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The Enfield Gang Massacre #1 promises a whole new chapter in the world of Ambrose County

The Enfield Gang Massacre #1

Westerns are bursting at the seams with infamous towns and counties whose histories are written in blood. The city of Tombstone in Arizona, the town of Deadwood in South Dakota, these are places that birthed stories and legends about how wild the West really was, and how violent the men in them were. Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips already had their very own dark Western town in their Neo-Western comic That Texas Blood, a place called Ambrose County. Now, fans of Texas Blood get a kind of origin story for it in a new spin-off series called The Enfield Gang Massacre, a story that goes back to the time of cowboys to unearth the violent happenings that gave birth to the land future criminals will take up residence in.

The story centers on the pursuit of Montgomery Enfield, an outlaw with a gang of his own, that’s believed to have authored the grisly murder of a bank worker back in 1875. The people of Ambrose County, a small Texas town at this point in time, demand justice at any cost. A mob of angry people have decided this man’s particular killing demands justice be repaid in kind, a comment on how thin the lines is between legal consequences and revenge. Just how fair the whole ordeal will turn out to be remains to be seen, but things are pointing to a very messy end, something that’s given credence by the comic’s title itself.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #1

Condon brings the same attention to detail to character development and world building that’s present in That Texas Blood. Both the people of Ambrose and the members of the Enfield Gang feel storied, complete with their own stubborn prejudices and ideals. It’d be easy to equate the world and character work done here with that seen in the crime films of the Coen Brothers, and while there’s certainly some of it here, Condon’s approach is specific enough to warrant its own space in the genre.

The same carries over to Phillips’s art, another showcase of nuanced character design and geographic cohesiveness. Phillips’s attention to character is as focused as that afforded to Ambrose County. Personalities and attitudes jump out of every person displayed on a panel, while the location’s essence is felt throughout. Phillips harnesses the violence Condon extracts from his dialogues and makes sure everything follows suit.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #1

The coloring, done by Phillips along with Pip Martin on assists, makes sure there’s an aesthetic link to Texas Blood. There’s an interest in capturing an overarching feel to the story that places Enfield Gang in the continuum of Texas Blood‘s history. Every single element is tuned to that particular frequency, and it allows for a personal type of worldbuilding that favors the minutia of shared experiences rather than large scale events to hold everything together.

Special mention has to be given to the faux newspaper article exploring the titular massacre found in the last pages of the book. It takes the form of a special investigative report on the myths behind the massacre and how important it is to remember that facts are always pulling in one direction while local legends push with equal strength in the other. It puts the story’s essence on a slab for readers to dissect, inviting discussions on the nature of verifiable truth vs. agreed upon truths. I look forward to more of them.

The Enfield Massacre #1 promises a whole new chapter in the world of Ambrose County, giving it a longer narrative reach while opening numerous doors for more stories spread throughout the location’s history. Condon and Phillips are producing career-defining work here, and we’re lucky to be witnessing it one comic at a time.

Story: Chris Condon, Art: Jacob Phillips Color Assists: Pip Martin
Art: 10 Story: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Read and make sure you’re also following That Texas Blood.

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Stoneheart #1

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Disc Heroes needs help after 3 robberies

It’s been a rough few weeks for the southeast Portland comic shop Disc Heroes. They’ve been the victims of three break-ins in three weeks in which they lost over $30,000 worth of product.

The robberies saw the thieves smashing the door window, smashing the back door, destroying display cases, and more.

The store has added more security precautions and is working with their landlord to improve security but still needs help.

Deductibles, repairs, and security improvements all cost money, even with insurance.

A GoFundMe has been created to help them out and is looking to raise $10,000.

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The Ghost in You: A Reckless Book

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Update: Victory Comics needs our help after Burglary

Update: Individuals have been caught attempting to sell the raw books stolen from Victory. The raw books have been returned to their rightful owner.

Victory Comics, located in Falls Church just outside of Washington, DC, needs our help.

The store closed at 10pm on Monday, September 19 and at 6:45am on Tuesday, police responded to a call from the building. The comic and game shop’s front door was shattered and an estimated $40,000 worth of comics was stolen.

The items stolen are reported to be graded comics as well as raw ungraded comics, the robbers knew what to go for it sounds like.

Anyone with information should contact the City of Falls Church Police at 703-241-5053 (TTY 711) or police@fallschurchva.gov.

A reward of $5,000 by the owner has been announced for information leading to the arrest according to posts in various groups. Below is a list of what was taken as well as photos of the damage (photos via Facebook). Please help spread the word to make sure the robbers have no where they can go these comics won’t be recognized.

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Savage Avengers #1

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Wonder Woman #787

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CBLDF – CBLDF Joins Initiative Unite Against Book Bans – Unfortunately a bit too late and far too reactive.

The Beat – Announcing the Standard Comics Script (SCS) from Steenz & Camilla Zhang – K…


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