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Black Hammer is Reborn in the Black Hammer Library Edition Volume 3

Dark Horse Books presents the Black Hammer Library Edition Volume 3. This oversized hardcover collects issues of #1-12 of the Black Hammer Reborn comic series, featuring a story that picks up years after the previous Black Hammer series with a group of new artists. The book is written by New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire, illustrated by Caitlin Yarsky, Malachi Ward, and Matthew Sheean, colored by Dave Stewart and Malachi Ward, and lettered by Nate Piekos, with cover art by Dean Ormston.

Years after Black Hammer and the rest of Spiral City’s greatest heroes seemingly died defeating the cosmic despot known as Anti-God, Lucy Weber, the daughter of Black Hammer, took up his mantle and carried on the legacy of her father.

Years after that, Lucy, and the world, have moved on. Living in the suburbs of Spiral City, Lucy is married and has children. But all is not blissful. Her marriage is falling apart, her job has reached a dead end, and for mysterious reasons, she hasn’t picked up the hammer in years. But as her domestic life begins to crumble, the secrets of the last 20 years, and the reasons Lucy really gave up being Black Hammer, begin to resurface, threatening her family and the peace she has tried hard to find for herself.

This deluxe, oversized hardcover features a new cover, sketchbook extras, and more! 

The Black Hammer Library Edition Volume 3 will be in bookstores October 10, 2023 and comic shops October 11, 2023. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at your local comic shop and bookstore and will retail for $49.99. 

Black Hammer Library Edition Volume 3

Star Trek: Prelude to Day of Blood, the first ever Star Trek crossover event

In the first major expansion of IDW Publishing’s new Star Trek comic book initiative, which began with the publication of Star Trek #400 in September 2022 and the launch of an ambitious new flagship series, Star Trek #1, in October, IDW has announced the upcoming crossover event Star Trek: Day of Blood. This new arc will debut on May 6, 2023 with the short introductory interlude Prelude to Day of Blood, to be included in IDW’s Star Trek: Day of Blood Free Comic Book Day special.

Prelude prefigures the formal kickoff of a sweeping new Trek crossover in July that will continue throughout other Star Trek comic book series, including IDW’s ongoing flagship Trek series and the recently announced Star Trek: Defiant series, launching in March. Prelude to Day of Blood will be co-written by veteran Trek comic creators Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Christopher Cantwell with art by Mike Feehan.

In Prelude to Day of Blood, the U.S.S. Santa Cruz travels to the Korvat colony for Kot’baval. But what was supposed to be a simple observation of the sacred Klingon festival quickly turns into a bloodbath when the cult of the godkiller reveals themselves to the universe.

Star Trek: Prelude to Day of Blood will be available as a Free Comic Book Day exclusive on May 6, 2023 and will feature cover art by Malachi Ward.

Following the May FCBD one-shot, the full Star Trek: Day of Blood arc will include the following issues:

  •  Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 (July 2023)
  •  Star Trek: Defiant #6 (August 2023)
  •  Star Trek #11 (August 2023)
  •  Star Trek: Defiant #7 (September 2023)
  •  Star Trek #12 (September 2023)

Witness the past of Dr. Brenner in Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner #1

Dark Horse Comics teams up with writer Brenden Fletcher to present Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner #1. This new comic series based on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, explores the dark past of one of the show’s most enigmatic characters, Dr. Brenner. The comics feature art by Mack Chater as well as coloring by Rosh and lettering by Nate Piekos.

The year is 1968. Dr. Martin Brenner, a disgraced American scientist, returns to the abandoned lab where he and his colleagues collected research for top-secret government projects. But Brenner’s unfinished business in his old lab isn’t the only thing haunting him: a ghostly face from his past seems to be following his every step. 

Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner #1 (of 4) will be in comic shops January 11, 2023, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop for $3.99. Fans can collect the standard cover edition with cover art by Marc Aspinall, as well as three variant covers by Kyle Lambert, Diego Galindo, and Malachi Ward.

