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Kickstarter Spotlight: Utopiates Audio! Haunted Taxis! Dark Tales! Red Ten! And More!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Kickstarter spotlight, partially because I’ve become rather negative on the site due to delayed projects, vapor ware, and lack of accountability. However, we’ve been hit up to help promoted numerous projects, many from folks I know will come through! So, I feel a bit better about promoting these, as I feel myself, and this site, is responsible for your experience if you decide to pledge due to our post. Check out below to see what might be worthy of your dollar!

utopiatesUtopiates Audio Drama

What it is: Sex, Drugs, and Biotech: Welcome to the future, where the only escape is at the tip of a dream needle. This project takes the solid graphic novel and gives it an audio drama spin courtesy of Audio Comics. The project also features Denise Poirier, who was the voice of Aeon Flux!

Why I like it: So far I’ve been digging the audio comics I’ve heard. It’s a new way to experience the stories we enjoy and expanding out is never a bad thing. I’ve also read the graphic novel being adapted and it’s a fun read. Seeing how it converts into an audio drama will be rather cool.

Best Pledge: $25 gets you a mp3 download of the audio drama, the soundtrack, wallpapers, and avatars, as well as a signed copy of the graphic novel it’s based off of.

Risk: LOW – Audio Comics is a professional company and they’ve done this sort of work before. I don’t expect a lot of issues.

playing cardsThe World of Cassyno – Playing Cards by BENGAL

What it is: A stunning deck of playing cards featuring original character designs and lore by the comic illustrator & founder of CFSL! Far from just another deck of playing cards, this set is as much a gallery of original character art by Bengal, as well as the fantastic setting for numerous stories of magical intrigue, medieval espionage, and dramatic conflict between four unique kingdoms. Each face card, plus the “knight” (the 10 card), features a key character from the world, each of whom possessing both strengths and weaknesses, allies and foes, allowing for unique original gameplay as well as an abundance of exciting stories to tell.  With 20 original characters to draw from, the dramatic combinations are outstanding.

Why I like it: You can never have too many decks of cards, plus the bonus of some games. Plus, you get some stunning artwork to stare out while using it.

Best Pledge: $15 gets you the deck of cards plus a bonus joker card!

Risk: LOW – They’ve got vendors to print and for the materials, and the game design should be pretty simple. I think this out has a nice lead time that’ll give them some padding to make it all happen.

cyrus perkinsCyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab

What it is: After a young boy dies in his taxi cab, Cyrus Perkins must solve the boy’s murder… or be haunted by the spirit trapped in his car! Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab is a four issue supernatural crime noir comic series. When a young boy named Michael dies from a gunshot wound in his taxi cab, Cyrus Perkins is thrust to the role of unlikely hero as Michael’s spirit is trapped in his cab. Cyrus must solve his murder, and give him the peace to pass into the afterlife.

The project brings together some of the Action Lab team. Dave Dwonch has been a comics writer and artist producing indie titles for over a decade. In 2010 he founded Action Lab Entertainment with fellow indie mavericks and as Creative Director for Action Lab helped produce several of their titles including the Eisner nominated series Princeless. Recently he penned several titles, most notably Vamplets (with Gayle “My Little Pony” Middleton), Ghost Town, and CBR’s Top 100 of 2013 series Double Jumpers.

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Anna Lencioni has been working as a sequential artist on such titles as NFL Rush Zone and Miss America. Cyrus Perkins is her first long form project.

Why I like it: The Action Lab team has been putting out quality comics and I expect no less from them when it comes to this!

Best Pledge: $20 gets you a Kickstarter edition of the first issue signed by the series’ creator Dave Dwonch!

Risk: LOW – The team says they’re halfway done with the project, so I don’t expect too many problems. These are comic professionals who have met deadlines before!

the red ten vol 1 hardcoverThe Red Ten – Volume 1 Hardcover

What it is: When the world’s greatest detective is violently murdered, her corporate-backed super team and former sidekick band together to bring her killer to justice. However, the mission goes terribly wrong, and before the night is out, each of the ten “heroes” will pay dearly for past transgressions. This is Agatha Christie’s classic story Ten Little Indians transformed into a story with super heros!

The issues are done, so this is to help raise the bare minimum money needed to print a small run of a premium hardcover version of the series.

Why I like it: I’ve read the issues so far and they’re solid work by a great independent small publisher. This is exactly the type of project Kickstarter was made for.

Best Pledge: $25 gets you the printed hardcover of the book. That’s kind of the point of the project….

Risk: LOW – These guys have done numerous projects before and they’ve gone off without a hitch and the comic is completed, it just needs to be printed!

the dark tales of the brothers harrowThe Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow

What it is: Two titles. Two worlds. Two epic stories that push the boundaries of the graphic novel medium, all contained in one book. The Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow Volume 1 collects the first two issues of two sci-fi fantasy titles – The Delta and Avalon: The World Within. It contains over 130 pages of beautifully cinematic comic goodness.

