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Preview: Green Hornet #1

Green Hornet #1

writer: Amy Chu
artist: German Erramouspe
covers: Mike Choi (A), Carli Ihde (B), Mike McKone (C), CP Wilson III (D)
Mike Choi (RI-Virgin), Carli Ihde (RI-B/W), Mike McKone (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen +

Britt Reid Jr., the scion of the Daily Sentinel publishing empire, vanishes during a wild party on his friend’s yacht. Meanwhile, crime spikes in the streets of Century City with the mysterious criminal/secret vigilante the Green Hornet absent. It’s only a matter of time before SOMEONE puts two and two together, and it’s up to Kato, former partner of Britt’s father, and his daughter Mulan to protect the city AND the Green Hornet legacy, while finding out what happened to Britt. Amy Chu (Red Sonja, Poison Ivy, KISS) picks up where Kevin Smith left off with an action packed mystery.

Amy Chu Takes on an All-New Female Green Hornet

Dynamite Entertainment has announced they will be adding a new entry into the Green Hornet universe, as the prolific and talented Amy Chu, best known for her work on Red SonjaKISS, and Poison Ivy, has been tapped to serve as writer for the upcoming series. Chu will be joined by artist German Erramouspe for the upcoming March 2018 release.

Britt Reid Jr., the scion of the Daily Sentinel publishing empire, vanishes during a wild party on his friend’s yacht. Meanwhile, crime spikes in the streets of Century City with the mysterious criminal/secret vigilante the Green Hornet absent.  It’s only a matter of time before SOMEONE puts two and two together, and it’s up to Kato, former partner of Britt’s father, and his daughter Mulan to protect the city AND the Green Hornet legacy, while finding out what happened to Britt.  Writer Amy Chu picks up where Kevin Smith left off with an action-packed mystery!

The debut issue of Green Hornet features a wide selection of cover variants, providing fans and retailers with the freedom of choice! Four art covers feature the talents of Mike Choi, Carli Ihde, Mike McKone , and CP Wilson III. Limited variant editions in “Black & White” and “Virgin Art” formats are also available as retailer incentives for comic shops that support the launch issue by achieving stocking thresholds.

R.L. Stine’s Spine-tingling Series Goosebumps Heading to Comics

Comic readers, beware, you’re in for a scare! New comic book adventures will beckon young readers into the world of R.L. Stine’s bestselling Goosebumps series. IDW Publishing will bring funny scares to the next generation of Goosebumps readers this October.

This year, the Goosebumps book series published by Scholastic celebrates 25 years of giving readers… well, goosebumps, and IDW is thrilled to add to the chills with original stories that re-visit some familiar and frightening faces. Fearsome monsters will populate the Goosebumps comics, and our spunky heroes will need to work together to get out of some truly bumpy spots.

The first Goosebumps storyline, “Monsters at Midnight,” will kick off with writer Jeremy Lambert and artist Chris Fenoglio, who will transport readers to a hauntingly familiar setting called Horrorland—a world of terrifying possibilities originally introduced in the Goosebumps novels. Mia and Ginny were planning on spending a thoroughly dull summer at Grandma’s house with nothing but mothballs to entertain them. Enter a spooky, old bookshop and a door left slightly ajar, and soon these sisters find themselves trapped in a Horrorland drastically different from the sleepy, suburban town they left behind.

Each three-issue arc will feature a brand-new, self-contained story with rotating creative teams. And good news for monster collectors—each single issue will have creep-tastic variant covers by artists such as Derek Charm, Drew Rausch, CP Wilson III, Cat Farris, and more!

Preview: Great Pacific #16

Great Pacific #16

Story By: Joe Harris
Art By: Martin Morazzo
Cover By: Martin Morazzo
Variant Cover By: C.P. Wilson III
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: MAR140576
Published: July 9, 2014

“BIG GAME HUNTERS,” Part Two Baston has decimated Little Chief’s forces and sent them fleeing into the plastic wastes of the Great Pacific Gyre. But when this big game hunter turns his sights on New Texas next, Chas finds himself with few allies and fewer options.


A FREE Scam Comic!

ComixTribe has released Three Car Monte a brand new short written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Adam Masterman, and set in Joe Mulvey‘s SCAM universe, on the new SCAM Facebook page. This free ten-page short is one of 15 brand-new stories by a who’s who of established and up-and-coming talent that make up the SCAMthology, which will be featured in the SCAM Ultimate Collection.

The SCAM Ultimate Collection will be an 256-page over-sized hardcover that includes SCAM, Mulvey’s recently completed super-powered conman mini-series, as well as the SCAMthology, which features more than 100-pages of unpublished stores by creators including Joe EismaNick PitarraCP “Talent” Wilson III, Paul Allor, and many more.

