ComixTribe in December 2012

THE RED TEN #1 (of 10)

Story – Tyler James
Art – Cesar Feliciano
Cover – Charles Paul Wilson, III
Color – Gus Ucha
Editors – Steven Forbes and Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

OCT120972  F  RED TEN #1 (OF 10) (MR)

When RED, the world’s greatest detective, is violently murdered by her nemesis, the OXYMORON, the nation’s foremost super team and her former sidekick band together to bring the villain to justice. However, the mission goes terribly wrong, and before the night is out, each of the ten “heroes” will pay dearly for past transgressions.

THE RED TEN is a superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None.”

Note: THE RED TEN #1, the first issue in ComixTribe’s top-selling micro-distribution series, has been completely remastered for its world-wide release!

SCAM #3 (of 5)

Story & Art – Joe Mulvey
Cover Joe Mulvey and Chris Sotomayor
Color – Chris Sotomayor
Editor – Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

DIAMOND ID: OCT120973  F  SCAM #3 (OF 5) (MR)

Just as Tru’s team of super powered conmen scramble to keep their plan alive, they discover a new Vegas crime lord by the name of Crosswords might be behind all of their problems. Is this the end or only the beginning? Everything changes in this pivotal third issue!