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It’s a new week and the post Flashpoint DC news is still coming out, this time focusing on the Batman line of comics.  While you were distracted by “Weinergate,” here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

IGN – Exclusive: DC Focuses on Diversity in Batman TitlesCause this is the family of comics I think of when it comes to diversity.

Post Flashpoint:

IGN – Batman Inc. Returns With New #1

MTV Geek – DC Announces The New Batman Family of Titles! [Updated]

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch 2012: Batman Inc #1 Next Year

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Animal Man #1 (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Scott Lobdell On Superboy #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Comics Relaunch: Batman And Robin, Dark Knight… And Batgirl!

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Cover To Catwoman #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Cover To Nightwing #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Detective Comics #1 Cover

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Cover To Swamp Thing #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Cover To Batwoman #1

Con Coverage:

Comic Book Resources – HeroesCon ’11: Hammer Time!

MTV Geek – HeroesCon 2011: The Thor Panel With Matt Fraction, Roger Langridge, and Jonathan Hickman

Comic Book Resources – HeroesCon ’11: The Green Lantern Panel

MTV Geek – HeroesCon 2011 Wrap-Up (In Photos): It’s All About The Art!

MTV Geek – HeroesCon 2011: Project Rooftop Panel Highlights Redesigning The Superhero Costume

Comic Book Resources – HeroesCon ’11: Matt Fraction’s Fear Itself Panel

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Book Passion for Life – Storm Born

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