presents: South Side Serpents


Script: David Barnett
Art: Richard Ortiz, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover: Richard Ortiz
Variant Cover: Tyler Boss
On Sale Date: 1/27
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

FP Jones is worried for the future of the South Side Serpents. The biker gang is getting old and finding it hard to attract fresh blood. But FP has a plan, and it revolves around his son, Jughead. Hunted by the most fearsome biker gangs in the state, an unwilling Jughead has to step up into the role of leader to guide the Serpents on a perilous journey. There will be adventure, there will be thrills, there will be chases, and there will be death in this special one-shot event featuring fan-favorite characters from the CW Riverdale series.


Z2 Comics Announces New Executive and Senior Staff Changes

Just four days into the new year, Z2 Comics has announced a new wave of hires ahead of plans to more than double the company’s output in the coming year.

As a recent addition to its executive team, Z2 has hired Kevin Meek as Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel.  Prior to joining Z2, Meek practiced corporate law at the national law firm Robins Kaplan LLP, where he represented clients in several multimillion-dollar transactions and earned recognition from The Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers. 

After six years of freelance design work for Z2, Tyler Boss officially joins the team full time as the Design Director. Boss is best known for his comic “4 Kids Walk into a Bank” which is set to be made into a motion picture, with Boss attached to executive produce.

Rebecca Cicione joined the Z2 Comics team this summer, as Senior Digital Marketing Associate. She’s focused her career in the entertainment and nonprofit worlds, most recently coming from the festival marketing team at Danny Wimmer Presents.

Courtney Menard joins Z2 Comics as the Director of Production Design, focusing on elevating the production value and quality of each book project. Previously she worked as a print shop technician at the School of Visual Arts and spent two years as the Programming Coordinator and Co-Curator of the Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. 

Chris Robinson is the editor behind Marvel’s biggest and most beloved initiatives like Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Black Panther, Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men, the Grand Design line of graphic novels, the Marvel Hip-Hop variant program, and the expansion of Marvel’s Voices. He has edited fan-favorite runs for characters like Ghost RiderDomino, and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. Robinson joins Z2 as a senior editor, overseeing multiple tentpole projects to be announced for 2021.

Please join us in congratulating the newest members of the Z2 Comics team, who come to the organization following the company’s initial hires of Jeremy AtkinsRantz HoselyAnthony Laulletta and Dominique Roses earlier this year.

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