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After the Button… Bad Idea Launches with Five Titles in 2021

Bad Idea is on the way! After an interesting build-up, the comic publisher is ready to do something new, get some comics on the shelves!

Beginning in March 2021, comic fans will be getting at least one brand-new Bad Idea release per month in a variety of tastes-good, feels-great formats by a fleet of world-class creators, including writers Matt Kindt, Robert Venditti, Marguerite Bennett, and Zeb Wells, artists Doug Braithwaite, Juan Jose Ryp, Adam Pollina, Renato Guedes, and Adam Pollina, and even more yet to come (like Mae Catt, Joshua Dysart, Tomas Giorello, Eric Heisserer, David Lapham, Lewis LaRosa, Jeff Lemire, Peter Milligan, and more).

Bad Idea is taking a new spin on comic distribution. Comic books will be sold exclusively in participating comic book stores. No digital releases. No trade paperbacks or hardcovers. And no variant covers, either. Just super-high quality comics that will always leave you wanting more – because they’ll never publish more than two in a given month.

The publisher’s goal is for every single issue to look and feel special with prestige-format package, deluxe matte laminate covers, and heavy-duty interior paper stock. There’ll also be extra-long page counts, guest appearances from artists, and standalone bonus stories in every issue at no extra cost. That means more The Hero Trade from Matt Kindt and David Lapham and… the bird of a shared universe!?

All of that for just $3.99 per issue.

You’ll have to visit a Bad Idea “destination store” – one of the 100 and counting comic shops around the world that have signed on to join our independent network of direct-distribution retail partners – and buy them on a Wednesday (or simply pre-order them in advance by phone or email and pick them up whenever you’re damn well ready).

What will we see next year? Lets find out!

ENIAC #1 (of 4)

MATT KINDT (writer)

Seventy-seven years ago, the United States unlocked the key to defeating the Axis powers, but, in their desperation to end the war, created a far more powerful threat: ENIAC (Electronic Numerator Integrator and Computer), the world’s first supercomputer. ENIAC’s calculations proved vital to turning the tide against Germany and Japan – until it ordered the second atomic bomb to be dropped on Nagasaki without any human order or approval. America had inadvertently created the first artificial intelligence without ever realizing the full extent of its abilities…or its ambitions. For the more than 50 years that followed, ENIAC manipulated global affairs from the shadows, waging a cold war that pitted spy against spy, nation against nation…until it went dark and disappeared from view. Now, years later, an encrypted countdown has just been detected in Earth’s satellite network and mankind only has three days left before ENIAC executes its endgame. With few options and even less time, the Secretary of Defense has just given two covert operatives the most important mission in human history: kill ENIAC…before it kills us.

From the minds of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), incendiary artist Doug Braithwaite (Justice), and colorist Diego Rodriguez (X-O Manowar), Bad Idea’s long-awaited debut starts here with a science-fiction thrill ride that will send shockwaves for decades to come.


ENIAC #1 (of 4)

TANKERS #1 (of 3)

JUAN JOSE RYP (art/covers)

The CEO of global energy conglomerate Greenleaf Oil has just discovered a terrifying secret: the planet only has a decade or less of petroleum left before it’s gone forever. But he has a plan to make sure his great-great grandchildren can continue to generate maximum shareholder value – and secure his own legacy in the process. Rather than develop a game-changing renewable energy source through the power of corporate innovation, Greenleaf has perfected the next best thing – time travel (duh) – so that a team of six field-rat contractors armed to the teeth in individually customized mech suits can go back to the Cretaceous Period, tweak the trajectory of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and give mankind another 500 millennia worth of oil reserves. What could go wrong? Only all of human history, of course – because when Greenleaf’s team of Tankers come home, they’ll discover that not only did the dinosaurs never die out, they’ve kept evolving for another 60 million years…and they’re more pissed off than ever.

