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Bear Meets Girl in New Oni Press Graphic Novel My Boyfriend Is A Bear

Oni Press has announced a new graphic novel My Boyfriend Is A Bear by Pamela Ribon and Cat Farris. This romantic comedy of bear meets girl stars 28-year-old Nora, frustrated with the dating scene until she meets the perfect boyfriend—a 500-pound American black bear.

My Boyfriend is a Bear will be available in comic shops, bookstores, and ComiXology in April 2018.



Review: On the Camino

Life is full of pilgrimages, in one way or the other. If you joined the military, every deployment feels like a pilgrimage as, you have to go a thousand miles away from home. Religions have their own pilgrimages, in Islam and there is Mecca and in Christianity, there is Jurasalem. If you are a music fan, it depends on your taste, it could be Graceland, if you love Elvis Presley and if you love Prince, then its Paisley Park.

Then there are physical ones that are legendary, like the Appalachia Trail, which more than a few thousand people have tried and never finished. In the book and movie, Wild, a woman, who lost everything, roughs the Pacific Cres Trail, a journey that is hard even with company. Each person, who has braved these journeys, have one thing in common, sheer will. Just as Jason, who wrote I Killed Adolf Hitler, hit a birthday milestone of 50 years, he decided to brave the Camino trail in Spain, which he documented in On the Camino.

Jason sets off on this journey by himself, meeting different people, who are headed the same direction but not quite on the trail, as each stranger asks him why he is doing it. The reader follows him and he goes form hostel to hostel, meeting different people from different countries, all traveling and exploring themselves. He even meets another cartoonist, giving her advice on how to find a publisher. By book’s end, Jason’s and the reader’s feet are sore, as this was truly a walk to remember.

Overall, another excellent book by Jason as he tells a story like no other and even makes this well-worn genre all its own, even more interesting. The story by Jason, is full of life love and twists and turns. The art by Jason feels more human than he may have intended to draw it. Altogether, a journey worth taking, as this master storyteller, makes you feel every heartbeat.

Story: Jason Art: Jason
Story: 10 Art 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: My Favorite Thing is Monsters

Monster movies are making a comeback of sorts, as the recently released The Mummy has, put those films back into the public consciousness. Showing my age, I still remember a time, when these characters were very much a part of popular culture, and for the most part, it has always been, as Count Chocula has never gone away as a cereal, so too these characters have never left. Then there is Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania series, which has brought these characters to a new generation. I guess what has eluded these characters, even though they have been connected to the horror genre since their introduction, is that they are not as scary.

Penny Dreadful, the TV show and comic, tried to bring this element back to these characters, and although it was an excellent tv show and comic book, they never quite brought back that fear factor. What Penny Dreadful, did remind audiences of these characters, is that the source material, were well written stories. They thrived and become legend, because the writers behind these books, wrote well, and understood what was entertaining about these characters. Emil Ferris understands this about her character in My Favorite Thing is Monsters Volume 1, which makes it so amazing a read.

In the opening salvos of this book, the reader is quickly acclimated into a world where monsters are commonplace, and a little girl by the name of Karen Reyes is being hunted by a mob, just for being a werewolf, but it was all a dream if not an eventuality. In a book that unfolds as part memoir/ part sketchbook, about a young artist who loves drawings monsters, in a familiar tale of family and loss which unfolds in the most gorgeous pages any reader would see combined with a strange tale about a string of murders in 1960s Chicago. Karen plays private investigator, attempting to solve these murders on her own while struggling with the pains of growing up. By the end of the book, which is part wish fulfillment, part slice of life memoir, part art worship, the reader appreciates Karen’s journey, while reminiscing of their own.

Overall, probably one of the most essential books every reader who loves a great story must have in their collection. The story by Ferris, feels like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but with monsters, and keeps the reader moving forward. The art by Ferris, will leave the reader floored by how beautiful and luminous it is. Altogether, a great book, for anyone who love a great story, an if you love monster movies and MAD Magazine, it would help but not necessary, as a good story like this, will always shine through.

Story: Emil Ferris Art: Emil Ferris
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: An Apple and an Adventure HC

An Apple and an Adventure HC

Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Martin Cendreda
Artist: Martin Cendreda
Cover Artist: Martin Cendreda
Price: $14.99

Archaia adds a new children’s book to its library with Martin Cendreda’s An Apple and An Adventure, which uses rhyme and the ABCs to create an engaging world of wonder that’s both educational and fun.

