Exclusive Preview: Crashing #3

We have an exclusive first look at Crashing #3, out this week, November 16th, from IDW Publishing. If you haven’t been reading this series, you’ve been missing out. Writer and creator Matthew Klein had this to say about the issue:

We reach the turning point in the series and Rose drives right through a crossroads! Up until now Rose has convinced herself that every risk she’s taken to save lives has been justified…including relapsing after being seven years sober. Now, we take away every pretense she has used, every coping mechanism she thought would shield her, and force her to confront an unspeakable secret. There’s nothing quite like pushing your protagonist to the limit and by the last page of issue three, readers will see just how far Rose can be pushed.

Check out the full details of the issue and get a look below!

Crashing #3

Written by Matthew Klein
Art by Morgan Beem
Colors by Triona Farrell
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Edited by Heather Antos
Assistant Editor Vanessa Real
Cover A by Morgan Beem
Cover B by Nicoletta Baldari
Cover C by Nick Brokenshire

The past strikes back! Doctor Rose Osler’s darkest secrets are dragged into a harsh light when she and her anti-Powered movement leader husband are threatened by a Powered menace. Will they survive this home invasion? Rose’s downward spiral sinks to a new low as we reach this explosive point of no return.

Crashing #3