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Joe Books launches its Disney comics series on comiXology

Joe Books has dannounce that fans can now go to comiXology to find their popular comic series like Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, and Disney Darkwing Duck, as well as fan favourites like Disney•Pixar Cars, Disney•Pixar Finding Dory, and Disney Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Joe Books launches its entire Disney comics catalogue on comiXology today, and will publish future issues simultaneous with the print editions.

The full list of online titles will include the following:

Disney Princess #1–11
Disney Frozen #1–7
Disney Darkwing Duck #1–8
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean #1–4
Disney Star Vs. The Forces of Evil #1–4
Disney•Pixar Cars #1–4
Disney•Pixar Finding Dory #1–4






Battle Angel Alita Manga from Kodansha Comics and ComiXology Originals

Long after being out of print, Yukito Kishiro’s iconic and popular manga series Battle Angel Alita is available today for the first time in nearly a decade, with a stunning new translation of the first three volumes available exclusively as a digital release from Kodansha Comics via comiXology Originals. Kishiro’s post-apocalyptic science fiction story about an amnesiac cyborg named Alita has thrilled international audiences since it was originally published in 1990. James Cameron is currently producing a live-action adaptation of the acclaimed title.

The digital exclusive release of Battle Angel Alita volumes 1-3 is available today for free with a comiXology Unlimited membership, or for $10.99 per volume on comiXology or Kindle. Each volume is available in comiXology’s Guided View, allowing fans to cinematically read from panel-to-panel at their own pace. The entire series will be released as part of the comiXology Originals program this year, with Volumes 4-6 debuting in August and the concluding volumes 6-9 appearing in October.

Although the new translations of Battle Angel Alita are only available as digital editions for now, readers looking for print editions of the new versions can look forward to Kodansha Comics releasing premium hardcover Deluxe Editions starting November 2017.

Bringing exclusive comic content to comiXology and Kindle, the comiXology Originals lineup not only includes this release from Kodansha Comics, but also releases from BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, and the upcoming Marley’s Ghost by the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, currently available for pre-order. ComiXology Originals are digital only and exclusively available for comiXology and Kindle customers.

Guided View Comes to Kindle

Amazon today announced the Kindle debut of comiXology’s Guided View experience, now available on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android. With this update, Kindle readers can cinematically read from panel-to-panel at their own pace. Each Guided View experience is handcrafted by a comic lover to make sure fans can become immersed in reading their favorite comic books, even on the smallest screen. Guided View is delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android.

This is something I predicted way back in 2014 as one of the things likely to happen when Amazon purchased comiXology (integration with Amazon log in was another that has come true).

With Guided View, Kindle comic book fans will be able to lose themselves in over 85,000 digital comics and graphic novels like never before, making reading comics more immersive and enjoyable on any size device.

Marvel Joins comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited, and Prime Reading

Marvel, comiXology, and Amazon announced today that select Marvel Comics’ titles are now available through comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited, and Prime Reading – creating three new ways for readers to enjoy Marvel Comics’ rich world of Super Heroes. Fans can now read a bestselling selection of Marvel Comics’ single issues and collections as part of their comiXology Unlimited membership featuring Super Heroes like The Avengers, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. Additionally, readers can now enjoy select Marvel collections on both Kindle Unlimited and Amazon’s Prime Reading that provide perfect entry points for those new to Marvel Comics.

Some of the select bestselling Marvel Comics titles available on comiXology Unlimited today include:

All-New Wolverine (2015-) #1-#10
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1.1: Learning To Crawl
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3: Spider-Verse
America (2017-) #1
Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther?
Black Widow (2014-2015) #1-#12
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill
Civil War
Elektra (2017-) #1
Fantastic Four Special 2005 #1
Gamora (2016-) #1-#3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers
Guardians of the Galaxy: New Guard Vol. 1: Emperor Quill
Invincible Iron Man (2008-2012) #1-#12
Iron Fist (2017-) #1
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal
Rocket Raccoon (2016-) #1-#2
Runaways Vol. 1: Pride and Joy
She-Hulk Vol. 3: Time Trials
Spider-Gwen Vol. 1: Greater Power
Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes
Star Wars: Darth Maul (2017-) #1
Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1: Vader
X-23 (2010-2012) #1-#16
X-Men Prime (2017) #1
…and many more!