Mulvey will launch a Kickstarter Campaign for The SCAM Ultimate Collection later this month.


Archaia Announces Volume 2 of Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard

New legends will be forged! Archaia has announced a second volume of the Eisner Award-winning anthology miniseries Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard. The first of four issues is set to debut in May 2013. Mouse Guard is the best-selling fantasy comic book series created by Michigan-based David Petersen about a group of elite warrior mice who serve to protect and guide the common mice under their care.

As in the first volume, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 finds a group of mice at the June Alley Inn trying to outdo one another in a storytelling competition, spinning typically fantastic tales of the Mouse Guard and their adventures. After all, the mouse that tells the best story gets their bar tab cleared! Petersen writes and illustrates the tavern scenes, while each contributor (or team of contributors) writes and illustrates the different mouse tales.

Petersen has assembled another all-star lineup for this four-issue miniseries. The contributors to issue #1 of Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 include Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Ben Caldwell (The Dare Detectives!), and the team of writer Nick Tapalansky and illustrator Alex Eckman-Lawn (Awakening).

Subsequent issues will include contributions from Christian Slade (Korgi), Rick Geary (The Adventures of Blanche), Jemma Salume (Unicorn Life Cycle), Jackson Sze (concept art on films like The Avengers and Iron Man 3), Cory Godbey (Fraggle Rock, the upcoming Jim Henson’s Labyrinth), Eric Canete (Fear Itself: Spider-Man), C.P. Wilson III (The Stuff of Legend), Bill Willingham (Fables), and fantasy illustrator Justin Gerard.

Archaia will release the hardcover collection in late Fall of 2013.

Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard v2 001

The Red Ten #3 Trailer

And then there were eight… The Alliance came to the island to hunt the Oxymoron. But with two members now dead, is someone hunting them? What dark secrets are buried in the depths of Mazu’s soul? And which hero will be the next to fall? The Red Ten is a 10 issue superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic novel “And Then There Were None.”

The Red Ten #3 (FEB130894) will be available in Comic Shops world-wide in April.

Kickstarter Spotlight – Oxymoron Hardcover Funded, Stretch Funding Goals Announced

Nine days after launching a pre-order campaign forOXYMORON Volume 1ComixTribe publisher Tyler James announced that they have reached their funding milestone and the book is a go.

ComixTribe has announced a series of new incentives that will be tied to hitting further fundraising milestones, including a free book mark designed by Aaron Houston, prints by CP Wilson III, upgrading the book from standard graphic novel to oversized, and more.

On Monday, July 9th, ComixTribe launched via Kickstarter a pre-order campaign for OXYMORON Volume 1, a hardcover graphic novel collection of stories about a contradiction-obsessed supervillain.  The Oxymoron, a character from ComixTribe’s maxi-series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano, is being resurrected in this new spin-off anthology, featuring ten stories by hot up-and-coming writers and artists, including Jason Ciaramella, Mark Poulton, Joe Mulvey and more, and is edited by James.

ComixTribe Launches Oxymoron Pre-Order Drive

ComixTribe has launched a Kickstarter campaign allowing people to pre-order OXYMORON Volume 1, a hardcover graphic novel collection of stories about a contradiction-obsessed supervillain.

The Oxymoron is a character from ComixTribe’s maxi-series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano. This spin-off anthology features ten stories by writers and artists, including Jason Ciaramella (The CapeGodzilla), Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), Joe Mulvey (SCAM) and more, and is edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.

ComixTribe has made one of the stories in the collection, Living Dead by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck, Fubar II) and Carl Yonder (Ghost Lines, Fubar II), available in its entirety as a FREE PDF download.

The OXYMORON Volume 1 Hardcover will debut at the 2012 New York Comic Con in October, with backers starting to receive the books shortly after.  The standard cost for a signed hardcover is $25.00 and includes shipping, but there are a variety of pledge levels available.  ComixTribe will also be offering a number of direct-to-retailer incentives, including 55% off the cover price to retailers and brick & mortar exclusivity through 2012.