Bone-shredding destruction! Wanton corporate malfeasance! Reckless use of industrial machinery! And lots and lots of ammunition. Like a Saturday morning cartoon that’s run irresponsibly overbudget, New York Times bestselling writer Robert Venditti (Justice League), blockbuster artist Juan Jose Ryp (Wolverine), and Eisner Award-winning colorist Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly) are here to take all of our insecurities about mankind’s most self-destructive impulses and turn them up until the knob snaps off with THREE DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUES shipping BIMONTHLY (that means every other month, don’t look it up).


TANKERS #1 (of 3)


MATT KINDT (writer)
ADAM POLLINA (artist/cover)

You never thought you’d see a Bad Idea like this! From the limitless imaginations of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), veteran artist Adam Pollina (X-Force), and Eisner Award-winning colorist Matt Hollingsworth (Hawkeye) comes a very special whale tale for all ages (and species) in the tradition of Hayao Miyazaki and Pixar!

When young Wawae – the seaborn son of a whaling captain – is thrown overboard and swallowed whole by a whale, he knows his father will relentlessly pursue revenge against the creature that stole away his boy. What he didn’t expect, however, is what he’s about to find inside: the town of “Whalesville” – a colorful, cobbled-together village inhabited by an astounding collection of talking sea creatures, including a crab named Caleb, an angler fish called Angela, and a seadragon that prefers to go by Lilly. But, to Wawae’s new friends, Whalesville isn’t just their home, it’s the whole world – and they don’t understand the danger that now pursues them from above the waves or that they are even inside a whale at all. To rescue his new best buddies, Wawae will have to convince them of the truth…and save Whalesville before his own father sends them sinking into the inky depths forever.



THE LOT #1 (of 4) 

RENATO GUEDES (artist/cover)

In 1970, legendary filmmaker Oliver Larsen began production on his latest horror masterpiece on the lot of Los Angeles’ famed Cloverleaf Studios. Obsessed with bringing authenticity to the genre, the director insisted on casting real-life occultists to perform a genuine Satanic ritual live on camera – until something went horribly wrong. In the bloody aftermath, the production was shut down, the footage was confiscated, and the soundstage was forever shuttered.

Until today.

On the heels of a promotion that’s just made her the youngest studio chief in decades, Aviva Copeland is planning to overhaul Cloverleaf’s fading image for the 21st century – starting with the prime piece of California real estate that’s gone unused for 50 years: the very same lost soundstage where Larsen filmed his doomed masterpiece. But, as Aviva will soon discover, this corner of the lot may have been closed for a half-century, but it’s far from empty…and the evil that lives within its haunted walls will soon seize its chance to kill again.

New York Times best-selling writer Marguerite Bennett (AnimosityA-Force) and artist Renato Guedes (DCeased: Hope at World’s End) present a terrifying vision of horror and Hollywood in the boldly bloody Bad Idea manner!


THE LOT #1 (of 4)


ZEB WELLS (writer)
DAVID LAFUENTE (artist/cover)

You’ve heard of black comedies? Well, this is the first one that’s not just black, but red and green and covered in reams of extremely flammable tinsel that’s already been banned in Canada!

Every Christmas Eve, little Bobby Hamilton and his father rise at dawn for an early morning hunting trip. It was their favorite tradition – until they accidentally killed a certain red-nosed reindeer. They should have known better. They shouldn’t have tried to cover it up. Because Santa Claus knows that they’ve been naughty – and, now like so many fragile Christmas ornaments violently shaken free, the yuletide peace of a quaint Midwestern farming hamlet will forever be shattered as Old Saint Nick comes to town to reap the sweetest gift of all: vengeance.

This July, Emmy Award winner Zeb Wells (HellionsRobot Chicken), mischief-making artistic all-star David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man), and colorist Ulises Arreola (Action Comics) are ready to ruin Christmas a solid six months in advance with the only thing we really wanted this year, anyway: another king-sized Bad Idea one-shot that will soon go down in infamy!