Kindle Unlimited members today will have access to 40 critically praised Marvel collections, with 20 also available through Prime Reading, a benefit for U.S. Prime members. These titles include:

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1: Gifted
Spider-Man Vol. 1: Brand New Day
New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout
Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion
Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes
Thor by J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1
Hawkeye Vol. 1: My Life As A Weapon
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1: Hooked On A Feline
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story
Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1
Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1: Vader
Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther?
Daredevil by Mark Waid Vol. 1
Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More
Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face It, I Rule
The Punisher Vol. 1: Black and White
…and 20 more titles on Kindle Unlimited.

ComiXology Unlimited now offers over 10,000 comics, graphic novels and manga for just $5.99 a month with a 30-day free trial and is available on the comiXology app for Fire Tablet, Android, iOS and on the web.

Kindle Unlimited offers over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and select current issues of popular magazines for just $9.99 a month with a 30-day free trial.

Prime Reading offers Amazon Prime members a rotating selection of over a thousand top Kindle books, magazines, short works, comic books, children’s books, and more – all at no additional cost.


Preview: Valiant High #3

Valiant High #3

Written by: Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by: Derek Charm
Cover by: David Baron and David Lafuente

Mysteries revealed! Who is the enigmatic “Eternal Sophomore” and what’s his connection with the creepy janitor? And why does Armstrong not seem to like the Sophomore? Colin King and Pete Stanchek are on the case! But more trouble is brewing outside of social circles in Valiant High – an evil, long since forgotten, is about to rear its ugly head – and it’s up to the students of Valiant High to stop it!

Taking place outside of Valiant’s standard continuity, Valiant High is packed with never-before-seen incarnations of the greatest icons from the largest independent superhero universe in comics – including Archer & Armstrong, the Death-Defying Dr. Mirage, the Eternal Warrior, Toyo Harada, Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Quantum and Woody, and many more. You’ve never seen the heroes of the Valiant Universe quite like this before!

Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. This title will be available as part of comiXology Unlimited at launch.

ComiXology Unlimited’s April Comings and Goings

ComiXology has announced the latest addition and subtractions from their comiXology Unlimited platform. The service allows unlimited reading from a curated set of titles for just $5.99 a month. The service also provides a 30 day free trial for individuals.

Check below for the full list of what’s coming and going in April 2017.


A Promise To Repay by Amanda Browning and Rika Ohno (Harlequin)

A Very Stylish Affair by Emma Darcy and Kanae Hazuki (Harlequin)

Angel & Faith: Season Ten Vol. 1 and #1-#5 by Victor Gischler and Will Conrad  (Dark Horse Comics)

The Atomics #1-#3 by Mike Allred (Image Comics)

Attack on Titan Vol. 2 by Hajime Isayama (Kodansha Comics)

The Baby Proposal by Rebecca Winters and Kaoru Kasuga (Harlequin)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Vol. 1-2 and #1-#10 by Joss Whedon, Andrew Chambliss, Georges Jeanty and Karl Moline  (Dark Horse Comics)

Coming Home by Penny Jordan and Harumo Sanazaki (Harlequin)

COPPELION Vol. 2 by Penny Jordan and Harumo Sanazaki (Kodansha Comics)

The Desert Prince’s Proposal by Nicola Marsh and Ryo Takumi (Harlequin)

The Fix #1-#2 by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber (Image Comics)

Garth Ennis’ Complete Battlefields Vol. 1-2 by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, Carlos Ezquerra, Hector Ezquerra and Peter Snejbjerg (Dynamite)

Generation Zero #1 by Fred Van Lente and Francis Portela (Valiant Entertainment)

Heavenly Angels by Carole Mortimer and Mirai Takadono (Harlequin)

Hellboy Vol. 8 and #1-#6 by Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo  (Dark Horse Comics)

Kiss Me Kate by Helen R Myers and Utako Suda (Harlequin)

The Last Grand Passion by Emma Darcy, Rui Ayase and Kiriko Higashizato (Harlequin)

Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 5-7 by Kazuo Koike  (Dark Horse Comics)

The Mice Templar: Destiny #0-#9 by Bryan J. L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming (Image Comics)

Mind MGMT #7-#9 by Matt Kindt  (Dark Horse Comics)

Oasis Of The Heart by Jessica Hart and Mihoko Hirose

The Outrageous Dowager by Sarah Westleigh and Sumiko Sonehara (Harlequin)

Path of the Assassin Vol. 1-4 by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima (Dark Horse Comics)

The Secret Millionaire by Patricia Thayer and Harumo Sanazaki (Harlequin)

Spawn Origins Collection Vol. 3 by Todd McFarlane (Image Comics)

The Shadow: Year One #1-#5 by Matt Wagner, Howard Chaykin, Alex Ross, Chris Samnee and Wilfredo Torres (Dynamite)

The Sicilian’s Innocent Mistress by Carole Mortimer and Nasuno Amano (Harlequin)

