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It’s new comic book day! What are you excited for? What are you getting? Sound off in the comments below. While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

The Beat – COMIXOLOGY, RIP – Pour one out.

Kotaku – Batman: Arkham Trilogy On Switch Sounds Like A Disaster – Might be good we didn’t buy this one.


CBR – BRZRKR: Fallen Empire #1
The Beat – Leftstar

BRZRKR: Fallen Empire #1

The comiXology and Kindle apps are “merging” in December


After a generally disastrous “merging” of the web comiXology store with Amazon‘s web store, it looks like it’s take two as the comiXology app will be “merging” with the Kindle app in December.

Any comics previously purchased through comiXology are now visible in the Kindle app library and Amazon has boasted an “upgraded Kindle app experience.”

Individuals will still be able to use the comiXology app to read until December 4, 2023.

We’ve hear rumors of more changes behind the scenes and we’ll see if those pan out as well. Pour one out for comiXology, the (former) leader for digital comics. So much potential… squandered.

You can read the full email below:

Hello Comics fans,

We’re writing to let you know about upcoming changes to the way that you will access and read your Comixology digital comics, graphic novels, and manga titles. On December 4, 2023, we will be merging the Comixology and Kindle applications on iOS, Android, and Fire OS. Starting today, any books previously purchased on Comixology will automatically be visible in your library on the Kindle app. The upgraded Kindle app experience is available now; however, you may continue reading your books in the Comixology app until December 4, 2023. You can read more about the upcoming changes here.

We’ve been hard at work upgrading the Kindle app to deliver the great digital comics, graphic novels, and manga experience you’re accustomed to in the Comixology app, including:

Your library in the Kindle app now groups your issues, volumes, and omnibuses from the same series together.

The Kindle app now allows you to hide and unhide specific comics, graphic novels, and manga in your library. Titles you’ve already set to hide via the Comixology app will automatically be hidden in the Kindle app.

With your complete library of books now conveniently in one place, you can select ‘Comics & Manga’ from the in-app filter menu to quickly find just your comics, graphic novels, and manga titles.

Members of Comixology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited, or Amazon Prime can borrow comics, graphic novels, and manga titles directly in app. Tap the ‘Home’ button from the bottom nav, select the ‘Explore’ button in the top left directly under the search bar, then select the ‘Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels’ button listed under the ‘More categories’ label. You may also continue to browse for content on the web via http://www.amazon.com/comixology.

You may also continue to read your Comixology books on the web via read.amazon.com. If you prefer to read on your Kindle E-reader, you can go to Your Content and Devices to send individual titles to download on your e-reader.

If you encounter any issues accessing your content, or have not yet merged your Comixology account with an Amazon login, please contact Customer Service for support:

Go to https://www.amazon.com/hz/contact-us/

Go to ‘Help with Something Else’ and select ‘eBooks, Prime Videos or Music.’

Then click ‘Kindle eBooks/Digital Content/Comics’ and select the subcategory best related to your question.

We look forward to continuing to serve you,

The Comixology team

Preview: By A Thread #1

By A Thread #1

by Scott and Jack Snyder
art by Valeria Favoccia

Growing up on Needle Three, Jo barely remembers a time before the darkness enveloped the world. But when our hero’s community comes under attack by the despotic Charon and his forces, Jo and his friends must decide whether to leave everything behind in search of something better.

By A Thread #1

Preview: Wag #1

Wag #1

Written by Scott Hoffman
Art by Juan Bobillo

Wag hears voices in his head. It could be some kind of implant from the days before everything collapsed, or it could be the fact that his pills ran out. After a crisis, he and an unexpected new companion head east to find out more.

Wag #1
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