Matt Kindt, David Lapham, and Bad Idea Drop Surprise Comic The Hero Trade #1

Bad Idea has surprised everyone with a brand new comic from Matt Kindt and David Lapham that’s at comic shops now. The Hero Trade #1 has “materialized overnight” in comic shops around the world, a comic no one knew was coming. See, secrets can be kept.

The Hero Trade #1 is a special, limited-release available at participating comic shops so check with yours as far as availability. We expect these to go quickly.

The release of the comic is timed as “The Button” the secret force currently controlling Bad Idea crosses 800 million clicks. With a goal of 1 billion clicks, what happens then?

Bad Idea’s The Button Cup Begins!

The Button has revealed more art for upcoming comics from Bad Idea. You can check out the latest below!

But more importantly… The Button Cup begins!

100 comic shops, Five days, One Champion.

The Button is holding a ontest that whichever stores get the most clicks each day advances towards the cup.

The way it works is each team gets a time period and whichever team gets the most clicks during theit slot, advances.

Help your team by seeing what time it goes and by clicking at this site.

The Button Reveals More from Bad Idea

Upstart comic publisher Bad Idea now serves “The Button.” If they get 1 billion clicks, Bad Idea begins, but until that happens, we’re getting a better look at what’s coming from the publisher.

New art from David Lafuente, Lewis Larosa, Khari Evans, Tomas Giorello with Diego Rodgriguez, and Adam Pollina has all been revealed.

Check out below what The Button wants us to see and get excited for what’s coming from Bad Idea.

Bad Idea wants you to click “The Button”

The Button

Bad Idea, a new comic publisher, has had some interesting ideas in how to shake up comic distribution and now they’ve decided to shake up hype and marketing.

They want you to click a button. Seriously.

There’s a website where you just click a button for… something. Bad Idea possible releases its first comic, maybe, we’re seriously not sure. And they’re looking for 1 billion clicks.

You can read the full release below because we seriously can’t do this justice with the insanity of it all.


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of Bad Idea — the unruly and experimental comic book publisher that was just weeks away from releasing its first title earlier this year until…we were contacted by something we can neither rationally explain nor fully understand. 

It calls itself “The Button.” 

For months, fans have been clamoring to know when Bad Idea will release its first comic. The answer is simple: We can’t…because, seemingly overnight, The Button has assumed control of every facet of Bad Idea — commandeering everything from our publishing plan to our generous suite of employee perks. (“Ping-Pong Fridays,” RIP.) But, most startlingly of all, it will not let Bad Idea begin its launch until it has collected what it wants— what it demands — from all of us:

One billion clicks. 1,000,000,000,000. That’s billion with a “b,” friend.

At first, we started clicking ourselves. Then, our families, our neighbors, our pool boys, our paleo culinary consultants. Then, our writers, our artists, and on and on and on. But it wasn’t enough.

Yes, friends — its magnitude The Button demands to be clicked, and it knows to whom it must now extend its burdensome grace: YOU. It has seen you. It has judged you. And it still likes you anyway.

To achieve its purpose, The Button has guided our hands in shapingServeTheButton.com — something new that we’re calling a “website,” to coin a phrase (hope it sticks) — where its spectacular totality will receive your clicks, every second of every hour of every day, until it has sated its inestimable void. It also is a lot of fun to play with and looks pretty cool, if we’re being honest about it:

So, starting this second, here’s what you need to do:

1) Don’t go home, there is no time. 2) Click it and don’t stop, no matter what anyone tells you  especially us. 3) Follow Bad Idea on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to hear The Button speak and earn its favor. From time to time, The Button may issue new challenges, demand offerings, or reveal its manyfold enigmas. Make sure you are listening when it does.4) Accept it.The Button is running the show now, and there’s no going back, jack. Steel yourself for the months of The Button’s domination that yet await.

We can only speculate as to The Button’s true origin and motives, and we know neither how nor why it seeks this outcome. All we can say for certain is that we must comply to bring Bad Idea to comic shops as we’ve all long hoped, dreamed, and aspired…or face the grave consequences of cosmic imbalance.

