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Preview: Sour Pickles

Sour Pickles

(W) Clio Isadora (A/CA) Clio Isadora
In Shops: Oct 27, 2021
SRP: $15.95

Pickles Yin is a final year student at a prestigious art school struggling to live up to her own expectations of how to navigate the transition from education to career. Surrounded by nepotism and wealthy peers, her friend Radish suggests an alternative method to achieve success that results in crumbling teeth and deteriorating mental health.A semi-autobiographical comic about being struggling to finish the final year at a prestigious art school, Clio’s debut full length work is a worthy successor to her acclaimed self-published zine, Is It Vague in Other Dimensions?

Sour Pickles

Preview: Jinx Freeze

Jinx Freeze

(W) Hurk (A/CA) Hurk
In Shops: Oct 27, 2021
SRP: $16.95

Crime has descended on the normally tranquil Riviera – a solid gold sculpture on loan from the Gurgleheim Museum has been stolen and the local police force are well out of their depth. They need help and they need it fast. But local Henshin hero King Gianthead Fighter Policeman O.X. is lost in a waking reverie of lucid dreams and his potential replacements – like Modern Tahzen and Danny Kildare the Space Priest – aren’t faring much better. And why are people going into the Great Exhibition of 11851, the pop-up selfie experience in the middle of town, but not coming out again?

Fortunately, Marge Maggiore has picked up the trail and has a plan to catch the villains and save the day – if only she can clear her name for a crime she didn’t commit!

Told through the twisted creative lens of Hurk in his long-awaited full-length technicolor debut, Jinx Freeze is a heist story unlike any you’ve read before!

Jinx Freeze

12-Gauge Comics Expands its Serial Killer Universe with Plastic Hardcover and New Narco OGN from Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard

Four years ago, writer Doug Wagner, artist Daniel Hillyard, colorist Laura Martin, and letterer Ed Dukeshire unleashed Edwyn, a retired serial killer with a…unique girlfriend, Virginia, who just so happens to be a blow-up doll. Published by Image Comics, Plastic charts Edwyn’s descent into madness as he embarks on a brutal, chaotic (and often hilarious) war on the unfortunate souls who kidnap his synthetic lover.

That same creative team presents the definitive edition of this gonzo blood-splattered epic with the Plastic: Deluxe Edition hardcover. This volume features a new cover from Hillyard and Martin alongside a new “lost scene” six-page backup story revealing Edwyn’s brutal origins.

In addition, that same team has also reunited alongside colorist Dave Stewart for Narco, a new 136-page graphic novel and the next phase of the Plastic universe. (The overarching fiction also includes Vinyl, the killers-vs-cultists blockbuster by Wagner and Hillyard currently published by Image Comics.)

Narco is a Hitchcockian thriller about a benevolent 20-something–Marcus–who suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy triggered by stressful and traumatic events. After being wrongfully accused of his neighbor’s murder, Marcus pursues the true killer at the mercy of his sleep-inducing condition.

Both the Plastic: Deluxe Edition and Narco are available exclusively in a joint Kickstarter. Any orders completed by 12:12 PM EST on Wednesday (10/27/2021) receive a free PLASTIC print by Daniel Hillyard and Laura Martin.

Sofia Warren Follows a First-Year State Senator on Her Unforgettable Journey from Outsider to Insider in Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator

What’s it like to be on the inside of politics? Campaigns and the day-to-day business of governing is unlike anything else out there when it comes to work. Sofia Warren‘s graphic memoir, Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator, peels back that curtain opening up a world few know but everyone is impacted by.

In early 2018, cartoonist Sofia Warren was not paying attention to New York state politics. But that summer, her Brooklyn neighborhood began buzzing about Julia Salazar, a 27-year-old democratic socialist running for state senate whose grassroots campaign was inspiring an army of volunteers. When they beat the odds and won, Warren found herself wondering what would happen next. How does it work when an outsider who runs on revolutionary change has to actually do the job? So she decided to find out.

