The Future is Only a Matter of Time in the XINO #1 trailer

Oni Press has released a trailer for the first issue of a highly anticipated debut: an all-new limited-series event, only perceptible in three dimensions as XINO #1 – the first of three, 40-page intra-ocular lozenges of subversive, psych-surrealist science fiction to cure your awful awareness of our meager reality. 

Try not to worry — the implantation process will be guided by the megawatt brilliance of Oni’s brightest talents—past, present, and future—as they slowly tune your hopes, dreams, desires, paranoia, alienation, anxiety, and adrenaline to produce the desired results.

In our first exploratory outing: 

  • Rising stars Melissa Flores & Daniel Irizarri surgically activate the hidden dimensions of the human senses
  • Cult phenoms Christopher Condon and Nick Cagnetti (debut the world’s first intravenous video game system
  • Underground radicals Jordan Thomas & Shaky Kane surveil the suburbs for signs of covert infiltration
  • Master cartoonist and foundational Oni creator Phil Hester returns to the fold to leave his deepest mark yet

Side effects of XINO #1 (on sale June 14, 2023) may include: A debilitating quantity of Jungian hyper-symbolism packaged into palatable doses as “covers” by an astonishing array of artistic talents, including Matt Lesniewski, André Lima Araújo, Malachi Ward & Matt Sheean, and, of course, the infamous Shaky Kane.