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Preview: Archie: 1955

ARCHIE: 1955 (TR)

Script: Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
Art: Tom Grummet, Ray-Anthony Height, Rick Burchett, Derek Charm, Joe Eisma, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Pete Woods
On-Sale Date: 6/17
144 pp, Full Color
$7.99 US
Digital Exclusive

From the writing team that brought you ARCHIE: 1941! Can a rocking teenager from a small, sleepy town find fame and fortune through this new phenomenon called “rock and roll”? When Archie Andrews proves to a local DJ that he’s got the makings of a hip-shaking stardom, he begins an ascent to fame that will carry with it both triumph and tragedy. Collects the complete 5-issue Archie: 1955 mini-series.

Archie: 1955

Mark Waid and Neal Adams Team for Fantastic Four: Antithesis

The soaring sentinel of the space-ways may have finally met his match in the all-new series Fantastic Four: Antithesis – the first full-length Fantastic Four story ever illustrated by industry legend Neal Adams! Adams is joined by Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid, who jam-packs this tale with a fan-favorite roster of Fantastic Four heroes and villains! Together, this celebrated creative team create a new nemesis for the Fantastic Four guaranteed to send shockwaves throughout all of fandom.  

Who or what is the Antithesis, and will the combined might of the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer, and Galactus himself be enough to defeat it? Find out more when Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 hits comic shops in August! 

Fantastic Four: Antithesis is written by Waid, with art by Adams, ink by Mark Farmer, and colors by Laura Martin.

Fantastic Four: Antithesis

Humanoids Announce a Pause in Releases as Mark Waid Pens a Letter

Comic publishers are adjusting their plans and release schedules due to COVID-19. Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid has released a message where they have announced a pause in releases. But, it’s not all bad news as the publisher isn’t going “pencils down” and instead are working on numerous projects to come.

Read the full message below:

Stories are important. In times like these—especially in times like these—narrative is an invaluable aid to let our minds relax and our spirits soar. At Humanoids, we’re putting the health and safety of our employees and partners first, but we’re lucky enough to be working with passionate comics artists and writers the world over who are devoted to the value of entertainment. I don’t think they’d put down their pencils even if we asked them. 

Though COVID-19 has temporarily impacted our schedule, we aren’t wasting any time to ensure that our future is filled with new stories that we can share with you as soon as possible. We are actively working with creators, guaranteeing that previously announced projects arrive while signing new projects. But to ensure the safety and prosperity of our creative community, retailer peers, and staff, Humanoids will be taking a short break in releasing new material. 

We’ll be back later this summer with books to amaze and astound. See you then. Please see the updated schedule below for more details. 

– Mark Waid

Publisher, Humanoids 

Baltimore Comic Con 2020 Welcomes Award-Winners Cliff Chiang, Jamal Igle, David Petersen, Don Rosa, Joe Staton, and Mark Waid

Cliff Chiang

Join us for the 21st annual Baltimore Comic-Con in the Inner Harbor at the Baltimore Convention Center on October 23-25, 2020. The Baltimore Comic-Con features many comics luminaries, including industry award winners Cliff Chiang, Jamal Igle, David Petersen, Don Rosa, Joe Staton, and Mark WaidVIP, General Admission, and Fan Experience Tickets are now on sale.

Cliff Chiang began his career as an assistant editor at DC’s Vertigo imprint before moving into freelance illustration. His previous work includes runs on Human TargetGreen Arrow & Black CanaryWonder Woman with Brian Azzarello, and the Eisner Award-winning Paper Girls, co-created with Brian K. Vaughan. Cliff is currently writing and drawing a book for DC’s Black Label.

Jamal Igle

A recipient of the 2011 Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comic Art, Jamal Igle is the writer/artist/creator of Molly Danger for Action Lab Entertainment. The co-creator of Venture with Dynamo 5 creator/writer Jay Faerber and the penciller/co-creator of The Wrong Earth for AHOY Comics, Jamal is a comic industry veteran. Jamal’s detailed pencils have graced books as varied as The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas and the all ages action miniseries Race Against Time, as well as mainstream hits such as G.I. JoeIron ManSpider-Man, and Green Lantern. Jamal has served as the series artist for popular runs on Firestorm the Nuclear ManNightwingTangent: Superman’s ReignSupermanSupergirl, and Zatanna for DC Comics, Noble Causes for Image Comics, and a four-issue run on New Warriors for Marvel Comics. He’s done just about everything from acting on the small screen and voiceovers for commercials, packaging books for Scholastic, and serving as storyboards artist for Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles and Max Steel: MX1 for Sony Animation. Jamal is also a popular guest lecturer on the subjects of comics and animation. Currently, Jamal is working on White, the sequel to the hit series Black from Black Superpowers/Black Mask Studios, coming late Summer 2019.

