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Review: Future State Swamp Thing #1

Future State: Swamp Thing #1

“Who killed the world?”- Mad Max: Fury Road

Ram V, Mike Perkins, and June Chung turn in a very post-apocalyptic take on DC Comics’ famous (and often critically acclaimed) swamp creature in Future State: Swamp Thing #1. True to its iconic cover, the book feels a lot like a more botanical version of Planet of the Apes. V saves the overarching conflict of the two-issue miniseries for the final page of the comic and instead spends most of its running time showing the relationship between Swamp Thing (Called simply “Green”) and his children, Calla, Indigo, Vruk, and his “firstborn”, Heather, who he created after the end of the world. Swamp Thing’s mission is to find humanity, but that mission is controversial and leads to jealousy from his people, who think that he cares more about humans than them.

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed Mike Perkins’ art on action-driven superhero stories like Captain America and Iron Fist. However, he really get to flex his storytelling range in Future State: Swamp Thing #1 as he gets to work on both a Biblical scale in his double page spread that shows the DC Universe falling prey to violence and basically being to destroyed and a more intimate one in the interactions between Swamp Thing, his people, and later a human survivor. Perkins and colorist June Chung definitely fall back on the superhero idiom in some sequences like a glorious full page image of Swamp Thing encircling his roots around a falling building in the ruins of New York. But he definitely looks more like a monster with a huge, gnarly hand covering his people and mayhem in his wake in a similar manner to the subterranean monster on the cover of Fantastic Four #1. However, Heather and the other folks are beaming and treat him like a savior figure. You can definitely tell that this is a world bereft of heroes, and it may have even been screwed up by their actions although this is outside the scope of Ram V’s script, and the story he and Perkins are trying to tell.

My favorite visual flourish in Future State: Swamp Thing #1, and that extra piece that makes it go beyond a dystopian disaster story with a side of vegetation, is the bits of narration and art that Ram V and Mike Perkins provide showing Swamp Thing’s process of creation. Perkins draws these panels like images in early modern anatomy textbooks with Chung giving its colors that faded out feel compared to the more detailed rendering on his other linework. V’s narration uses purple prose a la classic Swamp Thing while providing insight into how characters like Heather and Indigo feel and interact with their environment. For example, their emotions come from pheromones, but they don’t have any feelings that didn’t already originate with Swamp Thing.

This is why Indigo is so angry and skeptical while Heather is full of determination and leadership qualities while still being deferential to her “creator”. These special panels also connect smoothly to the ongoing narrative like V and Perkins’ description of their vocal organs coinciding with Swamp Thing talking to the “child” Calla. Or their description of their transpiratory (Think respiratory for humans.) systems being literally sandwiched between two panels showing a journey through the show. It’s an added layer of verbal and visual commentary on these characters and a corner of the nearly post-human world that Ram V and Mike Perkins have crafted as Swamp Thing and his people behave in very human ways although their equivalent of first aid is sunlight, water, and keeping roots planted in a bit.

Future State: Swamp Thing #1

However, Future State: Swamp Thing #1 doesn’t shy away from showing their differences compared to the human they run into with them being unable to communicate with him until he eats a bit of fruit, which is a wonderful (and much less erotic) riff on the classic Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, and John Totleben story. However, you don’t have to be familiar with this 36 year old comic to understand Swamp Thing trying to find common ground through the breaking of bread even though Indigo and Heather want to take the human out for killing one of their people in self-defense. Communication versus violence is a throughline in this comic with a nice chat or a story revealing more context about this very strange world in contrast with tree limb on tree limb contact, which is why it’s fitting that Swamp Thing #1 is bookended by a pair of visually interesting flashbacks. On a pure aesthetic level, I love how Mike Perkins and June Chung depict snow and whites, which is set against (G)reen and trees.

Ram V, Mike Perkins, and June Chung use Swamp Thing’s immortality, sub-creator instincts, and preference for communication over fisticuffs to tell a wonderful post-apocalyptic yarn in Future State: Swamp Thing #1. V’s prose is beautiful, and you really get to know the dynamic between Swamp Thing and his people throughout the book. Perkins gets to experiment with different kinds of layouts, including powerful spreads and interesting grids, to keep things lively and weird while Chung’s colors tell a story of green, or life, trying to flourish in an inhospitable environment as Swamp Thing and his people move farther North. Future State: Swamp Thing #1 is a smart take on one of DC’s most beloved characters as well as being a holistic take on the “dark future” genre, and it even adds a touch of mystery at the end.

