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The news is coming and coming fast.  After a few weeks of speculation, the news broke of the post Flashpoint DC universe.  Below is the normal news, but also a special “Post Flashpoint” section.

Around the Blogs:

ICv2 – T-pop Says Manga Rights RevertingWill someone step up and grab the gems for US distribution?

Investor’s Business Daily – Stan Lee Creates ‘Heroes With Hang-Ups’A nice profile of the legend.

Geekweek – Matthew Modine Reportedly Playing A “Politician And A Key Villain” In BATMAN 3Completely fascinated by this one.

Bleeding Cool – Another Round Of Questions With Rob GranitoBleeding Cool brings the hard questions for the notorious scammer.

After Flashpoint:

The ComicChron – Restarts and reboots: DC’s plan and some historic precursors

Bleeding Cool – Full JLA Art including Flash & Batman Designs, Hawkman #1 With Robinson & Tan, Birds Of Prey #1 Without Gail Simone?

Bleeding Cool – The Hooking Up Of Superman And Wonder Woman

Comic Book Resources – Details Emerge On DC’s Relaunch

The Beat – Creators and retailers respond to the huge DC news

Bleeding Cool – OMAC #1

Bleeding Cool – Legion Lost #1

Bleeding Cool – Brian Clevinger Dropped From Firestorm Before You Even Knew He Was On It

Bleeding Cool – A New Multi-Colour Lantern Team Book

Bleeding Cool – The New Superman #1

Bleeding Cool – Bob Wayne Talks To Retailers About Day-And-Date Digital

Bleeding Cool – Deadman To Star In Adventure Comics #1

Bleeding Cool – Edge

Bleeding Cool – Geoff Johns And Jim Lee’s Justice League #1

Bleeding Cool – The Issue One Renumbering Of The DC Universe

Around the Tubes Reviews:

SeanPAune – Cowboys & Aliens