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Crowdfunding Campaign: Celebrate 10 Years with Adventure Time Card Wars

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend doing your research before backing.

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Adventure Time Card Wars 10th Anniversary. Fans can pledge now on Kickstarter.

Based on the “Card Wars” episodes of Cartoon Network’s Emmy and Peabody Award-winning animated series, Adventure Time, the Adventure Time Card Wars tabletop games from Cryptozoic have been hugely popular with fans in the last decade, spawning over 10 product releases. The campaign brings together all six original packs into the new Adventure Time Card Wars: Ultimate Collection featuring nearly 500 game cards, with new game content to be unlocked during the campaign. In addition, fans can preorder the Deluxe Edition of the Doubles Tournament gamethe Collector’s Storage Box, a playmat, card sleeves, and much more. 

Adventure Time Card Wars features easy-to-learn rules as two players go head to head, spending Actions to defeat their opponent and become the “Cool Guy.” Using a deck of 40 cards, each player plays Creatures onto their Landscape tiles to attack their opponent, Buildings to enhance their Landscapes, and Spells to gain an advantage. The first player who reduces their opponent’s Hit Points to 0 wins.

The Adventure Time Card Wars: Ultimate Collection at the heart of the Kickstarter brings together the six original Collector’s Packs: Finn vs. JakeBMO vs. Lady RainicornPrincess Bubblegum vs. Lumpy Space PrincessIce King vs. MarcelineLemongrab vs. Gunter, and Fionna vs. Cake. Stretch goals throughout the campaign will reveal upgrades and additional content, including new cards.

Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament (Deluxe Edition) adds teamwork to the core gameplay, as two players become Jake and Charlie as they battle two players who play as Grand Prix and Moniker. This Deluxe Edition includes additional Heroes and special packaging.

The Adventure Time Card Wars: Collector’s Storage Box can store every card ever released for the series, with room to grow in the future. It features an original piece of art by Robb Mommaerts on the cover.

The Adventure Time Card Wars 10th Anniversary Kickstarter starts today and runs until December 15, with pledge tiers starting at $65. Stretch goals, if unlocked, will add numerous additional cards and upgrades. Preorder items are expected to be delivered to backers in September 2024. 

Crowdfunding Corner: Get Save Now from Matt Kindt and Tomás Giorello

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Matt Kindt and Tomás Giorello reunite for the most ambitious comic event of our time in a graphic novel about a man desperate to change the past and save our world from total destruction! Being published by Bad Idea, Save Now is now live on Kickstarter! Back it today and don’t miss out on the stunning array of limited edition and campaign exclusive items

Save Now features author Matt Kindt and Tomás GiorelloDiego Rodriguez, and Lewis LaRosa in a mind-bending, timeline twisting, epic adventure for the ages available only on Kickstarter!

Armed with the extraordinary ability to “save” any moment in his life and then go back and relive from that point forward again, Saver can willingly alter his actions and rewrite his history time and time again. However, his incredible power comes at a great cost. He is cursed with only being able to jump backward, never forward, and is burdened with reliving his life in agonizing real-time, aging all the while. Jump back six days and he must live every minute of those days out again, arriving back where he started but now six days older.

Saver has seen our future, and our impending apocalypse. Yet, no matter how many times he goes back and no matter how far back he goes, he can’t steer us clear of armageddon. What would you do if you knew the world was going to end but couldn’t stop it? What if you could choose to live your life out repeating the best year of your life? Which year would it be? This is the question at the heart of this year’s most must-read comic event. SAVE NOW is a triumph of storytelling. A sci-fi story like none that has ever come before. Action-packed, mind-bending, heart-wrenching and life-affirming. 

Crowdfunding Corner: Punchline and the Vaude-Villains features the debut of Violanté The Undead!

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Punchline and the Vaude-Villains is a five issue series set in Cleveland’s Hero Tomorrow Comics universe. It goes deep into the psyche of Drayton Hayes/Punchline as he’s challenged by the main superhero in the universe, Apama, and this brand new nemesis from Mexico — Violanté the Undead!

No knowledge of previous stories is required to enjoy this series, but there are rewards that bundle the entire catalog of our shared universe. 

Punchline and the Vaude-Villains #3‘s story is written by Ted Sikora with art by Yvel Guichet. It’s the 24th comic published by Hero Tomorrow Comics.

The campaign featurs all physical rewards coming with a comic book sized print by Chiara Colasanti, the free option to have comics signed by Sikor, exclusive variants not available elsewhere, and tiers over $30 include free shipping in the USA.

The project is fully funded and runs until Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 11:23 AM EST.

We open up the Walking Dead Universe roleplaying game starter set!

Dive into the world of The Walking Dead and tell your own stories with The Walking Dead Universe roleplaying game. We have our copy of the core rulebook and starter set from Kickstarter and open up and show off the starter set!

Get yours!

