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Immoral X-Men #1 emphasizes that even the best plans can get out of hand

Immoral X-Men #1

Sins of Sinister” continues in Immoral X-Men #1 one of a small number of comics that make up the event. Mr. Sinister has used Moira McTaggert’s time reset powers to slowly infect Krakoa and the X-Men, infusing them with a dash of Sinister. The Earth has been taken over, with mutants reigning and controlling. But, threats still exist in a galaxy that won’t stand to the side and let them do the the same in the stars. There’s also the missing Sinister lab with his ability to reset time.

Written by Kireon Gillen, Immoral X-Men #1 picks up on the story’s emphasis that things have gotten out of hand for Mr. Sinister. His plan has worked a bit too well and while mutants have a bit of Sinister in them, he doesn’t control them. Yes, there’s some failsafe aspects he mentions but overall, things have gotten out of hand. Sinister should be happy, he’s won… but he also hasn’t.

And, if the comic focused just on that, it’d be a solid dive into a new idea for an alternate timeline story. Instead, it splits it time as the Quiet Council goes on a hunt for Sinister who they have figured out isn’t quite on board. So, the comic splits between Sinister’s woe is me and a race/hunt. Focusing on either aspect is worth an entire comic, an entire miniseries, but the split doesn’t quite do justice for either. At times Sinister’s lamenting feels like a recap of the story and the X-Men never quite make the case as to why they should rule, their plan, and they come off as a bit unorganized.

The art by Paco Medina is pretty solid and the comic has a sinister feel about it while also a slight comedic aspect as well. Joined on ink by Walden Wong and Victor Olazaba and color by Jay David Ramos and Chris Sotomayor, the visuals are fun and interesting and keep the comic flowing and entertaining. Clayotn Cowle‘s lettering impressively keeps Sinister’s long rants readable and never clutters the visuals. Overall, the comic does an excellent job of delivering a world that has a dark cloud hanging over it but never feeling gloomy. It keeps the “fun” of Sinister as part of its DNA to deliver a slightly different feel for this type of storyline.

While I generally enjoyed Immoral X-Men #1, there’s a choppiness to the narrative that took me out of it. There was almost too much jumping around between Sinister and the Quiet Council and a focus on one or the other would have been stronger. Still, it highlights that this is an alternate timeline tale that’s a bit different than what has come before.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Paco Medina
Ink: Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba Color: Jay David Ramos, Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Clayton Cowles Design: Jay Bowen
Story: 7.95 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.95 Recommendation: Read

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Review: Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1

Legacy can be an impediment in finding one’s own path in life. It can be something you try to live up to because it always has been great. It can also be something because it is great, that the pressure becomes too much. Then there is one whose legacy, they are trying to escape.

Family can certainly be a burden, one whose presence outlives its mortal coil. As there are family members who are no longer with us, whose imprint on the family is so strong, you cannot break from them. AS their presence on Earth was more than a presence in your life, it changed who you became. In Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1 we find one of Hulk’s descendants in the far reaches of the universe, where those looking for him will either find friend or foe.

We are taken to the Planet Sakaar, where a large crowd has gathered to talk about the legend  of Hulk, who they fear, as his ancestors are amongst the inhabitants, but stay in hiding. So when one of them gets kidnapped by a crazed they search fro one of banner’s descendants but instead finds Amadeus Cho, who reluctantly helps .Meanwhile in New Mexico, She Hulk and Skaar are looking for Bruce, as they are looking to get back to Sakaar. By the issue’s end, Amadeus must fight his way out and Skaar looks to find his own way.

Overall, Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1 is an excellent debut issue that the shows the vastness of this saga that started with Planet Hulk. The story by Pak is exciting. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that will have readers running to grab the second issue.

Story: Greg Pak Story: Manuel Garcia
Ink: Cam Smith Color: Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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NYCC 2022: Marvel announces new Rogue & Gambit, X-23, and more!

The Women of Marvel returned to New York York Comic Con with an impressive line-up of Marvel talent assembled to discuss what’s next for Marvel’s woman-led titles.

On the panel, writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché was joined by Marvel’s Digital Media Executive Director and co-host of Women of Marvel Podcast Ellie Pyle, Senior Editor Lauren Bisom, Women of Marvel podcast co-host Judy Stephens, and writers Eve L. Ewing, Stephanie Phillips, and Erica Schultz

The lively discussion kicked off with the exciting news that the new season of Women of Marvel podcast will return on Thursday, November 3! Audience members were the first to learn the theme of the new season is “The Super Power of Mentorship.”  

