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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Heroes Reborn #1

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Batman #108 (DC Comics) – Batman’s undercover to discover what’s up with the new group in town while things are in motion elsewhere bringing together the future Gotham we witnessed in Future State.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue leaned more heavily to fans of Fortnite so we’re intrigued to see if the second issue is more friendly to people new to Fortnite.

Becstar #1 (Mad Cave Studios) – A star-hopping mercenary-gone-full time-gambler. Yeah, that kind of sounds awesome.

Broken Souls Ballad #1 (Scout Comics/Black Caravan) – Saint Abigail’s Institute creates monsters – and those monsters are teenagers! The teens discover they have abilities tied to their psychosomatic conditions.

ENIAC #3 (Bad Idea) – The two issues so far have been entertaining with a nice mix of alternate history and action. We’re hoping for more of the same in this tech-thriller.

Eve #1 (BOOM! Studios) – Eve wakes up to a world she wasn’t traiend to live in, a future dystopian America.

The Good Asian #1 (Image Comics) – Following Edison Hark-a haunted, self-loathing Chinese-American detective-on the trail of a killer in 1936 Chinatown. Yeah, we’re in.

Green Lantern #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue was a bit choppy but our new favorite Green Lantern Jo (from Far Sector) debuts in this issue and we’re excited!

Heroes Reborn #1 (Marvel) – It shares a name with that other event but isn’t related. A new world where the Avengers never happened and only Blade remembers… yeah, we want to check this out.

Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1 (AWA Studios) – Garth Ennis writing a new series. That alone has this comic on the list.

Nocterra #3 (Image Comics) – A world of darkness and an amazing new villain. Nocterra is so well thought out at so many details.

The Secret to Superhuman Strength (Mariner Books) – Alison Bechdel goes over her fascination with fitness crazes.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (Marvel) – It’s a major crossover event in the Star Wars universe as bounty hunters are all after the same bounty… Han Solo frozen in carbonite!

Suicide Squad #3 (DC Comics) – The first two issues have been full of action with some interesting personalities. Add in a body count that’s already high, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Whalesville x Rocks and Minerals (Bad Idea) – The comic sounds like it’s more geared towards all ages and with a new format for Bad Idea, we want to see what they have in store for fans.

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