A FREE Scam Comic!

ComixTribe has released Three Car Monte a brand new short written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Adam Masterman, and set in Joe Mulvey‘s SCAM universe, on the new SCAM Facebook page. This free ten-page short is one of 15 brand-new stories by a who’s who of established and up-and-coming talent that make up the SCAMthology, which will be featured in the SCAM Ultimate Collection.

The SCAM Ultimate Collection will be an 256-page over-sized hardcover that includes SCAM, Mulvey’s recently completed super-powered conman mini-series, as well as the SCAMthology, which features more than 100-pages of unpublished stores by creators including Joe EismaNick PitarraCP “Talent” Wilson III, Paul Allor, and many more.

Mulvey will launch a Kickstarter Campaign for The SCAM Ultimate Collection later this month.