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ComixTribe in February 2014


Story: Tyler James
Art / Cover: Fico Ossio
May 7 / 32 Pages / FC / T / $3.99

Miami’s newest teenage superhero has a weakness for beautiful girls…literally! Hot on the heels of its world-wide FREE COMIC BOOK DAY debut, your new favorite superhero action comedy begins its EPIC ongoing series run! Witness the frightening origin of EPIC’s first fearsome foe, the half-man/half-spider monstrosity DADDY LONG LEGS! See the scintillating first appearance of SCAREWOLF! Watch our hero whiff at his first attempt to woo the pretty new girl at school! All that and a FOIL-EMBOSSED COVER, brought to you by writer Tyler James (The Red Ten) and rising-star artist Fico Ossio (Critter)!



Story: Joe Mulvey & Others
Art: Joe Mulvey & Others
Cover: Joe Mulvey
May / 256 Pages / FC / Hardcover/ T / $34.99

Imagine you had superpowers…in Vegas! SCAM is an “X-Men meets Ocean’s Eleven″-style yarn that follows a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives…taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on the former teammate who double-crossed them.

This stunning over-sized hardcover collects the sold-out SCAM mini-series written and drawn by Joe Mulvey, “the most dangerous man in comics.” It also features the never before released SCAMthology – 15 brand new SCAM stories, over 100 pages of new content, written and drawn by a handpicked crew of outstanding comic creators, including Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), Ben McCool (Choker), Jason Ciaramella (The Cape), CP Wilson, III (The Stuff of Legend, Wraith), Tyler James (The Red Ten, Epic) and many more! “It’s better to die a conman, than live like a mark!”


A FREE Scam Comic!

ComixTribe has released Three Car Monte a brand new short written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Adam Masterman, and set in Joe Mulvey‘s SCAM universe, on the new SCAM Facebook page. This free ten-page short is one of 15 brand-new stories by a who’s who of established and up-and-coming talent that make up the SCAMthology, which will be featured in the SCAM Ultimate Collection.

The SCAM Ultimate Collection will be an 256-page over-sized hardcover that includes SCAM, Mulvey’s recently completed super-powered conman mini-series, as well as the SCAMthology, which features more than 100-pages of unpublished stores by creators including Joe EismaNick PitarraCP “Talent” Wilson III, Paul Allor, and many more.

Mulvey will launch a Kickstarter Campaign for The SCAM Ultimate Collection later this month.