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Image and Top Cow Release an Early Look at Paradox Girl Vol. 1

Image Comics and Top Cow Productions have unveiled a sneak peek at the forthcoming superhero graphic novel, Paradox Girl, Vol. 1 by Cayti Bourquin and Yishan Li. The series begins this May.

As a hero with the power to go anywhere and anywhen, Paradox Girl has made an absolute mess of her own life. She’s changed history so often that she isn’t even sure who she is anymore. 

Join her in the superhero comedy, Paradox Girl, Vol. 1, as she tries to make sense of her chaotic existence, chases bizarre whims, and maybe even finds time to save the day once in a while.

Paradox Girl, Vol. 1 (ISBN: 978-1534312203, Diamond Code MAR190110) will be available in comic shops on Wednesday, May 29. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, April 15.

Paradox Girl, Vol. 1

Lion Forge Announces Army of One at C2E2

Lion Forge continues to ramp up its 2019 line of creator-owned comic book series with concepts every bit as original and unique as the creators behind them. Today, in conjunction with the Lion Forge panel at C2E2 in Chicago, the company unveiled Army of One, an all-new series launching in October!

Created by New York Times Bestselling Writer Tony Lee and Yishan Li, and colored by Bryan Valenza, Army Of One is a story of friendship, sisterhood in a fight against unsurmountable odds, with a few twists and turns along the way.

Seventeen year old Carrie Taylor always knew she was different to the other students, but when she’s saved from nightmarish creatures by doppelgängers of herself, other ‘Carries’ from alternate dimensions, worlds and timelines, she learns the horrifying truth – that she is one of a thousand shattered shards of Sister Fortune, a great Mystic from another dimension; scattered into the multiverse after an apocalyptic battle with her greatest rival, Brother Havoc.

Now, after a millennia of constant death and rebirth, the shards of Sister Fortune are locked in an endless war against each other. In the midst of this, a small band of rebels band together, attempting to unify a force of thirteen doppelgängers, all with the aim of stopping Brother Havoc from finally taking over all of the Multiverses.

But is Carrie one of these shattered shards – or is she something new? And when she learns the truth about her heritage, which side will she choose?

Army of One will be solicited in the August-dated PREVIEWS catalog for release in October, offered to retailers in a fully returnable standard comic format, priced at $3.99.

Army of One

Review: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1956 #2

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1956 #2

Professor Bruttenholm sends two agents in opposite directions on off-the-books missions, while the B.P.R.D. loses sight of Hellboy as he wanders through Mexico, and Varvaras pet projects stir up discontent among her team of occult scientists.

Two issues in and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1956 is interesting in how not punching monsters the series is. Professor Bruttenholm has his suspicions that something is going on with those around him and a corruption exists and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1956 #2 has him diving deeper into that mystery and attempting to find allies. The issue feels more about pencil pushing and spying than the traditional Hellboy story. And that’s ok!

Written by Chris Roberson and Mike Mignola, the series has been fascinating in how mundane it is compared to some of the crazy we’ve seen before. The two issues feel more like a bridge to something and setting up what’s coming next than anything else. And that’s ok because we need those types of stories. It’s just unexpected in a miniseries as these “year” ones have been.

The art by Yishan Li, Mike Norton, and Michael Avon Oeming with color by Dave Stewart is solid as expected. There’s never been a Hellboy series where the art has lacked and there’s a certain style about this one that feels a bit more appropriate for it’s more spy-like plot. This isn’t about crazy monsters, it’s about jockeying for information.

Much like the first issue, the second feels more like the set-up for something big coming but also like the first there’s not much action here. Its focus is interesting as it’s a chapter in the meta story that’s being built. New readers might feel a bit bored by this entry, so far, but for those engaged in the bigger picture, this is as solid an entry as everything else helping build the amazing tapestry that is the Hellboy world.