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Crowdfunding Corner: Frontier explores mankind’s foray into colonizing space

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Now live on Kickstarter, graphic novel publisher Magnetic Press has launched the sci-fi adventure, Frontier! From celebrated author and designer Guillaume Singelin—best known for his distinct blend of cartoon-ish, manga-styled characters in gritty, detailed environments—this premium 200-page graphic novel is produced by Studio 619 and is the creator’s most ambitious project to date. 

After 10 years designing and developing the next generation of exo-archaeological probes, scientist Ji-Soo is sidelined from her own project in a buyout by megacorp Energy Solution. Her attitude earns her a string of reassignments that ultimately land her on the Rock Breaker, an asteroid mining colony in orbit around Vespa. There, her first time in space, she discovers just how complex life beyond Earth can be.

Frontier is available in three physical formats: a trade paperback edition that will be available in retail stores next year, a premium hardcover edition that will only be available through the campaign and from Magnetic directly, and a deluxe limited-edition slipcase bundle. The bundle will include a numbered bookplate signed by the author, an etched metal “traveler ticket” bookmark, an exclusive 75mm 3D-printed statuette of one of the characters, and a 2” metal currency token. Only 250 bundles will be made available during the campaign.

The Frontier Kickstarter ends Friday December 1st.

Crowdfunding Corner: The Adept, Assassin G, Immortal Swordsmen, and Fa Sheng!

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Immortal Studios is the home of the Immortal Storyverse, the first ever wuxia-centered, interconnected comic book story universe. They’re back with not one, but four new issues in one Kickstarter campaign. They continue to build the foundation of this epic Storyverse even further and even stronger. 

The campaign features The AdeptChronicles of the Immortal SwordsmenFa Sheng: Origins, and Assassin G all lined up for their next big adventures — All in one shared universe. More Kung Fu, more Asian-American culture, and more wuxia fantasy action.

No Kickstarter is complete without an offering of tantalizing rewards and this campaign is no different. From digital copies to exclusive prints and special edition covers, Immortal Studios are delivering.

On to the comics…

The Adept #3

This is the one that started it all. Over 1200 backers took a chance on this series and became the founding Immortals of the Storyverse. We’re proud to bring you Issue #3, written by Charlie Stickney and illustrated by Yishan Li

It’s Amy’s first day as rockstar Sasha True’s head of security — and things may prove to be challenging than she expected. In an all-out battle with Sasha’s martial arts instructor, Amy discovers that the mysterious organization known as the Wheel has its eyes on the rockstar—and more, they want Amy out of the way. Permanently.

Can she discover what the Wheel is up to before it’s too late for Sasha—and for her? 

48 page comic!

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #2

Based on the seminal novel by Shiao Yi, and providing the foundation of the Immortal Storyverse, Payhuan Shiao, Brian Buccellato, and Jheremy Raapack bring you Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #2!

As the threat of the Reckoning looms over mankind, Phil learns more of his connections to the mysterious Immortal Swordsmen from the enigmatic Ying Ying.

But even as Phil’s encounters more fantastic events —including a battle between the mystical  white gibbons and their enemies the white gorillas and the discovery of the long lost Immortal Cave — it is Ying Ying who faces  a life-changing revelation about her own past that may change everything. 

32 page comic!

Fa Sheng: Origins #2

Ripped from the pages of The Adept – witness the origin of the mysterious monk who has been training Amy (The Adept) in her dreams! Written by Rylend Grant and illustrated by Dexter Wee.

The origin of Fa Sheng continues! In the wake of the massacre at Liyuantun, the Kaiser sends troops to China demanding restitution and vengeance. Before the invaders stands the army of the Imperial General Yuxian. But will they be enough — even as desertion and betrayal rip through their number?

And in the ensuing bloodshed, the young soldier Chengren must find a way to survive in order to discover his destiny.

32 page comic!

Assassin G #2

One of the most popular series (as Sister Gan G) in the Shiao Yi pantheon is now a comic book modernized for a new audience, set in the neon-soaked 1980’s! Written by Jen Troy and illustrated by He Tao!

In the year 1982, Margot Gan, Assassin G of the Vermilion Pavilion, continues her deadly quest of vengeance — eliminating every member of the Yueyang family for a crime committed decades ago. 

Alone and desperate, the lone survivor, the young martial artist JP must find allies fast or face becoming Assassin G’s next victim.

48 pages!

Crowdfunding Corner: BOOM! reveals a Day One Bonus for Amy Jo Johnson’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Pink Ranger Pin

BOOM! Studios is nearing the launch of its next BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign on Kickstarter – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return Comic Book Series –and they have revealed a Day One Bonus Item!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return Comic Book Series marks the first time BOOM! will be offering a brand new series directly to Power Rangers fans, and they’re doing it in the biggest way possible… with a comic book series conceived and co-written by the original (and forever) Pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson! Joining Johnson to tell an alternate history of the original cast are co-writer Matt Hotson, interior and cover artist Nico Leon, and cover artist David Mack.         