David Petersen

David Petersen is a cartoonist and children’s book illustrator who launched his career with a self-published issue of his series Mouse Guard in 2005, when it was then picked up by Archaia, who continues to publish the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning series. Petersen has also worked on covers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Dark Crystal. He’s illustrated an edition of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows for IDW and his artwork also graced the cover for the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con program, as well as the show-exclusive t-shirt. In 2008, David won the Eisners for Best Publication for Kids (Mouse Guard Fall 1152 & Winter 1152) and Best Graphic Album – Reprint (Mouse Guard Fall 1152 Hardcover). In 2010, he was nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Artist (Mouse Guard: Winter 1152).

Don Rosa

Eisner Award-winning Don Rosa can hardly be mentioned without evoking images of Walt Disney’s Donald DuckScrooge McDuck, and the rest of the Duck family. Heir apparent to Carl Barks as the Duck master, he was responsible for approximately 90 stories before his retirement from working with Disney in 2006. You can see his beautiful contributions in IDW’s Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Vol.1: Artist’s Edition.

Joe Staton

Joe Staton has been drawing comics since he started working for Charlton Comics in 1971, where he co-created E-Man and Michael Mauser. Though the bulk of his work has been for DC Comics, at last count, Staton has worked for at least 30 publishers and 100 different editors. Among his many comics credits are Action ComicsGreen LanternThe LegionClassics Illustrated, and various incarnations of Batman. During his time on Green Lantern, he co-created several GLs, including Kilowog, Arisia, and Salakk. He also designed GL Guy Gardner’s “bad boy” look. More recently, with his writer-wife Hilarie, he produces medical comics such as Pete Learns All About Crohn’s and Colitis and Amy Goes Gluten-Free. In 1998, he received the Eisner Award for his work on World’s Finest: The Superman-Batman Adventures. He penciled over 100 issues of the Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo comic. He illustrated a graphic novel adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Anthem for NAL and a graphic biography of Ronald Reagan. Since 2011, working with writer Mike Curtis, Joe has been the regular artist for the long-running Dick Tracy newspaper strip (available online). Dick Tracy received Harvey Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2015 for Best Syndicated Strip or Feature.

Mark Waid

The multiple Harvey and Eisner Award-winning Mark Waid has been the voice behind dozens of series that have resonated throughout comics fandom and the creative community alike. His more acclaimed runs include DC Comics’ The FlashKingdom ComeJLA: Year OneJLALegion of Super-Heroes, and Superman: Birthright, Marvel Comics’ Captain AmericaFantastic FourAmazing Spider-ManThe Indestructible Hulk, and Daredevil, BOOM! Studios’ Incorruptible and Irredeemable, Archie Comics’ Archie, and his creator-owned works Empire and Potter’s Field. He currently serves as Publisher (U.S.) at Humanoids.

In addition to on-site CGC grading, this year’s confirmed guests for the show include: Marty Baumann (Disney/Pixar), John Beatty (Secret Wars), Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics), Brett Breeding (Superman), Mark Buckingham (Justice League Dark), Howard Chaykin (Hey Kids! Comics!), Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), Frank Cho (Harley Quinn), Becky Cloonan (Dark Agnes), Steve Conley (The Middle Age), Katie Cook (Nothing Special), Alan Davis (Tarot, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Shane Davis (Metal Men), Kristina Deak-Linsner (Vampirella: Roses for the Dead), Jose Delbo (Aquaman), Garth Ennis (The Boys, Friday and Saturday only), Mitch Gerads (Mr. Miracle), Joe Giella (Green Lantern), Greg Hildebrandt (Wolverine), Jamal Igle (Wrong Earth), Tom King (Batman), Barry Kitson (Doctor Strange), Scott Kolins (The Flash, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Joseph Michael Linsner (Red Sonja), Bob McLeod (New Mutants), Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Frank Miller (Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Saturday only), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), Richard Pace (Second Coming), James Pascoe (Azrael), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Brandon Peterson (Sinestro: Year of the Villain), Tom Raney (Guardians of the Galaxy), Amy Reeder (Amethyst), Afua Richardson (Omni), Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge), Louise Simonson (Power Pack), Walter Simonson (Ragnarok: The Breaking of Helheim), John K. Snyder III (Killers), Joe Staton (Dick Tracy), Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), Timothy Truman (Grimjack), Gus Vazquez (Scooby Apocalypse), Robert Venditti (Hawkman), Mark Waid (Dr. Strange), Gene Luen Yang (Superman Smashes the Klan), and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes).

Marvel Reveals Some of What’s Coming in June

Marvel has released its special edition of The Pull List, unveiling exclusive information for the hottest books coming to comic shops this June!