Chris Cantwell and Ángel Unzueta Expand IDW’s Star Trek Continuity with Star Trek: Defiant

Earlier this year, IDW Publishing revealed it was building an expansive, accessible Star Trek universe of comic book continuity, debuting with a brand-new ongoing series simply titled Star Trek due for release later this month. Now, IDW proudly forecasts the first expansion of that initiative with the March 2023 launch of Star Trek: Defiant, an ongoing series that sees the fan-favorite Worf assembling a hand-picked crew to face a galaxy-spanning threat.

Described as The Dirty Dozen meets Star Trek, the dark and edgy Defiant series is helmed by two creators with significant comic book clout: Chris Cantwell, writer of such blockbuster projects as Iron ManNamor, and Star Wars: Obi-Wan; and Ángel Unzueta, artist on Iron ManStar Wars: Poe Dameron, and The Flash.

In Defiant, someone is killing the gods…but while Benjamin Sisko and the U.S.S. Theseus have been facing the threats in the higher cosmos, very real casualties are growing on lower ground. The true enemy is a man, not a god, and Worf of House Martok has put together his own crew aboard the U.S.S. Defiant in the hopes of defeating the dangerous messiah behind a genocidal cult. Pulling from all eras of Star Trek canon to create something wholly unique and unexpected, Star Trek: Defiant unites some of the strongest personalities in the franchise—including Spock, B’Elanna, Lore, and more—on a mission with very little guarantee of success!

Star Trek: Defiant #1 will be available in March with several variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including covers by series artist Ángel Unzueta, Malachi WardDeclan ShalveyDavid Aja, and Daniel Warren Johnson.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds comes to comics in December

Following the successful launch of the fan-favorite Paramount+ original series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in May, IDW Publishing and Paramount Consumer Products have announced an all-new tie-in comic book miniseries, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds–The Illyrian Enigma, debuting in December and set between the show’s first season and its eagerly anticipated second season.

The four-issue Illyrian Enigma reunites the acclaimed co-executive producer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Kirsten Beyer and prolific Star Trek author Mike Johnson. Fan-favorite artist Megan Levens and colorist Charlie Kirchoff also join the creative team, bringing this far-flung space adventure to vibrant life on the comic page.

In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds–The Ilyrian Enigma, Commander Una Chin-Riley—first officer and helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise— stands accused of unlawful genetic modification by Starfleet. Sparing no time, Captain Pike and his crew set out in search of evidence to prove her innocence!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds–The Ilyrian Enigma #1 will be available with four cover variants, including Cover A by Megan Levens, Cover B by Jake Bartok, and two retailer incentive editions by Liana Kangas and Malachi Ward, respectively.

IDW’s Star Trek: Resurgence adds depth and scope to the upcoming Video Game

Building upon the wave of excitement for Dramatic Labs’ upcoming interactive video game, IDW Publishing has announced the five-issue comic book prequel of the same name, Star Trek: Resurgence! Exploring the calamitous events of the U.S.S. Resolute preceding the game’s main storyline, the miniseries will be written by Andrew Grant and Dan Martin with art by Josh Hood and will debut in November.

On a windswept planet bordering the notoriously hostile Talarian Republic, a scientist on the cusp of developing technology that will revolutionize warp goes missing. The crew of the U.S.S. Resolute is tasked with an urgent stealth mission to recover Dr. Leah Brahms and keep her research out of enemy hands!

Star Trek: Resurgence #1 will be available in November with three variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including Cover A by series illustrator Hood, Cover B by Dramatic Labs, and a retailer incentive variant by Malachi Ward.

Black Hammer is Reborn

Black Hammer returns in a new ongoing series picking up twenty years after the events of Age of Doom in Black Hammer: Reborn! The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga created by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston welcomes Caitlin Yarsky as the new main series artist for Black Hammer, with colors by Dave Stewart. Issues #5-#8 will feature guest artists Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean!     

