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Rebirth Review: Comics Released On 9/21

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s Rebirth Review where we take a look at the comics released under DC‘s Rebirth banner and try to work out just how accessible they are for new readers.

Each comic will receive a rating of Friendly or Unfriendly based on how easy it was for new readers to pick them up; the ratings are based solely on the issues released in the post-Rebirth ongoing series, with more consideration given for the specific issue being read when it comes to the final rating than the series overall. You may notice that not every comic is covered week to week, and that’s because I have a memory like a sieve and sometimes forget to pick them up. If I have missed an issue, typically I won’t go looking for back issues to to catch up on events – this feature is all about accessibility for new readers, after all.

This week saw a couple of new number one issues, as well as a couple of easily accessible jumping on points.

aqm_cv7_dsAquaman #7 This is a really interesting series so far, with Aquaman being shown in his more kingly duties as he tries to build relations between the surface world an Atlantis – and stop the war between the two that is brewing. Unfortunately, unless you’re more familiar with the series than the above synopsis, this may be a touch Unfriendly.

Batman #7 Gotham faces a hurricane and DC’s first post Rebirth crossover story begins here as Night Of The Monster Men kicks off. Supposing you have a passing familiarity with Detective Comics current story line then you’ll find this a Friendly issue.

Cyborg #1 The rule of thumb with DC‘s post Rebirth comics is that a first issue will be accessible. Occasionally this is only the case if you’ve read the Rebirth special, with the first issue of a series functioning more as a second. That’s not the case here – if you haven’t read the Rebirth  special, you’ll be fine. Cyborg #1 is a cyb-cv1_dsvery Friendly comic, and well worth reading – whether you’re a fan of Cyborg or not.

Green Arrow #7 The second part of an interlude story that focuses on Emiko’s journey, this is an Unfriendly comic unless you’ve read the previous issue.

Green Lanterns #7 Not only has this series been consistently one of the higher quality series pot Rebirth, but every issue has been accessible to new readers; some more so than others, obviously, and this is one of the most Friendly of all of them as we get to see the two heroes in a moment of downtime that allows us to get to know them, and themselves each other.

Justice League #5 I’ll be honest here – having read the first five issues, I still have very little clue as to what is happening here making this a very Unfriendly comic for new readers.

Harley Quinn #4 This is a comic that, honestly, is far from my cup of tea. That being said, it’s a self contained story that has a couple references to the last three part story, but it’s raven_cv1still a Friendly issue.

Nightwing #5 Did you read Batman #7 this week? Read that, otherwise this will be very Unfriendly as this issue contains the second part of the Bat-centric Night Of The Monster Men story arc.

Raven #1 Unlike the rest f the Teen Titans, I have absolutely no idea as to who Raven is. If you’re in the same boat, then you’re in luck because this is a very Friendly comic. We get caught up on Raven’s background through her narration, but the comic itself is about a fish out of water – and that’s very relateable for many of us.

Superman #7 A one shot story of the kind I really enjoy; superheroes on a rare day off. This issue is a very Friendly comic once you accept Superman has a son with Lois now, and goes by the name Clark smith, but if you’ve paid a modicum amount of attention to DC lately you’ll know this already.

Trinity #1 By this point, you’re probably at least partially aware that the Superman currently in the DCU isn’t the one from the New 52 (unlike the Batman and Wonder Woman), and if that’s the case, then you’ll find this a Friendly comic. Which is somewhat relieving considering it’s a first issue, eh?

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wicdiv1831_coverbIt’s a new week and we’re getting closer to New York Comic Con! We’ve got a new episode of Graphic Policy Radio tonight that you should listen to when it airs live.

While you await that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

UNLV – Quick Take: Censorship and Comics – A good read and go support the CBLDF!


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Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Batman Pin Mates

Take a trip to Gotham City with the new Batman Classic TV Series Pin Mate figures from Bif Bang Pow!. Individually numbered 24-35 in the series, these retro-style 2-inch wooden figures showcase each of the classic characters with 360-degree artwork. Add to your collection, and pre-order today!




