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John Stanisci’s LifeDeath Debuts on Kickstarter

John Stanisci introduces a graphic novel 20 years in the making today in an exclusive Kickstarter campaign to publish his original science fiction epic, LifeDeath!

In the year 2211, Dr. Emil Heydrich, a fugitive scientist on Mars, discovers that humans invented the afterlife long before man existed on Earth. The ‘afterlife matrix’ is an ancient computer program, an uploading device to preserve human consciousness. After many millennia, that matrix grew to sentience and now, like anything that lives, the afterlife matrix is dying.

Deke Renner, an elite Martian soldier, is slowly going insane. His mind is being torn apart by his memories of a past life where he was Lucet, a Jewish 14 year-old female resistance fighter in World War II. An ancient evil has entered Deke’s past life as Lucet, in hopes of corrupting his past life soul. If it succeeds, and Deke dies in his current life, he will be erased by the Lifedeath. The story takes place over two timelines: the future year of 2211, and the year 1944, during the Jewish uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. Lifedeath is an action packed thrill ride where the spirit world collides with a future science spiraling out of control.

LifeDeath debuts as a 140 page graphic novel, written and drawn entirely by Stanisci, and produced through LifeDeath Media LLC, co-owned with editor Joseph Navarra. LifeDeath has added three-time Emmy award winner Jared Safier, and veteran actor/producer Stelio Savante to help the graphic novel find a home as a series and to explore its development as a feature.

LifeDeath is currently available exclusively on Kickstarter, with a release slotted for early 2018.

Help Kickstart My Comic Shop Country and Go Behind the Counter

Back in 2014 we reviewed My Comic Shop DocumentARy and interviewed its director Anthony Desiato. Desiato is back with a new film, My Comic Shop Country which explores “the culture, business, and fandom of comic book stores across America.”

Currently running on Kickstarter through October 20, the documentary goes “behind the scenes and capture the business, culture, and fandom of the local comic book store on a national level. The movie will feature interviews with the stores’ key players—owners, staff, and customers—and show the stores in action on Wednesdays (AKA New Comic Day), during events (e.g., Free Comic Book Day and creator signings), and in those regular, day-to-day moments when a store’s personality shines brightest.”

Desiato is a former comic store clerk himself and knows the industry enough to give a realistic take on what it’s like in today’s comic shops.

Comic shops featured include:

  • Acme Comics (Greensboro, NC)
  • Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Aw Yeah Comics (Harrison, NY / Muncie, IN / Skokie, IL)
  • Cave Comics (Newtown, CT)
  • Challengers Comics + Conversation (Chicago, IL)
  • Comic Asylum (Palm Desert, CA)
  • The Comic Book Shop (Wilmington, DE)
  • Escape Pod Comics (Long Island, NY)
  • Fat Moose Comics (Whippany, NJ)
  • First Aid Comics (Chicago, IL)
  • Interstellar Comic Books and Collectibles (Palm Springs, CA)
  • It’z Vintage (Mendham, NJ)
  • Midtown Comics (New York, NY)
  • Packrat Comics (Hilliard, OH)
  • The Spider’s Web (Yonkers, NY)
  • Undiscovered Realm (White Plains, NY)
  • Zapp! Comics (Wayne, NJ)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a comic shop and want a real take on the experience, this is a movie you want to back.

Alterna’s Feast or Famine Up on Kickstarter

What would happen if the world’s greatest scientific minds, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, partnered together? Oh, and then went on a cosmic rescue mission together? In the all-new sci-fi comic book series, Feast or Famine, we get to find out. In a parallel version of Earth, these two futurists come together to make profound scientific discoveries. Propelling our world into a golden age of technology during the early days of the 20th century.

This 3 issue mini-series, coming next year from independent comic book publisher Alterna Comics, will chronicle the mind-bending first adventure of these brilliant scientist as they travel to a distant alien world. What begins as a benevolent adventure, quickly spirals into an unexpected and dangerous mystery. With consequences that can rewrite all of history!

Created by writer Dave Swartz and drawn by industry veteran Joseph Cooper, Feast or Famine mixes a futuristic turn of the century style with a retro, 1950’s vision of an alien world. Filled with all manner of strange aliens and reality-bending machines that will challenge everything these collective geniuses thought they knew about the universe.

The Kickstarter/Pre-Order Campaign just launched and is offering a ton of really great pledge rewards, including issues of the book, limited edition prints, commissions and sketch covers, and even original artwork from the series!

