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Preview: James Bond: Himeros #1

James Bond: Himeros #1

writer: Rodney Barnes
artist: Antonio Fuso
covers: Francesco Francavilla (A), Jackson Guice (B), Blank Authentix (C), Francesco Francavilla (D-RI/BW)
FC | 32 pages | Spy/Fiction, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

Himeros is the Greek God of sexual desire and one of the Erotes, the winged gods of love. When Aphrodite was born from the sea-foams she was greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros.

But when sexual desire goes too far, it takes the legendary super-spy James Bond to bring justice to the most vulnerable among us as he investigates the suspicious death of an accused sex trafficker – one whose ties run deep… and deadly.

Writer Rodney Barnes make his Dynamite 007 debut in this special series, featuring art by returning Bond superstar artist Antonio Fuso and two amazing covers: Francesco Francavilla and Jackson “Butch” Guice!

• Created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952.

• The character appeared in a series of twelve novels and two short story collections written by Fleming and a number of continuation novels and spin-off works after Fleming’s death in 1964.

• There have been twenty-seven films in total, produced between 1962 and 2021.

Rodney Barnes is an American screenwriter and producer. Barnes has written and produced The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Those Who Can’t, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s Untitled Los Angeles Lakers drama.

James Bond: Himeros #1

Preview: Army of Darkness: 1979 #2

Army of Darkness: 1979 #2

writer: Rodney Barnes
artist: Tom Garcia
covers: Francesco Mattina (A), Arthur Suydam (B), Jungguen Yoon (C), Stuart Sayger (D), Arthur Suydam (F-RI/BW), Stuart Sayger (G-RI/BW), Jungeun Yoon (H-RI/BW), Jason Shawn Alexander (I-RI/BW), Arthur Suydam (J-RI/Tint), Jungeun Yoon (K-RI/Tint), Jason Shawn Alexander (L-RI/Tint)
FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

The superstar creator of the hit Image Comics series Killadelphia brings his supernatural horror chops to one of the genre’s most (in)famous characters. Ashley Joanna Williams finds himself this time in late 70s New York City. In a less cleaned up era, that means gangs tussle for every block in the South Bronx. And these particular gangs model themselves after zombies and vampires. Things only get even more out of control when they find the one and only Necronomicon!

Barnes is joined in this horror flashback romp by artist Tom Garcia (Pathfinder, Hellraiser), colorist Dinei Ribero, and letterer Troy Peteri. This crew assembles together to guide Ash through his latest comedy horror adventure. But will he or even the creative team survive the journey..?

With his background as a screenwriter and producer in Hollywood, Barnes has contributed to The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everbody Hates Chris, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s untitled drama following the 1980s “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers. With his love of film and 1970s culture, Barnes is pulling from cult classics like The Warriors on this Army of Darkness tale. Within comics, Barnes is the creator of the Eisner Award-nominated Killadelphia, and has written Falcon and Lando (Star Wars) for Marvel.

Featuring an awesome array of cover artists, including the Dynamite return of Francesco Mattina, along with Junggeun Yoon, and Stuart Sayger and the Zombie King himself — Arthur Suydam!

Army of Darkness: 1979 #2

Preview: Army of Darkness 1979 #1

Army of Darkness 1979 #1

writer: Rodney Barnes
artist: Tom Garcia
covers: Jason Shawn Alexander (A), Arthur Suydam (B), Junnguen Yoon (C), Stuart Sayger (D), Blank Authentix (E), Arthur Suydam (F-RI/BW), Stuart Sayger (G-RI/BW), Jungeun Yoon (H-RI/BW), Jason Shawn Alexander (I-RI/BW), Arthur Suydam (J-RI/Tint), Jungeun Yoon (K-RI/Tint), Jason Shawn Alexander (L-RI/Tint)
FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

Dare we say it!?!? Yes! We Dare!


After his most recent appearance in Die!namite Lives, Ashley Williams is retired. Settled down. Haunted by the Deadites and the Necronomicon no more- wait, no, that ain’t right… None of that is true! In fact, not only is Ash still haunted by Deadites and the Necronomicon, but he’s haunted by the both of them in the 1970s (kids, ask your parents. Parents, ask yourselves!)! And what does he find in the South Brox of the late 70s? Gangs! And what have those gangs found? The Necronomicon. So, what does that make the gangs? Bad-Ass Mxxxerfxxxers.

Dynamite proudly presents a brand new Army of Darkness series, written by Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia), drawn by Tom Garcia and featuring an awesome array of cover artists, including the Dynamite return of Jason Shawn Alexander, along with Junggeun Yoon, and Stuart Sayger and the Zombie King himself — Arthur Suydam!

Rodney Barnes is an American screenwriter and producer. Barnes has written and produced The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Those Who Can’t, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s Untitled Los Angeles Lakers drama. In comics, Barnes is the creator of the critically acclaimed Killadelphia from Image Comics, and has written Falcon and Lando (Star Wars) for Marvel Comics.