Why I like it: The art looks pretty solid in this book and if it’s printed as shown, that’s a beautiful book to add to any comic collection.

Best Pledge: $40 this gets you the paperback version of volume one and a digital version as well. Also included are wallpapers  and a “special” thank you.

Risk: MEDIUM – This is their first Kickstarter project and I don’t know much about the company as well. The visuals though are solid which is why it’s included here. My guess is the project will be late if anything, but prices seem high enough that the money projects should be covered to produce and ship.

all kings menAll the King’s Men

What it is: A huge dystopic science-fiction anthology of comics and prose that features award-winning contributors, and pays fairly for their work.

All The King’s Men is a science-fiction anthology. It’s planned to run a mammoth 300 pages, a combination of short prose stories and black and white comics, all stories loosely linked together by theme and/or setting.

All proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to pay those contributors for their work. There will be no working for exposure, no working for royalties that might never materialise; if it’s good enough to get in the book, it’s worth paying for.

Why I like it: The paying the contributors for their work is what stood out to me. The project sounds ambitious, but that part gets it a bump from here.

Best Pledge: $35 AUD gets you a paperback copy as well as a digital copy of the book.

Risk: HIGH – While May 2015 is a hell of a time frame to get this done, I’ve notice anthologies tend to have a lot of issues on Kickstarter. Expect this one to be delayed or the line up of creators to change.

Pick(s) of the Week: Batman/Superman #2 and Many More!

BatSupeComboCover095956--525x800Welcome to the new pick of the week, where we survey the Graphic Policy team to see what they’re looking forward to this week or what they know will be a solid read. This week, the team has one book among them that they agreed upon, Batman/Superman #2 by DC Comics.

Consistently mentioned by each contributor is Greg Pak’s writing combined with Jae Lee‘s art. The combination is clearly a draw for each of us. Plus, we’re all intrigued to find out what happens next!

Check out below for each team member’s picks and find out what you should be on the lookout for this Wednesday.


Batman/Superman #2 (DC) – Although I wasn’t thrilled with the first book, after hearing the announcement of a Batman/Superman movie at SDCC, I think it’d be smart to give this series a chance.

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 (Dark Horse) – Seriously looking forward to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy spinoff and cult favorite, Lobster Johnson, in this two part mini series. I give this first book a stellar review in a forthcoming post.

Mass Effect Foundation #1 (Dark Horse) – Most video game to comic book series fail to impress, but they’ve secured Mac Walters, the writer of the second and third Mass Effect games, and I don’t want to pass this up.

Batman The Dark Knight #22 (DC) – I’ve been on a pulp kick lately that’s made me neglect the Caped Crusader. Once I catch up on the Mad Hatter’s finale, I’ll jump into Hurwitz’s latest story arc.

Ghostbusters #6 (IDW Publishing) – Just because I didn’t give I glowing review to the previous issue, doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what happens. I’m willing to stick with it and see what happens as the paranormal investigators reintegrate back into society.


Top Pick: The Massive #14 (Dark Horse) – Brian Wood’s amazing series following the crew of the Kapital and their search for their sister ship in a world devastated by environmental disaster. The current story arc is tense with the threat of further destruction in the shape of nuclear war.

Mind MGMT #13 (Dark Horse) – Matt Kindt’s crazy tale of special agents with amazing powers. The small details in every comic makes the series stand out, not to mention the amazing story telling and Kindt’s art.

Red Team #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Garth Ennis’ tale of a team of rogue cops is as gritty and heartbreaking as they come.

Thumbprint #2 (IDW Publishing) – Joe Hill’s horror story (I think) involves a female Iraq War vet. It’s a bit, I Know What You Did Last Summer, but I’m hooked.

Wild Blue Yonder #2 (IDW Publishing) – The first issue caught me off guard and blew me away. An amazing fun story of a world dominated by those who live in the sky. Fun characters and exciting sequences with fantastic art makes this one stand out for me.


Top Pick: Lazarus #2 (Image) – The first issue of Lazarus set up such an engaging world and interesting characters, and I’m interested to find out when the first arc will really begin to pick up steam. Plus, it’s Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be reading this book.

Batman/Superman #2 (DC) – Come on. Jae Lee drawing Batman. That’s all.

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 (Dark Horse) – I’ve never read a Lobster Johnson book before, but I’m a sucker for pulp adventure heroes, and Sebastián Fiumara’s art looks absolutely exquisite: grim and detailed when necessary, bold and cartoony a page later. And Dave Stewart is a master colorist.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I’m so excited for this issue because Mark Waid, in only three issues, has crafted an emotionally complex story, and I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction #1 (IDW Publishing) – I love the Rocketeer, and I loved Waid’s last Rocketeer mini (Cargo of Doom); it was perfectly ridiculous. I’m really curious to see how this pulp inspired team up works out.


Top Pick: Batman/Superman #2 (DC)—because we need to figure out what the heck that first issue was about! Plus, Greg Pak and Jae Lee make a great team on this strange, singular book with wonderful art and somewhat ominous plotting. The first issue blew me away, and left me wanting exactly this next issue. $3.99.