Check out some of the panel’s biggest announcements below!

  • The Women of Marvel anthology returns in March 2023 with the Women of Marvel #1 (2023) one-shot. 
  • Rogue & Gambit #1a limited series written by Stephanie Phillips, art by Carlos Gomez, on sale March 2023. 
  • X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1a 5-issue limited series written by Erica Schultz, art by Edgar Salazar, with cover by Kalman Andrasofszky on sale March 2023. 
  • Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1 written by Tini Howard, penciled by Vasco Georgiev, cover by Erica D’Urso, and variant covers by Peach Momoko, Otto Schmidt, and D’Urso on sale February 2023.

Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics including: 

  • X-Men Unlimited #56by writer and artist Jason Loo, and colored by Antonio Fabela available October 10.
  • Marvel’s Voices: Nova #20 written by Terry Blas, art by Bruno Oliveira, and colored by Cris Peters available October 12.
  • Love Unlimited: Wolverine #19 written by Sean Kelley McKeever, art by Diógenes Neves, and colored by Andres Mossa available October 13.
  • Avengers Unlimited #15, written by Jim Zub, art by Enid Balam, and colored by Chris Sotomayor available October 11.
  • Marvel Unlimited’s T.E.S.T. Kitchen #3 returns tomorrow with an all-new issue by Michelin Star Chef Paul Eschbach with art by E.J. Su. And just in time for Halloween, Marvel Unlimited will release a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Halloween Special on October 31.   

Preview: Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine #1

Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine #1

Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Jamal Igle
Ink: Juan Castro
Color: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Editor: Will Dennis

Have you ever wondered why all the great figures in history had a pet companion, and if there were all running from the same mysterious threat? Such questions have never crossed the mind of Dudley Datson, a fifteen year-old with a penchant for invention. But when dastardly foes turn his world upside down, Dudley is going to have to start facing things beyond his wildest imagination in this modern day fable from writer SCOTT SNYDER and artist JAMAL IGLE.

Part of the Comixology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. Read for free as part of your subscription to Comixology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. Also available for purchase via Comixology, Kindle and collected in print via Dark Horse Books.

Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine #1

Exclusive Preview: What If… Miles Morales #5 (of 5)

What If… Miles Morales #5 (of 5)

(W) Cody Ziglar (A/CA) Paco Medina (VCA) John Tyler Christopher
(I) Walden Wong (C) Chris Sotomayor (L)
In Shops: Jul 06, 2022
SRP: $3.99

What if…the many Miles of the multiverse assembled to overcome a threat against all realities? The Prowler enacts the final phase of his evil plan alongside LOKI, SABRETOOTH, and CLASSIFIED! SpiderMan’s gonna need some help on this one – good thing CAPTAIN AMERICA, WOLVERINE, HULK, and THOR have his back!

What If… Miles Morales #5 (of 5)

DC and Milestone Reveal more details about Milestones In History

DC and Milestone Media have revealed new artwork and story details on their upcoming one-shot anthology, Milestones In History. Initially announced during last year’s DC FanDome, this anthology combines an unprecedented collection of writers from traditional literature, entertainment, culture, and social activism with celebrated comic book artists to celebrate Black people throughout world history.

The stories and talent for this 96-page spectacular include:

  • “Born in Africa – Mother of the World:” Rocket chronicles the history of “Lucy,” the collection of Australopithecus Afarensis fossil bones discovered in Ethiopia in a story by New York Times best-selling novelist Alice Randall and artist Eric Battle. In a second story, “The Brilliant Black Russians: Pushkin and His Family of Genius,” Randall teams up with artist Don Hudson and Jose Marzan Jr. to tell the story of Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin
  • “The Many Queens of Sheba:” Virgil Hawkins (Static) has a tough time keeping his mind on his school project when he’s paired with his high school crush Raquel Ervin (Rocket) as they discuss competing origins of The Queen of Sheba, in a story from writer Amy Chu and artist Maria Laura Sanapo
  • “You Will Follow A Great Man:” The history of military commander and statesman Hannibal Barca, told by award-winning sci-fi, mystery and fantasy writer Steven Barnes, with art by comic book vets Ron Wilson and Mike Gustovich
  • “The Dumas Legacy: “Icon and Rocket recount the history of the family of The Three Musketeers writer Alexandre Dumas is in a story by award-winning author and educator Tananarive Due, with art by Jamal Yaseem Igle and Chris Sotomayor
  • “Ace,” the story of trailblazer Eugene Bullard, the first African American to fly in combat and the only African American pilot in World War I, is told by television and film writer Pat Charles and comic book artist Arvell Jones
  • “Spirit Step” chronicles the life of anthropologist, activist, dancer, and creator of the Dunham Technique of dance, Katharine Dunham, is highlighted in a story by writer Karyn Parsons, with art by Francesco Francavilla
  • In “Controversy,” writer and activist Touré and artist Ray-Anthony Height celebrate the life and career of musical icon Prince
  • Horror and Sci-Fri writer Melody Cooper and artist Domo Stanton celebrate two more aeronautical pioneers in “The Sky’s The Limit” – Bessie Coleman, stunt pilot and the first Black female to earn a pilot’s license, and physician, engineer, and former NASA astronaut Mae Jemisin, the first Black woman to travel into space