What is the truer purpose: to push or to be pushed? This is the wisdom The Button yokes from those who attend it. It is the mystery of revelation, the intention of design, the servitude of purpose. Also, America’s new favorite pastime. Click it! CLICK IT!




Not gonna lie, it’s probably going to get pretty intense from here on out, so get those game faces on.

We’ll say it again: Earn The Button’s favor by following Bad Idea on FacebookTwitter, and InstagramWhen The Button speaks, pay tribute to its magnitude, perform its challenges, and receive its gifts — those who do will be richly rewarded.

The Button will issue its first edict today at 12 pm ET/9 am PT. So it has been foretold.

In the meantime, surrender your email address to The Button’s will, so you don’t miss a single milestone on the march to one billion clicks.

But don’t forget to click. Whatever you do, never forget to click. We’re counting on you.

Its magnitude The Button knows all. That means everything. Including that.
Recognize the circle inside yourself. Follow it all the way around. Then around again.
The Button contains multitudes and will also be formally recognized as The One Above All, Magic Mike XXL, and the Owner-Proprietor of Big Cheese LLC, in addition to a number of other quasi-legal, but mostly spiritual, aliases and sobriquets.
Keep telling yourself it’s just a button. Trust us, we tried that.
Learn to recognize fellow Attendants of The Button. You may already know one. Perhaps several. They may be closer than you think.
You’re kidding yourself if you thought Joker was any good, you fucking nerd.
The Button gets pretty crabby on Mondays, so let’s try to keep it upbeat, okay?
Bad idea does not endorse the views of The Button or followers of the Remunerated Sect of Buttonology.
If the Button commands it, you better get on that.

Tell Comic Shops You Want a Bad Idea Sent You. Pre-Order

Don’t want to miss out on ENIAC from Bad Idea? The publisher is here to help! As part of their ongoing support for comic shops and to make sure they can hit the ground running once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, Bad Idea has developed an exclusive pre-order portal for the release of ENIAC #1 by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite.

Reserve your copy directly from a Bad Idea Destination Store by following these three simple steps:

  • Visit WhereIsBadIdea.com (or click the PRE-ORDER tab at BadIdeaCorp.com) to locate your nearest Bad Idea Destination Store.
  • Submit the requested contact info, and they’ll let the store know, so that they can be in touch closer to the release.
  • Once the rescheduled release date for ENIAC #1 has been announced, your store will get in touch with you to finalize the details of your pre-order.
Bad Idea pre-order site

Bad Idea Has a Good Idea with a Financial Relief Fund for Retailers and Announces New Launch Plans

Bad Idea

Comic publishers are changing plans due to the spread of COVID-19 and its impact across the industry. New publisher Bad Idea hasn’t even launched as being impacted. With an unknown landscape, the publisher is delaying the initial comic from its May 6 debut. They have also announced a retailer relief program as well as increasing the development of projects while other publishers are “pencils down.”

Read below for their full release:

Due to the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, Bad Idea regrets to inform fans and retailers that the company has made the difficult decision to postpone its initially scheduled launch date of May 6th, 2020 and the corresponding release of its first title – ENIAC – until later in the year.

Bad Idea will be back soon, and, in the meantime, we’re hard at work. There wouldn’t be a Bad Idea without our creators and retail partners, and in concert with them, we will be implementing the following immediately:

1) WE’RE DOUBLING DOWN ON COMICS: Every Bad Idea creator will actively be working during this period. We’re not slowing down – in fact, we’re ramping up.  As our creators continue to work as planned on Bad Idea’s initial slate of titles, the company is doubling its current workload by actively increasing development and production of new projects, and commencing work now that had originally been slated to begin in 2021.