This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

Early Preview: Batman #9

Batman #9

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mikel Janin
Cover by: Mikel Janin
Variant cover by: Tim Sale
U.S. Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: Oct. 19 2016

“I Am Suicide” part one! Batman has always been crazy…but this? This is suicide! In order to retrieve Psycho-Pirate and save Gotham Girl, Batman must recruit a team from Amanda Waller to break into the most impenetrable prison in the world and steal from one of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes…Bane. The next great Batman story begins here!


Preview: Batman #7

Batman #7

Written by: Tom King, Steve Orlando
Art by: Riley Rossmo
Cover by: Yanick Paquette
Variant cover by: Tim Sale

“NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN” part 1! The first crossover of the “Rebirth” era is here! As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman, and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare them for enormous tall monsters rampaging through the streets! Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monsters from tearing their city apart!


Suicide Squad Action Figures in January

The heroic villains of the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad are coming soon as Action Figures!

Collect The Joker (shirtless), Killer Croc, Katana, Enchantress, Underwater Batman, Deadshot, and Inmate Harley!

Each figure is 3 3/4″ tall and fully posable!

Action Figures: Suicide Squad are out in January from Funko!

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wicdiv1831_coveraIt was new comic book day yesterday! What’d everyone get? What’d folks enjoy? Sound off in the comments below!

While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup!

Around the Tubes

LA Review of Books – The X-Men and the Legacy of AIDS – Some interesting history here.

iO9 – The Newest Batman Video Game Makes a Harsh Change to the Dark Knight’s Origin – Well that’s interesting.


Around the Tubes Reviews

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ICv2 – Tetris: The Games People Play

Comic Vine – Trinity #1

Newsarama – Trinity #1

Newsarama – The Wicked + The Divine 1831

Review: Batman #7

batman7coverBatman vs. Kaiju. Dozens of writers and editors are currently facepalming because they didn’t come up with that simple, yet powerful idea before writers Steve Orlando and Tom King. But the story isn’t just a straight up, Batman and his allies punching monsters. Batman #7 also deals with the fallout of Tim Drake’s death in Detective Comics #940 as Batman projects his sadness about losing another Robin into evacuating Gotham as quick as possible from an impending flood instead of dealing with his grief. The comic is a fine opening salvo for the mini “Night of the Monster Men” crossover with plenty of blockbuster action, dry one-liners, interactions between the Bat-Family, and twisted art from Riley Rossmo.

Rossmo is primarily known as a horror artist from his work on Hellblazer and and his take on kaijus is definitely the opposite of Toho even though both Godzilla and the Monster Men are products of scientific experimentation gone too far. And his monsters are flat out abominations and take up the entire panel tottering like babies with a giant one eyed globe that is the size of a tall building. In one word, it’s a unique design, and Orlando and King use its presence to make Batman go more desperate than usual as it takes exploding an entire Batplane plus a nifty John Henry Irons designed jetpack to take it out. Colorist Ivan Plascencia adds to the Monster Men’s disgusting nature by giving their mutated bodies a large blotch of red to offset the dark rain and purple and yellow explosions. They’re gross, powerful, and there is going to be much more of them as the crossover continues.

batman7interiorBatman #7 doesn’t really show much of Hugo Strange’s reasoning behind sending giant monsters to attack Gotham, but the lack of fleshed out villain is redeemed by Orlando and King’s character work with the Batman family. Before any fighting happens, there is an extended scene of dialogue between Batman, Nightwing, and Batman and her team of Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, and Clayface. During this scene, Batman is practically gazing at the abyss and kind of seems to have a death wish. Batwoman and Nightwing are trying to pull him back, but to no avail. To their credit, King and Orlando don’t characterize Batman as 100% broody as he makes wise cracks about Duke Thomas not being ready to fight monsters yet. He also is supportive of Clayface and his heroic potential as the former villain shifts into GCPD officers to help with the evacuation quicker. Batman might fight a monster mano a mano in this issue, but he is a far cry from the Batman of “Death of the Family”, who wasn’t willing to help his friend and allies for an assist in saving the city.