A graphic memoir to be published by Top Shelf Productions in June 2022Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator is a remarkable first-hand account of Warren’s experience embedded with Julia Salazar and her staff during their first year in office. From candid conversations and eyewitness experiences, Warren builds a gripping and intimate portrait of a scrappy team of community organizers battling entrenched power structures, particularly to advance Julia’s marquee issue of housing rights.

At every key point during the year — setting up an office, navigating insider politics, public pushback, testy staff meetings, emotional speeches, protest marches, setbacks, and victories — Warren is up close and personal with Julia and her team, observing, questioning, and drawing, as they try to translate their ideals into concrete legislation. Along the way, Warren works toward answers to deeper questions: what makes a good leader? What does it mean to be a part of a community? Can democracy work? How can everyday people make change happen?

All these themes will be explored — with nuance, compassion, and humor — next June in Sofia Warren’s remarkable debut.

Weekly Preview! Graphic Novel Week!

There’s a lot of comics coming out this week to be covered. Check out some of what we’ll be reviewing and this is only the beginning!

This week’s reviews include:

  • Borders (Little Brown Books)
  • Stoned Master #1
  • Hakim’s Odyssey (Graphic Mundi)
  • Tiny Dancer (Atheneum Books for Young Readers)
  • To Dance: Special Edition (Atheneum Books for Young Readers)
  • The Secret Garden on 81st Street (Little Brown Books)

Little Brown Books, Graphic Mundi, and Atheneum Books for Young Readers provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review

James Tynion IV and Steve Foxes’ Razorblades Gets a Deluxe Hardcover

Bestselling creators James Tynion IV and Steve Foxe’s terror sensation Razorblades will be collected into a deluxe hardcover. This thrilling edition will include the first year of terrifying tales and be published by Image Comics in April 2022.

Razorblades: The Horror Magazine features nearly 400 pages of chills and thrills from some of the most cutting-edge names in the genre. From monsters in the closet to bodies stuffed into washing machines, Razorblades redefines horror comics for the next era. This hardcover will also feature prose, illustrations, and in-depth interviews with horror icons like Scott Snyder.

Razorblades hardcover edition (ISBN: 978-1-5343-2124-3) will collect Razorblades issues #1-5 and be available on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 and in bookstores on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Razorblades: The Horror Magazine

Preview: Grimm Tales From the Cave

Grimm Tales From the Cave

(W) Cullen Bunn, Mark London, Various (A) Andrea Mutti, Luisa Russo, Various
In Shops: Oct 27, 2021
SRP: $19.99

With two all-original 20-page stories; one from writer Cullen Bunn with art by Andrea Mutti and the other from Mark London with art by Luisa Russo, Mad Cave’s first ever horror anthology uses Grimm’s Fairy Tales as inspiration. In addition to industry stars like Christopher Sebela, Nadia Shammas, and Stephanie Phillips, this haunting anthology will feature over ten terrifying tales including three from the winners of Mad Cave’s 2020 talent search.

Grimm Tales From the Cave

Preview: Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure

Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure

(W) Jeff Jensen (A/CA) George Schall
In Shops: Oct 27, 2021
SRP: $19.99

Everyone knows the tragic assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but what about the foiled attempt in his first year of presidency?

In 1861, America’s greatest detective saved the life of her country’s greatest president… this is her true story.

At a time when the American experiment was at a crossroads, and the man tasked with healing the nation was under constant threat, only one detective was armed with the extraordinary cleverness and versatility to thwart the attempt on his life.

Her name was Kate Warne – America’s first woman detective.

Eisner Award-winning writer Jeff Jensen (Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, HBO’s Watchmen) and acclaimed artist George Schall (Made In Korea, Chasing Echoes) present the stunning story of the one detective who forever changed the course of American history, perfect for fans of Pulp and Velvet.

Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure
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