2) $25,000 RETAILER RELIEF FUND: Our company is built on one simple concept: monthly comics, sold by comic book stores. As we all know, many of those stores need our help right now more than ever. To that end, Bad Idea has put together an emergency financial relief fund with a beginning balance of $25,000. This will immediately be distributed equally between every one of the 100 retailers in the first wave of our Bad Idea Destination Store program, as well as those already committed to our yet-to-be announced second wave. Eligible retailers will be contacted via email today and will simply need to provide a mailing address or valid PayPal account to receive their funds via check or electronic payment.

While this won’t solve the problems of every store, we hope that it can help a few take care of an unforeseen emergency or simply help out with the bills. We love comics and the people who make and sell them, and want to help where we can during this uncertain time.

Please stay safe, and we look forward to getting everyone back into comic shops once this crisis has passed.  We’ll be the first in line.

Your friends at Bad Idea,

Dinesh Shamdasani, Co-CEO & Co-Chief Creative Officer
Warren Simons, Co-CEO & Co-Chief Creative Officer
Hunter Gorinson, Publisher
Josh Johns, Director of Marketing
Atom Freeman, Sales Consultant

Bad Idea Reveals its Full List of 100 Retailers

After initially announcing a launch at 20 retail stores, then expanding to 50 stores, overwhelming demand had new comic publisher Bad Idea rethink that and expand their launch to 100 comic shops (that’s just 0.5% of all comic stores around the world). New stores will be continued to be added on a rolling basis.

The publisher has announced its initial 100 shops that you can find their comics at. Their first launch, ENIAC #1 by Matt Kindt, Doug Braithwaite, and Diego Rodriguez comes to shelves May 6th, 2020.

In order to qualify for participation, each BAD IDEA Destination Store has agreed to a stringent set of rules and criteria that includes prominent in-store placement for Bad Idea comics, some truly galling promotional displays, and strictly enforced “limit one per customer,” street date, pre-order, pricing, and minimum/maximum order and allocation policies for all Bad Idea releases. If they fail to comply with the spirit and/or letter of these somewhat ridiculous edicts at any point, they’re out of the program – it’s pretty simple.

You can take the below form to shops to pre-order your copy!

Bad Idea

So, without further ado, here’s Bad Idea’s “Handsome Hundred” list of Destination Store retail partners.

