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Preview: The Flash #772

The Flash #772

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Will Conrad

Leaving past mistakes behind and racing into the future, Wally West returns as Central City’s Scarlet Speedster! Now reunited with his wife, Linda, and their two children, the former Kid Flash begins a new chapter in his life. But Wally quickly remembers that saving lives and fighting super-villains may make him a hero, but they don’t pay the bills. Luckily, an old friend may have just the right job for this blue-collar champion.

The Flash #772

Preview: The Flash 2021 Annual

The Flash 2021 Annual

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Fernando Pasarin

The lightning-fast and action-packed “Surge” storyline races to its conclusion as Wally West returns to the present day with a new perspective on the past and a reinvigorated desire to take back the mantle of the Flash. With one last hurdle to leap, Wally puts the past behind him, but he’ll need to propel himself further and faster than ever before to do it.

The Flash 2021 Annual #1

DC Reveals a First Look of The Flash #772

The Speed Force has propelled Wally West across the Multiverse, from its past to its future. Along the way, he’s experienced the whole of existence, from running with dinosaurs to escaping the Legion of Doom, to the tragedies he’s faced at Sanctuary, and even seeing his children take up the mantle of The Flash.

But after all of that, The Flash is finally home in Central City, back with his loving wife Linda, his kids Jai and Iris, and…
Looking for a job????

Hey, even speedsters gotta eat, and bill don’t pay themselves, not even in the DC Universe! But can The Flash find gainful employment in Central City with a strange cosmic artifact heading to Earth and Heat Wave going on a fiery rampage?

DC has released a first look at The Flash #772, the first chapter in “Job Hunt”. Written by Jeremy Adams, with art by Will Conrad, colors by Alex Sinclair, and lettering by Steve Wands is out on July 20, 2021. It features a main cover by Brandon Peterson and Michael Atiyeh, and a card stock variant cover by Brett Booth, Jonathan Glapion, and Alex Sinclair.

A Better Look at Sasha Calle as Supergirl

A few days ago, director Andy Muschietti teased Supergirl‘s costume for the upcoming film The Flash. Played by Sasha Calle, the character is one of the numerous appearances by other DC superheroes including Batman played by both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.

The film takes Ezra Miller‘s Flash across the multiverse. It’s unknown how Supergirl fits into the story.

Today, we have an even better look at the costume that Calle will wear. While the teaser hinted at it, the costume looks a bit like Lara Lane Kent wore in 2014/2015’s Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #7.

Lara Lane Kent is the imaginary daughter of Superman and Lois Lane from the “Injustice” timeline. In that world, Lois and Lara are murdered which sends Superman down a fascist nightmare path. In the series, a dream sequence showed Superman what his life, and hers, would have been like had she not died.

We know DC is going to be releasing an animated film based on the Injustice storyline, is this a hint there’s something bigger planned? Time to stock up on some comics before they rise in price!

Supergirl’s The Flash Costume Teased

In February it was announced that Sasha Calle is the new Supergirl. In a very cute video, director Andy Muschietti gave the news to Calle she would be taking on the role for The Flash.

Now, we have a tease of what Calle’s costume will look like in the film.

Muschietti, who’s been dropping teasers a lot, on Instagram posted an image of some of the costume. The design evokes the style from Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. The red on top is a departure from the current costume but one that has some roots in previous costumes for the character.

The Flash will send Ezra Miller’s character through the multiverse setting up the vision and direction for DC’s Cinematic Universe. On top of Calle’s Supergirl, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will don the cape and cowl as their versions of Batman.

New Flash Logo and Suit Teased

The Flash director Andy Muschietti went to Instagram to tease what we’ll be seeing on the big screen. The image included a new logo and hints and the suit that Ezra Miller will wear in the film. The film will be a big one for the DC Cinematic Universe as it establishes the multiverse on the big screen taking the concepts from their successful television franchises and expanding them. We know Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear along with Ben Affleck’s Batman. This is potentially going to be a make or break film for the floundering DC film franchises.

Preview: The Flash #771

The Flash #771

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Brandon Peterson, Fernando Pasarin, Kevin Maguire, Berat Pekmezci

The Legion of Doom, Teen Titans Academy, Max Mercury’s Wild West origins, and more! Wally West’s leaps from speedster to speedster throughout time draws to a close as he begins to realize why he’s been sent on his quest by the Speed Force and what might be behind it. But with one last stop before he’s allowed to go home, will this journey break Wally forever or return him to glory?

The Flash #771

Around the Tubes

Rorschach #9

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

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Preview: The Flash #770

The Flash #770

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Jack Herbert

Dropped into the battlefields of World War II, Wally West continues his search for a way home. As the Fastest Man Alive comes face to face with the Führer himself, Wally’s friends in the present day search for a way to bring him back and an answer to why he’s stuck leaping from speedster to speedster throughout time.

The Flash #770
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