Army of Darkness 1979 #1

Blacula Returns as a Graphic Novel from Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander

Zombie Love Studios, the comic studio and publishing imprint founded by Eisner Award nominated graphic novel creator and award-winning television writer-producer Rodney Barnes, has announced it plans to release a graphic novel adaptation of the classic 1970s film Blacula. Securing the graphic novel rights from Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Barnes has reteamed with his Killadelphia collaborator and fellow Eisner Award nominee Jason Shawn Alexander to illustrate the property.

Expanding from the original film, Barnes’ Blacula builds a bridge from the 70’s version of the iconic bloodsucker to our present-day world and all of its complications. Under the agreement, Barnes will adapt and release the property through his Zombie Love Studios. The graphic novel is slated for a February 2022 release.

Originally released in 1972 by American International Pictures (AIP) and later acquired by MGM through the studio’s acquisition of Orion Pictures, Blacula quickly became one of the highest-grossing films of its year, landing at #24 on Variety’s list of top films. The original Blacula is widely considered one of the first depictions of a Black vampire on-screen, and has been credited with sparking a wave of Black-themed horror films that would follow. However, it is the film’s storytelling and layered subtext that sparked Barnes creative interest. Using vampirism as a metaphor for slavery’s long-term repercussions, the original film offered cultural commentary that spoke to a deeper social and psychological curse inflicted upon a whole people. This creative characteristic is one that falls very much in line with Barnes’ approach to genre and content as a whole, but also speaks directly to the inspiration and motivation for launching his own comic studio and publishing imprint.


The Killadelphia Universe Expands with Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog

Critically acclaimed writer Rodney Barnes and fan-favorite Spawn artist Jason Shawn Alexander will expand their Eisner-nominated Killadelphia series’ universe with the terrifying new tie-in Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog. The spin-off series will launch this October from Image Comics.

Jimmy Sangster might have left Maryland for the vampire-infested city of “Killadelphia,” but there is still untold evil lurking the streets of Baltimore. The demon Corson has surfaced from the underworld to possess a once-wronged man, and his vengeance will come at the cost of humanity’s despair! But Jimmy’s former lover Nita Hawes—a woman with demons of her own—has begun a quest to root the evil out of her city. Guided by the ghost of her dead brother, she must come to terms with her own past, lest she join her brother in a state worse than death!

The series will also feature eye-popping variant covers by Well-Bee, Francesco Mattina, and Patric Reynolds.

Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 20:

  • Cover A by Well-Bee – Diamond Code AUG210034
  • Cover B by Alexander – Diamond Code AUG210035
  • Cover C by Francesco Mattina – Diamond Code AUG210036
  • Cover D by Patric Reynolds – Diamond Code AUG210037

Killadelphia #12 Gets a Reprint

Killadelphia #12 by award-winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes and artist Jason Shawn Alexander has staked its claim on readers’ hearts and sold out at the distributor level. Image Comics will sire a second printing in order to keep up with feverish fan hunger.

Killadelphia #12 provides readers with a hair-raising conclusion to the second story arc. Jupiter and Abigail have decimated the city of brotherly love, and as their reign of terror reaches its climax, things look bleak for our heroes. If Philadelphia stands any chance of survival, James Sangster Sr. and son will have to reach out to the one person they’d never ally themselves with, or else no one will survive the night. But will that be enough to save them, or will the casualties continue?

The 40-page issue also includes part five of the horrifying werewolf back-up story “Elysium Gardens,” with art contribution by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz!

Killadelphia #12 (Diamond Code DEC208924) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 24.

Killadelphia #12 2nd printing

Around the Tubes

Future State: Harley Quinn #1

It’s a new week and we’ve got lots coming at you! We’re kicking it off with news and reviews from around the web you might have missed this past weekend.

The Beat – Announcing The Beat Comics Industry Person of the Year: Gene Luen Yang – Such a nice and fantastic individual! Congrats Gene!

The Ritz Herald – Award-Winning TV Producer Rodney Barnes Has Shifted Gears to Running a Comic Book Publishing Company – Some solid comics too.


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The Geekiary – Future State: Harley Quinn #1
Batman News – Future State: The Next Batman #1
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Laughing Place – Star Wars: The High Republic #1
Collected Editions – Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Loveless

Review: Quincredible Vol. 1

Quincredible Volume 1

Full disclosure: My email account may also be a time machine. Allow me to explain. When I saw the email from Lionforge with the opportunity to review this graphic novel, I thought it sounded like a very interesting read. Before I started reading this it, I did a little Google research. I discovered that Quincredible Volume 1 was already released in 2019. According to the publisher, the book I had the opportunity to review is due out on February 24th of next year. So, I’m not sure if my email has allowed me to travel to the past or if this is a second printing of this series’ first story arc or the first time this arc has been released as a trade paperback. In any case, if you don’t have access to a time machine of your own, missed this title the first time around, or are like me and have never heard of it before, now’s your chance to enter the world of Quincredible. (Note: The first volume gets a reprinting in a new trim-sized format for 2021 – Ed)

The first arc of this series, written by Rodney Barnes, is entitled, “Quest to be the Best.” After a meteor shower rained down on his Louisiana Parish, Quin woke up to find he’d gained the superpower of invulnerability. Unfortunately, he’s still just a lightweight teenager, and this power doesn’t seem to do him much good. Quin compensates for his lack of strength by outsmarting the criminals he faces by outmaneuvering them or catching them in traps. Although there were some things I liked about the first volume of this series, I wasn’t blown away by the storytelling.

