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Around the Tubes

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C2e2 is in full swing and while there were some interesting announcements, there hasn’t quite been anything that’s blown me away.  Below you’ll find the normal round up of news as well as our special section for the convention.

Around the Blogs:

Star News Online – Brothers purchase, keep comics store alive for another generation – great to see a store staying open.

Reelzchannel – Rose Byrne Discusses Her X-Men: First Class Role – Yeah, not quite sure what to think of the movie.

Toronto Sun – Wizard World Comic Con does its magic – Anyone go? I’ll probably be at Fan Expo which is a great Toronto show.

Times Live – Move over Batman, here comes Ravana – I’m going to go out on a limb and say DC doesn’t have a whole lot to worry about with this one.

Scrawl FX – Interview: The Darkness II’s Tom Galt – I need to play the first game. Any good?

C2e2 Coverage:

Geekweek – Top Cow Lights Up THE DARKNESS 2

The Beat – C2E2 Day 1: wandering the halls

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Day One

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: COSPLAY Pictures

Comicvine – C2E2 Matt Fraction

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: FEAR ITSELF Panel

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Cup of Joe Panel

Comics Alliance – Greg Rucka Gets the Keys to Frank’s Castle With ‘The Punisher #1’ in August

Comics Alliance – Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera & Marcos Maritn to Relaunch ‘Daredevil’ [C2E2]

Comics Alliance – ‘Brilliant’ Reunites Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley [C2E2]

Bleeding Cool – Saturday Morning Runaround: Almost Nothing About Wonder Woman’s Pants, Also: C2E2

Bleeding Cool – C2E2 Artists’ Alley Part One by Greg Baldino and Samantha LaFountain

Bleeding Cool – The Morning After The Night Before At C2E2

Bleeding Cool – C3E2 – Comixology At C2E2 With David Steinberger by Greg Baldino

Bleeding Cool – SCOOP: First Look At Jim Henson’s A Tale Of Sand

Bleeding Cool – C2E2 Artists’ Alley Part Two by Greg Baldino and Samantha LaFountain

Bleeding Cool – Where In The World Is Batman Europa, Answered By Brian Azzarello

Bleeding Cool – Darkness II Screenshots From The Top Cow Panel And More (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool – Wolverine Is Afraid Of Badgers – Pics From The Fear Itself Panel

Bleeding Cool – My Old China – Miéville At C2E2 by Greg Baldino

Bleeding Cool – The C2E2 Bleeding Cool Fan Awards Results

Bleeding Cool – Marvel To Launch Kazar, Captain America Corps, Supreme Powers, Iron Age, Mystery Men And All Winners Squad In June, And Double Ship Plenty Too!

Bleeding Cool – Quidditch At C2E2 by Samantha LaFountain

Bleeding Cool – Tattoo Pavillion At C2E2 by Samantha LaFountain

Screenrant – C2E2: ‘The Walking Dead’ Panel Offers Tasty Season 2 Details

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comics Alliance – March 18: ‘Fresh Ink! Online’ Pick of the Week [Video]

Cartoon World – Batman Beyond