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In one month, the world will know Superman’s truth. Get an early look at Superman #18

Superman #18

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Cover and Interior art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Colors by Alex Sinclair
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
Final Orders Due: Nov 18, 2019
SRP: $3.99

In one month, the world will know Superman’s truth.

The secret is out! The world’s first Super Hero, and the man with one of the world’s biggest secrets, must confront some of his greatest concerns about himself and his place in the galaxy. And how will his boss, his best friend, and the world react? Legendary artist Ivan Reis joins writer Brian Michael Bendis as they introduce the biggest change in the Man of Steel’s life—ever!

Superman #18

The Truth Begins in Superman #18

The secret is out! In a story already making headlines, Superman’s family is scattered across the galaxy, and our hero must confront some of his greatest concerns about himself and his place in the galaxy. Legendary artist Ivan Reis joins writer Brian Michael Bendis as they introduce the biggest change in the Man of Steel’s life ever!

Reis is joined on art by Joe Prado with colors by Alex Sinclair.

Superman #18 comes to shelves on December 11, 2019.

Preview: Superman #17

Superman #17

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons (CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
In Shops: Nov 13, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Superman’s new Fortress of Solitude sits in the most remote corner of the Bermuda Triangle. Constructed using Kryptonian technology far beyond anything our world knows, filled with intergalactic, pan-dimensional secrets from all over the Multiverse…how could it possibly be missing?

Superman #17

Preview: Superman: Up in the Sky #5 (of 6)

Superman: Up in the Sky #5 (of 6)

(W) Tom King (A) Sandra Hope (A/CA) Andy Kubert
In Shops: Nov 06, 2019
SRP: $4.99

Available to comics shops for the first time! Darkseid offers to help Superman in his quest to rescue the Earth girl Alice-but that help comes at a cost! Then, the Man of Steel is treated to a vision of his life at home with his friends and family-but a far grimmer reality is about to intrude! Originally published in Superman Giant #12 and #13.

Superman: Up in the Sky #5 (of 6)

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DCeased #6

It’s new comic day tomorrow! What are you all excited for? What do you plan on getting? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Engadget – Microsoft archived ‘Superman’ on its Project Silica glass storage medium – Good choice.

Newsarama – DC Quietly Closed Vertigo’s Doors Early – Pour one out.

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Not Even Bones turns the YA novel into an intriguing web series – Free comics!


Talking Comics – DCeased #6
The Beat –
The Pits of Hell

Around the Tubes

Excalibur #1

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below. While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup. While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Newsarama – CW’s Superman Promises ‘Secret Story,’ Invokes Reeve & Kidder Confirming New Series – Interesting. They’ve been good in the roles so far.

The Beat – Turmoil at Heavy Metal as new owners take over – UPDATED – The publisher hasn’t had their act together for some time.


Comics Bulletin – The Amazing Mary Jane #1
Newsarama –
Excalibur #1

HBO Max Gets Green Lantern, Strange Adventures, DC Superhero High, Doom Patrol, and More

DC logo

HBO Max got a massive amount of information dumped today with reveals of what subscribers can expect.

The digital service is showing some love for fans of DC Comics with multiple shows. DC and HBO have the same parent company.

DC films of the last decade will be available within the first year of launch as well as every Superman and Batman movie from the last 40 years. Joker will debut on the service in 2020 as well.

But, it’s not just about movies, it’s television shows as well.

Greg Berlanti is developing a pair of shows for the service. Strange Adventures will be a DC superhero anthology that features DC characters from across their history. A series that focuses on the world of Green Lantern is also being worked on but details are scarce.

Also announced is a teen comedy, DC Superhero High from Elizabeth Banks. The series concept sounds a bit like the popular young reader comic series DC Super Hero Girls.

Finally, HBO Max will compete a bit with the DC Universe app as Doom Patrol will debut on the platform.

HBO Max will be available for $14.99 launching May 2020. It will be free for those with HBO and AT&T service and those with HBO Now will get HBO Max. Those who subscribe to HBO through a cable provider are currently in the dark.

Review: Batman/Superman #3

Batman/Superman #3

Batman/Superman #3 continues to deliver a hell of a series as we begin to see the larger picture of what’s going on.

Written by Joshua Williamson the issue has Superman infected by The Batman Who Laughs. The issue teases out what’s to come and by the end, it’s much clearer this is a much bigger story tying into DC’s meta.

Williamson is able to deliver an issue that’s enjoyed on its own. At the same time, for those paying attention to “Year of the Villain” and “Tales From the Dark Multiverse,” you’ll be extra thrilled with the issue. Though this is a race to find out who’s infected and cure them, there’s so much more going on. That, and the fact Williamson is focused on numerous relationships makes the issue resonate.

The art by David Marquez with color by Alejandro Sanchez delivers. There’s some powerful moments and action sequences and you can feel the impact of the punches and crashes. The lettering by John J. Hill adds to the twisted nature of it all, especially Superman, as the infected grow.

The issue delivers and really moves the series and story along. There’s a sense of desperation you can feel coming from Batman as he struggles with what to do. Add in Superman realizing this isn’t an easy fight and you truly get a sense of a struggle. The series is delivering one of the best experiences from DC right now.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: David Marquez
Color: Alejandro Sanchez Letters: John J. Hill
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.65 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Action Comics #1016

Action Comics #1016

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Szymon Kudranski (CA) Jamal Campbell
In Shops: Oct 23, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Clark Kent, defender of the truth! The Daily Planet is under siege as the streets of Metropolis prepare for a gang war! The invisible mafia is invisible no more-and the streets of Metropolis will burn if the truth does not get out. All this, and another dive into the secrets of DC’s newest teen sensation… Naomi!

Action Comics #1016

Preview: Batman/Superman #3

Batman/Superman #3

(W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) David Marquez
In Shops: Oct 23, 2019
SRP: $3.99

“Who are the Secret Six?” part three! Is Superman the newest member of the Batman Who Laughs’ Secret Six? It certainly looks that way, and Batman may be powerless to stop the Man of Steel and his own demented doppelgänger. The Dark Multiverse’s most dangerous Bruce Wayne is loose in our world, and he has our world’s greatest superhero at his side. Who do you turn to when there’s no one to trust?

Batman/Superman #3
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