Featuring an introduction from the heroes of the Dakotaverse, by Reggie Hudlin with art from Janhoy LindsayMilestones In History also includes at what’s next for the super heroes of Milestone in “Things to Come,” by Reggie Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art by Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan.

Milestones In History arrives in comic book shops and on participating platforms on Tuesday, June 21. 

Review: What If… Miles Morales #2

What If… Miles Morales #2

When fate is thrust upon you,  do you fight it or embrace it? AS life may take you places where you don’t ever see yourself going, if you embrace it. An argument can be made to the contrary,  where some people believe you make your own luck. I like to think it is a bit of both is in equal measure, where destiny takes you where you are needed, but you also do the work to get there.

Some of us having a greater sense of ourselves in that mindset. When knowing who you are is of great advantage in life, those are the rare ones. This becomes even more  harder to navigate, as these arare ones, gain power and influence. In the return of the classic What If series, What If… Miles Morales #2, we see him take on the mantle of Wolverine, and see if he becomes what they made him.

We are taken to an alternate universe, in 1981 Atlanta, where the city was still facing the siege of Missing Black Children and Miles’ parents don’t have time for him., whereby he would become another victim . Fast forward  41 years later, we are taken to Rhinelander , Wisconsin, where we find a grown up Miles,  where we find out the under the Weapon X program, they have turned him into  Wolverine.  And mutants are being hunted. As SHIELD sends Agent J to go after Wolverine, but unbeknownst to both of them, Miles has been fighting his father, the whole time. The surprises don’t end there, as we find out his uncle Aaron is Sabretooth, where they all realize that the government made them into monsters. By issue’s end, Miles spares Sabretooth’s life, buries his father and meets the X-Men.  

Overall, What If… Miles Morales #2 is a relevant story that adds a great chapter to this series. The story by Ridley is masterful. The art by the creative team is awesome. Altogether, a story which simply astounds.

Story: John Ridley Art: Farid Karami
Color: Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: What If… Miles Morales #1

What If… Miles Morales #1

In a worlds where most of grew up with superheroes not looking like us, this is most definitely an exciting time. As movies are looking more like the real world. As authenticity demands identification, and the movie business has started to look like that, and so has the rest of the entertainment industry. It’s appalling to think that it took almost to the 21st century before we even saw a Black superhero onscreen, the first one of course, being Blade.

Then of course, this all changed when the MCU came into existence. As we eventually got see Falcon, Black Panther, War Machine, Valkyrie and Miles Morales. As these characters brought depth and dimension to the MCU and were even upgraded from their comic versions.  In the return of the classic What If series, we get What If… Miles Morales #1 where the title character shows that he would be a superhero no matter what version of him you get.

We are taken to an alternate universe, where they have restarted the Super Soldier program,  and it just so happens to be on the same military base where Miles’s dad and uncle were stationed. One mishap where his uncle Aaron brought the serum home, leads to Miles unintentionally inhaling the serum,  and becoming a super soldier. As he would train with his uncle , proving his mettle enough to where he goes on his first solo mission, as Captain America, where he would suffer his first loss , his uncle. He used the loss to shape him ,with the help of Falcon and SHIELD as he encounters a deadly foe in the Prowler, and  a new villain called Grey Skull,   who have teamed up to  steal a device which emits immense power. By issue’s end, Miles thwarts Prowler’s and Grey Skull’s plans, but soon finds out someone close ot him has betrayed him.