Star Trek (2011-2016) Vol. 4 by Mike Johnson and Stephen Molnar

Stranger Passing By by Lilian Peake and Hiromi Hibino (Harlequin)

To Tame A Wild Heart by Emma Darcy and Yuko Takada (Harlequin)

Two Sexy! by Stephanie Bond and Masako Ogimaru (Harlequin)

Unmasking The Maverick Prince by Kristi Gold and Eve Takigawa (Harlequin)

Usagi Yojimbo Saga Vol. 1-2 by Stan Sakai  (Dark Horse Comics)

Vampirella: Southern Gothic collection and #1-#5 by Nate Crosby and Jose Luis (Dynamite)

Winning The Single Mom’s Heart by Linda Goodnight and Makoto Onishi (Harlequin)

X-O Manowar (1992-1996) #1/2, 5-#68, Database #1 and Yearbook by Jim Shooter, Mark Waid, Bob Layton, Steve Ditko and various  (Valiant Entertainment)

X-O Manowar (1996-1998) #1-#21 by Brian Augustyn, Mark Waid, Dwayne McDuffie, Sean Chen, Scot Eaton and various  (Valiant Entertainment)

X-O Manowar Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 by Steve Englehart, Bob Layton

Jim Shooter, Joe Quesada, Barry Windsor-Smith and various  (Valiant Entertainment)

Xena: Warrior Princess #1-#4 by John Layman and Fabiano Neves (Dynamite)



The Fade Out Vol. 1-3 and #1-#12 by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser (Image Comics)

Rising Stars Vol. 1-3 and #0-#24 by J. Michael Straczynski, Ken Lashley, Christian Zanier, Keu Cha and Various (Image Comics)

Rising Stars: Bright #1-#3 by Fiona Avery and Dan Jurgens (Image Comics)

Rising Stars: Compendium Part 1-2 by J. Michael Straczynski, Ken Lashley, Christian Zanier, Keu Cha and Various (Image Comics)

Rising Stars: Prelude by J. Michael Straczynski, David Finch and Keu Cha (Image Comics)

Rising Stars: Untouchable #1-#5 by Fiona Avery and Brad Anderson (Image Comics)

Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead #1-#6 by Fiona Avery, Staz Johnson and Karl Moline (Image Comics)

Wolf  Vol. 1-2 and #1-#9 by Ales Kot, Lee Loughridge and Matt Taylor (Image Comics)



Angel #4-#6 by Christopher Golden, Eric Powell and Christian Zanier (Dark Horse Comics)

Angel: Long Night’s Journey #1-#4 by Brett Matthews, Joss Whedon and Mel Rubi (Dark Horse Comics)

Angel: Surrogates #1-#3 by Christopher Golden and Christian Zanier (Dark Horse Comics)

Blind Date by Emma Darcy and Mihoko Hirose (Harlequin)

The Boss, The Baby And The Bride by Day Leclaire and Emi Hohsyo (Harlequin)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Vol. 1 and #1-#10 (Dark Horse Comics)

Ciudad collections and #1-5 by Ande Parks, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and Fernando León González (Oni Press)

Dragon Bay by Violet Winspear and Rin Ogata (Harlequin)

Emily the Strange Vol. 1 and #1-#3 by Brian Brooks, Jessica Gruner, Rob Reger and Buzz Parker (Dark Horse Comics)

Fast And Loose by Elizabeth Oldfield and Mao Karino (Harlequin)

Hellboy: The Crooked Man #1-#3 by Mike Mignola and Richard Corben (Dark Horse Comics)

Her Convenient Millionaire by Gail Dayton and Kasumi Kuroda (Harlequin)

The Husband Assignment by Helen Bianchin and Kei Kohsaki (Harlequin)

Little White Lies by Marjorie Lewty and Chieko Hara (Harlequin)

A Man For All Seasonings by Day Leclaire and Towa Isezaki (Harlequin)

The Man, The Ring, The Wedding by Patricia Thayer and Harumo Sanazak

A Mistake In Identity by Sandra Field and Wataru Yasutake (Harlequin)

The Pregnancy Affair by Anne Mather and Kei Kosaki (Harlequin)

A Question Of Honor by Lindsay Mckenna and Kazuko Teradate (Harlequin)

Rough And Ready by Elizabeth Oldfield and Fumi Kakizaki (Harlequin)

A Secret Sorrow by Karen Van Der Zee and Masako Ogimaru (Harlequin)

The Seduction Project by Miranda Lee and Sara Nakayama (Harlequin)