This special previews announcement gave viewers a first look at critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando’s Marvel debut in Darkhold Alpha #1, the next two adventures in the Kurt Busiek-curated trip through Marvel history in Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel #1 and Marvels Snapshots: Civil War #1, the epic showdown between Juggernaut and the Immortal Hulk in Juggernaut #2, and the dramatic decision that young mutant Molly Hayes will face in Runaways #34!




Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando makes his Marvel debut with a story that will delight and terrify! For hundreds of years, scholars and heroes alike have searched for the complete text of the Darkhold—AKA the Book of the Damned, written by the elder god Chthon. Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it—and Chthon has found him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes…and unleash their inner darkness.



Written by MARK WAID  
Cover by ALEX ROSS

A team of heroes fights a stirring battle for the safety of the planet. A young woman struggles with desperation and despair, trying to cope in the modern world. But that’s only the beginning.

Featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and a few more surprises, Kurt Busiek invites superstar creators MARK WAID and COLLEEN DORAN to tell a tale of inspiration within inspiration, as we see how the world’s marvels have inspired others—and how they’ve been inspired themselves.



Cover by ALEX ROSS

In the heart of the Civil War event, a human story unfolds. A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, doing his best to do the job with honor—but is that even possible? A young, low-level Super Hero, trying to help his neighbors—but that’s not even legal any more. The two come together in a story that’ll test their commitment, ideals, hopes, and dreams.

Featuring Captain America, Giant-Man, Maria Hill, and more, Kurt Busiek recruits Hugo-Award-winning writer Saladin Ahmed and all-star Ryan Kelly to uniquely retell this iconic Marvel story.





Juggernaut isn’t the only one who’s left destruction in his wake, and he thinks it’s about time for the IMMORTAL HULK to take responsibility for his actions! But is this Juggernaut’s way of defending mutant honor for Krakoa? Or is he back to his old ways?



Cover by KRIS ANKA

Wolverine and Pixie guest star in RUNAWAYS and answer what Runaways fans have been asking for months: With the X-Men’s opening of Krakoa, the island-nation that welcomes mutants in existence, will Molly go? You may think you know the answer to that or what is going to happen here, but this comic is like its stars: They never do what they’re told—or expected—to do.


Preview: Dr. Strange #4

Dr. Strange #4

(W) Mark Waid (A) Kev Walker (CA) Phil Noto
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 04, 2020
SRP: $3.99

• The return of Dr. Druid!
• What has brought Doctor Strange’s fellow sorcerer back from the dead, and has he truly renounced all magic as he claims?
• Or is something more sinister brewing in the halls of the McCarthy Medical Institute?

Dr. Strange #4

Mark Waid is Named Publisher of Humanoids

Mark Waid

Humanoids has named Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid as Publisher. In his new role, Waid will lead the content strategy for Humanoids’ LA-based office. In addition to taking the reins as day-to-day creative lead for the company, Waid will be responsible for overseeing editorial, sales and marketing; expanding Humanoids’ relationships within the creative community; and deepening its ties to retailers and librarians. Waid will report to Humanoids’ CEO Fabrice Giger, who was previously both Humanoids’ CEO and Publisher. 

In October of 2018, Humanoids announced Waid as the company’s Director of Creative Development and also named John Cassaday as the company’s first ever Chief Creative Officer. Those high profile hirings followed the launch of Life Drawn (a new literary imprint featuring deeply personal, powerful and often political narratives), BIG (an all ages imprint), and H1 (a shared, superpowered universe with all new characters and stories). 

The announcement of Waid as Humanoids’ Publisher comes at an opportune time. Timed to the 40th anniversary of The Incal by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and internationally acclaimed artist Mœbius, the company will pay tribute to its illustrious past with a series of high profile publications, including: 


An All-New Free Comic Book Day Issue by writer Mark Waid and artist Stéphane Roux. Colors by Hi-Fi Colour Design

Humanoids returns to the world of THE INCAL, the sci-fi masterpiece by Mœbius and Jodorowsky, with the first original story in close to a decade. This brand-new tale by superstars Mark Waid (Ignited, Kingdom Come) and Stéphane Roux (Star Wars, Birds of Prey), and featuring a cover by Ladrönn (Final Incal, Hip Flask, Inhumans) makes its world premiere for FCBD and serves as the perfect introduction for new readers to discover the seminal series. The 2020 Free Comic Book Day Issue also includes exclusive first looks at the new wave of projects from Humanoids and its imprints.

Available for free in comic book stores on Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 2, 2020.