Batman #7 is like a summer blockbuster with an October horror twist as Rossmo draws a fast and frantic transformation sequence, but there are also plenty of action movie explosions and one-liners. But Orlando and King keep the big action grounded in the fragile dynamic and elevate the story from just being a popcorn read. Rossmo’s slightly askew art helps too.

Also, where else are you going to be able to see Batman fly a plane into a two story monster?

Story: Steve Orlando and Tom King Art: Riley Rossmo Colors: Ivan Plascencia
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Batman Miniature Game Suicide Squad Box Set plus Affleck Batman and Harley Bombshell

After weeks of teasing Knight Models has opened up the pre-order for their first game box for the Batman Miniature Game.

The Suicide Squad Game Box is the first two-player game box for the Batman Miniature Game, containing everything you to fight out vicious street-battles between the Suicide Squad and the Joker’s crew.

Pre-order this box now to get the free Batman (Ben Affleck version), and they even have one last surprise!

There are two versions of the game box! The regular box retails for 99.95 € which is about $112 US (much cheaper than I expected). There’s also a version with an exclusive Harley Quinn Bombshell figure which retails for 109.99 € / about $123.

The company has also revealed the two buildings included (printed on both sides) in the game can be stacked to create a taller building. In total you get 13 figures and character cards, rule book including a special campaign, 2 full-color die-cut card buildings, 4 lamp posts markers, 4 sewer markers, “take the lead” and objective counters and dice.batman-miniature-game-box-set-featured14195922_867128563387463_861287282804533640_o batman_miniature_game_harley_quinn_bombshell_preorder batman_miniature_game_suicide_squad_batman_affleck_preorder

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

britannia_001_cover-a_nordWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Britannia #1 (Valiant) – Britain in the Dark Ages as a story setting has always fascinated me (in fact, I just picked up a book set around Ceaser’s first invasion today), so when I found out that Valiant were publishing a comic written by Peter Milligan with Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire attached to it, I knew I’d be reading it. I know very little about the story, honestly, other than it features a Roman detective, but I can’t wait to dive in.

Batman #7 (DC Comics) – The best part about the biweekly shipping is that I don’t need to wait a whole month to get into the next issue, and with the way Tom King set up the next arc, that’s a very good thing.

Black Hammer #3 (Dark Horse) – This is a bit of a cheat, because I’ve already read the book, but I don’t hear enough chatter about Jeff Lemire’s story about Golden Age heroes that have been stuck in a purgatory-like town (though some are adapting better than others) for ten years. It’s a gripping tale, and this left me wanting more.

Phantom TP Vol. 01 Danger In The Forbidden City (Hermes) – The Phantom is  character that will always have a soft spot in my geekdom – and while there have certainly been some bad comics released featuring the Ghost Who Walks, there have been some great ones a well (Dynamites Last Phantom is one of the best I’ve read recently). So when I found out about this collection, written by Peter David, I got pretty excited.

Vote Loki #4 (Marvel) – Will Loki become President? Will he get punched in the face? Will he tell the truth at any point? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.



Cyborg # 1 (DC Comics) – We already got a preview of what John Semper Jr. (award-winning writer who previously worked in animation on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Static Shock), has in store for Cyborg in DC’s latest Rebirth iteration, and I am digging it. It is my top pick this week.

Horizon #3 (Image) – This unique twist on an alien incursion against Earth is impressive.

I Hate Fairyland #9 (Image) – It’s good for laughs, and I could use some.

Seven to Eternity #1 (Image) – Rick Remender has become one of my favorite writers in this new digital golden age of comics (although he can be depressing at times); plus, this new sci-fi fantasy western has echoes of The Magnificent Seven.

The Vision #11 (Marvel) – Forget the latest Batman Crossover event, this is the Tom King book everyone should be reading right now.