There were of course a few high points. For one, Quin’s positive relationship with his father is front and center. Considering how many heroes either don’t have parents or don’t see eye to eye with them, this was a nice touch. I also found it very interesting, not to mention another nice change of pace, that it’s the smartest girl in school Quinn hopes will notice him one day and not the hottest, as is so often the case. The designs of the superhero’s costumes are cool, but many of them seemed almost too futuristic. Aside from this being a story featuring people with superpowers, everything else felt really grounded. Even with superpowers, Quinn leads an ordinary life. The book explores themes and events that occur in the real world every day. The one exception being that there just happen to be superheroes in the world of Quincredible as well. So the high tech looking costumes felt out of place, especially for a bunch of basically independent New Orleans superheroes.

In fact, I’m just going to come out and say it, this title would be better if it weren’t about superheroes at all. Take out the superpower aspects, and give me a black teenager who wants to make a difference in his community, so he uses his intelligence and elaborate traps to help the police fight crime. That’s what I would have liked to see out of Quincredible. Instead, his invulnerability often feels like an afterthought and most of the best moments in this first volume are all about Quin and his beliefs or relationships. None of which are made better when his superpower is factored into the equation. The invulnerability just seems unnecessary and I feel like it gets in the way of the storytelling. By the third time Quin took a laser blast and was unschathed, the gimmick got really old.

The synergy between illustrator Selina Espiritu and colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick is obvious on every page. I loved the use of shadow as it really helped convey depth and perspective. If left to stand on their own, both the colors and line work would come off looking flat. Luckily, Espiritu and Fitzpatrick’s talents complement each other and elevate the artwork in Quincredible. Espiritu also does a great job of conveying motion throughout the book, keeping the still images from looking overtly static.

I assume this series is geared for a young adult audience, but with that being said, I found the dialogue to be too simple and juvenile. I read quite a bit of YA genre fiction, and it doesn’t have to be watered down to be relatable and entertaining to readers of all ages. Diversity and representation are always good, especially in comic books, but I found Quincredible’s story to be kind of boring. The characters are relatable and fun to root for, but the plot and dialogue were underwhelming. There are a few creative touches in regard to the writing, but overall, the story doesn’t really stand out. The artwork isn’t mind-blowing, but it is of good quality and technically well done. The artwork does keep the story visually interesting and helps sell an otherwise bland narrative.

The volume Lionforge provided me to review is solicited for release on 2-23-2021.

Story: Rodney Barnes Art: Selina Espiritu
Color: Kelly Fitzpatrick Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Story: 4.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Read

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyAmazonKindle

Rodney Barnes, Shelly Bond, Al Ewing, and Louise Simonson, all Get the Spotlight at Baltimore Comic Con Live

This coming weekend kicks off the 1st annual Baltimore Comic-Con Live, a FREE ONLINE EVENT. The event goes digital and is streaming the weekend of October 23-25, 2020! Come check out retailers, exhibitors, artists alley, programming, and the Ringo Awards live! Don’t miss out on the creator spotlight panels, focusing on superstars Rodney Barnes, Shelly Bond, Al Ewing, and Louise Simonson!


Panelists: Rodney Barnes
Host: TBD
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 6pm ET / 3pm PT

Get a front row seat for a one-on-one discussion with Rodney Barnes, the writer of what’s being called the best vampire comic in years, KILLADELPHIA.

Rodney Barnes

SHELLY BOND: Creator Spotlight

Panelists: Shelly Bond
Host: TBD
Saturday, October 24, 2020 – 4pm ET / 1pm PT

A spotlight panel with former DC Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond: “…the most mod editor of them all. -ComicsBeat”

SHELLY BOND: Creator Spotlight


Panelists: Al Ewing
Host: Amy Dallen & Coy Jandreau
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 1pm ET / 10am PT

Don’t miss this rare conversation with Al Ewing, the creator of Immortal Hulk and the new series, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, for a LIVE Q&A with fans. BONUS: This panel is hosted by the dynamic duo and stars of Collider HeroesAmy Dallen & Coy Jandreau!!!



Panelists: Louise Simonson
Host: Christy Blanch
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 3pm ET / 12pm PT

The Godmother of modern comics, Louise Simonson, sits down with Baltimore Comic-Con to chat about the industry’s history, present and future with host Christy Blanch.

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