Gamma One-Shot (Dark Horse)—Ulises Farinas debuts what looks like a sci-fi, Adventure-Timey weird-fest; check this out if you’ve got the extra $2.99.

Larfleeze #2 (DC)—Giffen’s and Kolins’ Douglas-Adams-esque breakout book about the funny-as-Hell Orange Lantern continues with a battle against Laord of the Hunt. $2.99.

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 (Dark Horse)—Mignola brings back Lobster Johnson to track down the Crimson Lotus, starting off a new mini-series. $3.50.

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 (Marvel)—and while Superior Spider-Man #14 (also out this week) is a must have in my opinion, if you’re on a budget you’ll want to check out the beginning of this new team up book which starts with Spidey and the Avengers figuring things out. $3.99.

TPB of the Week: Camelot 3000 (DC)—collecting the 1982-1985 maxi-series of the same name, this TPB presents not only a major piece of DC Comics history, since Camelot 3000 was one of the first direct market series and DC’s first maxi-series (think Brightest Day), but it is also a crazy-cool reimagining of the King Arthur stories, in typical 1980s fashion, mixing the tale with nuclear issues, challenging gender roles, and…aliens! $19.99 (but I ordered it from Amazon for $16.51).

Free Comic Book Day Reviews: Princeless, Molly Danger, in Sanity, Rust, Mouse Guard The Red Ten and More!

All of these comics are recommended, it’s Free Comic Book Day!

molly_princeless_fcbdAction Lab Princeless/Molly Danger

I’m a huge fan of Princeless, so to get more of Whitley and Martin’s comic this Free Comic Book Day is awesome. The story sees the girls freeing another princess tucked away in a tower. As always, the comic pokes fun at the tropes and misogyny we see in today’s entertainment. This is a comic everyone should grab and read.

I gave to Jamal Igle’s Kickstarter for Molly Danger, so other than my little exposure from that, this is my first full story. I can’t wait to read more! Again, we get another kick-ass female hero headlining a comic!

These two together show women can and do kick-ass! Easily my favorite release that I’ve read so far.

Story: Jeremy Whitley, Jamal Igle Art: Emily C. Martin, Jamal Igle
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9

nfl rush skywardAction Lab NFL Rush Zone/Skyward

I know very little about NFL Rush Zone and the story contained in this issue is my first experience with it. I do know it’s a cartoon series, but as far as plot… I got nada there. This story, by Freeman and Dale, explains enough about what’s going on to give folks an idea of what it’s all about. It is cute and entertaining. For young fans of football, this would be a fantastic read.

Skyward is a new fantasy series by Dale and here we get our first taste of it. Again, we get a comic with a kick-ass female lead and a story that introduces us to the world, not necessarily as to what’s to come. It’s entertaining, and shows off the diversity of Action Labs. They have a bit of everything for everyone.

Story: Kevin Freeman, Jeremy Dale Art: M. Goodwin, Jeremy Dale
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8

Free Comic Book Day 2013 Cover BMouse Guard/Rust 2013 Free Comic Book Day Flip Book

Rust, Mouse Guard, Pantalones, TX, Bolivar, Labrynth and more in this excellent release from Archaia.

Many of these series are some of my favorite reads and to get a sampler like this for free is awesome. Archaia is synonymous with quality, so it’s not a shock their release is so good.

Again, like above, the release is varied in style, tone and characters. Yay diversity!

Story: David Petersen, Royden Lepp, Sean Rubin, Cory Godbey, Nate Cosby, and Yehudi Mercado Art: David Petersen, Royden Lepp, Sean Rubin, Cory Godbey, Chris Eliopoulos, and Yehudi Mercado
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5

iSA_FCBD_Cover1in Sanity, AZ

Welcome to Sanity, Arizona. It’s a small town, near the middle of the Mojave Desert, run by a different type of human. The natives of Sanity move a little bit slower, smile a little bit longer, and eat sausages made of tourists. This horror series follows the story of a different type of society, one that functions of its own accord and would rather be left alone than participate in the world the rest of us dwell in. Unfortunately for them, and everyone else, people tend to find themselves in Sanity, AZ.

An “adult” horror entry this Free Comic Book Day, the stories vary in tone and style. The stories are entertaining and helps create a nice mix to the offerings this year.

If you don’t pick up this issue, make sure to check out the series when it’s released in a few months.

Story: Michael Drace Fountain, James Ninness, Marcel Losada Art: Lance Sawyer, Mike Temple, Brian Soriano, Jorge Sevilla
Story: 8 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8

TheSteamEnginesOfOzFCBD_00The Steam Engines of Oz

Get a special sneak peek at the upcoming re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens.

The Wizard of Oz is back in style with numerous projects in both movies and comics. This new series takes a different spin on the classic tale mashing up the world of Oz with a steampunk spin.

Again, the series has a female lead, a popular thing this year. The story is pretty decent though a little choppy at points.