Sherlock Holmes: Year One Vol. 1 and #1-#6 by Scott Beatty and Daniel Indro (Dynamite)

The Spaniard’s Woman by Diana Hamilton and Mizuho Ayabe (Harlequin)

Switched At The Altar by Metsy Hingle and Shin Kurokawa (Harlequin)

Tug Of Love by Penny Jordan and Reiko Kitagawa (Harlequin)

Who Rides The Tiger by Penny Jordan and Reiko Kitagawa (Harlequin)

A Wild Affair by Charlotte Lamb and Yoko Hanabusa (Harlequin)

Zorro #1-#6 by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla (Dynamite)

Celebrate ComiXology’s 10th Anniversary at WonderCon

At this coming weekend’s WonderCon, fans and pros alike can celebrate 10 years of comiXology, Saturday, April 1st at the Hilton Anaheim Sunset Deck.

At the even you’ll find free food and drinks, first-come-first-served – along with exclusive giveaways!

Who: Open to fans & pros alike!
Where: Hilton Anaheim, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802 – Sunset Deck
When: Saturday, April 1st, 20177:00 – 9:00PM
Facebook Event

First 100 attendees receive limited edition posters! Each poster limited to 100.

AfterShock and comiXology Team Up for Exclusive Digital Connection Covers

For the first time, AfterShock and comiXology have partnered to provide limited-time exclusive digital connecting covers across several exciting titles. These covers will only be available to add to your digital collection via the comiXology platform until May 11, 2017.

Issues included are InSEXts #10 (Marguerite Bennett & Ariela Kristantina), Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #2 (Adam Glass & Patrick Olliffe), Black-Eyed Kids #12 (Joe Pruett & Szymon Kudranski), Shipwreck #4 (Warren Ellis & Phil Hester), Animosity #6 (Marguerite Bennett & Rafael de Latorre), Jackpot! #5 (Ray Fawkes & Georges Duarte), and Captain Kid #5 (Mark Waid, Tom Peyer & Wilfredo Torres). The connecting covers were illustrated by Mike Zagari and colored by Gabe Eltaeb.

Each digital comic will be released over the course of the next month, but can be pre-ordered right now! You’ll need to act fast, as time is extremely limited to get these exclusive digital covers.

comiXology Unlimited March Titles Coming and Going

ComiXology has announced the latest addition and subtractions from their comiXology Unlimited platform. The service allows unlimited reading from a curated set of titles for just $5.99 a month. The service also provides a 30 day free trial for individuals.

Check below for the full list of what’s coming and going in March 2017.


A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong Vol. 1 and #1-#4 by Rafer Roberts and David Lafuente (Valiant Entertainment)
Ajin: Demi-Human Vol. 1 by Sakurai Gamon, Miura Tsuina, Sakurai Gamon and Miura Tsuina (Kodansha Comics)
ALIVE Vol. 1 by Tadashi Kawashima (Kodansha Comics)
Baltimore Vol. 1-2 by Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck (Dark Horse Comics)
Comic Book History of Comics #1-#2 by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey (IDW Publishing)
Creeple Peeple #2-#3 by Matt Anderson, Patrick D. Pidgeon and Tim Patrick Lattie (IDW Publishing)
Cyberines #1 by Joe Martino, RJ Micheals, Cory Hamscher and Pow Rodrix (Red Anvil Comics)
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Storm Surge collection and #1-#6 by Dean Koontz, Chuck Dixon, Rik Hoskin and Andres Ponce (Dynamite)
Dorothy of Oz Prequel #3-#4 by David Tipton and Blair Shedd (Dynamite)
Felony Comics #2-#3 by Josh Burggraf, Harris Smith, Amy Searles and Various (Negative Pleasure Publications)
Gakuen Prince Vol. 1 by Jun Yuzuki (Kodansha Comics)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 1-2 by Yu Kinutani (Kodansha Comics)
King: the Phantom #1-#4 by Brian Clevinger and Brent Schoonover (Dynamite)
Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1 by Eric Dean Seaton, Brandon Palas and Andrew Dalhouse (“And . . Action!” Entertainment)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1-#2 by Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson and Daniele Di Nicuolo (BOOM! Studios)
Owlgirls #1 by Robert J. Sodaro, Rachele Aragno and Dave Ryan (Red Anvil Comics)
Patricia Briggs’ Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf Vol. 1 and #1-#8 by Patricia Briggs, David Lawrence and Jordan Gunderson (Dynamite)
Predator: Life and Death collection and #1-#4 by Dan Abnett and Brian Thies (Dark Horse Comics)
Princess Resurrection Vol. 1 by Yasunori Mitsunaga (Kodansha Comics)
Pumpkin Scissors Vol. 1 by Ryotaro Iwanaga (Kodansha Comics)
Shadowflame #1-#2 by Joe Martino (Red Anvil Comics)
Star Trek (2011-2016) Vol. 3 by Mike Johnson, Claudia Balboni and Stephen Molnar (IDW Publishing)
Street Fighter II Vol. 1 and #0-#6 by Ken Siu-Chong, Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang (UDON)
Template: The Complete First Season by Quinton Miles and Andres Quezada (QAM! Comics)
The Hidden GN by Richard Sala (Fantagraphics)
Vinland Saga Vol. 1 by Makoto Yukimura (Kodansha Comics)
War of the Independents #1-#2 by Dave Ryan, Franchesco! and Dave Ryan (Red Anvil Comics)
Yozakura Quartet Vol. 1 by Suzuhito Yasuda (Kodansha Comics)