Story: Chris Roberson, Mike Mignola
Art: Yishan Li, Mike Norton, Michael Avon Oeming
Color: Dave Stewart
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Dark Horse has provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Sugar, Vol. 1 TP


(W) Matt Hawkins, Jenni Cheung (A/CA) Yishan Li

In SUGAR, a couple embarks on a relationship that starts off as more of an arrangement, but ends with them falling in love—at a cost. Neither has ever done anything like thisbefore, and the emotional swings they face threaten to undo what could be a perfect match in this companion book to both SUNSTONE and SWING.

SDCC 2018: Dark Horse Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Hellboy’s First Appearance at San Diego Comic-Con With 3 New Mignolaverse Titles

In 1993, legendary comic book creator Mike Mignola’s most famous creation, Hellboy, first appeared in a four page, black and white story in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2, months ahead of his full issue comic book debut in Hellboy: Seed of Destruction. Co-published by Dark Horse Comics, this story introduced one of the most beloved comic book characters in history and launched what would become known as the Mignolaverse — the strange, shared universe of comic books and graphic novels, comprised of acclaimed titles including Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.Abe SapienB.P.R.D.Frankenstein UndergroundLobster JohnsonThe Visitor: How and Why He Stayed and Witchfinder.

25 years later, Mignola is once again returning as a Special Guest to San Diego Comic-Con International, where the convention will celebrate the 25th anniversary of that first 4-page story by including the historic story in their 2018 Souvenir Book. The story, which previously had been published with colors by acclaimed colorist Matt Hollingsworth, will now be colored by Eisner Award-winning colorist and longtime Mignola collaborator Dave Stewart and will appear alongside an all new interview with Mignola and Jed W. Keith. In addition, Mignola and Stewart have created an all new cover for the San Diego Comic-Con International Events Guide.

Ahead of the convention and the planned celebration of Mignola and his creation, Dark Horse Comics is announcing three new Mignolaverse comic books, which further expand and enrich the epic story that has been entertaining fans around the world for two and a half decades.

The three new titles, which Dark Horse Comics will publish in 2018, span the globe and showcase very different corners of the Mignolaverse — the occult cold war escalates in Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956; Lobster Johnson’s biggest foe, the Crimson Lotus, is featured in her first ever, eponymous mini-series; and the annual Hellboy Winter Special features festive and supernatural stories from Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck, Tonci Zonjic, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.

The three new titles are:

Crimson Lotus five-issue mini series

Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), Mindy Lee (A), Michelle Madsen (C), Tonci Zonjic (Cover)
Issue 1 on sale date: 11/21/2018
Before she became Lobster Johnson’s biggest foe, the Crimson Lotus was a young girl whose family was caught up in the Russo-Japanese war. Thirty years later, the Lotus exacts her revenge with terrifying international ramifications, and two spies must try to chase her through China before they become flies in her web.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 five-issue mini series

Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), Yishan Li (A), Mike Norton (A), Michael Avon Oeming (A), Dave Stewart (C), Dave Johnson (Cover)
Issue 1 on sale date: 11/28/2018
Pressure is mounting within the bureau to uncover the Soviets’ secret plans, but a suspicious cover-up leads one agent off the radar in search of answers. Meanwhile, demonic Soviet occult leader Varvara pushes her team to follow her own whims, and Hellboy is sent on the mission that would lead to his infamous misadventures in Mexico. But even more clandestine plots are at work—both inside the B.P.R.D. and out. Three different storylines are interwoven in this espionage saga.

Hellboy Winter Special 2018

Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Fábio Moon (W/A/variant cover), Gabriel Bá (W/A/Variant cover), Tonci Zonjic (W/A/C), Ben Stenbeck (A), Dave Stewart (C)
On sale date: 12/12/2018
Three wintery tales featuring a Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck team-up about a New Year’s Eve séance gone wrong when Hellboy visits a family’s English home, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá revisit B.P.R.D.: Vampire with a new tie-in story, and Tonci Zonjic returns to write and draw Lobster Johnson.

