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Review: Frank At Home On The Farm #1

Frank At Home On The Farm #1

Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is a creepy start of a series that’ll leave you questioning what’s going on and what’s real and what’s not. Frank returns from the trenches of World War I expecting to be greeted by his loving family on their farm. What he finds instead is a dark mystery, his family missing, and only the animals there waiting for him. From there, it’s a frantic search to find his family and a questioning as to what’s going on.

Written by Jordan Thomas, Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is the start to a horror story that’s described as part The Shining and part Twin Peaks. For me, it’s a straight-up psychological horror as I’m not even convinced Frank’s family is even real or should have been at the farm to begin with. Thomas nails the unnerving build of the comic. By the end, you’re questioning Frank completely.

There’s also a desperation to it that Thomas brings as Frank attempts to find his family. While he falls a little short of a complete meltdown, the build of the search makes sense. There’s logical reasons given his family isn’t there. There’s also no sign he should be panicking at this point. But, there’s something off with Frank that Thomas keeps hinting at or is Frank fine and some other forces at work? The end had me wanting to read more and find out the truth of it all.

The art by Clark Bint is a bit mixed for me. There are times I really enjoyed it but others where the style doesn’t quite fit the horror genre. There’s a cartoonish aspect to some of the panels in both pencils and coloring. It’s an inconsistent look for the tone of the series which should bounce between ominous and peaceful. The designs of the characters and town though are solid and a nightmare sequence in the latter half of the comic is fantastic.

Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is a solid start to the mystery that’ll leave you wondering what exactly is going on. It teases enough and throws enough out there to leave readers unsure as to what exactly is going on. Is there some dark forces at work? Is this something as simple as a trip? I think Frank has done something to his family myself. No matter, I want to find out the answer and see where this mystery is going. With a unique setting and a solid setup, Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is well worth checking out for those interested in mysteries and horror.

Story: Jordan Thomas Art: Clark Bint
Letterer: LetterSquids Graphics: Daniel Gruitt
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.45 Recommendation: Read

Purchase: Scout ComicsZeus Comics

Join Frank at Home on the Farm in November from Jordan Thomas, Clark Bint, and Scout Comics

Frank At Home On The Farm is a period, body-horror, mystery that tells the story of a man returning from the First World War to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. This sets in motion a series of events that claw and tear at Frank’s mind, body, and soul.

Tormented by nightmares of the front line, the mysterious voices that plague him and disturbed by the townsfolk’s lack of knowledge or interest in his family’s whereabouts, Frank becomes more and more isolated on the farm as he tries to uncover where his parents have vanished to… all under the watchful eye of the farm’s animals.

From writer Jordan Thomas and artist Clark Bint, Frank At Home on the Farm is being published by Scout Comics in November.

Frank At Home On the Farm