New York Comic Con 2017: It’s Robots vs. Princesses in 2018

Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, comic book writer Todd Matthy, along with artist Nicolas Chapuis will bring fans the unique and enchanting four-issue children’s fantasy tale, Robots vs. Princesses, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment! This story about courage, friendship, and acceptance will appeal to readers of all ages when the first issue hits stands in April 2018!

Robots vs. Princesses, the fun, action-packed, pop-culture mash up of fairy tale princesses and giant robot anime follows the beautiful Princess Zara as she sets off on her quest to find a dragon. But along the way, she instead crosses paths with a robot named Wheeler. The two join forces, and along with Zara’s friends, the pair must repel an impending robot invasion. Robots vs. Princesses is an all ages sci-fi/fantasy mash up that aspires to be the greatest animated movie never made!

El Peso Hero Stands up against Mexico’s Cartels, Corrupt Officials, and Human Traffickers

Rio Bravo Comics is currently running a Kickstarter to get their comic series El Peso Hero out to the public.

El Peso Hero “is heavily influenced by the modern day challenges people from both sides of the U.S-Mexican border face. The main story is centered on “El Peso Hero” – a rogue hero who is standing up against Mexico’s cartels, corrupt officials and human traffickers. The results are often destructive and deadly.”

The team includes Hector Rodriguez, Guillermo Villareal, Chema Cuéllar, Jeff Zornow.

The Kickstarter is to help get the series out there, think of it as a pre-purchase!

The project ends October 17, 2016.

Quickstarter Round-up: Four Comics Campaigns to Back This Week

Welcome to this week’s Quickstarter Roundup, a shortlist of currently-running comics crowdfunding campaigns that are worth your time and money. If you have tips about current or upcoming comics crowdfunding projects, you can reach out at quickstarter at ckstewart dot com.

On to this week’s round-up.

Ladies’ Night Anthology Volume 5: Sisters

The Ladies’ Night Anthology returns for an anthology featuring ten brand new stories about the sisters your born with and the sisters you find throughout your life. At $4 for a PDF and $10 for a PDF and physical copy, plus shipping, this is an incredibly affordable project. The $20 tier is the best deal, featuring both versions of the book and two incredibly adorable exclusive enamel pins. With four previous anthologies under their belt, the Ladies’ Night series are a reliable anthology publisher and Kickstarter project manager. The LNA team is not offering previous anthology as add-on rewards this go-round, but their previous books are all available for $10 in their on-line store. This project is already at $4,000 of their $8,500 goal and ends on October 4.

Finding Dee #2: Taking On Me – A Webcomic Compilation 

Credit: Dee Fish

Illustrator Dee Fish is funding a collected version of her autobio webcomic, and for $10 you can net PDF versions of both the first and second volumes. As someone for whom the trade paperback is the ideal form of comic consumption, I’m a sucker for a webcomic compilation, and Finding Dee is a heartfelt and funny exploration of Fish’s day-to-day life. Per the Kickstarter, the content for this volume is already 50% complete, making this a relatively low-risk project to back. This project ends on September 24.

The Foxglove Wood by Katie Whittle

This is a very small independent project from Frisson Comics’ Katie Whittle, featuring a short horror comic in what Whittle says is an experimental style for her. The art and unusual style are eye-catching enough to make it worth its $5 PDF price. A glance at other projects Whittle and Frisson Comics created suggest some delivery delays for physical rewards in previous campaigns, but there don’t seem to be any major complaints. The Foxglove Wood is already a complete project available for free through the Frisson Comics website. If you like it, it’s finished, and should find its way to your hands quickly barring any printing hiccups. If you’re not sure you want to take the risk, then read it at Frisson, and consider dropping the Kickstarter a dollar or two in thanks if you enjoy it. This project ends on September, 22.

DESTINY, NY: Volume 2

Writer Pat Shand is back with a new volume of DESTINY, NY, the tale of a retired magical girl who’s making the transition from the monsters to making rent. With 14 days to go, DESTINY, NY has already hit its $20,000 goal, and is currently shooting to hit a $25,000 stretch goal for a comic by Vita Ayala (DC, Black Mask) and Fabian Lelay (Black Mask). Shand seems to be a reliable Kickstarter manager and Ayala and Lelay will undoubtedly make a great team, so if you’ve been holding out on backing Volume 2, it’s a safe bet and a worthy stretch goal. $20 will net you PDF copies of both volumes to be delivered by April 2018. This project wraps on September, 28.