A young cave girl and her triceratops set out on an adventure from A to Z and make new friends along the way—galloping goliaths, nine newts, petite plesiosaurs, and more greet them on their journey through the alphabet!

Preview: Siegfried Vol. 3 HC

Siegfried Vol. 3 HC

Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Alex Alice
Artist: Alex Alice
Cover Artist: Alex Alice
Price: $34.99

The breathtaking conclusion to master storyteller Alex Alice’s groundbreaking adaptation of Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung opera cycle brings the ancient Norse legend to life with spellbinding artistry. Young Siegfried has made it to the Land of Mists and now must face the great Dragon Fafnir at last and fight for the survival of mankind, no matter what the sacrifice.

DC Weekly Graphic Novel Review: New Super-Man and DC Super Hero Girls

It’s Wednesday which means new comic book day with new releases hitting shelves, both physical and digital, all across the world. We’ve got one trade and one graphic novel from DC Comics.

New Super-Man Vol. 1 Made in China collecting issues #1-6 by Gene Luen Yang, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Richard Friend.

DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 3 Summer Olympus by Shea Fontana, Yancey Labat, Monica Kubina, and Janice Chiang.

Find out what the trades have in store and whether you should grab yourself a copy. You can find both in comic stores June 21 and bookstores June 27.

Get your copy now. To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

New Super-Man Vol. 1 Made in China
Amazon/Kindle/comiXology or TFAW

DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 3 Summer Olympus
Amazon/Kindle/comiXology or TFAW


DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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Review: Tarantula

Growing up, having older family members who were also film buffs, I got exposed to movies that probably only film students get to see, at any age. I remember the first time, I saw Pink Flamingos, I was pretty freaked out. I remember the first time, I saw The Howling, and thought that Australians knew how to make movies better than we do. I also remembered when I watched The Good the Bad and The Ugly, and being blown away not only by Eastwood’s use of visual cues but also by Sergio Leone’s understanding of human nature.

This led me to dig more into European cinema, specifically the ones made by Italian directors, and I found some masterful ones, even the pulpy ones. The movies made by Dario Argento and Mario Bava, were the ones that intrigued me, as they understood their audience and the real meaning of entertainment value. What these two auteurs also brought to the world of film and of entertainment, is a genre all by itself, “Satanic Noir”, a genre that blended exploitation movies with elements of Devil worship. I thought for sure, most of those movies were of a bygone era, that is until I read Tarantula, which brought me back to that period when I discovered those movies.

In this book, we find three agents trying to bring order to a world in the throes of bedlam, as the reader meets a mayor who works for the devil. The first and most prominent of the characters, Tarantula, is investigating a string of deaths involving politicians, and something called Penumbra, where she must seek the help of certain sketchy individuals like Mister Muerte and Sombra. The reader soon finds out, the villain behind all of this, is an underworld figure known simply as Doctor Mandinga. By book’s end, our band of heroes vanquishes this evil, and Tarantula can this case as closed.

Overall, an excellent book full of tropes form this unique genre that you may seem coking but you can’t keep your eyes off of, as the ride is too good. The story by Fabian Rangel, Jr. thrills with its twists and turns as he keeps the story moving at speeds that should be illegal. The art by Alexis Zirritt is of the time it is trying to evoke and proves to be a psychedelic ride. Altogether, a ride that you will want to take a few times over.

Story: Fabian Rangel, Jr. Art: Alexis Zirritt
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Rules For Dating My Daughter: The Modern Father’s Guide to Good Parenting

Parenting is difficult, and I can say it is far more difficult than adulting. Your own parents never really can prepare you for what this life brings when you bring another human into this world. There is nothing in TV/Movies/Books, that will give you an idea how hard it will be, even though I think maybe more like Uncle Phil form Fresh Prince of Bel Air than James from Good Times. You are usually brought up with good examples everywhere: your parents, your relatives, your friends, and your friends’ parents.

The constant worry and fear for this little person’s future is your “main mission “for the rest of your life. There is nothing that will ever be as important as raising that child/children and the kicker, you become better for it. Rarely does the “perfect parent” really exist, as we all make mistakes in raising our kids. This struggle is hilariously told in Mike Dawson’s Rules for Dating My Daughter: The Modern Father’s Guide to Good Parenting.

Within the first few pages of the book, he gets into the myth of the” feminist father,” the one whose life believes in upholding your daughter before all, but the truth is far more difficult and Dawson gets it better than most. He gets into the daily struggles of going to organized activities for your kids and how “trying to work around these events can be exhausting. He even delves into the myth of the “underdog,” which gives probably the best explanation between perception and reality of this ideal, as he brilliantly illustrates it is the story they are in love with not the underdog.  He even gets into temper tantrums, which seems lie a rite of passage for all parents.