Fans will be able to ask Mignola about the new titles —and anything else the audience wants to talk about regarding his career —  at the San Diego Comic-Con international Spotlight panel on Mike Mignola on Friday, July 20th at 2:30 PM PT in Room: 24ABC. Mignola will also be signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#2615) on Friday July 20th at 4:30 PM and exhibiting at Booth #4901, alongside artists Geof Darrow, Frank Cho and Steve Purcell from Wednesday through Saturday.

The new titles join an exciting Mignolaverse publishing lineup for the year, including the Hellboy Omnibus Collection, which creates the definitive reading experience for Hellboy fans and an ideal entry point for new readers by publishing Mignola’s award-winning Hellboy stories in chronological order for the first time ever.

Review: Paradox Girl #6

The losing of superpowers seems to be a rite of passage for many superheroes. Just about very major superhero has gone through some form or another of losing their powers. It forces them to change how they do their job and the storyline usually has them becoming better people for it. This was the main premise of the first Thor movie, which depending on whom you talk to, was not what made the movie enjoyable. This is also one of the arcs in Black Panther as he loses the mantle and the powers that makes him who he is. That eventually leads to him becoming a better ruler.

In comic books this event type occurs more frequently. One of the most memorable example is DC Comics’ JLA: Act Of God, which is an out of continuity Elseworlds tale. In another JLA story, “Tower Of Babel,” Batman’s contingency plans for each of the Justice League members is hacked allowing Vandal Savage to debilitate each team member. Either way, fans gets to see their favorite character out of their element which makes for an interesting character study. In the sixth issue of Paradox Girl, we find our favorite time jumper trying to solve an issue without her powers.

Paradox Girl suddenly finds herself, by herself, as she mysteriously loses her power one day, on in which she looks to push the boundaries of being one person, versus the multiple copies she used to seeing. This is where she meets a new villain, Doctor Doctor, someone who is smarter than our heroine and makes her seem that her very presence has caused havoc across the universe. She eventually gets trapped by this new adversary, who leaves her captive for six months. By issue’s end, Paradox Girl ultimately escapes and finds out who she really is, as her powers become just an added benefit to being Paradox Girl.

Overall, a grand end to the first arc, which will leave fans more than satisfied. The story by Cayti Borquin is cracking with humor and intelligence. The art by Yishan Li is luminous and vivid. Altogether, an issue which gives a new spin on retrospectives of life and still remembers to leave a smile on the reader’s face.

Story: Cayti Borquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Paradox Girl #3

Undoing mistakes or correcting them, can be a difficult task depending on how much damage said blunder may have caused.  Understanding that you have created an error, sometimes may be akin to the stages of grief. First, you must acknowledge that you were the main cause of the mistake, which includes a lot of face-palming. Then you may or may not fess up to the crime, and who you tell it to, determines if you will be punished for it.

Then there is the actual correcting, this may lead to you doing even more work to correct said mistake, which could include a lot of pontification and eye rolls. Then there is the aftermath, either people will see this as you are making this one mistake or that it is an indication of how you do things all the time. All these things make up what can be a grueling process, sometimes maybe even cringe worthy, but it happens to the best of us. In the third issue of Paradox Girl our hero makes a mistake that she spends a considerable amount of time and effort to fix.

Paradox Girl and Axiom Man looks to stop a crazy shooter, known as the Paramaniac, but what the reader doesn’t realize is Paradox Girl is the very reason he is crazed. We walk through his day and which exact parts Paradox Girl played a part in and just exactly how she screwed up things. She eventually tries to time travel to correct each of his and her mistakes. By issue’s end, Paramaniac’s bad luck is all because of Paradox Girl, but more so, he troubles do not end, as she has a new set of villains to face off.

Overall, a rollicking and well put together installment in what is probably one of the better books to come out of the independent scene. The story by Cayti Bourquin is funny, well developed, and intelligent. The art by Yishan Li is vivid and elegant. Altogether, a great story that becomes more astonishing by upping the ante in each issue, including this one.

