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It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

The Root – How Stan Lee, Creator of Black Panther, Taught a Generation of Black Nerds About Race, Art and Activism – There’ll be a lot of debate about the credit he should have but there’s no denying this.



Newsarama – Avengers #10

The Beat – I Am Young

Newsarama – Immortal Hulk #8

Newsarama – William Gibson’s Alien 3 #1

With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility: A Tribute To Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Source: sciencefiction.com

Stan Lee has passed away. Five words that comic fans knew would come, but hoped never to hear. But there they are.

TMZ reported that the legendary comic creator died in hospital in the early hours of Monday, November 12th. He was 95.  Upon hearing that news, like me, you’re in shock and your heart is probably broken. Stan Lee, a man who has had such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people of all walks of life is no longer with us.

Stanley Martin Lieber never intended to have his birth name published in a comic because he always wanted to write the Great American Novel, so he would instead use Stan Lee to sign off his first Captain America story.  Stan Lee may have never written the Great American Novel, but he had an instrumental hand in creating and shaping something much more important; generations of comic and superhero fans.

stan spidey

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

For many of us, as kids we had no idea who created the comics or the cartoons they inspired. We had no idea that a lot of the colourful characters came from Stan Lee’s pen and Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko’s pencil. At least I didn’t. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered the man in the Soapbox was responsible for a lot of what I was reading and watching in my formative years. Whether it was X-Men: The Animated SeriesSpider-Man or the Marvel Power Hour my Saturday mornings were spent engrossed in superhero cartoons based upon characters from the comics Lee wrote in the 60’s.

Later I would find my way to the X-Men, and through comics I would be introduced to some of the best people I have ever known (including my wife), few of whom I’ve actually met in person. Because that is the magic of Stan Lee. His work connects people of all ages, all creeds and all nationalities. Through his work, my life has changed. I don’t know where I would be without comics, and  I don’t know who I would be. Uncle Ben’s often misquoted famous words came from Stan Lee, and with his great power he accepted the responsibility of his position – whether it was subverting the Comics Code to publish a story decrying drug use or giving every misfit or marginalized child a place at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, Stan Lee’s writing saved as many people as the characters he co-created.

I never knew Stan Lee, nor did I ever get the chance to meet him. But he has had an immense and unfathomable impact on my life. Comics have become such an integral part of my self identity over the years; they still make up the bulk of my reading materials, and have of late become the source of most of the movies I will see in the theater. Stan Lee has been synonymous with comics, despite his long association with Marvel Comics, and his passing marks the end of an era.



There will be hundreds, if not thousands of tributes to Stan Lee in the comings days and weeks. There will be people using this time to take issue with how much credit Stan Lee deserves with the  writing in those early X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man stories, among others. But this isn’t the time for those discussions. Not now. Now is the time for us to grieve for him in our own way; some will be feel the grief like a gamma radiated fist to the gut, and some won’t know what to do with themselves.

Stan Lee has passed away, and the world has lost a beacon of the comic book industry. A family has lost a father and grandfather; industry veterans have lost a mentor; and we have all lost a man who, through his stories and infectious energy, inspired us to be better than we were.

Stan Lee’s comics have influenced and permeated nearly every aspect of popular culture these days, and Stan Lee’s hand can be seen in many of the Marvel characters on screen. Characters he helped create have been part of some of the biggest movies in the 21st century, and have appeared on more pieces of merchandise than any of us can honestly fathom. His legacy will live on in the characters and stories he co-created. Stan Lee may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.


Source: docnyc.net

‘Nuff Said.

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Stan Lee is Dead at the age of 95

TMZ broke the news that comic legend Stan Lee has passed at age 95 according to his daughter J.C.. Lee’s wife of 69 years, Joan, passed away in 2017.

An ambulance was called to his home early Monday morning and he was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he passed away. Lee had been suffering from numerous ailments and illness over the past few years.

Born Stanley Martin Leiber, he became an assistant in 1939 at Timely Comics, which would later become Marvel Comics. There, along with a myriad of other talent, he helped usher in the modern mythologies we know today.

Lee joined the army in 1942 where he was a member of the Signal Corps, repairing communication equipment. He later transfered to the Training Film Division where he worked on manuals, film, and occasionally comics.

Lee helped usher in the modern superhero era starting in the 1960s starting with the Fantastic Four, and helped co-create the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Daredevil Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and more.

After his stint at Marvel he went on to numerous other business ventures and created many more characters but none quite measured up to the Marvel magic. In recent years, he turned to the big screen with appearances in numerous comic films and he himself became a pop culture icon.

Review: The Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol. 3 The Leader Lives

Hulk Smash… through the late 1960s. The Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol. 3 The Leader Lives, takes us through 1967 to 1969 and collects Tales of Astonish #97-101, Incredible Hulk #102-117 and Annual #1, and Not Brand Echh #9.

The comics include the talent of Stan Lee, Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, Bill Everett, Archie Goodwin, Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe, Frank Giacoia, Dan Adkins, George Tuska, Syd Shores, John Severin, John Tartaglione, Tom Sutton, Art Simek, Sam Rosen, Gaspar Saladino, and Irving Watanabe.

Get your copy in comic shops today and book stores November 13. To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.



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Around the Tubes

We’re hitting the airport and heading to the West Coast for San Diego Comic-Con! But, that’s not stopping us with news from around the web.

CBLDF – Read CBLDF Summer Report! – A good organization to support!

Deadline – Stan Lee & POW! Launch New Comic Series After $1B Lawsuit Dropped – Interesting turn of events.



Talking Comics – The Amazing Spider-Man #1

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Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

The Comichron – Batman #50 leads retailer reorders for first week of July – Not too surprising.

Borneo Bulletin – Outgoing US envoy talks about comic books, life in Brunei – Interesting…

CBR – Stan Lee & POW! Release Statement About His Social Media Accounts – More drama!



The Beat – The Amazing Spider-Man #1

The Beat – Entropy

The Beat – Superman #1

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d everyone get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Comicbook – Stan Lee’s Former Lawyer Appointed As Guardian – Hopefully he gets the care he needs.

The Comichron – Amazing Spider-Man #800, Walking Dead anniversary box set lead reorder charts – This is not too surprising.



The Beat – Blackbird Days

Talking Comics – Sword Daughter #1

IGN – Venom #2

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow? What are you excited for? While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Eagle-Tribune – Comic books helped student with dyslexia how to read – Interesting.

The Federalist – The ‘Jawbreakers’ Comics Outrage Is A Ginned Up Controversy Between Book Banners – Don’t agree with everything said here… but it is. And when a respected conservative publication says it…

IGN – POW! Entertainment Responds to Stan Lee’s $1 Billion Lawsuit – What else would you say?



Talking Comics – Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock #1

Newsarama – The Joe Shuster Story

Comic Attack – Menthu Anger of Angels

Talking Comics – Paradiso #4

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday. What’d you all get? What’d you enjoy? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

IGN – Stan Lee Sues POW! Entertainment for $1 Billion – Things are getting weird.

Newsarama – Bullseye Cast for Daredevil Season 3 – Report – Makes sense as far as villain.

Newsarama – Elisabeth Shue Joins Amazon’s The Boys – Report – Interesting.

Publisher’s Weekly – TCAF 2018 Marks Festival’s 15 Years – Never been but we hear it’s a fantastic show.

Comichron – Super-teams dominate: Early demand high for June’s Justice League, while Avengers reorders keep rolling – Interesting.

The Beat – Camilla Zhang joins Kickstarter as Comics Outreach Lead – Congrats on the position!

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