Where’s the SCAM? Double-Sized Final Issue!

ComixTribe announced that its mini-series Scam, written and drawn by Joe Mulvey, will conclude this fall with a double-sized final issue. Scam was originally solicited as a five-issue mini-series, with issue #4 scheduled to release this month.  However, ComixTribe and Mulvey have decided to combine issues #4 and #5 into one giant-sized epic conclusion to the “Ocean’s 11” meets “X-men” style series.

ComixTribe publisher Tyler James said about the change (after several adult beverages):

Historically, the fourth issue of a five issue mini-series sells the worst. So, Joe and I decided, #$%! it, we won’t do a fourth issue. Despite the first three issues of Scam selling out at Diamond and getting re-ordered at the distributor level, we wanted better odds for a big Scam finale.

Despite the double-sized issue, the Scam finale will be a standard $3.99 cover price, as a thank you to fans and retailers for patiently waiting for these final two issues. The finale will feature two variant covers: one featuring a flip cover for Issues #4 and #5, and another featuring a stunning wrap-around cover by Mulvey.

Check out this sneak peek!

ComixTribe has teased an announcement for the series planned for Boston Comic Con which is rescheduled for August 3-4.