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Preview: Warlord of Mars Attacks #3

Warlord of Mars Attacks #3

writer: Jeff Parker
artist: Dean Kotz
covers: Dave Johnson (A), Rags Morales (B), Ramon Villalobos (C), Ben Caldwell (D), Ramon Villalobos (RI-Virgin), Ben Caldwell (RI-Virgin), Dave Johnson (RI-Virgin), Rags Morales (RI-Virgin)
FC | 32 pages | Science Fiction | $3.99 | Teen+

As the Martians use their monster crab machines to destroy society as we know it, John must scour the deepest recesses of his mind, and find the memory of Barsoom (aka Mars!) that will unlock the secret to getting these damn lil’ green dudes off our planet! By JEFF PARKER (Aquaman, Future Quest) and DEAN KOTZ (Dungeons & Dragons)!

Warlord of Mars Attacks #3

Warren Ellis says “Wildcats isn’t coming out”


In May, DC Comics announced a new Wildcats series written by Warren Ellis and featuring art by Ramon Villalobos, and color by Tamra Bonvillain. Now, that project “isn’t coming out” according to Ellis.

The series solicitations were recently canceled leading speculation of a delay but Ellis in his most recent newsletter writes something a bit more dire with blame seeming to focus on Villalobos’ schedule and missed deadlines.

From the newsletter:

Oh. yeah.  WILDCATS isn’t coming out.  There is hope that it will be resolicited at a later date, but, for right now, it’s cancelled.  As you know, I was two scripts into it, with chunks of other parts done and a full and lengthy treatment for six issues, so it’s kind of frustrating for me too. (RIP my bills.)  But, here’s DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee:

So there’s hope for the future of the title.  Maybe someone will want to draw my tired old man shit, who knows.

Villalobos Tweeted:

So, there’s hope we’ll eventually see the series with the original creative team attached. Better than a few issues out and long delays between issues.

Preview: Warlord of Mars Attacks #2

Warlord of Mars Attacks #2

writer: Jeff Parker
artist: Dean Kotz
covers: Greg Hildebrandt (A), Jonathan Case (B), Ramon Villalobos (C), Ben Caldwell “Trading Card Variant” (D)
Ramon Villalobos (RI-Virgin), Ben Caldwell (RI-Virgin), Jonathan Case (RI-Virgin), Greg Hildebrandt (RI-Virgin)
FC | 32 pages | Science Fiction | $3.99 | Teen+

“The Lost Hero” – John Carter is back on Earth! Unfortunately, there’s also a seemingly-unlimited army of lil’ green dudes here, hellbent on killing every woman/man/dog/llama/vegetable in sight. Can our intrepid sci-fi hero get his head wrapped around the madness and strike back, or has he arrived just in time to see his homeworld’s destruction? By JEFF PARKER (Aquaman, Future Quest) and DEAN KOTZ (Dungeons & Dragons)!

Warlord of Mars Attacks #2

Preview: Warlord of Mars Attacks #1

Warlord of Mars Attacks #1

writer: Jeff Parker
artist: Dean Kotz
covers: Dave Johnson (A), Marco D’Alfonso (B), Ramon Villalobos (C), Ben Caldwell “Trading Card Variant” (D)
Ben Caldwell (RI-Virgin), Ramon Villalobos (RI-Virgin), Dave Johnson (RI-Virgin), Ramon Villalobos (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | Science Fiction | $3.99 | Teen+

JEFF PARKER (Aquaman, Future Quest) and DEAN KOTZ (Dungeons & Dragons) invite you to behold the battle between the dashingly heroic John Carter Of Mars and the neverendingly power-hungry little green men of Mars Attacks! HOW has John encountered never encountered these Martians before!? WHY do these cackling monsters want to conquer Mars? And WHAT happens when the war spills over to Earth!? Find out in the stunning first chapter, ATTACK FROM SPACE!

Warlord of Mars Attacks #1

Warren Ellis, Ramon Villalobos, and Tamra Bonvillain Team for Wildcats

Wildcats are back this August! Warren Ellis, artist Ramon Villalobos, and colorist Tamra Bonvillain team up for a new action-packed era. Ellis continues his reintroduction of the Wildstorm Universe and is taking the covert team on an all-new adventure in a six-issue miniseries. The first issue is out August 28.

“Saving the human race from the human race.”

-Warren Ellis

That’s the concept Ellis is working with as he puts together a team made up of people who have seen the worst in everybody and everything and yet still put themselves in jeopardy to do the right thing.

From the pages of The Wild Storm, the piratical covert team are here to stop humanity from destroying itself. The black-ops team features Grifter, Savant, John Colt, and Adrianna Tereshkova. They have discovered that the secret space program Skywatch has been performing medical experiments on abducted innocents for decades. Now, one of those experiments is about to explode—revealing a new threat and level of danger that no one could have prepared for. The covert team may have thought the world was strange before, but they had no idea. The stakes might just be too high!

Wildcats from Ellis and Villalobos builds on Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt’s 24-issue series The Wild Storm. That series debuted in 2016. The miniseries will channel the same breakneck energy and imagination, creating a thrilling new story for fans of WildStorm.

