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Review: Barack, Race and the Media: The Obama Legacy


The state of the world right now makes us almost forget that the world used to be much happier. The pandemic has caused most of us to reflect. It also has caused most of us not to ignore levels of ineptitude in crisis handling worldwide. We expect the best in our world leaders and that is why when the military goes into conflicts they hope their higher-ups are making the best decisions. This is the reason why many world leaders during WWII are often immortalized. Being headstrong was not only an asset but an intangible.

That is why during times of hardship, despite his complicated life, Winston Churchill is often quoted. It is why Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted by everyone imaginable to inspire courage and fortitude. It is why though his tenure recently ended, we find ourselves drawn to the words of President Barack Obama. In the brilliantly and much needed Barack, Race and the Media: The Obama Legacy, we find creators who were both moved and inspired by our former president.

In the first few pages, we find David Brown’s early illustrations of then Freshman Senator from Illinois, and his apparent widespread effect on those who heard his speech at the DNC and how he came under fire from those who sought to poke holes where there was none. He also gets into the attacks by the GOP and how the mainstream media sought to question his blackness.  Lalo Alcatraz would show how much better a President, Obama was compared to George W Bush and the loss America felt after Trump’s takeover. David Horsey elaborates on the uphill battle Hillary Clinton faced as the heir apparent to Obama, and the battle he faced against Mitch McConnell. Angelo Lopez shows just how hard a road Obama had against the GOP and how their major criticism also became their major undoing, The Affordable Care Act. Steve Greenberg gives readers a view of how his run for a second term was almost imminent and the opposition Fox News gave him. David Brown eventually gets into the issues of police brutality and how it has affected the mass incarceration system. By Book’s end, Brown shows the reader though we have progressed, America is far from being accepting of all its citizens.

Overall, a book that is far from a mere comic strip collection but a cohesive narrative showcasing some of the world’s top talents telling a history of how much better we were. The stories by the creative team are relevant and relatable. The art by the creative team is gorgeous, as each a rtist brings their own style which feels true to each strip’s message. Altogether, one of the best books I have read about the Obama presidency I have read in a while.

Story: David G. Brown, Angelo Lopez, Lalo Alcaraz, David Horsey, Tim Jackson, and Steve Greenberg
Art: David G. Brown, Angelo Lopez, Lalo Alcaraz, David Horsey, Tim Jackson, and Steve Greenberg
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Eat and Love Yourself

Eat and Love Yourself

(W) Sweeney Boo (A/CA) Sweeney Boo
In Shops: Jul 08, 2020
SRP: $14.99

For fans of Seconds and Wet Moon! Mindy is a young woman living with an eating disorder and trapped in a battle for her own self-worth. When she accidentally discovers a magic chocolate bar that will give her a chance to revisit her past, she thinks she has a chance to put her life back on track. But will she be able to find a way back to her present, and just as important, a way to treat herself with love and kindness, at any size? Join the incredible creative duo of writer/artist Sweeney Boo (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel) and writer Lylian (Ellana) on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and just a bit of magic.

Eat and Love Yourself

Dead Reckoning Reveals Its Fall 2020 Titles

Dead Reckoning, the comic imprint of the Naval Institute Press, has announced three new graphic novels that will be released in Fall 2020. Check out below for what’s coming to shelves.

Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century
Tsushima, Jutland, Midway

By Jean-Yves Delitte and Giuseppe Baiguera

With this collection, Jean-Yves Delitte and Giuseppe Baiguera plunge you into the heart of three of the twentieth century’s greatest naval battles.

Available October 21, 2020

Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century

Atlas at War

Edited by Michael J. Vassallo; Art Restoration by Allan Harvey

Atlas at War! collects fifty hard-hitting stories from Atlas Comics, the company that became Marvel Comics and published more war titles than anyone in the industry between the years 1951 and 1960. Comics historian Dr. Michael J. Vassallo has chosen the best of the best, many of which are coming back into print for the first time.

Available September 9, 2020

Atlas at War

The Photographer of Mauthausen

Written by Salva Rubio; Drawn by Pedro J. Colombo; Colored by Aintzane Landa

This is a dramatic retelling of true events in the life of Francisco Boix, a Spanish press photographer and communist who fled to France at the beginning of World War II. Through an odd turn of events, Boix finds himself the confidant of an SS officer who is documenting prisoner deaths at the camp. Boix realizes that he has a chance to prove Nazi war crimes by stealing the negatives of these perverse photos—but only at the risk of his own life.

Available November 11, 2020

The Photographer of Mauthausen

Review: History Comics: The Roanoke Colony

First Second is taking you throughout history with their new line of “History Comics“! The Roanoke Colony takes you through the history of this important colony and the mysteries revolving around it.