Story: Ram V Art: Mike Perkins
Colors: June Chung Letters: Aditya Bidikar

Story: 8.2 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Preview: Future State: Swamp Thing #1

Future State: Swamp Thing #1

Written by: Ram V.
Art by: Mike Perkins

From the ashes of a terrible war, life blooms anew in Swamp Thing’s image. The remnants of humanity lie in hiding, forever in the shadow of the green god who now rules the planet. When the new avatar of the Green uncovers a stray human, a rebellion is revealed! But this Swamp Thing is no stranger to violent ends, and neither are his creations. If it’s war humanity wants, it will be at their doorstep-and Swamp Thing will never be the same!

Future State: Swamp Thing #1

DC Makes Their Post Future State Clearer with new Creative Teams

If you missed the news, DC announced numerous new creative teams taking over starting in March after the conclusion of DC Future State in January and February. The announcements were made at CCXP Worlds event this past weekend. The announcement featured not just creative teams but also brand new titles as well.

Check out the full list of reveals below!

Batman Family:

New names will be hitting the mean streets of Gotham City as well! Future State: Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo will deliver new adventures of the Clown Princess of Crime in an all-new Harley Quinn ongoing series, launching March 24, 2021.

Harley Quinn #1

Following both their story in Detective Comics #1027 and Bruce Wayne’s clandestine battle against The Magistrate in Future State: Dark Detective, award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Dan Mora will continue the adventures of the Dark Knight and his allies as the new team on Detective Comics, beginning with issue #1034 on March 24, 2021. Not to be outdone, award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and superstar artist Ivan Reis continue the adventures of the “World’s Finest” in Batman/Superman #16, also on sale March 24, 2021.

Superman/Wonder Woman Family:

New adventures featuring the Amazon warrior princess arrive on March 10, 2021 as co-writers Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and artist Travis Moore are the new Wonder Woman team, starting with issue #770. In this new story arc, Diana has to endure endless fighting – and partying(?) – as she tries to figure out why she’s in Valhalla, and why nobody seems surprised that she’s there.

Womder Woman #770

Justice League Family:

On March 3, 2021, the Future State: Swamp Thing team of writer Ram V and Mike Perkins will be continuing the adventures of the Protector of the Green in Swamp Thing, a 10-issue limited series. Also on March 3, Peacemaker takes center stage, leading an Amanda Waller-controlled Task Force X in a new Suicide Squad ongoing series, by Future State: Suicide Squad writer Robbie Thompson, with art by Eduardo Pansica. This series starts off with a bang, as Waller sends Peacemaker and Task Force X to recruit its next member – Talon, the master assassin from the Court of Owls. Meanwhile, she has her own hands full as she tries to recruit – Superboy?

Class is in session on March 17, 2021, as the Future State: Teen Titans duo of writer Tim Sheridan and artist Rafa Sandoval join the original Titans – Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy – school a new generation of teenage crimefighters in a new ongoing series, Teen Titans Academy. Pay close attention, because one of these novice heroes will become Red X!

Teen Titans Academy

In April, Future State: Green Lantern writer Geoffrey Thorne continues to uphold the oath of the Green Lantern Corps with a new Green Lantern ongoing series.

So, to recap:

March 3, 2021

Suicide Squad #1 – Robbie Thompson/Eduardo Pansica (new ongoing series, team)

Swamp Thing #1 – Ram V/Mike Perkins (new limited series, team)

March 10, 2021

Wonder Woman #770 – Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad/Travis Moore (new team)

March 17, 2021

Teen Titans Academy #1 – Tim Sherridan/Rafa Sandoval (new ongoing series, team)

March 24, 2021

Batman/Superman #16 – Gene Luen Yang/Ivan Reis (new talent team)

Detective Comics #1034 – Mariko Tamaki/Dan Mora (new talent team)

Harley Quinn #1 – Stephanie Phillips/Riley Rossmo (new ongoing series, team)

April 2021

Green Lantern #1 – Geoffrey Thorne (new ongoing series, team)

And this only the beginning! DC Connect #8, available on March 23, 2021 for free at retailers and via digital download and online reader contains more news from this game-changing two-month event, as it impacts more of the best writers, artists and DC characters in 2021!

DC’s Future Post Future State Becomes Clearer as Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans Academy, Green Lantern, Wonder Girl, and Justice League Dark Announced

Wonder Woman #770

After January and February’s Future State mini-event for DC Comics, March and beyond will see a mix of new and returning series as expected. Many of the series will feature their Future State creative teams continuing on to the series.

Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad will take over Wonder Woman with issue #770 in March. The two will be joined by interior and cover artist Travis Moore. The series will pick up after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal which has put Wonder Woman at the center of events leading the heroes in their resistance.

Orbiting Wonder Woman will be Wonder Girl from writer and artist Joëlle Jones. That series will star Yara Flor who is getting a major push by DC as Flor will possibly be getting a television series at The CW.