“Forty years ago, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius redefined the comics medium with their revolutionary storytelling in THE INCAL,” said Mark Waid. “Our Free Comic Book Day story pays tribute to that iconic science fiction epic, while introducing its characters to a new generation of readers everywhere.” 



compiled and curated by Vincent Bernière & Nicolas Tellop

This all-new, oversized hardcover coffee table edition is an appreciation of the legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and provides a definitive overview of his many creative ventures, including his comics writing, his passion and contribution to Tarot, his life in the theater, his rebirth as a 70s cinematic cult figure and his legendary work on the unfinished film adaptation of Dune. Featuring exclusive interviews, photos and much more.

On sale in bookstores on May 12, 2020 and in comic book shops on May 13, 2020.


Two 40th Anniversary Trade Paperback Editions of THE INCAL

by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and artist Mœbius; Featuring an introduction by bestselling writer Brian Bendis.Colors by Yves Chaland (Book 1), Isabelle Beaumeney-Joanner (Books 2, 3 & 4), and Zoran Janjetov (Books 5 & 6).

“Jodorowsky is our prophet. Our patron saint of imagination. A man with the mind of a god, where universes upon universes swirl and splinter, explode and coalesce, and wither and flower, all at once, all the time.”—Jason Aaron, Southern Bastards

Humanoids will celebrate the 40th anniversary of THE INCAL with two separate special anniversary editions: a limited edition cover for comic shops to be published timed to Free Comic Book Day and a mass edition featuring the classic yellow Difool cover for bookstores. When the limited edition direct market is sold out, it will not be reprinted. 

In this iconic story, John Difool, a low-class detective in a degenerate dystopian world, finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient, mystical artifact called “The Incal.” 

On sale in comic book shops on April 29, 2020 and in bookstores on June 2, 2020.

Two 40th Anniversary Trade Paperback Editions of THE INCAL

The First Ever Trade Paperback of BARBARELLA by Jean-Claude Forest

Adapted by bestselling writer KellySue DeConnick 

Jean-Claude Forest’s timeless sci-fi series introduced the intergalactic and erotic adventures of the fierce warrior Barbarella. Now, for the first time, Humanoids will publish a trade paperback edition of the English-language adaptation by BITCH PLANET and PRETTY DEADLY writer Kelly-Sue DeConnick, featuring both the original BARBARELLA story and its sequel THE WRATH OF THE MINUTE EATER in one volume. 

On sale in bookstores on June 16th and in comic shops on June 17, 2020.

“BARBARELLA is iconic,” said BITCH PLANET writer and co-creator KellySue DeConnick. “But more people know the film than the comic, and THE WRATH OF THE MINUTE EATER is virtually unknown here in the States. I feel lucky to have played a role in making it available to English audiences. I love it. It’s dark, and somehow even more insane than the original.”

The First Ever Trade Paperback of BARBARELLA by Jean-Claude Forest


“Métal Hurlant” magazine was created in Paris in 1974 by Moebius, Druillet, and Dionnet, the founding fathers of Les Humanoïdes Associés. This movement soon revolutionized the medium and inspired countless writers, artists and filmmakers the world over. Versions in various languages flourished everywhere, including in the States with “Heavy Metal.” Always with innovation and creativity in mind, Humanoids launched a 13-issue anthology in 2002, to develop relationships with the new wave of comics talent and establish a creative bridge between the US and Europe with stories by comic book stars Geoff Johns, Kurt Busiek, Guy Davis, Jerome Opena, and more. Now highlights from the anthology are being published in book form in a new edition.

On sale in bookstores on March 17 and in comic shops on March 18.


Preview: Archie 1955 #5 (of 5)

ARCHIE 1955 #5 (OF 5)

Script: Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
Art: Ray-Anthony Height, Joe Eisma, Rick Burchett, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Laura Braga
Variant Covers: Rick Burchett, Cary Nord
On Sale Date: 2/12
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

This is it—the show-stopping conclusion of Archie’s rise to fame at the birth of rock ‘n’ roll! Archie’s star is soaring, but not everyone—even Archie himself—can handle his newfound fame.

ARCHIE 1955 #5 (OF 5)

Around the Tubes

Shadow of the Batgirl

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sounds off! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Newsarama – Mark Waid Relaunches Squadron Supreme Out of Empyre – This could be cool.


Comics Bulletin – Blackwood: The Mourning After #1
ICv2 – No Longer Human
Newsarama – Shadow of Batgirl

Preview: Dr. Strange #3

Dr. Strange #3

(W) Mark Waid (A) Kev Walker (CA) Phil Noto
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 12, 2020
SRP: $3.99

• Tattoo removal isn’t in a surgeon’s job description, but when one man’s heavy metal tattoos begin coming to life Doctor Strange will have to make an exception!
• With the clock ticking down rapidly, will Doctor Strange be able to save his patient-or himself?
• Find out as Doctor Strange gets drawn into the diagnosis-literally!

Dr. Strange #3
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