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ComixTribe in February 2014


Story: Tyler James
Art / Cover: Fico Ossio
May 7 / 32 Pages / FC / T / $3.99

Miami’s newest teenage superhero has a weakness for beautiful girls…literally! Hot on the heels of its world-wide FREE COMIC BOOK DAY debut, your new favorite superhero action comedy begins its EPIC ongoing series run! Witness the frightening origin of EPIC’s first fearsome foe, the half-man/half-spider monstrosity DADDY LONG LEGS! See the scintillating first appearance of SCAREWOLF! Watch our hero whiff at his first attempt to woo the pretty new girl at school! All that and a FOIL-EMBOSSED COVER, brought to you by writer Tyler James (The Red Ten) and rising-star artist Fico Ossio (Critter)!



Story: Joe Mulvey & Others
Art: Joe Mulvey & Others
Cover: Joe Mulvey
May / 256 Pages / FC / Hardcover/ T / $34.99

Imagine you had superpowers…in Vegas! SCAM is an “X-Men meets Ocean’s Eleven″-style yarn that follows a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives…taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on the former teammate who double-crossed them.

This stunning over-sized hardcover collects the sold-out SCAM mini-series written and drawn by Joe Mulvey, “the most dangerous man in comics.” It also features the never before released SCAMthology – 15 brand new SCAM stories, over 100 pages of new content, written and drawn by a handpicked crew of outstanding comic creators, including Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), Ben McCool (Choker), Jason Ciaramella (The Cape), CP Wilson, III (The Stuff of Legend, Wraith), Tyler James (The Red Ten, Epic) and many more! “It’s better to die a conman, than live like a mark!”


A FREE Scam Comic!

ComixTribe has released Three Car Monte a brand new short written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Adam Masterman, and set in Joe Mulvey‘s SCAM universe, on the new SCAM Facebook page. This free ten-page short is one of 15 brand-new stories by a who’s who of established and up-and-coming talent that make up the SCAMthology, which will be featured in the SCAM Ultimate Collection.

The SCAM Ultimate Collection will be an 256-page over-sized hardcover that includes SCAM, Mulvey’s recently completed super-powered conman mini-series, as well as the SCAMthology, which features more than 100-pages of unpublished stores by creators including Joe EismaNick PitarraCP “Talent” Wilson III, Paul Allor, and many more.

Mulvey will launch a Kickstarter Campaign for The SCAM Ultimate Collection later this month.


NYCC 2013: Crosswords One-shot Coming from Mulvey, Ciaramella and ComixTribe

On the third day of the 2013 New York Comic Con independent comic book publisher, ComixTribe, announced Crosswords #0, the third of four new titles to be released in 2014 revealed at the convention.

What’s a 10-Letter Word for a Villain Worthy of his Own Book?

Crosswords a new one-shot written by Jason Ciaramella with art by Joe Mulvey, will focus on the power-drill wielding SCAM antagonist, and give the villain a chance to continue his dirty work, this time in Europe.

The events of the Crossword one-shot will pick up from where both the SCAM mini-series and the upcoming SCAMthology end off.

Crosswords will be a one-shot releasing in May 2014. The original SCAM mini-series concludes with SCAM #4 Finale next month, followed by SCAMthology in early 2014.

BookAnnouncements_CrossWords cw_collage_nycc

ComixTribe in November 2013

Scam #4

WRITER: Joe Mulvey
ARTIST: Joe Mulvey
COLORISTS: Chris Sotomayor
LETTERS: AndWorld Design
EDITOR: Steve Colle
PRICE: $3.99
RATING: Teen + Up
FORMAT: 48 pages, color (#4 of 4 mini series)
Double-sized Series Finale! 

With Crosswords preparing for all out war, and Tru’s plan hanging by a thread, the team of super-powered conmen must decide whether to fold or go ALL IN!  When the dust settles, will anyone be left standing in Vegas?

Diamond Code: SEP131049

Scam is “X-Men meets Oceans 11″ and involves a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives… taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them

Boston Comic Con 2013: ComixTribe Announces SCAMthology!

At this weekend’s Boston Comic Con, ComixTribe announced SCAMthology, a new project expanding Joe Mulvey‘s Scam universe, featuring top and up-and-coming comic talent telling thirteen new stories featuring super-powered con-men taking Vegas for all she’s worth.

The full roster of SCAMthology creators includes Joe Eisma, Ben McCool, Nick Pitarra, Paul Allor, Brian Shearer, Tyler James, Adam Masterman, Rich Douek, Daniel Logan, John Lees, Doug Hills, Aaron Houston, Kirk Manley, Josh Flanagan, Alex Diotto, Jonathan Rector, Jamie Gambell, Amy Chu, Nolan T. Jones, Steve Colle, Ryan K Lindsay, Alex Cormack, Steve Forbes, and Daniel Picciotto.

That’s thirteen teams, all tasked with developing the Scam mythos. And that’s an impressive line-up.

The first four-issue Scam mini-series concludes this November with a double-sized final issue, and SCAMthology will follow directly after.  ComixTribe has created a special SCAMthology Tumblr Page that will feature frequent teasers and more details about the project over the next few months. SCAMthology is set to be released in early 2014.