  • “Passive Aggressive” written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM)
  • “A Selfless Man” written by John Lees (The Standard), art by Tyler James (The Red Ten)
  • “Double Standard” written by Steven Forbes (Runners), art by Dave Myers (Warriors of the Dharuk)
  • “Nearly Perfect” written by Yannick Morin (Mascherata), art by Alex Cormack (Chikara)
  • “Quiet Riot” written by Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesClockwork), art by Aaron Houston (Clockwork)
  • “Act Naturally” written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)
  • “The Living Dead” written by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck), art by Carl Yonder (Ghostlines)
  • “Working  Holiday” written by Mark Poulton(Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), art by Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)
  • “Alone in a Crowd” written by Ryan K Lindsay (Heist), art by Daniel J Logan (Back in the Day, EXO-1)
  • Cover by Jonathan Rector (The Standard)
  • Foreword by Eisner-Nominated Writer Jason Ciaramella.
  • Pin-ups by artists including CP Wilson, III (Stuff of Legend)
  • “Same as the First, But a Little Worse” – Epilogue by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano

More Previews

Selfless Man by Tyler James and John Lees

Quiet Riot by Paul Allor and Aaron Houston

Living Dead by Mark Bertolini and Carl Yonder

Preview of The Red Ten #2 and Contest

The Red Ten Exclusive Updates!

THE RED TEN #2 Hits Select Retailers February 29 and NO ONE is SAFE! 

February 10, 2012 — Newburyport, MA — Creator-owned publisher ComixTribe has announced that THE RED TEN #2 will be on the shelves of select comic shops on February 29, 2012. Following up a January launch of SCAM #1 (IGN.com’s book of the week), this is the second month in a row ComixTribe will be distributing new material directly to its growing network of retail partners.

“We’re having a lot of fun with this,” said ComixTribe publisher and THE RED TEN co-creator Tyler James.  “We couldn’t have asked for a better launch for SCAM, and we’re thrilled to follow it up with the next chapter of THE RED TEN.  I don’t know what the ceiling is on DIY distribution, but considering we’re shipping more books in February than we did in January, I can say with confidence that we haven’t hit it yet.”

THE RED TEN is a superhero re-telling of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “And Then There Were None.” The second issue, written by James and drawn by Cesar Feliciano, sees the “heroes” narrowly escape an explosion that destroyed of one of their own, only to uncover new and deadly horrors await them on the island. The standard edition features a cover by CP Wilson, III (Stuff of Legend.)

Though indie titles are often a tough sell for many retailers, ComixTribe’s partner retailers are having success with these titles. “I’ve had pull requests for both SCAM and THE RED TEN,” reports Chris Proulx of Double Midnight Comics in New Hampshire.  “That’s an excellent sign!” Chris Humphries of Alpha Comics in Canada agreed, reporting “We sold out of SCAM #1 in a week, and nearly sold out of THE RED TEN.”   

WHO DIES NEXT Contest!To commemorate the release of THE RED TEN #2, ComixTribe is launching a contest, and giving away a THE RED TEN Prize Pack to a lucky reader who successfully guesses the next hero to fall.

If you missed the THE RED TEN #2 trailer, check it out here:  http://youtu.be/gkU5t8kL2xY

Readers: Don’t Miss Out On THE RED TEN #2 First Printing!
Want to make sure you get a copy of THE RED TEN #2? Readers have three options available to purchase: 

1.) Pre-order now from any of the retailers listed below to reserve your copy and pick-up February 29, 2012.

2.)  If your retailer is not carrying THE RED TEN #2, PRE-ORDER THE RED TEN #2 now from ComixTribe!

3.) Buy it digitally on February 29, from digital distribution partners, including Graphic.ly, DriveThruComics, MyDigitalComics, and Wowio.  

6-Page Preview of THE RED TEN #2!

Retailers Carrying ComixTribe Books include:


Collectors Paradise  – Winnetka and Pasadena, CA
Hypno Comics – Ventura, CA
CornerStore Comics / Beach Ball Comics – Anaheim, CA
Njoy Games & Comics – Northridge, CA


Graham Cracker Comics – 9 locations throughout IL
Amazing Fantasy Books – 4 locations throughout IL


New England Comics –  Malden, MA
Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics – Lowell, MA
Web Head Enterprises – Wakefield, MA
Comically Speaking – Reading, MA
Rubber Chicken Comics – Bellingham, MA
Magic Dragon Comics – Arlington, MA
Friendly Neighborhood Comics – Bellingham, MA

The Comic Book Palace – Haverill, MA


Third Eye Comics – Annapolis and Prince Frederick, MD
Collectors Corner – Baltimore, MD


Casablanca Comics – Portland, ME & Windham, ME

Coast City Comics – Portland, ME


NewCastle Comics – Maryland Heights, MO

New Hampshire

Chris’ Comics – Salem, NH
Jetpack Comics – Rochester, NH
Double Midnight Comics – Manchester, NH


MaximuM Comics –  Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Alternate Reality Comics – Las Vegas, NV

New York

Comics Den – Queens, NY

Forbidden Planet –  New York, NY


Titan Comics – Dallas, TX


Happy Harbor – Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Alpha Comics – Calgary, Alberta, CA

Strange Adventures – Fredericton, Halifax & Dartmouth NS, CA

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