Story: Chris Schweizer
Art: Chris Schweizer
Color: Liz Trice Schweizer

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon (paperback)
Amazon (hardback)

First Second provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site

Humanoids Announces a Three-Book Deal with Writer/Artist Ibrahim Moustafa

Kicking off a groundbreaking slate of upcoming original graphic novels and media projects, Humanoids is announcing a three-book deal with Eisner Nominated writer/artist Ibrahim Moustafa. Humanoids, the Los Angeles-based publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, will publish Moustafa’s graphic novel Count, a bold, science-fiction adaptation of the classic story The Count of Monte Cristo in March of 2021. The publisher will announce the details of the other two books at a later date.

Count follows the adventures of one Redxan Samud. Framed for treason and wrongfully imprisoned at the hands of a jealous and corrupt magistrate, Redxan Samud escapes his breathtaking hover-prison with only one thing on his mind: revenge. Samud sets out to dismantle the lives of those who have wronged him, disguised as a Man of Status with a newfound fortune at his disposal and his Automaton Retainer Unit (Aru) by his side. But as collateral damage accumulates, Samud is caught between using his new fortune for the good of the people or to pursue the revenge he so desperately desires.


Preview: Speed Bump Anniversary Edition

Speed Bump Anniversary Edition

(W) Dave Coverly (A/CA) Dave Coverly
In Shops: Jul 01, 2020
SRP: $19.99

This silver anniversary edition of Dave Coverly’s Reuben award-winning Speed Bump collects 300 of his best cartoons into one full-color hardcover book.

25 years of ideas. 25 years of drawings. 25 years of coffee. Man, that’s a lot of coffee.

Coverly’s work has appeared in over 400 newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press, as well as in Parade magazine, textbooks, greeting cards, and even on that internet thingy.

Dry and gentle not only describes Dave’s hands, but his sense of humor as well. And while there are no guarantees in life, this new collection of Speed Bump cartoons hopes to make you think, smile, snort awkwardly, rethink, pause for a bathroom break, maybe get a second cup of coffee, and return to read a few more before realizing you really should be doing something a little more productive.

Speed Bump Anniversary Edition

Preview: Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics – The Complete Adventures of Pete Morisi’s Wild Man of Chicago

Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics – The Complete Adventures of Pete Morisi’s Wild Man of Chicago

(W) Kenneth W. Fitch (A/CA) Pete Morisi
In Shops: Jul 01, 2020
SRP: $29.99

Fight crime alongside the one-eyed, two-fisted Chicago private eye in these comics from the early 1950s!
At the height of the Mickey Spillane crime novel craze of the early 1950s came Johnny Dynamite to rival Mike Hammer in wild, sexy yarns!

Illustrated by Pete Morisi and written by Ken Fitch, the complete mini graphic novels from the rare Dynamite comic book (1953-55) are collected here by the creators of Ms. Tree, Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) and Terry Beatty (Rex Morgan, M.D.). Collins, Spillane’s chosen literary heir, provides an informative introduction, and a Collins/Beatty Johnny Dynamite tale is included as a bonus!

Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics - The Complete Adventures of Pete Morisi's Wild Man of Chicago

Get a Look at Sabaa Tahir’s A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in Ashes Graphic Novel

BOOM! Studios has revealed a brand new look at A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in Ashes Graphic Novel, an official prequel to the New York Times bestselling series of novels from creator Sabaa Tahir, writer Nicole Andelfinger and artist Sonia LiaoA Thief Among the Trees will be the first graphic novel in a three volume prequel series that will explore the pasts of beloved An Ember in the Ashes series characters.

Elias, Helene, and Tavi are Fivers — in training to become elite military recruits for the Martial Empire at Blackcliff Academy. When they’re sent on a dangerous mission to steal a heavily-guarded poison on Isle South, they soon find themselves up against surprising enemies — including other recruits! As the true horror of their assignment is revealed, these three will begin to confront the harrowing realities of Martial rule, their place in the system . . . and the choices they must make to survive.

A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in Ashes Graphic Novel will be available for sale on July 15, 2020 at comic book shops, and on July 14, 2020 at bookstores everywhere.

A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in Ashes Graphic Novel

Voting is Your Super Power With this Clover Press Indiegogo Campaign

Voting is Your Superpower

Clover Press and Yoe Books are putting together a 104-page collection of rare, cool, and vintage comics all about one’s duty to vote called Voting is Your Superpower. Voting is Your Superpower collects comics from the Cold War and Civil Rights era and features essential messages for today’s public.

The collection features an introduction by Julie Newmar.

There are all sorts of interesting extras like magnets, buttons, and t-shirts, including the new superhero for the times, General Election who is featured on the cover by Sanford Greene.

The collection features comics from the League of Women Voters in New York City, NAACP, National Research Bureau, American Heritage Foundation, and more!

The Indiegogo campaign runs for 18 more days and ends on July 20.

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