Overall though, the issue has me interested in coming back and seeing what else is in store.

Story: Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Erik Hendrix Art: Yannis Roumboulias
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5

TheRedTen_0_Cover_LRThe Red Ten #0

One of the best indie comic stories gets a Free Comic Book Day issue so that even more individuals can be introduced to its awesomeness.

The story is a mash-up of the super hero genre with Agatha Christie’s classic book, Ten Little Indians (also known as And Then There Were None).

This free zero issue fleshes out the characters of the series, with a nice rundown as to who they are and also has a nice story featuring the Oxymoron and Red.

The series not only is a great spin on a classic book (one of my favorites), but it also takes on familiar super heroes in an interesting way. A great addition to the maxi-series.

Story: Tyler James, Paul Allor Art: Tyler James, Jonathan Rector, Aaron Houston, Erik Reaves, Dave Myers, Rafer Roberts, Cesar Feliciano, Philip Dunne, Carl Yonder, Alex Cormack, Jules Rivera
Story: 8 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8


Picks of the Week: The Movement #1 and 12 more!

The Movement #1 coverReally the picks this week should be all of the awesome comic books being released for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday… but, when it comes to comics for sale, The Movement #1 is our pick for this week.

We are faceless. We are limitless. We see all. And we do not forgive.

Who defends the powerless against the GREEDY and the CORRUPT? Who protects the homeless and poverty-stricken from those who would PREY upon them in the DARK OF NIGHT?

When those who are sworn to protect us abuse their power, when toxic government calls down super-human lackeys to force order upon the populace…finally, there is a force, a citizen’s army, to push order BACK.

Let those who abuse the system know this as well: We have our OWN super humans now. They are not afraid of your badges or Leagues. And they will not be SILENCED.

We are your neighbors. We are your co-workers. And we are your children.

Writer Gail Simone and artist Freddie Williams II take on the 99% within the DC Universe.

  • The Movement #1 – see above
  • The Activity #12 – The heart pounding series is flying under the radar. It’s kick-ass covert action from America’s kick-ass military teams. This issue focuses on one of the character’s previous stint in Delta Force.
  • Age of Ultron #7 – I’ve generally been down on this event, but the last issue kicked it up a notch with some actual action and story movement. After the actions of last issue, I have no idea what to expect now.
  • All-New X-Men #11 – One team member has left to join Cyclops and lets see how the rest react.
  • Charismagic Vol. 2 #1 – Part of Aspen’s “10 for 10” means a $1 issue of the debut issue of the second volume of this excellent series.
  • Fubar: American History Z – This alternative American history is full of zombie goodness. An awesome indie comic series.
  • Hawkeye #10 – This is one of the best series out there people, now read it!
  • Invincible Universe #2 – Want a solid super hero series not by the big two? Well, here you go.
  • Polarity #2 – The first issue knocked it out of the park dealing with a bi-polar artist. A solid debut, so get into it while you can!
  • The Red Ten #3 – Ten Little Indians done with super heroes. Yes please. Another awesome indie comic.
  • Suicide Risk #1 – A new ongoing by Mike Carey sees a cop take on super powered villains.
  • Superior Spider-Man #9 – Dan Slott has me enjoy Spider-Man, which is impressive. One of my favorite Marvel NOW! comics.
  • Ten Grand #1 – It’s the return of Joe’s Comics with a new series by J. Michael Straczynski and Ben Templesmith involving a mob enforcer who wants to be with his love.


The Red Ten #3 Trailer

And then there were eight… The Alliance came to the island to hunt the Oxymoron. But with two members now dead, is someone hunting them? What dark secrets are buried in the depths of Mazu’s soul? And which hero will be the next to fall? The Red Ten is a 10 issue superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic novel “And Then There Were None.”

The Red Ten #3 (FEB130894) will be available in Comic Shops world-wide in April.

Pick of the Week – New Avengers #1

Marvel‘s Marvel NOW! initiative has been hit or miss with the good books leaning towards great and the bad, being utter rubbish. This week sees two releases, of which New Avengers #1 seems to be the most intriguing. Much of the pains of the Marvel universe has been due to the machinations of a group of it’s most powerful individuals. It’s a great concept that hasn’t been taken far enough. It looks like New Avengers picks up that under used plot thread and hopefully takes it in the direction and to the point it deserves.

  • New Avengers #1see above
  • Invincible #99We’re almost to issue 100 as Invincible must deal with the result of his actions and fight one hell of a battle.
  • The Red Ten #1I read this issue back in the days as to when it was micro-distributed. It’s a new take on Agatha Christie’s classic story Ten Little Indians, but with a super hero spin.
  • All-New X-Men #5There’s been too many issues of this series released, but they’re really good, so it’s not all bad. The classic X-Men are in the present time and must face what they’ve and the world have become.
  • Hellboy in Hell #2Hellboy is fighting for his life as he must battle through the after life.

