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The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack is Getting a 10th Anniversary Edition

Dark Horse is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Nicholas Gurewitch’s Ignatz, Harvey, and Eisner Award-winning comic series with a new edition for fans to enjoy. Described by Matt Inman as “the best thing to happen to cartooning since Calvin and Hobbes,” The Perry Bible Fellowship is a keystone in the bridge between newspaper comics and webcomics. 

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack: 10th Anniversary Edition is a newly formatted 7” x 10”, which features every Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip which ran in alternative newspapers between 2004 and 2007—and simultaneously exploded online during the internet’s golden age! In commemoration of 10 years since its initial printing, this Almanack also contains content that is unavailable anywhere else, including previously undiscovered PBF comics from the era and numerous sketches for comics that never came to be. 

The hardcover goes on sale in comic stores on November 6, 2019, and will be available in book stores on November 19, 2019. This new hardcover edition is 256-pages of hilarity and retails for $24.99.

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack: 10th Anniversary Edition

Review: Kismet, Man of Fate

Kismet, Man of Fate

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has closed its latest chapter and introduced probably its most powerful superhero, Captain Marvel. As we said goodbye to Iron Man and Black Widow, we were introduced to Carol Danvers.  By the time she showed up in Avengers: Endgame, she had been gone from Earth for at least two decades.

Heroes like Danvers are truly one in a million as their inherent goodness makes her, and Captain America, magnetic to so many fans In a world where bigotry, hate, and greed have become the new normal, it’s almost hard to believe that anyone can actually be good at their core. Even more so, religious freedom is being challenged all the time, where normal people are scared to practice their religion in fear of persecution. In the latest offering from A Wave Blue World, we find a long-dormant hero from World War II, who just so happens to be Muslim, in Kismet, Man Of Fate.

We meet Kismet, an ordinary civilian, as he soon learns about the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub. He wonders what he could have done. We are taken to Boston where an old foe has unleashed a plan to kill a ballroom full of people the same night Trump gets elected to President, leaving one of Kismet’s compatriots’ brother dead. The pain of the loss has made Kismet a recluse while his sister, Rabia and friend Deena attempts to coax him out of his funk to do some good in the world, but instead decides to retire. In his heart, he feels he can do no more good in the world. He decides to start a nonprofit organization that actually helps people, who has faced bigotry since Trump was elected, this is where Kismet finds internal conflict. His apparent retirement coupled with his celebrity has made him a target.

We also get three bonus stories, the first one being “The Fiction Of Free Will.” In it we find Kismet in 1944 France, inside of enemy territory, where he discovers a traitor on the Allied side. In “My First Act Of Free Will,” Qadar and Kismet have their own “Freaky Friday,” In the last bonus story, “Moving Through This World is Supposed to Feel Like Free Will,” Kismet tells viewers worldwide how it was after the war and what has kept him fighting.

Overall, an exhilarating story with a long-forgotten hero. Much like the Green Turtle he needs to be revived in our lost times. The story by A. David Lewis is smart, layered, and well developed. The art by Noel Tuazon and color by Rob Croonenborghs is sophisticated. Altogether, a hero that everyone can get behind especially in this world where intolerance is at the forefront and hope has become a precious commodity.

Story: A. David Lewis
Art: Noel Tuazon Color: Rob Croonenborghs
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell

Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell

Jonathan Maberry (w) • Drew Moss (a) • Santipérez (c)

The five-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author introduces the world to the latest chapter of the zombie epic in this over-the-top wild-ride prequel to ROAD OF THE DEAD! The dead rose and are feasting on the living and a young scientist may hold the secret to a cure. Meanwhile, zombies and biker gangs want her dead, so it’s up to a bunch of losers in muscle cars and a hijacked tank to risk everything to save her.

TPB • FC • $15.99 • 96 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-478-7

Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell

Preview: Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols

MK Reed & Greg Means (w) • Matt Wiegle (a & c)

Somehow, sarcastic Penny’s gotten roped into helping make an amateur slasher film. With a team of flakes and weirdos, she’s probably the only one who can save this stupid movie… but maybe it can save her, too. Now can somebody please stop that dog from licking the fake blood?

This hilarious original graphic novel is a loving tribute to the chaos and camaraderie of DIY filmmaking, and the ways we find our future—and our family—in the unlikeliest of places.

TPB • B&W • $19.99 • 208 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-60309-448-1

Penny Nichols

Preview: My Little Pony: To Where and Back Again

My Little Pony: To Where and Back Again

Justin Eisinger (w) • Various (a & c)

My Little Pony comes to bookshelves! Revisit the inhabitants of Equestria and learn about the magic that friendship brings in this adaptation of the television series’ sixth season finale! This volume adapts the two-part “To Where and Back Again” into an original graphic novel.

TPB • FC • $7.99 • 144 pages • 5” x 7” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-419-0

My Little Pony: To Where and Back Again

A Wave Blue World Honors Herman Melville’s Bicentenary

This August marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Herman Melville, an American author, best known for the literary masterpiece Moby Dick. To commemorate the author’s bicentenary, publisher A Wave Blue World unveils From Hell’s Heart, an illustrated celebration of the works of Herman Melville that features artists from all disciplines including Dave Malan, Cosimo Miorelli, Ryan Sook, and Brahm Revel, who have been inspired by this celebrated American writer and poet.

