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Around the Tubes

The weekend is here, yay!  That is all.  And now, the time for the news.

Around the Blogs:

ICv2 – Power Man & Ms. Marvel on TVSmart.  Hopefully the Hulk tv show being outside movie continuity will be rethought.

Bleeding Cool – Batman Vs Paedophiles Videos Back OnlineWell, if the cops don’t solve the problem….I guess fighting pedophiles is only ok if you’re an NBC show and it’s for ratings.

The Beat – Exclusive: Robertson, Goldman, and Amanda Palmer join Occupy ComicsQuality people, tons of quality.

Kotaku – How to Activate Big-Head Mode in Batman: Arkham CityUm, k….

Koatku – See Barry Allen Become The Flash in DC Universe Online’s Next ExtensionMaybe this will get me to finally play..

Kotaku – Brink Devs Making a Marvel Game? – Chances it’s good?


Con Coverage:

CBR – Emerald City Comicon Debuts “Tales from the Con” Original Webcomic


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Primary Ignition – The Flash: The Road To Flashpoint

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 11/16/11

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