Free Comic Book Day 2013 Silver Comics Announced


Diary of a Zombie Kid



(W) David Tallerman (A/CA) Robert Molesworth

What kind of lunatic forces a grizzly bear to wear mechanized combat armor and fight his battles? What kind of fiend kidnaps a beautiful Polynesian computer genius to be his child bride? And just who has a ninja for a butler anyway?  Meet the Professor: eccentric, scientist, explorer and Englishman par excellence. Madcap steampunk hi-jinks in Endangered Weapon B!



(W) Jamal Igle, Jeremy Whitley (A) Jamal Igle, Various

Two complete stories! She’s strong. She’s smart. And she’s incredibly brave! She’s the protector of Coopersville, the Princess of Finesse; the Petite Powerhouse known only as Molly Danger! But what secrets threaten everything she holds dear?! And on her way to rescue her sisters, Adrienne finds another mysterious princess locked away in a tower, but she’s guarded by one of the knights sent to hunt Adrienne. Who is this princess and will Adrienne and Bedelia survive trying to rescue her?


(W) Kevin Freeman, Jeremy Whitley (A) M. Goodwin, Jerry Gaylord (CA) M Goodwin
Two complete stories!  A referee’s flag is corrupted by the power.  The Guardians must arrive at the Bengals-Titans game and get that flag before the referee throws it, bringing it to life.  And the villainous Coach Carnage is on the recruit for his interstellar team “The Visitors,” and it’s up to the Guardians, with the help of previous draft picks, to stop him from ruining the draft and taking this year’s recruiting class.




(W) Jeff McClelland, Shawn Aldridge (A) Jeff McComsey, Steve Becker

The New York Times best selling zombie series, FUBAR, returns with an all-new Free Comic Book Day one-shot! This 32-page issue contains four stories that span the entire American experience, from Valley Forge to the present day. Select stories from FUBAR: American History Z (in PREVIEWS this February) will put you in the boots of the founding fathers as they come face-to-face with the walking dead. If you’re new to FUBAR, now’s the perfect time to jump on board! (MATURE THEMES)



(W) Robby Bevard (A/CA) Fred Perry

Kid the Adventurer and Bro the Kung-Fu Pegasus are back in an all-new story for Free Comic Book Day! The fan-favorite best buds will face fierce forests, soaring snakes, nincompoop ninjas, doofy dinosaurs, and vile villains all in the name of fun! Don’t miss out on this growing hit!



(W) Erik W. Hendrix, Sean Patrick O’Reilly (A/CA) Yannis Roumboulias

Get a special sneak-peek at the upcoming re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens! Find out what happens 100 years after the witch is dead. In an Oz ruled by a once revered hero, salvation comes from the unlikely wrench of Victoria Wright, who dares to question the status quo and sparks a rebellion. This FCBD edition will give you an exciting extended preview of the upcoming graphic novel and a look at what else Arcana’s SteamPunk Originals line has in store for readers!



(W/A) David Peterson & Various (CA) Royden Lepp, David Peterson

Archaia proudly presents this square flip book containing original short stories from some of its all-ages-friendly titles, including David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, Royden Lepp’s Rust, and Sean Rubin’s upcoming, enchanting dinosaur tale, Bolivar. Plus original short stories from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth; Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos’ Cow Boy, and fun Pantalones, TX activity pages by Yehudi Mercado!



(W) Ian Flynn (A) Ryan Jampole, Various (CA) Ben Bates

It’s TWO Free Comic Books in ONE! Just in time for the start of the epic Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover event, “Worlds Collide,” comes a primer issue exclusively for Free Comic Book Day! Witness the journey these two epic heroes from both Sega and Capcom took to finally meet each other — Mega Man’s journey chronicled on one side, and Sonic’s on the other! This is the must-have primer for the biggest comic book event of 2013 — as video game icons Sonic and Mega Man meet for the very first time anywhere!



(W) J. T. Krul, David Wohl (A/CA) Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo

In 2013, Aspen will proudly celebrate its 10th Anniversary, and they’re planning their largest initiative ever — including this year’s jam-packed Worlds of Aspen 2013 flip-book! Join them as they reveal exclusive in-depth content for all of their exciting “10 for 10” titles set to debut all year long! Also, Aspen offers two brand new stories, starting with Michael Turner’s Fathom! And to top it all off, Worlds of Aspen 2013 will showcase a world premiere preview of Peter Steigerwalds’ upcoming new series, Zoonity!





Christos Gage (Avengers Academy, Authority: Prime) created a visceral world where law enforcement turns to super-cops to subdue the new breed of street evil. But when one cop crosses the line and begins hunting and killing criminals in secret, he becomes worse than those he brought to ultimate justice! Absolution takes fans on an insane roller-coaster ride that ends in a public hero’s downfall, and the uprising of a violent judge, jury, and executioner. Absolution: The Beginning reprints the first two issues (#0-1) of this classic series and provides a sneak peek preview at this summer’s highly anticipated sequel, Absolution: Rubicon! (MATURE THEMES)



Filled with all-ages accessible previews, interviews and articles, Bleeding Cool Magazine FCBD is the perfect supplement to help readers new and old find the best comics and expand their experience at the party into a passion for a lifetime! Readers will find a “Collecting Comics 101” feature, the “Top Genre & Starter Graphic Novels” in stores, and Tips and Tricks for the Back-Issue Hunt! Bleeding Cool Magazine is ideal for giving readers tons of extra FCBD content and to introduce our unique brand of information and entertainment to a host of new customers!



