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Toy Fair 2015: Funko, Heroclix, Mattel, Doctor Who, Firefly, and The Walking Dead

toy fair mainThe toy industry’s biggest companies gather at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City once a year to introduce new products, communicate with buyers, and allow journos like me to sniff around for information crumbs and cool photo ops.

This year’s standout was the Funko booth. Funko’s product line seems endless with licensed Pop! Vinyl figures debuting from 80s staples like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, but the coolest thing may have been their Doctor Who pops and the miniature keychain versions that mimic them.

More reAction line figures were also on display from the upcoming George Clooney Disney sci-fi film Tomorrowland, Big Trouble in Little China, Karate KidStar Trek, Boondock Saints, and others.

For Funko’s 6″ Legacy Line, they had the Rocketeer on display as well as their Evolve figures, but Firefly got a lingering glance from me. Fans have been waiting a long time for a full 6″ figure line of these big damn heroes and Funko didn’t disappoint.

At the McFarlane booth, we saw new 3.75″ Walking Dead figures and also an addition to their deluxe 10″ figure line with a Michonne that is unpainted and badass.

Here’s a look at the HeroClix booth’s assorted goodies.

Dark Horse’s Game of Thrones line is truly breathtaking.

Here’s some of what Mattel had to offer, including Hot Wheels’ crossover into the world of Star Wars and Marvel, and Princess Power Barbie.

Over at Mezco, new 6″ Sons of Anarchy figures and a deluxe Jax Teller and Walter White in full Heisenberg mode were on display, as well as an immense 24″ Bugs Bunny.

And finally, NECA brought what I believe to be an actual miniaturized version of Danny Devito in his Batman Returns Penguin costume (that figure is disarmingly detailed) as well as a line for Interstellar and other goodies.

So that’s what we have to show from our trip to Toy Fair. The soul bruises from looking at all of these amazing toys that I won’t be able to buy for quite some time will heal over time, but the memories will last a lifetime… or at least a few months.

Preview: Toy News Round-Up

Wow, lots of stuff popped up lately. Had some things going on in life and I got a little behind. Hell of a week for that to happen. So here’s the round-up.









Mattel showed off the first ever Star Wars themed Hot Wheels vehicle. This toy will be at SDCC in July. The roadster is designed to look like Darth Vader and comes packaged inside his own lightsaber. The package features red glowing lights, lightsaber sounds and Vader’s trademark heavy breathing.











NECA reveals the next 18″ Jager from Pacific Rim…….Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger. Gipsy comes ready for battle with the famous Plasma Cannon that lights up AND swivels. The LED lights in the chest and head from the original version make a return. This behemoth is ready to defend the world this September for about $100.









Bandai has taken the wraps off a great new addition to the S.H. Figuarts series……….Star Wars! The first figures out of the gate in 2015 look to be a Stormtrooper and Dath Vader himself. It’s pretty apparent, from my other posts, just how much I love the S.H Figuarts line, and getting Star Wars figures now makes me extremely happy. I can’t wait for a side-by-side review with the Black Series Stormtrooper and Vader. Based on these early pictures, I’ve got a feeling who the winner will be, do you?











In more S.H. Figuarts news, Bandai gives a first look at the Mega Man Zero star, Zero. Loaded with weapons from the series, Zero comes with; Z-Saber, the laser pistol Buster Shot, and the Triple Rod. Zero also gets a shield accessory and the traditional interchangeable expressions and hands. Zero hits in November for around $50.










At the Tokyo Toy Show, Takara displayed the first painted version of the latest Masterpiece Transformer, Ultra Magnus. The quality of the figure looks great, as does the scale. He does look a little bulky at the shoulders and legs. More looks are needed at this figure before judgment is passed. But wow, Ultra Magnus!

To close things off, an entry into the WTF?!?! category.








Factory Entertainment announced this piece for SDCC: Archer – Sterling Archer Tuxedo Action Figure. No words, I have no words. This is a variant of the regular Archer figure that will be released and it looks like THIS?!?! Were they going for a retro style here or trying to mimic the look of the show? Either way, they appear to have missed the mark. I was worried about these when they debuted, but they were early, and I assumed they would improve, they have not. This is a big dissapointment to Archer fans who were looking forward to great figures from a great show. Thankfully, there’s only 1500 of these and if you want to toss away $25 they’ll be available at SDCC in July.