This is another great week for comics. Brik #3 deserves honorable mention since it didn’t make the cut but, my review of it should be up soon. This time around my picks are DC heavy because they’ve come out of the gate swinging.

Top Pick: The Wicked + The Divine 1831 One Shot (Image) – Wic/Div goes back in time to solve a mystery. It’s my top pick because one shots are always fun and Wic/Div is always good. Plus ,it won’t be in volume #4 so there’s no reason to wait.

Raven #1 (DC Comics) – The comic is promising a teen age Raven I’m San Fransisco exploring her human side trying to make it through high school. She gets thrown into a dark side version of a Nancy Drew mystery when a student disappears and she gets to face some true evil.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five #18 (DC Comics) – This issue gives us Deathstroke joining the unholy superman and Luthor team up to open portals and end the war that’s been brewing. There’s even a pop up visit by Raven to keep everyone on their toes and watching their backs.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo & Boomerang #2 (DC Comics) – One of my fave bad guys turned good El Diablo is now working with Checkmate and Boomerang finally gets something interesting to do avoiding even badder guys and trying get out of Latin America alive.

Carnage #12 (Marvel) – My fave baddy, who I know will never have the stand alone movie I want, has the Anti-Carnage squad in his crosshairs. I know it’s about to go down but, I’m on the fence about who to root for.



Top Pick: Revolution #1 (IDW Publishing) –  This is it! All of my favorite childhood properties are coming together as part of one comic universe. Transformers, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, ROM, MASK, yes, yes, yes please! Hasbro has also indicated we’ll be seeing all of this in future movies too, so this will give us an indication as to what to expect there as well. My five year old self is so excited!

Britannia #1 (Valiant) – Peter Milligan with Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire take Valiant out of their spandex-ish superhero zone giving us the world’s first detective set in Britain during the Dark Ages.

Invisible Republic #11 (Image Comics) – If you haven’t been reading this series and you’re a fan of sci-fi (and especially politics), you’re missing out. This issue kicks off the third arc as Maia becomes embroiled in the civil war raging on.

Civil War II #5 (Marvel) – Marvel’s event has been very hit and miss, but I’m intrigued to see what happens next.

Seven to Eternity #1 (Image) – The team of Rick Remender and Jerome Opena sold me on this one. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s one to check out.



Top Pick: Seven to Eternity #1 (Image) – Rick Remender has been writing some of the most fresh and exciting comics on the stands. Seven to Eternity looks to be another intriguing sci-fi/fantasy concept with some absolute gorgeous art from Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth. The plot focuses on Adam, whose crossroad journey is split by a major decision between killing the world’s evil God or accepting the offer being extended by the same deity.

Black Hammer #3 (Dark Horse)Black Hammer #3 looks to focus on the character of Barbalien, digging into some of his past. Each issue so far has been a treat to read as Jeff Lemire has been providing some poetic, deconstructive conversations around the group of heroes, with an art style from Dean Ormston and Dave Stewart that really provides a parallel of emotions between the warm nostalgia of the past and the cold, hard present reality.Wicked & Divine 1831 One Shot: Looking to step away from the main storyline, this one shot, diving into the past (Victorian Pantheon?) features the wonderful art of Stephanie Hans. There has always been this floating curiosity in the main series in regards to past iterations of the Pantheon so it will be very interesting to get some back story on characters unfamiliar to the present time being focused on.

The Wicked + The Divine 1831 One Shot (Image) – Looking to step away from the main storyline, this one shot, diving into the past (Victorian Pantheon?) features the wonderful art of Stephanie Hans. There has always been this floating curiosity in the main series in regards to past iterations of the Pantheon so it will be very interesting to get some back story on characters unfamiliar to the present time being focused on.

I Hate Fairyland #9 (Image)I Hate Fairyland is always an entertaining read within a very vibrant, colourful, violent world. It’s continuously fun to see the world being expanded with graceful playfulness and tongue in cheek wit.

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