(W/A/CA) Chris Eliopoulos

Who is Mr. Puzzle, you ask? Well, he’s the perfect fit for any problem, of course! And Capstone brings him to you for the perfect price…FREE! Follow Mr. Puzzle on two exclusive, never-before-seen adventures by Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos. Watch the superhero stretch, bend, shrink, and grow, all to keep the folks of Busyville safe. Don’t miss this two-for-none of fun with Mr. Puzzle!



(W) Tyler James, Paul Allor (A) Cesar Feliciano, Various (CA) Joe Mulvey

Who are The Red Ten? And who wants them dead? Delve deeper into the murder mystery maxi-series that is a superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None.” Also features Oxymoron: Quiet Riot, where a super-criminal psychopath holds a city hostage in terrifying silence as one cop struggles to stop the madman before her city burns to the ground



Jeremy Barlow, Various (A/CA) Garry Brown, Various

Three blockbuster titles fill this FCBD offering! In R.I.P.D., a séance goes terribly wrong! Then, in Mass Effect, follow a flight-school grad as he breaks the rules to prove himself in space! Finally, check out the police-state landscape of the highly anticipated miniseries The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys!



(W/A) Various

This super sampler is the perfect place to check out two sensational series from the DC Kids line, Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go!, based on Warner Bros. Animation’s new animated series coming soon to Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Saturday morning programming block. It includes two exciting, all-new stories that readers of all ages will enjoy!




(W) Matthew Sturges (A) Jean-Paul Deshong (CA) Stephanie Hanseremy 

The Little Mermaid has been captured by a cruel wizard, who intends to keep her locked away forever! But help comes in the form of a valiant one-legged tin soldier whose heart is far bigger than he is. Can the Little Mermaid escape her vicious captor with nothing but a talking toy to guide her? Find out in this fairy tale for all ages written by Matthew Sturges (Jack of Fables, Doctor Who)!


(W) David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf (A) Jose Malaga

Discover the characters, creatures and inspiration behind the storyline of NBC’s hit-series, Grimm! From the producers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel,Grimm features Portland homicide detective Nick Buckhardt, as he discovers he’s descended from a long line of “Grimms,” who are charged with keeping balance between humanity and the creatures of myth.  With newly awoken abilities to detect the evil lurking among us, Nick struggles to keep his old life separate and safe as he becomes ever more entrenched in the ancient rivalries of the Grimm world.




(W/A/CA) Gilbert Hernandez

From legendary alternative cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez of Love & Rockets fame, Marble Season is a semi-autobiographical epic about a group of kids growing up in the 1960s seen through the eyes of a young boy. Comics and popular culture of the day will dominate the proceedings and tell the untold story of one of the medium’s greatest and most respected artists. This FCBD has no nudity and no swearing and it will serve as a great preview for the upcoming book of the same name.


(W) Astrid Lindgren (A/CA) Ingrid Vang Nyman

The Pippi Longstocking Color Special offers a sneak peak at the brand new Pippi Longstocking title that D+Q will publish in May 2013. Pippi Longstocking was created by Astrid Lindgren and has developed a dedicated fan base of both children and adults for over six decades. The comics presented here were originally published in Swedish in the 1950s and are now being presented for the first time ever in English.



(W/A/CA) Hal Foster

This full-color comic collects two Prince Valiant stories from Hal Foster’s 1950 peak: “Home Again,” in which Val, Aleta, and newborn baby Prince Arn enjoy an eventful ocean journey back to Thule; and “The Challenge,” in which another knight’s unwelcome advances on Aleta result in a classic duel with Valiant!



(W) Robert M. Overstreet, J. C. Vaughn (CA) John K. Snyder III

Movies like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Joss Whedon’s Avengers film, and many more, couldn’t have happened without the comic book adventures that spawned them! This issue of Comic Book Marketplace takes a detailed look at the comics that spawned these movies, along with tips on collecting movie posters. Plus: CBM puts the origins of Free Comic Book Day under the spotlight as well.




(W/A/CA) Rick Yager

Buck Rogers, the original sci-fi hero, is supporting FCBD with a special reprint of two complete Sunday stories — “The Mind of Minds” and “Wilma to the Rescue” — by fabled artist Rick Yager, who defined the look of the character for over twenty years! These stories have been digitally reconstructed to perfection and look better than the original newspaper Sundays! All this, plus bonus materials and tons of surprises!