Following Up
A quick check-in on projects from previous Quickstarter updates …

MINE! A Comics Collection to Benefit Planned Parenthood: This anthology is fully-funded and sitting at roughly $55,000 with two days to go. A hardcover edition of the book will be added at $60,000, and a Spanish language translation at $75,000. This campaign ends on September 15.

The Sun and the Wayward Wind: Unfortunately this campaign didn’t hit its goal, but an update post suggests the Dandelion Wine Collective may relaunch it at a later date. If they do, I’ll keep you posted.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love: A Comics Anthology: This campaign hit its goal and deadlines have already been set for creators to deliver their contributions, and Quickstarter will keep you up to speed on any future opportunities to purchase the anthology once its Kickstarter obligations have been fulfilled.

We Talked Mine! The Comic Anthology Supporting Planned Parenthood

On demand: iTunes ¦ Sound Cloud ¦ Stitcher ¦ BlogTalkRadio ¦ Listed on podcastdirectory.com

Mine! is a comic collection that celebrates the amazing work of Planned Parenthood and personal empowerment. It includes stories about healthcare, personal experiences and empowerment, done in genres as historical, dramas, science fiction, fantasy, superhero, and satirical stories.

Joining Graphic Policy Radio are Molly Jackson and Joseph Corallo to talk about this Kickstater project, one you should be backing!

Mine! features an impressive roster of creative talent of over 100 creators and you have until September 15th to back it. Help them create this book of empowerment that’s raw, heart-felt and visually stunning.

Full Bleed, a New Quarterly Magazine from IDW:PDX’s Woodworks

IDW Publishing‘s Dirk Wood announced the first project to come out of the publisher’s new Portland office and Woodworks imprint at Rose City Comic Con this past weekend, getting strong positive reactions for both the art and content revealed, and a unique distribution plan. Premiering today on Kickstarter is the new division’s flagship publication: Full Bleed!

Full Bleed is a brand-new quarterly, print-only, 200-page hardcover magazine, curated and edited by IDW Publishing’s Dirk Wood alongside CEO and Publisher, Ted Adams. Bringing together the very best in comics, fiction, non-fiction, in-depth interviews, opinion, history, think-pieces, and more, Full Bleed will be a reading experience like no other. Shot through an international lens, but filtered through the unique perspective of the IDW:PDX satellite office in Portland, Oregon, Full Bleed will tackle all aspects of the creative culture, and beyond — comics, music, film, television, fine art, photography, design, politics, and more. Full Bleed seeks true and total diversity through its content, creators and contributors, as well as genre and format.

Full Bleed is the premiere publication from IDW’s new Oregon-based imprint; Woodworks. Following the December launch, IDW and Woodworks will be creating a campaign to help Traveling Stories, a charity dedicated to children’s literacy and “outsmarting poverty one book at a time,” as well as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to help with their continued work for literacy and libraries. Woodworks aims to make “smart books for smart people,” with the hope of “helping to make a few more smart people.”

Full Bleed‘s first volume scheduled for release in early December.

We’re Talking Mine! The Comic Anthology Supporting Planned Parenthood

Mine! is a comic collection that celebrates the amazing work of Planned Parenthood and personal empowerment. It includes stories about healthcare, personal experiences and empowerment, done in genres as historical, dramas, science fiction, fantasy, superhero, and satirical stories.

Joining Graphic Policy Radio are Molly Jackson and Joseph Corallo to talk about this Kickstater project, one you should be backing!

Listen to the show LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

Mine! features an impressive roster of creative talent of over 100 creators and you have until September 15th to back it. Help them create this book of empowerment that’s raw, heart-felt and visually stunning.

Listen to the show LIVE this Monday.

Midnight Tiger: The Ongoing Series is Up on Kickstarter

From creator Ray-Anthony Height and written by Vito Delsante, teenager Gavin Shaw continues his life as a high school student during the day and fights crime at night. A Kickstarter is up now to bring series back to Action Lab Entertainment’s Actionverse.

The first story arc is 4 issues long and entitled “Stronger.” It’s about Gavin (aka Midnight Tiger) coming to grips with the idea that while he’s smarter, faster, and more clever than his enemies, he might not be as strong. A new supporting cast of characters will be introduced and make a big move that will affect his future.

The Kickstarter ends on September 28 and must reach it’s $5000 goal to be successful before then. Help Midnight Tiger’s adventures continue! Rewards include comics, T-shirts, posters and more.

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