Where’s the SCAM? Double-Sized Final Issue!

ComixTribe announced that its mini-series Scam, written and drawn by Joe Mulvey, will conclude this fall with a double-sized final issue. Scam was originally solicited as a five-issue mini-series, with issue #4 scheduled to release this month.  However, ComixTribe and Mulvey have decided to combine issues #4 and #5 into one giant-sized epic conclusion to the “Ocean’s 11” meets “X-men” style series.

ComixTribe publisher Tyler James said about the change (after several adult beverages):

Historically, the fourth issue of a five issue mini-series sells the worst. So, Joe and I decided, #$%! it, we won’t do a fourth issue. Despite the first three issues of Scam selling out at Diamond and getting re-ordered at the distributor level, we wanted better odds for a big Scam finale.

Despite the double-sized issue, the Scam finale will be a standard $3.99 cover price, as a thank you to fans and retailers for patiently waiting for these final two issues. The finale will feature two variant covers: one featuring a flip cover for Issues #4 and #5, and another featuring a stunning wrap-around cover by Mulvey.

Check out this sneak peek!

ComixTribe has teased an announcement for the series planned for Boston Comic Con which is rescheduled for August 3-4.

Pick of the Week – Idolized #3

Aspen ComicsIdolized has flown under the radar for many people, but this series is absolutely on the list of series you’re not reading, but should. Mixing super heroes and American Idol, the comic follows a young girl as she makes her way through the show in hopes of getting revenge on the villain that killed her parents.

There’s a mix of action, teen angst and some great art that ties it all together. Idolized #3 is a great entry in the young series. I’ve read it, it’s solid and you should absolutely check it out, I guarantee you’ll want to go back and get the first two issues if you can find it.

  • Idolized #3 – see above
  • Bedlam #1 – Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, a homicidal maniac and criminal overlord who terrorized the town of Bedlam for years. Then he got better. This is what happens next. Um yes please.
  • Rachel Rising #12 – Again, you’re not reading this and you should. Terry Moore’s fantastic series about a girl back from the dead is one of the creepiest things out there.
  • Scam #2 The first issue was a solid read and I expect no less from this series mixing Ocean’s 11 with super heroes.
  • Charismagic: Death Princess #1 – Aspen gets a second comic on the list. I don’t usually enjoy fantasy comics, but this one I really dug, for that alone, this makes the list.

ComixTribe in December 2012

THE RED TEN #1 (of 10)

Story – Tyler James
Art – Cesar Feliciano
Cover – Charles Paul Wilson, III
Color – Gus Ucha
Editors – Steven Forbes and Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

OCT120972  F  RED TEN #1 (OF 10) (MR)

When RED, the world’s greatest detective, is violently murdered by her nemesis, the OXYMORON, the nation’s foremost super team and her former sidekick band together to bring the villain to justice. However, the mission goes terribly wrong, and before the night is out, each of the ten “heroes” will pay dearly for past transgressions.

THE RED TEN is a superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None.”

Note: THE RED TEN #1, the first issue in ComixTribe’s top-selling micro-distribution series, has been completely remastered for its world-wide release!

SCAM #3 (of 5)

Story & Art – Joe Mulvey
Cover Joe Mulvey and Chris Sotomayor
Color – Chris Sotomayor
Editor – Steve Colle
32 PAGES / FC / M

DIAMOND ID: OCT120973  F  SCAM #3 (OF 5) (MR)

Just as Tru’s team of super powered conmen scramble to keep their plan alive, they discover a new Vegas crime lord by the name of Crosswords might be behind all of their problems. Is this the end or only the beginning? Everything changes in this pivotal third issue!

Pick of the Week – Scam #1

Comixtribe‘s growth as a publisher is a textbook case of how to beat the streets and build grassroots support from the start. The publisher, who was focused on micro-distribution, is going to the masses with their first mass market release of Scam #1. I read the comic a while ago and it’s entertaining, featuring an X-Men meets Ocean’s 11 vibe the series first issue had more than enough for me to want to come back for more. The art is decent, story entertaining and it’s from an independent publisher that’s worth supporting so we can see more of the the solid series’ they have hit the mass market.

  • Scam #1 – see above
  • Higher Earth #4 – BOOM!’s series that sees two individuals on the run in a world of infinite Earth’s is exciting and has exactly what I want in a sci-fi series. The last issue had an ending that I expected, but at the same time still had me wanting more.
  • American Vampire #30 – Scott Snyder’s new take on the vampire mythos has been amazing and a series everyone should be checking out. Each issue has a feel that fits the time blending in real Americana with the supernatural seamlessly.
  • Locke & Key: Grindhouse – It’s Locke & Key, do I need to say more?
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #15 – Marvel’s Ultimate universe has been putting it all out there, to the point you have no idea what’s coming. All hell has broken loose at this point and there’s some big changes coming.

The Scam 48-Foot Vegas Billboard

ComixTribe is known for creative ways to promote their books and they’ve taken to using a 48-foot billboard in Vegas to promote their comic book series Scam.

The billboard is a cooperative promotion done in conjunction with Vegas retailer Jay Bosworth of Maximum Comics, the promotion’s intention is to raise awareness for the new superpowered con-men series releasing this month, and for comics in general.

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