A new Green Lantern series will launch written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Tom Raney. They’re the creative team behind “The Last Lanterns” story in the Future State: Green Lantern comic.

Justice League Dark will return in March written by Ram V. who was also writing the series before its break due to the “Endless Winter” event. It will feature art by Xermanico.

Wonder Woman #770 variant

Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval will launch Teen Titans Academy. The series will focus on the launch of a Teen Titans Academy by members of the New Teen Titans. That series spins directly out of Future State: Teen Titans which tells a future tale of the academy.

With a film on its way, it’s not surprising that the Suicide Squad returns. Robbie Thompson, who will take on their story during Future State, will write the ongoing series with art by Eduardo Pansica. We can also see the DC live-action and comics aligning a bit more as Peacemaker (played by John Cena in the film) takes center stage. The character will not only be in The Suicide Squad film but is also getting his own series on HBO Max.

Swamp Thing is back courtesy of writer Ram V. and artist Mike Perkins. That duo is also the team behind the Swamp Thing Future State comic.

James Tynion IV with artist Jorge Jimenez will return to Batman and Tynion has another Batman series in the works with artist Guillem March.

Around the Tubes

The Amazing Spider-Man #50

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Preview: Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular #1

Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular #1

Written by: Tom King, , Vita Ayala, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Ram V., Cullen Bunn, Julian Lytle
Art by: John Timms, Emma Rios, Christian Ward, Mike Perkins

It’s Halloween, and DC invites you to welcome Swamp Thing to your witching-hour festivities. In this 48-page collection of all-new stories, the Guardian of the Green reveals past lives and the unforgettable horrors that befall those who cross his path. From ancient Rome to present day, Swamp Thing stalks these ghostly and ghastly tales-all of which are best read by the light of a jack-o’-lantern!

Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular #1

DC Doubles Down on the Scary with Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular and DC: The Doomed and the Damned in October

October always brings stories of ghosts, goblins, fright, and picking out our favorite candies for Halloween. But this year, DC’s got twice the spooks and scares for comic book fans with two anthology titles featuring the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in tales of fear and terror!


DC invites you to welcome Swamp Thing to your witching hour festivities. In this 48-page collection of six all-new stories, the Guardian of the Green reveals past lives and the unforgettable horrors that befall those who cross his path. From ancient Rome to present day, Swamp Thing stalks these ghostly and ghastly tales—all of which are best read by the light of a jack o’ lantern!

Writers Tom King, James Tynion IV, Vita Ayala, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and Ram V are among the writers penning these creepy tales with Domo Stanton, Mike Perkins, Emma Rios and Christian Ward providing the bone-chilling artwork.

Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular #1 is priced at $5.99 and debuts on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at all open and operating comic book stores and participating digital retailers.


It was a dark and stormy night when the creatures of the DC universe began to emerge from their lairs into the cool evening air. Tales of the macabre, the murderous, and the morbid abound in this spine-chilling special about monsters and mayhem! What happens when Batman encounters a true urban legend after speaking its name three times in a mirror, or when Madame Xanadu enlists the help of Man-Bat to take town shadowy specter? And who can stop an intergalactic demon from turning people into frog beasts? Only the unlikely team up of Green Lantern and Etrigan! All this and seven more fang-tastic tales to trick your treats and bob your apples!

This prestige format one-shot features some of comics best scary storytellers, including writers Carmen Maria Machado, Marv Wolfman, Ken Porter, John Arcudi, Saladin Ahmed, Alyssa Wong, Travis Moore and others. Artists contributing to this blood-curdling comic include Riley Rossmo, Mike Perkins, Leonardo Manco, Travis Moore, Tom Mandrake and others.

This 80-Page one-shot is priced at $9.99 and arrives at open and operating comic book stores and participating digital retailers on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Preview: Swamp Thing: New Roots #9

Swamp Thing: New Roots #9


Kind” by Andrew Constant, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi and Jimmy B.

Deep in the bayou,  Swamp Thing continues to follow the fifolet, despite not knowing the mysterious spirit’s ultimate destination. On his way he encounters a strange and powerful girl locked away in the swamp, with magical friends and a monster at her door.

The Bayou Bluebird War” by Phil Hester, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe

Come one, come all, and watch as the terrifying Swamp Thing attempts to rescue a young boy from the spellbinding snare of a cursed circus!

Swamp Thing: New Roots #9

Check Out this Week’s New DC Digital Firsts! Superman and Wonder Woman Return!

Superman and Wonder Woman return in this week’s DC Digital First comics. Check out below for all of the new releases you’ll find this week!

