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The CW’s “Elseworlds” Crossover Gets the DC Comic Book Treatment

There’s a lot we still don’t know about this year’s Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash DCTV crossover event, “Elseworlds,” one thing readers are pretty clear on is what that title is a reference to. “Elseworlds” is the name of a popular line of comics from DC’s past that completely reimagined the worlds of DC’s greatest heroes. It’s a part of the company’s legacy, something that’s nodded to in a unique new image that’s promoting the three-night event.

Drawn by comic book artist Amy Reeder and designed to look like the cover of one of DC’s monthly comics, this illustration also includes the classic, all-lowercase “Elseworlds” logo. With LaMonica Garrett’s Monitor seen looming in the background, Reeder’s illustration portrays the heroes of the crossover—Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Superman and Batwoman—seemingly battling each other. Beneath them, Jeremy Davies’ maniacal-looking Dr. John Deegan can be seen looking up at them in delight, suggesting he might be the cause of the mayhem. Fans will also notice that the Flash in the image is actually Stephen Amell, while Green Arrow is Grant Gustinsomething already teased through photos.

Reeder has drawn several highly regarded comics for DC, including the bestselling New 52 Batwoman series, which helped to define the Kate Kane version of the character.

Look for the “Elseworlds” crossover event to kick off on Sunday, December 9 at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST), then continue at the same time on December 10 and December 11 on The CW.

Preview: The Flash #58

The Flash #58

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Rafa Sandoval (CA) Rafael Sandoval (A/CA) Jordi Tarragona
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $3.99

“FORCE QUEST” part one! Following “Flash War,” Barry Allen remains the Flash, but he’s no longer the Fastest Man Alive! With Hunter Zolomon on the run, and new forces such as the Strength, Sage and Still Forces unleashed on the Multiverse, Barry must leave Central City behind and travel the world to learn the secret history of the Speed Force.


DC Releases a First Look at LaMonica Garrett as The Monitor

DC has revealed a first look at LaMonica Garrett who will play The Monitor in this year’s crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The event is dubbed “Elseworlds.”

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez created The Monitor in the lead up to the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths and the character has appeared in multiple “Crisis” events since.

The characters is on of infinite power who has single-handedly kept the multiverse’s destruction at bay for millennia. We have no idea what role the character will play in the television event.

The story also debuts Ruby Rose as Batwoman, the first appearance of Gotham within the Arrowverse, the debut of Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, and Superman returns played by Tyler Hoechlin. There’s also Jeremy Davies as Dr. John Deegan, and John Wesley Shipp will return as The Flash. We’ve also seen The Flash and Green Arrow swap in a way.

The event kicks off on Sunday, December 9 at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW and continues December 10th and 11th at the same time.

Preview: The Flash #57

The Flash #57

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Scott Kolins (CA) Dan Mora
In Shops: Oct 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

The insidious secret that corrupted Heat Wave’s mind is free and looking for a new host-one who doesn’t run quite so hot! Unfortunately, it takes over Central City Detective Burns instead, and now she’s the one rampaging across the city wrecking shop! Burns must lean on an unlikely source to help her with these new powers, while Flash and Iris West make a big decision about their next move.

TV Review: The Flash S5E3 The Death of Vibe

After Cicada’s attack, the team realizes it needs to think outside the box to stop this dangerous new foe; Nora comes up with a plan that ultimately puts a team member in danger Caitlin delves into her past.

The Flash keeps things going at a fantastic pace as the team explores the concept that XS has already altered the timeline in some way. Cicada has arrived, arrived sooner, and attacked different metas than what XS remembers. It’s an interesting concept and continues the series’ idea that maybe the Flash(s) aren’t the best for the timeline. They seem to alter it a lot and not always for the better.

The episode is a good one bring in a new multiverse Wells, who’s actually a little irritating, to help figure out who Cicada is. There’s some feints and some fake outs along the way. It’s all done in a way in that you think things are getting resolved rather quickly but nope, we’ve got some time to go.

There’s nothing major about the episode, it’s just a fun one with some solid action and a nice build for whatever is to come. There’s some tense moments and there’s moments where you wonder where it’s going to go.

What the episode feels like is a live action comic book and an issue that’s part of the larger arc. It doesn’t stand on its own but as part of the story, it’s a good entry.

Overall Rating: 7.5

Things Are Switched Up in this Elseworlds Poster

This year’s Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl crossover and dubbed “Elseworlds.” A new image released has Arrow and the Flash on display… but that’s not the usual individuals under the masks.

Yes, that’s Stephen Amell as the Flash and Grant Gustin as Green Arrow. But, what does this mean for Supergirl!?

Looks like this even should be a fun one. “Elseworlds” debuts December 9th.

TV Review: The Flash S5E2 Blocked

Barry and Team Flash track down a meta that is stealing high-tech weapons, only to cross paths with a new foe named Cicada, who is hunting the very same meta, with nefarious intent.

The Flash seems to be laying out some of its themes for the seasons more clearly in this second episode. Relationships are on the mind of numerous characters but “family” is the real focus.

For the most part, the episode is broken into two parts. The Flash and XS focus on a meta and some issue involving weapons dealing. That’s all rather forgettable other than it’s a way to introduce the two to the big villain Cicada.

Beyond that though, the relationship between Barry and Nora is the key there. Nora is trying her best and has a little hero-worship for the father she didn’t know growing up. The “ah ha” moment comes when Barry talks to Joe about the relationship and it all becomes clear how that dynamic is playing out and why. It’s an odd father/daughter relationship but, Barry, Iris, and Nora are family, but a weird one.

The other story too is a distraction from the theme. Ralph and Caitlin decide to help Cisco who’s still depressed about the loss of his love. That involves what is the humor of the episode as Ralph has a system to help Cisco that has quite a few steps. It’s cute to watch friends helping friends and I could watch an entire episode of just this bit. But, that’s not the point, it’s a distraction. Caitlin wants to find out the truth about her father but is using Cisco to avoid that. It’s obvious and clear that’s what’s going on. But, the reason she wants to do that is touching and a bit heartbreaking.

The relationship between father and daughter is explored in these two ways and even more so, daughters who have their fathers missing in their lives. It’s an interesting exploration and very touching. A solid way to keep a theme running through an episode without it being a bit too forced.

This is a solid second episode. Not quite as good as the first but there’s still an energy about the series and the actors’ interactions that make it all a lot of fun. When it comes to the big villain, this episode gets things going and with some of the small details we see, it should be rather interesting.

Overall Rating: 8.0

Superman Dons a Very Different Suit for Elseworlds

This year’s crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl is dubbed “Elseworlds” and will introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. But, it also sees the return of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. But, it looks like he’ll be wearing a spin on the traditional suit with a more black and white color palette.

Arrow’s Stephen Amell tweeted out the below picture featuring himself, Hoechlin in the new suit, and Grant Gustin on set.

While some will say this reminds them of Superman’s black suit from the 90s, it also has a tinge of George Reeve’s classic Superman suit with the colors inverted.

Preview: The Flash #56

The Flash #56

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Scott Kolins (CA) Howard Porter
In Shops: Oct 10, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Things are about to get hot-very hot!-when Flash has to battle fire monsters generated by his longtime nemesis, Heat Wave. Unfortunately, the pilot light blew out in Mick Rory’s head, because he’s comatose from the effects of the Sage Force! How can the Scarlet Speedster reach his old frenemy and get him to put out the fire monsters? Looks like Commander Cold takes a demotion…so he can pretend to be Captain Cold and talk Heat Wave down!

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