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Around the Tubes

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It’s a new week and there’s a lot coming down the pipeline for the site (trust me, you’ll like it).  I’ve been checking out Heroclix more and probably checking out DC convention synDCon.  Anyone in the DC are play and want to teach me?

Around the Blogs:

Publishers Weekly – Warner Bros. Takes Control of DC Comics’ Licensed PublishingWarner Bros. continues to take over responsibilities for DC comics.

Complex – The 10 Most Bizarre Comic Book CrossoversThankfully this is one discussion I never had to have when I worked in a comic book shop.

BG Daily News – Comic Book GuyAnother teacher uses comic books to engage his students.

TMJ 4 – Wisconsin Man Publishes Comic BooksA nice highlight of an indie writer and comic.

Washington City Paper – Meet a Visiting Cartoonist: A Chat With Christopher CardinaleSpeaking of indie comics an interview with Christopher Cardinale and one of the worst interviews I’ve ever read.  It reads like a middle school report.When (within a decade is fine) and where were you born?  Where are you based now?” is actually a question.

Bleeding Cool – Rob Granito’s MegaCon Adventure With Mark WaidCan we have a new rule of people not swiping articles?

Comics Alliance – ‘The Wire’ Re-imagined as Illustrated Victorian Novel: Omar Comin’ on Dickensian StreetsJust awesome on so many levels.

The Beat – “Do you really think the families of Superman’s creators should be treated this way?”A must read.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comic Book Bin – After Dark #3

Comics Alliance – Captain America and Batroc the Leaper

Primary Ignition – Superman: The Black Ring

Comic Book Resources – Wolverine and Jubilee #3

Comics Nexus – The Weekly Round-Up #68 Featuring Echoes, Fables, Meta 4, New York Five

Paradix Comics Group – Mini Reviews 27/03/2011

Revolver – Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian Shares Five Of His Favorite Comic Books

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