Monday June 15

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7


Viral” by Dave Wielgosz, Yasmine Putri, Tom Derenick, and Clayton Cowles

Jimmy Olsen quits the Daily Planet and joins up with a new hero in Metropolis, Soar. But Superman’s not quite sure the ViewTube superhero’s intentions are good.

The Wrath of Wioska” by Dave Wielgosz, Miguel Mendonça, David Baron and Clayton Cowles

Superman’s in need of training to better control his powers and protect humanity, but will Wioska, a former member of Darkseid’s army on Apokolips, give him the best guidance?

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #7

Tuesday June 16

Batman: Gotham Nights #9


A Flip of the Coin” by Frank Tieri, Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Hi-Fi, and Troy Peteri

Locked up in Arkham Asylum, Two-Face dreams of a better life—one with a white picket fence far away from Gotham City and Batman. He’s got the perfect plan, and it’s all within his grasp…as long as his coin flip turns up heads.

Joker’s Wild” aka “Wha’cha Got in the Trunk?” by Mark Russell, Christopher Mooneyham, David Baron, and Ferran Delgado

There’s a story that’s made its way around Gotham City’s comedy scene for years, the legend of a struggling young comic who finally snapped under the pressure of making it big. But who can say what really happened? No one knows for sure…

Batman: Gotham Nights #9

Wednesday June 17

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #6


Gundra the Great” by Jeff Parker, Aneke, Hi-Fi, and Travis Lanham

Wonder  Woman  responds  to  a  distress  call  in  a  tiny  village  and  discovers a displaced Valkyrie from Asgard, but is she friend…or foe?!

Wolf Cubs” by Steve Pugh, Marguerite Sauvage, and Travis Lanham

It’s the Eighties, and greed is good for those that already have it all. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor hunt down the reckless mastermind who makes the ultimate power move…the theft of Diana’s golden lasso!

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #6

Thursday June 18

Aquaman: Deep Dives #9


Screaming Sea” by Tom Taylor, Pop Mhan, Rex Lokus, and Wes Abbott

Aquaman and Mera must stop Lex Luthor’s plans to drill into the ocean floor.

Girls’ Night Out” by Andrea Shea, Isaac Goodhart, Cris Peter, and Ryan Christy

Tula agrees to a Girls Night with Mera, but she quickly discovers that she and Mera have completely different ideas of what a Girls Night should be.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #9

Friday June 19

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #9


Just a Reflection” by Michael Moreci, Sam Lotfi, John Rauch, and Rob Leigh

The Flash is going to be late for a date with Iris if he can’t beat Mirror Master quickly. Can the Flash stop Mirror Master after he gives Flash’s darkest fears physical for?

Ghosts of the Speed Force” by Jay Baruchel, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, and Rob Leigh

Barry’s been having nightmares lately where a voice from Speed Force calls out to him. After a speedster dies, they become one with the Speed Force, but is it possible for them to come back out?

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #9

Saturday June 20

Teen Titans Go! Booyah #4

Spam I Am” by Sholly Fisch, Philip Murphy, Marcelo DiChiara, Franco Riesco, and Tom Napolitano

When a delicious icy treat extinguishes Cyborg’s internal firewall, he’s taken over by offers for spray-on hair, Scandinavian princes, and not-at-all fake Latvian jewelry! To save him, the Titans learn the only way to fight spam is with SPAM!

Teen Titans Go! Booyah #4

Sunday June 21

Swamp Thing: New Roots #9


Kind” by Andrew Constant, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi and Jimmy B.

Deep in the bayou,  Swamp Thing continues to follow the fifolet, despite not knowing the mysterious spirit’s ultimate destination. On his way he encounters a strange and powerful girl locked away in the swamp, with magical friends and a monster at her door.

The Bayou Bluebird War” by Phil Hester, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe

Come one, come all, and watch as the terrifying Swamp Thing attempts to rescue a young boy from the spellbinding snare of a cursed circus!

Swamp Thing: New Roots #9

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Preview: Swamp Thing: New Roots #8

Swamp Thing: New Roots #8


Toys on Parade” by Phil Hester, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe

Deep in the bayou, Swamp Thing continues to follow the fifolet, despite not knowing the mysterious spirit’s ultimate destination. On his way he encounters a strange and powerful girl locked away in the swamp, with magical friends and a monster at her door.

The Ghost Light” by Phil Hester, Tom Mandrake, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe

Swamp Thing has been following the eerie light of the Fifolet as the spirit leads him to people in need of his help. But what if the mysterious ghost light has a deeper purpose? What if it knows more about Swamp Thing’s past than it lets on…and what if it’s trying to lead Alec Holland home?

Swamp Thing: New Roots #8
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