(W) Rob M. Worley (A) Jason T. Kruse (CA) Armand Villavert

Scratch9, the world’s greatest superhero cat, returns for Free Comic Book Day with a special reprint of issue #1, featuring all-new cover art by Armand Villavert, Jr.! Scratch9 is the Eisner Award-nominated all-ages comic book featuring a cat with the ability to summon any of his 9 lives to aid him in his adventures! Hermes Press’ Scratch9 FCBD issue will also offer bonus material and tons of surprises!



(W) John Howard, Joe Collins (A/CA) Brian Bolland

In advance of IDW’s coming ongoing series re-presenting the best Judge Dredd stories from the past with all-new coloring, this special FCBD release offers one of the most beloved Dredd stories of all time: the introduction of Judge Death, with all-new color! Plus: bonus “Walter the Wobot” strips appearing in color for the very first time, all beautifully illustrated by the brilliant Brian Bolland!



(W) Stan Lee (A) Graphic India (CA) Jeevan Kang

From the mind of legendary creator Stan Lee comes his newest superhero, Chakra The Invincible! Chakra tells the story of young Indian teenager, Raju Rai, a technology genius living in Mumbai. Determined to use science to unlock the secrets of human potential, Raju develops a technological suit that activates the mystical Chakras of the body, unleashing newfound abilities and powers!


(W) Ron Marz (A) Jim Starlin, Michael Avon Oeming, Luke Ross, Bart Sears, David Peterson (CA) Michael Avon Oeming

Set in a time 2000 years in the future, against a backdrop of one of the most immortal mythological tales of all time, Ramayan Reloaded re-imagines one of the most epic tales in history, and this special origins issue provides all the information on the many characters and settings of the series. Collecting short stories written by Ron Marz and illustrated by leading talents such as Michael Avon Oeming, Luke Ross, Bart Sears, Jim Starlin and David Peterson.




It’s out action featuring the newest stars to be of Disney XD: Avengers and the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.! Featuring art pulled directly from the animated series, this sneak peek at the two newest animated series from the geniuses at Marvel Animation promises to make this the biggest Free* Comic Book Day Ever!

*Are we really giving this away?! YES!



(W) Jeff McClelland (A) Pietro, Duane Redhead (CA) Duane Redhead

In the all-new, full-length Tick story, “A Day at the Beach,” things start out innocently enough for The Tick, Arthur, Bumbling Bee and their friends — until The Tick encounters an invasion force from under the sea! Perfect for new and old readers alike, this FCBD special also includes exciting backup features!



(W) Chris Schweizer, Joey Weiser (A) Joey Weiser, Chris Schweizer

Oni Press: Rated Free for Everyone returns for 2013! Featuring two stories by two incredibly talented creators! In Joey Weiser’s Mermin Adventure, Mermin goes with Pete and his human classmates to the Zoo. And in Chris Schweizer’s Crogan’s Adventure, you’ll get an epilogue to the story of one of the brothers from Crogan’s Loyalty.


(W) Chris Roberson (A/CA) Scott Kowalchuck

“The last thing you want to see is my hands.” They’re called The Strangers. They’re deadly. Dangerous. And you’ll never see them unless they want you to. But now they’ve come up against something big — U.S. government big; a cover-up of international proportions. And at the center of it all is The Strangers’ deadliest foe, a man known only as “Capricorn”; a man who knows The Strangers…. sees them.



(W/A) Disney Accademia, JayJay Jackson (CA) Disney Accademia

Papercutz presents Disney Fairies featuring Tinker Bell, along with comics from the new hit series, Stardoll! There’s only one fairy in Pixie Hollow who can’t fly — Water-Talent Fairy, Rani. Why doesn’t Rani have wings? Was she always this way? Find out in “Tinker Bell and the Wings of Rani!”



(W) John Wagner, Various (A) Henry Flint, Various (CA) Henry Flint

In this bumper 48-page FCBD special, “The Jimps Club” is a brand new Judge Dredd story about a club of Judge impersonators competing against each other to see who can last the longest on the harsh streets of the ‘Big Meg’. Plus: Zombo returns in the all-new “Planetronix: Mohawk of Menace!” The Visible Man, Indigo Prime, and alien delinquents D.R. & Quinch!



(W) Brian Clevinger (A/CA) Scott Wegener

Unanimously heralded by fans, creators, retailers and critics as the perfect first comic to give to a non-comic-reader! It’s a robotic experiment gone wrong, and only Atomic Robo’s brand of violent science can save the day! We’ve got lasers, explosions, and robots… it’s like the transforming-robot movies, but comprehensible! Plus, previews of 2013 adventures of Red 5 favorites and new faces!



(W) David Rodriguez, Various (A) Sarah Ellerton, Charles Paul Wilson (CA) Charles Paul Wilson, Sarah Ellerton

Return to the fantastic world of Gossamyr as Th3rd World’s critically acclaimed, all-ages series continues in an brand new, original, adventure just for Free Comic Book Day! The Lorelarks are tasked with chronicling the tales of Gossamyr. But when a young novice feels that the growing legends of Jenna and her brother Denny might become a danger to the siblings, she is moved to action and challenges the code of her order! Plus: The New York Times best-selling The Stuff of Legend continues!