IMAGE 25 Additions available Monday, March 6

The Manhattan Projects Deluxe Edition Vol. 1-2, Vol. 1-6 and #1-#25 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra (Image Comics)
The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #1-#4 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra (Image Comics)
Pax Romana Vol. 1 and #1-#4 by Jonathan Hickman (Image Comics)
The Sword Complete Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1-4, and #1-#24 and Jonathan Luna and Joshua Luna (Image Comics)


Abandoned Cars GN by Tim Lane (Fantagraphics)
Athos In America GN by Jason (Fantagraphics)
Dead Drop collection and #1-#4 by Ales Kot and Adam Gorham (Valiant Entertainment)
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son #1-#5 by Dean Koontz, Chuck Dixon and Brett Booth (Dynamite)
Hit: 1957 #1-#2 by Bryce Carlson and Vanesa R. Del Rey (BOOM! Studios)
I Don’t Get It GN Shannon Wheeler (BOOM! Studios)
I Told You So GN Shannon Wheeler (BOOM! Studios)
King: Flash Gordon #1-#4 by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Lee Ferguson (Dynamite)
Low Moon GN by Jason (Fantagraphics)
Night Fisher GN by R. Kikuo Johnson (Fantagraphics)
Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Homecoming collection and #1-#4 by Patricia Briggs, David Lawrence and Amelia Woo (Dynamite)
Potter’s Field collection and #1-#3 by Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta (BOOM! Studios)
Street Fighter #1-#6 by Ken Siu-Chong, Kaare Andrews, Joy Ang, Hanna Chen, Hyung-Tae Kim and various (UDON)
The Returning #1 by Jason Starr and Andrea Mutti (BOOM! Studios)

Review: Valiant High #1

valiant-high_001_cover_lafuenteToday, Valiant and comiXology has released the latest comiXology Original, Valiant High #1. Written by Daniel Kibblesmith, the series is a new and unique take on the Valiant universe and characters.

Before they became legends, the world’s most formidable heroes were roaming the halls at Valiant High – a super-powered preparatory academy where Aric “X-O Manowar” Dacia is a record-setting running back, Colin “Ninjak” King is a debonair foreign exchange student, and Coach Bloodshot is way, way too into dodgeball. Now, Amanda “Livewire” McKee and her best friend, Faith “Zephyr” Herbert, are taking it all in for the first time at the one high school where power trumps popularity!

The digital debut of Valiant High is full of fun taking the familiar Valiant heroes and throwing them into a new situation, high school. Each in their own way are distilled down to their basic core. Writer Daniel Kibblesmith makes it works, it works really well, by playing off of tropes and types, the first issue feels familiar but at the same time fresh considering the characters involved.

“Teen” stories tend to feel similar in so many ways involving the outcast, the jock, the popular girl/guy, the burnout, some mix of all of that, and that’s all here with a charm and fun about it that it reminds me a bit of a comedic Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Not Another Teen Movie. We’re introduced to each character and get a good sense of their archetype in a first issue that nails it all when it comes to that. And while much of the issue is setup, there’s still a little bit of conflict to keep things interesting.

The art by Derek Charm and David Baron is fantastic translating each character into their teen self, with a couple of characters acting as teachers. The art is what really helps draw out the comedy of the issue with some fantastic moments involving Bloodshot who’s the driver ed teacher in a look that feels like it’d work perfectly in an animated show.

The first issue is a great debut and while it relies on familiar character types and conflict, the use of classic Valiant characters in this new setting is fresh and entertaining. I can’t wait to see what the further issues bring and hopefully we get some more.

Story: Daniel Kibblesmith Art: Derek Charm and David Baron Cover: David Lafuente
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review

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