The 128-page artbook is available now for pre-order and will be on sale August 7, 2019.


$29.99 / 128 pages / Full Color / On Sale 8.7.19
Editor: John Arcudi
Cover Artist: Velibor Stanojevic

Diamond Order Code: Jun191557

“No American author has provoked the imaginations of readers more than Herman Melville. To mark the occasion of the bicentennial of his birth (August 1st, 1819) fifty-seven world-renowned artists have come together with gorgeous, brand new illustrations for Moby Dick, Bartleby, The Confidence Man, Pierre, Typee, Billy Budd, White Jacket and much more. A short passage of text will accompany each illustration, giving context to the story. Artists include Matt Kish, Dave Malan, Hunt Emerson, Evan Cagle, Brahm Revel, Ryan Sook, and Cosimo Miorelli.”

Comicker Press Announces Shots Fired, a Charity Comics Anthology

Comicker Press logo

Comicker Press is back with Shots Fired, a revamped version of the comics anthology formerly known as Every Day. As with its previous iteration, Shots Fired will raise funds for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Community Justice Reform Coalition to help end gun violence in America via a Kickstarter campaign that will pay for printing and shipping of the comics anthology. Once printed, all proceeds from additional book sales will go directly to the CSGV and CJRC.

Comicker Press co-founder Sean E. Williams said,

Since Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing, when it became apparent that our last one wasn’t going to reach its goal, we decided to regroup and try again as quickly as possible. This issue is too important to not do this book, and the stories the creators are telling are truly unparalleled and need to be read.

With the upcoming 28-day campaign for Shots Fired, Comicker Press has capped the size of the book to around 168 pages and is limiting shipping to the United States to keep the budget down. They are also adding a Kickstarter Exclusive limited-edition hardcover, which won’t be made available after the campaign.

The talent donating their time to Shots Fired include Scott Snyder, Kelly Thompson, David Lafuente, Phil Hester, Ariela Kristantina, Jamal Igle, Devin Grayson, Joe Keatinge, Doselle Young, Marguerite Sauvage, Ron Marz, Stuart Moore, Shannon Wheeler, Steven Grant, Roger Langridge, Matt Miner, Ray Fawkes, CW Cooke, Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil, Kelly Williams, Emma Beeby, and more.

The Shots Fired campaign launches on Kickstarter on June 18th, and runs through July 16th.

BOOM! Announces a New Graphic Novel Over The Garden Wall: the Benevolent Sisters of Charity

BOOM! Studios has announced Over The Garden Wall: the Benevolent Sisters of Charity, a brand new original graphic novel written by Sam Johns and illustrated by Jim Campbell, set in the world inspired by the Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network animated series, Over The Garden Wall, available in Fall 2020.

It’s another day in the Unknown but Wirt isn’t feeling too well so when they come across a stately building run by the Benevolent Sisters of Charity who take care of all sick souls, he jumps at the chance to be pampered by the doting nurses. When the nurses frown on animals entering the facility, Wirt abandons Beatrice and Greg’s frog to the elements, then drags Greg with him into the open arms of the Benevolent Sisters. Those arms wrap a bit tight, though, and even when he’s feeling better, the Sisters don’t seem to want him to leave. And where did Greg go?

Over The Garden Wall: the Benevolent Sisters of Charity

Urban Legendz is an All Ages Graphic Novel Debut from Nick Bruno, Paul Downs, and Michael Yates

What if all of the urban legends we all fear…were real? Find out in Urban Legendz this June!

In Urban Legendz, a group of young vigilantes dedicates themselves to solving a series of supernatural crimes in Brooklyn.

After his mother’s death, Dwayne is forced to uproot himself and move into the home where his mother grew up: a shabby apartment in Brooklyn. When your dad is a police officer, and your brother’s too cool for school, what’s an insecure teen supposed to do? Dwayne’s personal problems are cast aside when he joins a new crew of young vigilantes, devoted to solving a series of sinister cases surrounding mysterious monsters that have been wreaking havoc throughout the city.

Acclaimed animators Nick Bruno, Paul Downs, and Michael Yates make their graphic novel debut with a spooky, supernatural graphic novel for readers of all ages.

Humanoids will publish Urban Legendz in bookstores on June 11th and in comic shops on June 12th.

Urban Legendz

Sweeney Boo and Lylian’s Eat and Love Yourself, Out in April 2020!

BOOM! Studios has announced a brand new original graphic novel, based on the successful Kickstarter campaign, from the creative duo of cartoonist Sweeney Boo and co-writer Lylian, Eat and Love Yourself, about a young woman who struggles with society’s image of her body and personhood then finds a magical item that takes her on an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, available in stores April 2020.

Mindy is a young woman living with an eating disorder and trapped in a battle for her own self-worth. When she accidentally discovers something that will give her a chance to revisit her past—the relationships she’s lost, the mistakes she’s made, all of it— she thinks she has a chance to undo every wrong turn, to put her life back on track. But will she be able to find a way back to her present, and just as important, a way to treat herself with love and kindness, at any size?

Eat and Love Yourself
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