In 1986, Black Hammer and the rest of Spiral City’s greatest superheroes seemingly died defeating the cosmic despot known as Anti-God and saving the world. But one woman refused to believe they were truly gone: Lucy Weber, the daughter of Black Hammer.  Learning that her dad had sacrificed himself to save the other heroes, Lucy soon took up the mantle of Black Hammer and carried on the legacy of her father as the world’s greatest superhero.

Now, it’s twenty years later, and Lucy, and the world, have moved on. Living in the suburbs of Spiral City, Lucy is married and has children. But all is not blissful. Her marriage is falling apart, her job has reached a dead end, and for mysterious reasons, she hasn’t picked up the hammer in years.  But, as her domestic life begins to crumble, the secrets of the last twenty years, and the reasons Lucy really gave up being Black Hammer, begin to resurface, threatening her family, and the peace she has tried hard to find for herself.

Black Hammer: Reborn is the next era of the Black Hammer Universe; a series that juxtaposes an achingly human story of domestic life, marriage, parenthood, and destiny with a pulse-pounding superhero thriller that peels back new layers of mystery, and pulls the Black Hammer history into the present. 

Black Hammer: Reborn #1 will hit comic shops on June 23, 2021, featuring an issue #1 variant by Jeff Lemire and Dave Stewart.

Black Hammer: Visions Opens Up a Playground for Creators

Experience Black Hammer like never before in this exciting reimagining of the Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston created, Eisner-award winning series! Black Hammer: Visions is a series of one-shots bringing some of comic’s most exciting talent into the Black Hammer Universe including Patton Oswalt, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Dean Kotz, Scott Kolins, Chip Zdarsky, Johnnie Christmas, Cullen Bunn, Malachi Ward, Matt Sheean, Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Cecil Castellucci, and Melissa Duffy, with colors by Jason Wordie, Bill Crabtree, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Stewart and letters by Nate Piekos!

Kicking off Black Hammer: Visions, Patton Oswalt joins artists Dean Kotz and Jason Wordie to explore the life of youthful super heroine Golden Gail on the Black Hammer Farm before the beginning of Black Hammer#1, and her struggle to maintain sanity as a middle-aged woman trapped in the unchanging body of a superpowered grade-schooler. This 32-page issue also features variant covers by Evan Dorkin with Sarah Dyer, and Gilbert Hernandez with Dave Stewart!

Black Hammer: Visions #1 (of eight) will hit comic shops on February 10, 2021. 

Crimson Flower is a New Mind-Bending Series from Matt Kindt, Matt Lesniewski, and Bill Crabtree

From New York Times-bestselling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt with illustrator Matt Lesniewski and colorist Bill Crabtree comes a brand-new, mind-altering journey through Russian folk tales, trained assassins, and government conspiracies in Crimson Flower! Crimson Flower will sport variant covers for each issue from artists including Malachi Ward, Patric Reynolds with Lee Loughridge, Marguerite Sauvage, and Tyler Bence with Bill Crabtree

After losing her family in a violent home invasion, a woman uses folk tales to cope. In a blood-soaked journey toward revenge, she tracks down the man responsible for her family’s deaths, only to discover a startling government plot—to weaponize folk tales and use them to raise children into super assassins.

Crimson Flower #1 (of 4) will hit comic shops January 20, 2021.

Preview: Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019

Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019

Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward, Thom Zahler, Stephen Mooney, Corinna Bechko (w) • Malachi Ward, Stephen Mooney, Andy Price, Daniel Irizarri (a) • Stephen Mooney (c)

The anthology series celebrating 50+ years of Star Trek continues in this new oversized special. Featuring four all-new tales written and drawn by some of today’s top creators, this new installment of the hit Waypoint Special will revisit fan-favorite characters all across the Star Trek universe.

FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019
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