Friendly Neighborhood ComicsCollector’s Paradise
799 South Main St.319 S. Arroyo Pkwy., Unit 4 
Bellingham, MA 02019Pasadena, CA 91105
(508) 966-2275(626) 577-6694
Big Planet ComicsZeppelin Comics
7315 Baltimore Ave.929 1st St.
College Park, MD 20740Benicia, CA 94510
(301) 699-0498(707) 297-6126
Brave New World ComicsRedd Skull Comics
22722 Lyons Ave., Ste 2720A Edmonton Trail
Santa Clarita, CA 91321Calgary, Alberta, T2E 3J4
(661) 259-4745Canada
(403) 230-2716
Knowhere Games and Comics
744 Grand Ave Ste 102, The Beguiling
San Marcos, CA 92078319 College Street
(760) 891-8333Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1S2 
The Dragon(416) 533-9168
55 Wyndham St. North, Unit T-19B
Guelph, OntarioThird Eye Comics
Canada 209 Chinquapin Round Rd., Suite 200
(519) 763-5544Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 897-0322
The Comic Place
105 E. Holly St. Comic Quest
Bellingham, WA 9822523811 Bridger Rd. #100
(360) 733-2224Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 951-9668
Time Warp Comics & Games
3105 28th St. The Comic Shop
Boulder, CO 8030114837 Washington Ave.
(800) 552-9108San Leandro, CA 94578
(510) 562-0205
Keith’s Books and Comics
5400 E. Mockingbird LaneIllusive Comics
Dallas, TX 752061270 Franklin Mall
(214) 827-3060Santa Clara, CA 95050 
(408) 985-7481
Kings Comics
283 Clarence St.Ssalefish Comics
Sydney NSW 20003232 Silas Creek Pkwy., Suite 20
AustraliaWinston-Salem, NC 27103
02 9267 5615(336) 760-9851
Titan ComicsThings From Another World
3128 Forest Lane, Suite 2502916 NE Broadway St. 
Dallas, TX 75234Portland, OR 97232
(214) 350-4420(503) 284-4693
Njoy Games & ComicsThe Dark Side
8820 & 8824 Reseda Blvd.935 N. Beneva Rd., Suite #902 
Northridge, CA 91324Sarasota, FL 34232
(818) 709-0599(941) 363-0840
Comics AdventureGeek Geek Nerd Nerd
15705 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Suite A2127 S. Hwy 97
Milwaukie, OR 97267Redmond, OR 97756
(503) 305-7946(541) 923-7345
BaT Comics & GamesHeroes Haven
218 Broadway St.4339 Gunn Hwy
Chico, CA 95928Tampa, FL 33618
(530) 898-0550(813) 269-8859
A Comic ShopComix Warehouse
114 S. Semoran Blvd.52 S. Main St. 
Winter Park, FL 32792Pearl River, NY 10965
(407) 332-9636(845) 216-9100
Alternate Reality ComicsStrange Adventures
4110 S Maryland Pkwy.5110 Prince St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1L3 
(702) 736-3673Canada
(902) 425-2140
Anyone Comics
1216 Union St.Cosmic Monkey Comics
Brooklyn, NY 112255335 NE Sandy Blvd. 
(347) 350-8422Portland, OR 97213
(503) 517-9050
Variant Edition
10132 151 St NWComic Central
Edmonton, Alberta T5P 1T41425 WP Ball Blvd.
CanadaSanford, FL 32771
(780) 452-9886(407) 321-5111
Fourcorners ComicsCape & Cowl Comics
42 Baltimore St.1601 Clay St. 
Gettysburg, PA 17325Oakland, CA 94612
(717) 334-2336(510) 907-0678
Pop ComicsParadox Comics-N-Cards
203 W Center St Promenade26 Roberts St.
Anaheim, CA 92805Fargo, ND 58102
(657) 208-3835(701) 239-9505
Rick’s Comic CityVault of Midnight
2720 Old Lebanon Rd. #104219 S. Main St.
Nashville, TN 37214Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(615) 883-7890(734) 998-1413
The CollectiveMidtown Comics
515 E. Altamonte Dr., Unit 1023200 W. 40th St.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701New York, NY 10018
(321) 295-7091(212) 302-8192
Comics EliteBedrock City Comics
5575 Elmwood Ave., Suite E-26516 Westheimer Rd., Suite D
Indianapolis, IN 46203Houston, TX 77057
(317) 755-2533(713) 780-0675
Memory Lane ComicsI Like Comics
201 Princess St.1715 Broadway St.
Wilmington, NC 28401Vancouver, WA 98663
(910) 392-6647(360) 852-8890
Rebel Base Comics & ToysDouble Midnight
701 S Sharon Amity Rd., Suite C 245 Maple St.
Charlotte, NC 28211Manchester, NH 03103
(704) 442-9660(603) 669-9636 
The Adventure BeginsParker, Banner, Kent & Wayne
525 Woodland Square Blvd. #13021500 Catawba Ave.
Conroe, TX 77384Cornelius, NC 28031
(936) 273-3223(704) 892-4263
Samurai ComicsGolden Apple Comics
1602 E. Indian School Rd.7018 Melrose Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85016Los Angeles, CA 90038