Wildcats #1 Main Cover by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey
Main Cover by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey
Wildcats #1 Variant Cover by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn
Variant Cover by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn

Warlord of Mars and Mars Attacks Comes Together in Warlord of Mars Attacks this June

Dynamite announces a fun and crazy new crossover for June 2019, Warlord of Mars Attacks.

Just when people thought Dynamite could not think of more fun crossovers! Warlord of Mars Attacks takes everything to a new level of unexpected meta crossovers!

Who can best defend against a Martian invasion? A fearless human hero adopted by the red planet, the one and only John Carter! After a lander disturbs the Martian surface, everyone’s favorite big-headed sadistic aliens lead a brutal invasion force toward Earth. Meanwhile on Earth, a man from 1868 Virgina comes out of stasis.

Writer Jeff Parker is joined by artist Dean Kotz. While Omi Remalante Jr. and Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou provide colors and letters, respectively.

Spectacular covers will be available by Dave Johnson, Marco D’Alfonso, Ramon Villalobos and retro trading card inspired ones by Ben Caldwell.

Warlord of Mars Attacks

Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain Leave Border Town after Allegations Levied at Eric Esquivel

We brought you the story yesterday of the allegations made by Cynthia Naugle of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered while working with Eric M. Esquivel.

In the post, Naugle doesn’t name Esquivel and refers to him as “X.” Due to clues she leaves, it’s clear it’s Esquivel, one of the creators behind the recent Vertigo series hit Border Town.

Today, his collaborators on the project, Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain have both announced they would be leaving the project. Bonvillain makes clear there are more issues than this one. It’s unclear if any of them are in regards to other accusations that have come forward in the days that Naugle has gone public.

Bonvillain said that DC has wanted to keep the focus on Eric and have been waiting for him to speak up, but he remains silent. Villalobos and Bonvillain informed DC they’d like to speak up due to the silence and DC gave them permission.

DC Comics/Vertigo have not made a statement, and declined to make one at the time when when we reached out, but SBI Press is parting ways with Esquivel as well.

Without his collaborators, it’s still unknown as to the future of Border Town and Esquivel’s role at Vertigo.

Preview: Border Town #4

Border Town #4

(W) Eric M Esquivel (A/CA) Ramon Villalobos
In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Racist high school bully Blake has become that which he hates the most: a figure of Mexican legend! Transformed into a walking, talking Dia de los Muertos skeleton, Blake’s possessed by the spirit of Santa Muerte herself, who compels the tortured young man to undertake a most dangerous mission: open the border between worlds-permanently.

Preview: Border Town #3

Border Town #3

(W) Eric M Esquivel (A/CA) Ramon Villalobos
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $3.99

The crazy old lady known only as La Curandera tells a tale that begins 500 years ago in the Aztec Empire at the peak of its strength and ends in her dirty little Arizona gift shop with four kids and a wayward Chupacabra, all of whom are meant to save the world from an ancient evil. Alas, it’s a school night. But our heroes defy their destinies at tremendous cost when a new and yet very familiar foe is revealed.

Review: Border Town #2

After barely surviving a supernatural showdown at Jack in the Box, the kids regroup over nachos to debate what to do when your town is overrun by monsters of myth. Frank’s freaked and wants to go to the cops! Julietta can’t because her family’s undocumented. Aimi wants to know the secrets of the underworld! And Quinteh might just be hungry. Meanwhile, El Chupacabra crosses the border between worlds, bringing with him an unspeakably terrifying force to Devil’s Fork.

The first issue of Border Town was very entertaining introducing us to a world we don’t see too often, Lantinx inspired monsters. Writer Eric M. Esquivel is blending together so many different myths and histories into a series that feels fresh just from that focus alone. At its core, Border Town is Scooby-Doo with a very different cast. But, Esquivel delivers so much more by giving us a world so many of us know so little about. Border Town is based on his Chicano experience and for some of us, an introduction to that world.

The second issue has the kids coming together attempting to figure out what’s going on and what, if anything, they can do about it. Laying out scenarios, it’s interesting how Esquivel uses each character’s background to provide logical dead ends and limit the direction. The reader can’t really argue with the logic presented and thus the story is driven in a way that makes sense. And, by doing things this way, each character feels like a piece of a puzzle creating the greater whole. He also touches upon the reality of the world they live in using it to enhance the story and add depth to it all.

And the whole is a lot of fun. This is a monster story at its heart and that includes the craziness we’d expect from those stories. There’s a lot as to what it all feels like but in the end it’s fun and that’s what matters.

That’s helped through the art of Ramon Villalobos, who’s joined by Tamra Bonvillain on color, to deliver creatures we’ve never seen before. I couldn’t tell you who 99% of them are but the designs are detailed and with one particular spread we’re challenged to linger on the page looking at them all. The art enhances the culture it’s all based off of with small details that stand out. These could have easily been generic monsters in a way but the choice of a piece of clothing, or skin tone, all make it feel like something new and fresh.

And that’s the key to the series, it feels fresh. Again, this is a monster comic with kids trying to fight them. We’ve seen that before many times. But, it’s the history and perspective of this all that feels new and stands out. This is a prime example of why giving new voices a chance is important they bring new perspectives we might have never seen. And that alone can deliver something new and fun.

Story: Eric M Esquivel Art: Ramon Villalobos Color: Tamra Bonvillain
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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