Overall, a beautiful and brilliant tome to what it is to be a father in the modern world. The stories by Dawson are true to life and the reader feels every beat, even if you are not a parent. The at by Dawson is striking and luminous, that captures feelings in every stroke. Altogether, an excellent book that every parent will relate to and every expectant parent will want to read.

Story: Mike Dawson Art: Mike Dawson
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Zagor vs. Supermike

Who doesn’t love an epic battle? A fight of wills, alpha dog versus alpha dog, where there is a battle between two individuals of equal skill. Literature and even history have a had a few of these epic battles. The one form history class, that has been brought up many times, through middle school and high school, was the fight for America’s soul during the Civil War, between General Robert E Lee and General Ulysses S Grant. As both are revered in history, one would become immortal in a certain part of the country despite the loss and the other one would go on to become President.

In comics, there is the epic battles between the Joker and Batman, as they antagonized each other more than anything before one took it too far in the Killing Joke. Then there is my favorite of all time, Spy Vs Spy, as one always tried to outdo each other and killing each other multiple times. Recently, I have been finding several comics from the 1960s, which are both pulp and sci-fi, the type of comics that Edgar Rice Burroughs became a celebrity because of. So, when I heard about the republishing of Guido Nolita’s (better known as Sergio Bonelli), and Gallieno Ferri’s Zagor Versus Supermike I could not wait to tear into the book and dive into these epic fights.

In the first few pages, we a bevy of excellent essays by different scholars/writers/creators, who expressed not only what these comics meant to them but to popular culture at large. In what seems to be one of the first meldings of the science fiction/western genres, other than the Wild Wild West, Nolita’s storytelling brilliantly shines, as he captures the sadistic nature of a villain like Supermike, who in one story, attempts to destroy an Indian village, while Ferri’s although of the time, is very individualistic and beautiful. Nolita also paints a complicated hero, in Zargo, and his companion, Chico, as he struggles to not kill Supermike, multiple times especially the one time Supermike blows up a bridge that some soldiers built, which not only almost killed Zargo but threatened the safety of those soldiers. By the end of this compendium, the reader finds out what a true superhero is and what true evil looks like.

Overall, an epic tale of good and evil told in the romantic setting of the Old West, with science fiction and superhero sensibilities, that make this book, even better than the Wild Wild West and unlike anything that has been seen since. The stories by Nolitta, ae epic, and sweeping and complex, all at once, proving he is storyteller ahead of his time. The art by Ferri, is engaging and stunning, as his influence can be seen in artists today. Altogether, if you love great storytelling and beautiful sequential art, with some equally appealing essays, this book should have been in your house yesterday.

Story: Guido Nolita Art: Gallieno Ferri
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: BUY NOW!!!!

Marvel Comics and Dustin Bates of Starset Debut an Original Graphic Novel, The Prox Transmissions

Marvel Comics has announced a unique collaboration with Dustin Bates, lead singer and founder of the multi-media, modern rock band Starset, along with fan-favorite writer, Peter David for an all-new original 88-page graphic novel, The Prox Transmissions.

Inspired by the likes of Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan, Starset’s albums, along with videos, websites, novels and one-of-a-kind live performances, were created as part of the over-arching concept, The Starset Society. Where science and fiction collide, The Starset Society is dedicated to publicizing emerging, near-future technologies and investigating their inevitable social, economic, political, and philosophical impact on society. Through this enlightening exploration, The Starset Society has teamed up with Marvel Comics to produce a one-of-a-kind adventure like nothing seen before.

A secret transmission from the far reaches of the galaxy falls into the hands of SETI radio astronomer Dr. Stephen Browning. His world begins to unravel as he discovers the cryptic message including information of advanced technology and a dire warning from the future. After Browning seeks aid of brilliant-yet-impetuous playboy Dr. Aston Wise, the two set off on an epic journey to discover the meaning of the transmission, only to discover that they are pawns in a much bigger game.  Humanity hangs in the balance as powerful forces vie for control of the future, with only Wise and Browning to stop them.

Presenting an entirely unique and original graphic novel, The Prox Transmissions delivers a powerful scientifically-charged allegory in the form of a new literary movement this September.

Featuring artwork by Mirko Colak and more, and a cover by Skan.


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