(602) 265-8886(323) 658-6047
Summit Comics & GamesForbidden Planet UK
216 Washington Square South B179 Shaftesbury Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933London, WC2H 8JR
(517) 485-2369United Kingdom
(020) 7420 3666
Green Brain Comics
13936 Michigan Ave.Planet Comics
Dearborn, MI 481262704 N. Main St.
(313-582-9444)Anderson, SC 29621
(864) 261-3578
Comics Are Go
5214 Detroit Rd.Fantasy Books and Games
Sheffield, OH 440351113 E. Main St. 
(440) 695-8401Belleville, IL 62221
(618) 235-0844
I Want More Comics
550 E Thornton Pkwy. #114Maximum Comics
Thornton, CO 802295130 S. Fort Apache Rd. # 285
(303) 460-7226Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 367-0755
The Nerd Store
601 South 2700, West Suite G106Geoffrey’s Comics
West Valley City, UT 8411915900 Crenshaw Blvd. # B
(801) 964-4776Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 538-3198
Ultimate Comics
1301 Buck Jones Rd.Impulse Creations
Raleigh, NC 276068228 E. 61st St #121
(919) 377-8778Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 884-7130
Flying Colors
2980 Treat Blvd.Source Comics & Games
Concord, CA 945182057 Snelling Ave N.
(925) 825-5410Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 645-0386
Beyond Comics
5632 Buckeystown PikeTelegraph Art & Comics
Frederick, MD 21704211 W. Main St.
(301) 668-8202Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 244-3210
Aw Yeah Comics
313 Halstead Ave. Zia Comics
Harrison, NY 10528125 N. Main St.
(914) 732-3600Las Cruces, NM 88001
(575) 222-4347
Cosmic Comics
3830 E Flamingo Rd, Suite F-2New Wave Collectibles
Las Vegas, NV 891214020 Skippack Pike
(702) 451-6611Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 222-9200
The Fantasy Shop
10560 Baptist Church Rd. Maui Comics & Collectibles
St. Louis, MO, 6312810 N. Market St.
(314) 842-8228Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 281-0440
Safari Pearl
660 W Pullman Rd.Sterling Silver Comics
Moscow, ID 838432210 Pickwick Dr.
(208) 882-9499Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 484-4708
Global Pop Culture Collected
7420 N Beach Street #236Velocity Comics
Fort Worth, TX819 W. Broad St.
(817) 576-3656Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 303-1783
Borderlands Comics and Games
1434 Laurens Rd.Speeding Bullet Comics
Greenville, SC 29607  614 N. Porter Ave.
(864) 235-3488Norman, OK 73071
(405) 360-6866
Space Cadets
27326 Robinson Rd #117Comic Book University
Oak Ridge North, TX 773857623 Shelby St.
(281) 298-1111Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 885-6395
More Fun Comics and Games
103 W. Hickory St. Retrograde Comics and Other Artifacts
Denton, TX 762012612 Kavanaugh Blvd.
(940) 387-5893Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 293-0841
Pittsburgh Comics
113 E. McMurray Rd.The Geekery
Canonsburg, PA 15317133A Main St.
(721) 941-5445Matawan, NJ 07747
(732) 696-8530
Captain Blue Hen Comics
280 E. Main St., Suite 101POP ROC
Newark, DE337 East Ave.
(302) 737-3434Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 310-2423
Books With Pictures
1401 SE Division St.Circle City Comics
Portland, OR 972023454 W. 86th St.
(503) 841-6276Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 280-7530
Alakazam Comics
17777 Main Street, Suite E Dragon Quills
Irvine, CA 92614506 Broad St.
Gadsden, AL 35901
Big Bang Comics – Ireland(256) 549-1979
2,3 Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Rd
Dundrum, Dublin 16October Country Comics
Ireland246 Main St. #15
(+353) 1 216 5093New Paltz, NY 12561
(845) 255-1115
Dr No’s Comics & Games Superstore
3372 Canton Rd. #104Infinity Flux
Marietta, GA 300663643 Hixson Pike
(678) 903-3705Chattanooga, TN 37415
(423) 591-5689
Challengers Comics & Conversation
1845 N Western Ave. World’s Greatest Comics
Chicago, IL 606475974 Westerville Rd.
(773) 278-0155Westerville, OH 43081
(614) 891-3000
Cards, Comics & Collectibles
51 Main St.Comic & Figure Addicts
Reisterstown, MD 2113630707 Union City Blvd.
(410) 526-7410Union City, CA 94587
(510) 952-9681
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