Story: Cayti Bourquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Paradox Girl #2

There is nothing better than comedy-based comics when it is done right. This is exactly what made Mad Magazine and Cracked, so popular to read for my kids in my generation. As it poked fun at everything, no holds barred, leaving everyone a victim, pointing out some of the most absurd elements of popular culture. Any child who grew up when I did, could remember Mad’s popular parody of Rocky IV and Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, two movies that some audiences find iconic now, but were critically panned by the critics and these comic magazines. The humor in these magazines shaped what my humor for years to come and I would find this absurdist sense of humor in other comics growing up.

One of those comics was Groo, which found comedy in Conan’s action adventure fantasy settings. Another one is Deadpool, which within the comics and the movie, showed the world how wisecracking killer can still exist in world where superheroes exist and many of his jokes landed with all fans, even creating a cult like following. As most of these comics are well established, rarely do you find comics which push those boundaries enough and remembers to be funny. This what sets Paradox Girl apart from most indies, as out titular hero in the second issue finds an unnecessary foe.

We find Paradox Girl, being annoyed by one of her other selves, which leads her to throw a tantrum, as her need for sleep is what she feels she most needs. As much as would like to believe it was them who was annoying her, it was an unwelcome intruder on her property that gets her riled up. What follows is her overreacting and regenerating herself bringing a bear to take out the wolverine and then a peacock with guns to take out the bear. By issue’s end, paradox gets herself caught up in a series of mishaps and misfires, leaving her even more tired and right when she thinks she can get some sleep, the chaos ensues once again.

Overall, a raucous riot of an issue, that will make  new fans of this criminally overlooked comic book, which pushes the boundaries of time and comedy. The story by Cayti Bourquin is hilarious, irrational, and just what you need at the end of a long day. The art by Yishan Li is vivid and elegant. Altogether, another excellent installment in the superior comedy series.

Story: Cayti Bourquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.2 Overall: 9.1 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Paradox Girl #1

One of my favorite actors of all time is Michael Keaton. Growing up he acted in a more than a few movies that pretty much formed my sense of humor. He primarily acted in comedies until the two Batman movies he did, but then he moved to more dramas and other serious fare. One of his best movies after Gung Ho, is Multiplicity, one where his character gets himself cloned so he can do other things.

The movie was both funny and made you think, of the possibilities of what can do if they could make copies of themselves, just how productive you can be. The last time I remember a movie character doing something similar, is Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. What if you could time travel and make copies of yourself? This is the premise that is featured in the series, Paradox Girl and what the reader is introduced to in the first issue.

We meet our titular character and her hundreds of copies in the first few pages, and how they go about getting through their day, and how many times they have traveled through time. We soon find out how she got her powers in the first place and just about habitually late she is despite her abilities. We also meet one of her superpowered friends, Axiom Man, who keeps her on track and helps fight monsters. By issue’s end, she gets her favorite waffles from 1985, saves the city from a kaiju, trains with Axiom Man, and lives to fight another day.

Overall, an excellent debut issue that feels like it is going 100 miles per hour and never lets you go. The story by Cayti Elle Borquin is very funny and action packed. The art by Yishan Li is gorgeous and vivid. Altogether, a raucous series that will have you in stitches and  will make you wonder what would you do in PG’s shoes.

Story: Cayti Elle Borquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Assassin’s Creed Uprising​ ​ #4

Assassin’s Creed Uprising #4

Writers: Dan Watters and Alex Paknadel
Artist: José Holder
Cover A: José Holder & Marco Lesko
Cover B: Yishan Li
Cover C: Adam Gorham
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: May 24, 2017


Discovering a link dating back to the Spanish Civil War, Charlotte de la Cruz entered the Animus in the hopes of learning more about the mysterious enemies that have the Assassin Brotherhood on high alert, but now finds her self trapped in the limbo-like Memory Corridor. Worse of all, it seems an ally is not all they appear to be…

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