Overall, What If… Miles Morales #1 is a fun story which that reminds us why What If was such an epic series. The story by Ziglar is astounding. The art by the creative team is awe inspiring. Altogether, a story which shows why Miles Morales is such a powerful protagonist.

Story: Cody Ziglar Art: Paco Medina
Ink: Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba, Sean Parsons Color: Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

DC and Milestone Reveal Milestones in History featuring Real-World Heroes from Black History

DC and Milestone Media have revealed new details about Milestones in History, a 96-page anthology coming June 14th. Theone-shot spotlights real world icons from Black history across the ages. These stories will combine well-known comic book artists with writers from the fields of entertainment, literature, and social activism. The anthology embraces the Milestone universe with these stories being told through the eyes of the heroes of Dakota. 

Featured history-making subjects and storytellers for Milestones In History include:

  • Russian Poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin, written by New York Times bestselling author Alice Randall, with art by Don Hudson, José Marzan Jr., and Andrew Dalhouse
  • Carthaginian general and statesman Hannibal Barca, by award-winning writer Steven Barnes, with art by Ron Wilson and Mike Gustovich
  • Musical icon Prince, written by journalist and culture critic Touré and art by Ray Anthony-Height
  • The Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas, by bestselling author and pioneer of Black Horror fiction Tananarive Due, with art by Jamal Igle and Chris Sotomayor
  • Eugene Bullard, the first Black American military pilot, by Pat Charles and Arvell Jones
  • Black American female pilot Bessie Coleman and astronaut Mae Jemison, written by Melody Cooper, with art by Domo Stanton and Emilio Lopez
  • Dancer, educator, and social activist Katherine Dunham, by actor and author Karyn Parsons (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  • “Lucy,” the early hominid fossil (Australopithecus) discovered in Africa by Donald Johanson, Mary Leakey, and Yves Coppens, written by Alice Randall 

More than just an anthology, Milestone In History also serves as a springboard into the next phase of this new iteration of the Dakotaverse; the book features an ending that will serve as the catalyst for the first big “event” in Milestone, something most fans will never see coming.

Review: Nocterra: Blacktop Bill Special

Nocterra: Blacktop Bill Special

Nocterra was a very interesting series when it debuted. In a world plunged in darkness it followed Val, a ferryman who hauls cargo through the dark world while dodging the horrors that awaits. When Val is hired to drive two individuals, she finds herself being pursued by Blacktop Bill, a mysterious villain we’re told little about. Nocterra: Blacktop Bill Special pulls back the curtain, promising the origin of this shroud of a character and it sort of delivers. But, is this something we really need?

With a story by Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel, we’re told the origin of Blacktop Bill and it’s honestly a bit yawn inducing. Basically, Bill likes to kill. He’s a hitman’s hitman. He’s a killer’s killer. Does that really add anything to the character? We know Bill is a killer. We know Bill can drive. He’s a force of nature and after reading this “origin” the character was better off remaining a mystery.

Like Boba Fett and so many more Blacktop Bill wasn’t just cool based on his actions but also his look and most importantly the mystery. The readers didn’t need to know his origin the appreciate the threat that Bill is in the first volume of the series. He presented himself as such. So, saying he’s a really good killer doesn’t add a whole lot to the situation. There’s no tragedy here. There’s no major event that turns him into what he is.

The biggest question, the “armor” he wears now isn’t really explained at all, that’s being saved for another story. So, in the end we’re told the killer is a killer and enjoys is and he should be feared. It’s everything we already know. It doesn’t add anything really to his story beyond he’s good at his job.

Denys Cowan‘s art is the highlight of the comic. He keeps Bill in the shadow never really showing us much of the man. The panels with Bill have the reader straining and attempting to get a peak of what he looks like but always coming up empty. Cowan is joined by Kent Williams on ink, Chris Sotomayor on color, and Andworld Design on lettering. There’s something interesting in seeing the world of Nocterra without the darkness and it all feels rather mundane and average, which is sort of the point. The visuals drag the reader in to show us how normal Bill is… beyond the killing. If that was played up a bit more there might have been something a bit disturbing and more intriguing about the issue. But, it looks nice, so there’s that.

Nocterra: Blacktop Bill Special takes some of the mystery of the character away and adds little in its place. It’s an issue we don’t really need and feels like material you’d find and as a backup story throughout a few issues. This is one for the hardcore Nocterra fans but be prepared to have the real questions not answered.

Story: Scott Snyder, Tony S. Daniel Art: Denys Cowan
Ink: Kent Williams Color: Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Andworld Design
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.1 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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