(W/A) Andy Runton, James Kochalka, Christian Slade, Ray Friesen, Jess Smart Smiley, Rob Harrell

Top Shelf celebrates Free Comic Book Day 2013 with friends old and new with the latest lineup of the Top Shelf Kids Club! This comic contains not one, but SIX all-new stories: Owly by Andy Runton, Johnny Boo by James Kochalka, Korgi by Christian Slade, Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken by Ray Friesen, and Upside Down by Jess Smart Smiley! Plus: The debut of Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell, who also contributes this year’s cover!



(W) Joshua D.M. Dysart, Various (A) Clayton Henry, Various (CA) Clayton Crain

Everything you need to know about the Valiant Universe in 2013 happens right here this Free Comic Book Day! The critically acclaimed, best-selling comics launch of the decade throws it into high gear with Harbinger Wars, Valiant’s first-ever family crossover! The blistering conflict between Bloodshot and Harbinger will crack the Valiant Universe in half and reveal the true cost of power. Plus: X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, and Shadowman!


(W) Jim Shooter, Various (A) Joe Quesada, Various (CA) Barry Windsor Smith

Dive deep into the greatest stories of the original Valiant Universe — re-mastered and collected together for the first time anywhere! Re-live the best-selling adventures of Valiant’s definitive heroes Ninjak, Shadowman, the Eternal Warrior, and more — in this special FCBD-only edition previewing the next year’s worth of Valiant Masters hardcover collections!



(W) Jonathan Kellerman, Louis L’Amour, Various (A) Tom Yeates, Michael Gaydos

Kellerman / L’Amour features thrilling excerpts from two of Villard Books’ stalwart authors; Jonathan Kellerman and Louis L’Amour. Kellerman’s The Web is the second graphic novel adaptation that brings new life to a classic Alex Delaware psychological thriller. Louie L’Amour’s Law of the Desert Born is a classic Western — and an all-new L’Amour story told in a style like no other! This FCBD sampler will feature a 14-page excerpt from each graphic novel, both scheduled to be published in Fall 2013.



(W) Akira Toriyama (A) Nobuhiro Watsuki, Nobuhiro Watsuki

Dragon Ball, a wry update on the Chinese “Monkey King” myth, that follows Son Goku, a monkey-tailed boy who, along with a determined young girl named Bulma, to collect the seven “Dragon Balls” amd earn a wish from a powerful dragon! Also: Following the end of years of civil war, a feared and ruthless assassin decides to take up a new name and calling in the samurai classic, Rurouni Kenshin!

Preview – The Red Ten #1

THE RED TEN #1 (of 10)

Comixtribe is a publishing that’s taken micro-distribution and run with it, turning their series’ into hits and now getting their chance at mass-distribution. The Red Ten #1 originally debuted at last year’s New York Comic Con. Since then, its sold thousands of copies in more than 50 retail locations, before ComixTribe signed a distribution deal with Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. to bring it to shops worldwide.  The Diamond release has been completely remastered for the direct market.  The Red Ten #1(OCT120972) is a Diamond Staff Pick in this month’s Previews catalog, and will be available in shops this December.

The Red Ten is a ten-issue superhero re-telling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None,” written by Tyler James and drawn by Cesar Feliciano, with covers by CP Wilson, III (Stuff of Legend.)  The Red Ten will release bi-monthly, with issue #2 scheduled for February 2013, and the long awaited #3 set for April 2013. ComixTribe is also planning to release The Red Ten #0 in May as the publisher’s first Free Comic Book Day offering.

Story – Tyler James
Art – Cesar Feliciano
Cover – Charles Paul Wilson, III
Color – Gus Ucha
Editors – Steven Forbes & Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M
OCT120972  F  RED TEN #1 (OF 10) (MR)

ComixTribe in December 2012

THE RED TEN #1 (of 10)

Story – Tyler James
Art – Cesar Feliciano
Cover – Charles Paul Wilson, III
Color – Gus Ucha
Editors – Steven Forbes and Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

OCT120972  F  RED TEN #1 (OF 10) (MR)

When RED, the world’s greatest detective, is violently murdered by her nemesis, the OXYMORON, the nation’s foremost super team and her former sidekick band together to bring the villain to justice. However, the mission goes terribly wrong, and before the night is out, each of the ten “heroes” will pay dearly for past transgressions.

THE RED TEN is a superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None.”

Note: THE RED TEN #1, the first issue in ComixTribe’s top-selling micro-distribution series, has been completely remastered for its world-wide release!

SCAM #3 (of 5)

Story & Art – Joe Mulvey
Cover Joe Mulvey and Chris Sotomayor
Color – Chris Sotomayor
Editor – Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

DIAMOND ID: OCT120973  F  SCAM #3 (OF 5) (MR)

Just as Tru’s team of super powered conmen scramble to keep their plan alive, they discover a new Vegas crime lord by the name of Crosswords might be behind all of their problems. Is this the end or only the beginning? Everything changes in this pivotal third issue!

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