The series will paint a bold new vision of what happened to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 22 years after they defeated the forces of evil, introduce exciting new characters, and tell an epic story as only an original Power Ranger could. And if you reserve your order in the first 24 hours of the campaign, you’ll automatically receive this stunning, collectible enamel pin featuring Kimberly Hart’s iconic bow, arrow, and pterodactyl beautifully designed exclusively for BOOM! Direct Reserve customers for FREE!

Crowdfunding Corner: Bad Idea’s Save Now Pre-Launch Follower Contest is On!

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Follow the Save Now Kickstarter pre-launch page for a chance to win a breathtaking limited edition Save Now art print by superstar artist Lewis LaRosa!

From New York Times bestseller Matt Kindt, pulse pounding artist Tomás Giorello, and senses searing colorist Diego Rodriguez, the blockbuster Save Now campaign is set to launch soon!

To enter the Save Now Kickstarter pre-launch page contest follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Matt Kindt and Tomás Giorello’s Save Now Kickstarter pre-launch page.
  • Click ‘Notify me on launch’ to follow the page. Create a Kickstarter account if you do not have one.
  • Bad Idea will select FIFTY lucky winners from the campaign’s pre-launch followers to receive the Save Now Limited Edition Black & White Art Print by Lewis LaRosa!

Visit and follow the campaign pre-launch page for your chance to win! 

Save Now

Crowdfunding Corner: B-Sides Volume 1 drops a beat

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

B-Sides Volume 1 is a new slice-of-life series created and edited by Greg Bournenow live on Kickstarter! Born from the minds of alt culture enthusiasts from London to L.A., featuring the lead story by Mike London with vibrant and dreamlike artwork by Rich IvensHayley Dwan, and David Arguno, and animation by Theo DuberryB-Sides melds the everyday and the fantastical—putting a new spin on the essence of L.A.’s Dogtown counterculture.

At the center of it all is the B-Sides bar, the beating heart and soul of Sidetown, run by Gus, the barman, who lives in an old airstream in the parking lot. In front of the bar, on their bench, you’ll usually find Slippery Kev and his mate, Sketch – a Riff Rat. With their own speakeasy under the floorboards, The Riff Rats live among the other residents in their own, rat-sized world.

There’s a regular open mic night at the bar hosted by the slightly irregular Open Mike, who gets his name from being, well, open, too open… Next door is the vinyl record exchange, Sounds Good, run by the couple Sheena and Debs, who also run Sounds Good Radio from the back of the store. On the other side of the bar is Bodhi’s Taco truck where you can get the best tacos in town, that is unless ‘surf’s up’, then Bodhi and his sous chef Nacho are nowhere to be seen.

The vibrant world of B-Sides comes to life by scanning QR codes within the pages, featuring voiceover animation by Dex Carvey, as well as Third Wheel Comedy’s Mike Masilotti and Nolan Culver. Be on the lookout for more cameos in future stories and drop-ins to Open Mike’s Open Mic night, a pop-up animation introducing guest star comedians and artists. Notably, B-Sides teamed up Blind Pig Studios, London, to create a pre-launch animated teaser which was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2023 AEAF Awards!

Backers can get their hands on five limited edition comic covers and exclusive collectibles including two intricately designed skateboard decks, art prints and posters by B-Sides lead artist Rich Ivens, and a unique B-Sides pendant, crafted by cult classic jewelry designer Kelly OnlyChild.

For fans of Giant Days with the flavor of Gorillaz, the B-Sides Volume 1 campaign ends Dec. 7. 

Crowdfunding Corner: Zip #2: A Grungy Superhuman Comic

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing

Following the first issue reaching 110% funding, the Kickstarter campaign for Zip #2: A Grungy Superhuman Comic has launched. The comic is written by Mike Scrase, with art by San Espina, and lettering by Ferran Delgado. Artists for variant covers are anticipated be announced throughout the campaign. Set in Bristol, it follows Zip, a superhuman whose flawed superpowers are an analogy for disability, especially neurodivergence.

The second issue explores a strange and dangerous quirk of Zip’s powers that she has struggled with since childhood: a release of high energy generated by her body’s speed, which makes her touch explosive in stressful situations.

But Zip’s control over her powers are challenged when she clashes with a kidnapper out to settle an old score. The stories about him say he’s so skilled in the martial arts that there is no attack he cannot evade and no technique he cannot counter. They call him: Mr Untouchable.

But are Zip and this deadly stranger more alike than they think? Zip #2: A Grungy Superhuman Comic has the answers!

Responding to feedback about the first campaign, Scrase has made an acknowledgement in the comic’s credits available to everyone who pledges to the campaign with a reward tier. He has also expanded the countries the print version of the comic will be available in to all European countries which Kickstarter supports delivery options for.

Backers who missed the first issue are able to pick it up in digital or digital and print format using one of the campaign’s bundle tiers.

There is also new reward options, including the chance to get a Zip sticker pack and poster with your pledge.

The campaign ends on Thursday, November 23 2023 3:00 PM EST.

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